Frequently Asked Questions

Before using the contact form please check the B&D FAQ (as well as the blog search function) to make sure your question has not already been answered. I do try to answer emails but am more likely to do so if you are asking something that has not already been covered.

Dear Victor…

It’s been X weeks since your last post. When is a new post going to be published?

I do not have a posting schedule that is set in stone. Bold & Determined IS my business. If there is a stretch between posts it’s not because I’m too busy or I’m taking a break.

I write wow makers. When I can’t “WOW!” people I don’t publish. I have 200+ unfinished articles sitting around.

When a new post appears on B&D it has been written then re-written and edited many times over. Countless hours are behind each single post. When I squeeze the trigger on a post that has “by Victor Pride” on it then it has met the high-quality standard that I’ve set for myself.

How much money do you earn online?

Bold & Determined is not a 9 to 5 job. There is nobody that cuts me a steady paycheck every week. My income varies. The goal is make each month better than the last.

For a better breakdown of how much I earn and what my income streams are read How I Make 10k Per Month Online

Why aren’t you active on social media?

I communicate with readers via blog comments and email. Having too many open communication channels would make it more difficult to communicate effectively and having different conversations going on in several different locations is not beneficial to the B&D community on the whole.

There is a B&D Facebook fan page and a Victor Pride Twitter account that are used for business purposes.

You said college is a waste of time, but…?

“I know you said college is a waste of time and that young men should skip it and get a real world education. But what about ME, should I skip college? Should I pledge a frat?”

College is a waste of time unless you go to a top tier university, then it’s good for the connections.

Bold and Determined

When/why did you start Bold & Determined?

I registered on Nov. 19, 2010.

You can read more about the history of Bold and Determined in my 3 Year Anniversary post: 3 Years of Pride (Happy Birthday to Bold and Determined) as well as in the first Victor Pridecast.

Can I write a guest post for B&D?

Probably not. But the opportunity is not completely off of the table.

Read how Ludvig Sunström broke the streak and became the first-ever guest poster on B&D: The Shockingly Easy Way to Get People to do What You Want

What do you have planned for the future of Bold & Determined?

B&D is always evolving and expanding. Let’s Kick Some Butt in 2014


I’m having trouble downloading your books to my iPhone/iPad. What do I do?

Downloading to iPhones and iPads has been widely reported to me as problematic but I have been unable to reproduce anything that would suggest a technical error. I have set up an instructional download walk-through page HERE.

If you still have difficulty after following the walk-through then please contact me and provide information that might prove helpful such as the device type/iOS version and email client, web browser, and PDF reader used.

When will you re-release Spartan Entrepreneur?

Spartan Entrepreneur was a time-limited release and will not be offered again.

The online and affiliate marketing world is in a state of constant change and the book has lost much of its relevance. It will not be re-released nor will it be refreshed and resold just to make a quick buck.

Fear not. A new, relevant and most importantly, actionable product is in the works.

Bodybuilding & Diet

How much time do you spend in the gym?

I usually go 4-6 times per week and work out for 30-45 minutes each time. I get in and handle business and get out.

What is the best time of the day to work out?

This varies depending on the person and individual circumstances. Personally, morning workouts leave me feeling tired and can reduce my productivity. Late afternoon/evening workouts are better for my daily routine.

What foods do you eat?

I have experimented with a few different diets and it varies from any given time depending on what I am trying to accomplish.

Mostly I eat what I want, whenever I am hungry, and try to avoid processed foods.

Some more info from post comments:

“Below is exactly 100% everything I ate yesterday…

#1 Scrambled eggs in butter with black pepper and sea salt
#2 Steak in butter, black pepper and sea salt
#3 Salmon Sashimi
#4 Steak in butter, black pepper and sea salt”

“If I do eat Thai food it’s BBQ fish or fried chicken, once in a while I eat pad thai. Almost 100% of my meals are prepared at home, or lately I’ve been going to a sushi joint.”

Business & Productivity

How do I start a blog?

This is a vague question. Starting a blog is easy. Building a successful blog takes hard work and dedication.

I have started a FREE blog setup service to help those that are concerned with the technical aspects of starting a blog.

There are several blog-related posts on Bold and Determined. I’d recommend starting with my 3-part series, So You Want to Be a Professional Blogger.

If I start a blog what should I write about?

Your approach will vary depending on your goals. Are you trying to build a full time sustainable income or just put a little extra money into your account each month?

The content and value provided will help determine the success of your blog. You can build the most comprehensive site on the internet on the subject of shoelace collecting but that doesn’t mean it can generate income.

Brainstorm ideas.

Start with things you are knowledgeable or passionate about. Move on to things you know other people are passionate about. Write them all down. Research these niche markets using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool.

Are thousands or even millions of people searching for information on that subject/product?

Can your content be monetized?

Can you create your own product and sell it?

After you have identified a market, you can build a solid blog that targets the market effectively by researching what people are looking for.

If they have questions, give them answers. If they have problems, give them solutions. If they are looking for a product then create it or point them towards the best source.

Travel & Lifestyle

Why do you live in SE Asia?

I don’t have any “hard feelings” about America but I find my choice to live abroad to be one of the better choices I have ever made.

I live a life of choice and I have chosen to live abroad.

Why don’t you travel more often?

The lack of travel posts is probably a little deceptive. In the past 3 months alone I’ve been in 5 different countries.

When I travel my productivity level drops. It is important for me to have a dedicated workspace.

B&D is not a personal travel blog so you aren’t going to see posts about tourist spots or meals I ate. Sometimes I will post from the road or make mention of a locale I’m visiting but for the most part I enjoy my vacation then get back to the home office ready to work.