How to Deal With Loneliness

200280307-001From the desk of Victor Pride

Subj: How to be a Lone Wolf and not be lonely


I talk a lot about being a “lone wolf”.

But I also make up my own definitions of the words and my definition of a lone wolf may be different than the popular definition of a lone wolf.

The Google definition of a lone wolf is: a person who prefers to act or be alone.

My definition of a lone wolf is: a person who is self reliant, self determined, self motivated and a little selfish.

It has come to my attention that a lot of the readers of B&D have assumed being a lone wolf and being lonely are the same. Assuming that if you are to build a business you must also be lonely. As if being lonely is the price for freedom. It isn’t.

If you are lonely there is a very simple solution: Don’t be alone.

Human beings are social creatures and we all need the company of humans. Even in prison, amongst murderers, rapists and thieves, solitary confinement is a punishment.

I never want to imply that it’s good to spend all of your time alone or that it’s a good character trait. It isn’t. Being lonely isn’t good for the soul. Maybe it builds character but there’s a point where character building stops and living life starts.

What I do want to imply is that it is better to not require constant attention, approval or validation from family, friends, peers and colleagues.

It is better to be driven from within. The approval and validation will come with time and success but it won’t come from playing by the rules.

The V. Pride definition of a lone wolf doesn’t mean that…

  • you can’t or shouldn’t have friends
  • you can’t or shouldn’t have a girlfriend
  • you have to build a business in solitary confinement in your house
  • you should be alone all the time
  • you need to be lonely

It does mean that you should be self reliant, self determined, self disciplined, and in charge of your own destiny. Your fate is in the hands of no one but yourself. If you have chosen a life of loneliness then that is your cross to bare, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The question is asked of me a lot, “how do you deal with loneliness while building an online business? You spend your days at home, alone, on the computer. What do you do for companionship, what do you do for conversation, how do you deal with the loneliness?“.

My answer is always the same. If you’re lonely then don’t be alone. That’s what I do. Yes, my work is done on a computer in the comfort of my own home, yes I don’t go to a fluorescent office and spend 8 hours a day with people I hate, yes I’m a lone wolf.

But I am rarely alone and I am never lonely.

The ability to make money online gives me the freedom to go out and enjoy life in a way that 9-5 feet-draggers never could. I can spend as much or as little time with my loved ones as I want. My young lady stays here with me and she doesn’t have to work at a job and I don’t have to work at a job. That’s how I deal with loneliness.

9-5 regular Joes and Janes are stuck all day at work with people they hate, roasting under fluorescent lights, spending time away from the ones they care about and then they have the nerve to ask me how I “deal with loneliness”.

My answer? I don’t deal with loneliness because I’m not lonely.

Here’s the reality: Being a lone wolf and doing things your own way gives you more freedom and more time to spend with the ones you care about. Being a 9-5 schlub takes time away from you that could have been spent with your family and friends.

But what do you do if you’re lonesome? What if you don’t have anyone to spend your time with? How do you correct this?

If you’re lonely then don’t be alone. Go meet people. Be around people. If people don’t want to be around you then that is a problem you need to correct.

Lonely people have a lot of negative energy surrounding them and it’s a real turn-off to other people. That wasted energy should instead be used for self-improvement.

Don’t let your loneliness become a self-fulfilling prophecy. A lot of lonely people talk themselves into staying lonely and they talk others into staying away.


Be the man you wish to be and be the man other people want to spend time with. It’s all up to you. We all need companionship and intimacy. That’s nothing to feel guilty or embarrassed about. If loneliness is an issue for you, put in the work and fix it.

See these classic Bold and Determined articles for more tips:

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – I know the lonesome doves on the internet are real happy saying “you have to be happy by yourself before you can be happy with someone else” but that’s a simple rationalization for being lonely, being single, or being promiscuous. It isn’t a solution, it’s a cop-out.

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  1. says

    Since I run my own one-man show I’ve learnt about the importance of having people around. The first weeks I was sitting all day long in front of my computer not talking a single word.

    With time I lost my social swagger. Talking to people felt strange, and whenever I met people I had the desire to go back to work.

    Solution: I put 2 hours socializing to my daily routine. Problem solved.

    • says

      It’s a muscle just like anything else. Goes out of practice if you don’t use it.

      But really, the answer is building a supporting team of ass-kicking friends who support you in your projects, and who call you out when you fuck up.

    • white nigga says

      Yeah bro, better be tripping than sniffing, anyway i also was suffering the same problem but then i decided this suffering thing is bullshit, i just gotta do something about lonelyness, so i started hitting on girls, and making them meet each others, guys started to flock a bit towards them and thats how i made some cool alpha male friends and girls as a “group”. really nice since i was at a new city all alone grinding in the librar infront of a computer screen 8hours a day.

  2. says

    I just started blogging about 5 months ago. Your info is very helpful. Learning as I go so I of course started a second blog when I realized my first one sucked! Your blogging e-books are very helpful. Thank’s man. Also 30 days of discipline is kick ass as well. Never really realized the power of a simple to-do list. Damn do I wish I would have stumbled across your resources sooner.

  3. says

    Being a lone wolf is easily one of the most satisfying lifestyle choices one can make. You are very correct in that it doesn’t require isolating yourself from others. Choosing strong allies, other “lone wolves” creates…

    a pack.

    A pack that will kick ass, no matter what.

    Nice post.

    • says

      I totally agree Riz, and to be driven from within make you so much stronger! When you need approval and validation from other, you give them power over you, they can put you down when they want! Being a “lone wolf” like you describe Victor, is clearly, to me, a higher level of maturity and strength!

  4. James says

    Hey Vic,

    So I’m 16, I go to college (UK) and I run my own online business. All is good, I started it a month ago and I’m making enough to support myself but my college grades and attendance are slipping. Unfortunately it’s now the law that I have to go to college until I’m 17. To be honest I don’t need the degree and most of the stuff I’ve learned on the course isn’t really relevant to entrepreneurship so I want to drop out but my parents are strongly against it and they said they would make me get a 9-5 job and stop me running my business. The problem is, my business is growing too fast for my spare time to handle, I have to take days out of college to do bookkeeping and sending out orders etc.

    My question is, should I just drop out and call their bluff or should I stay at college for 5 more months and wait until then to expand my business?

    • B says

      mate just keep going and dont listen to anybody. keep going i wish i knew what we know when i was 16. im 22 now and at that age i think it was okay to leave school at 16 but i went to college and then uni its all useless. but continue college so that your parents can shut up and make that money. build you business. by the time you are 18-20 you can do your own thing and NOBODY can tell you what you SHOULD do

      • James says

        Selling various best selling products, I raised £400 from selling junk I didn’t need and then invested in stock from China. It’s very hard finding good products but the rewards are huge.
        I started on the 12th of February with £400 and no stock, now it’s the 24th of March and I have £800 in stock and £1100 in my bank. It’s just knowing exactly what to sell.

        • T and A Man says

          Well done champ.

          That’s the mindset of a winner, and more valuable than any course.

          If I can be so imposing, you should note your successes, and failures. it would make a great ebook as a guide on how to do business from China.

          Eyes so young would see things the rest of us wouldn’t.

    • Victor Pride says

      Don’t fight the law buddy, why don’t you hire someone to take care of the stuff you can’t handle while at school? EXPAND!

  5. says

    Love the advice.
    Love the forwardness.
    Love the lack of fluff.

    Been dealing with this same shit lately. I got to coffee shops or find other “lone wolfs” to work with. it’s helpful. (:

  6. says

    I get it: don’t look for validation from anybody. Smile and be content with your own inner workings. Life is an orange where you have to extract as much juice as you want out of it, and nobody’s going to squeeze the juice for you, unless you get a nice little subservient woman to

    Also, going your own way and being a ‘lone wolf’ , you will attract other wolves and then you have a pack of ass-kickers.

    Vic, could you write an article on social anxiety and ways to overcome it? Actions or whatever. Some people find it hard to speak a lot in front of peope, I am one of them.

    • Quadbear says

      To beat social anxiety you’ve gotta talk to people. No amount of reading or preparation about being comfortable with other people is gonna do shit until you go out and talk to other people. A lot. Tell yourself that you love being around other people and then go out and make yourself be around other people. It will be uncomfortable at first but with time and dedication it will become easy, natural, and rewarding.

      • Fight says

        Yeah just like go to walmart and make some friends be more specific dumbass or don’t comment at all Descartes won’t make it look better!

    • Serge says

      Take Victors advice about becoming a man with a body and combine it with the knowledge from the book Psycho Cybernetics and boom social anxiety = 0

  7. Ron says


    Awesome article as usual that a lot of guys will benefit from. At some point, it would be great to get some insight into managing a successful live-in arrangement with a girl. We all know the “manosphere conventional wisdom” is strictly against living with a girl, and to only see her 1-2 times a week, maintain as much mystery, as possible, etc. This is definitely wise advice to heed for western sluts. But what if you have a good shy girl with good values, domestic skills, etc that is going well and you are thinking of setting up a live-in situation to your maximum benefit, how do you go about it?

    I know picking the right one is the most important aspect and have read that article. But how to manage things overall when you are with the same person every day/night (you take cool trips/vacation obviously, but what else?). Seems like no-brainier stuff, but this is new territory for me since I’ve been just racking up notches my entire life due to living in the west and appreciate your insight. Thanks man.

    • Jamie says

      Yes! I second this. How do you manage a girlfriend if you don’t want to get married? I know in Canada if you live with a woman for more than 6 months, I believe you become legally married.

    • Victor Pride says

      I would not recommend guys live with western girls today, with the caveat that you can find an ok one, or a decent one I’m sure.

      The first girl I lived with, white girl of course, maybe the 5th or 6th day together I walked into the bedroom to find her face down on the bed crying and punching the bed, like a toddler. I stared at her like she was an alien and said “wtf?”.

      She said “I just keep cleaning the dishes and you just keep making them dirty again everyday and I have to clean them everyday!!!” all the while crying her eyes out. I looked at her like she was insane, went to the closet to change clothes, and walked out the door without saying anything. I was maybe 21 and she was 18 or 19.

      Things appear to have gone downhill since then. Young guys would be well enough to concentrate on career and having a good time.

      “I know picking the right one is the most important aspect and have read that article. But how to manage things overall when you are with the same person every day/night (you take cool trips/vacation obviously, but what else?). Seems like no-brainier stuff, but this is new territory for me since I’ve been just racking up notches my entire life due to living in the west and appreciate your insight. Thanks man.”

      Yes, picking the right one is of utmost. Management is quite easy but I’ll be the first to admit my situation is different (and much better) than nearly everyone on earth. Like you said, I am able to go one quite a few trips each year which always seem to rejuvenate me upon return and we always have some trip coming up that we are looking forward to.

      “This is definitely wise advice to heed for western sluts. But what if you have a good shy girl with good values, domestic skills, etc that is going well and you are thinking of setting up a live-in situation to your maximum benefit, how do you go about it?”

      A) Find a recent immigrant or move and B) I’ll just tell you what I do. I don’t any of these games the boys in the sphere go on and on about. What I do is say exactly what I want. What I DON’T do is “tell her how I feel”. I say exactly what I want, I tell her exactly what I want, I tell her what to do. But let me repeat I don’t live in America, and after spending 4 weeks there recently I’ve got to say “ouch, sorry bro. Good luck?”.

      • says

        Vic, I think you sort of contradicted yourself on the last part lol. Whenever you tell a girl how you feel, all that means is that you are being real with her. Which is exactly what it seems like you do since you tell whoever you are currently dating atm what to do and what you want.

        In general, you preach all the time about being ah real man so if you got the guts to be ah real man then you should have the guts to tell someone how you truly feel, regardless of any negative consequences. For all we know, that negative consequence could turn out to be a positive one disguise.

        For example: I felt like collage wasn’t right for me so I dropped out. Case closed, lol.

        • Victor Pride says

          “Vic, I think you sort of contradicted yourself on the last part lol. Whenever you tell a girl how you feel, all that means is that you are being real with her. Which is exactly what it seems like you do since you tell whoever you are currently dating atm what to do and what you want.”

          Let me explain for the dim. When you tell a girl how you FEEL you put the ball in her court. When you tell her what you want you keep the upper hand. So difficult to understand?

          “In general, you preach all the time about being ah real man so if you got the guts to be ah real man then you should have the guts to tell someone how you truly feel, regardless of any negative consequences. For all we know, that negative consequence could turn out to be a positive one disguise.”

          No I don’t. The “real man” baloney is what retards and women yap about.

          “For example: I felt like collage wasn’t right for me so I dropped out. Case closed, lol.”

          Again you’ve missed the point. But I agree you should not have been attending “collage”. If you can’t even spell it you’ve got no business being there.

          • Muffin says

            Definitely good to give up on collages, the payoff for making art usually only comes when you’re old or long gone.

        • says

          I have probably the best set up I can imagine here. Since I work a month on a rig, i get time to miss my girl and vice versa, hen when I’m off for a month i got a lot of free time and money, we go on awesome trips, have fun etc, then just when things are getting irritating, i go back to work! haha

  8. says

    It also helps to work in public areas like coffee shops. I feel alone sometimes, when I feel too lonely I call up a friend and see whats up. Being alone is a choice. Working online does not mean that you have to give up your social life.

  9. Alexei G says

    Having a lady-friend or even simply a “fuck buddy” is important IMHO. You feel like a man. Having a few good mates is crucial – someone you can share your inner thoughts/plans with.
    I totally agree, we should all be ‘social’ but it’s not necessary to be ‘social animals’. That can take your time and energy away, which you’ll need to pursue your goals.

    The key is to have several mates who can understand you and support you when the need arises. Of course, you need to be able to back them up when the times get tough!
    A woman can be your best friend, worst enemy, or neither. It all depends.

    Good point though, Vic!

    • Victor Pride says

      “we should all be ‘social’ but it’s not necessary to be ‘social animals’. That can take your time and energy away, which you’ll need to pursue your goals.”

      100% correct.

  10. says

    Some people sometimes takes Vic’c words to extreme! I knew from the beginning what he meant by being a “Lone Wolf”. A man can never be alone all the time trust me i have tried and to no avail. If you want to be alone then great you will be able to get more done than being around people all the time.

    For me i found that it works better if you balance out the “Lone Wolf” with your need of socializing with others. When you are building then you go to “Lone Wolf” when you are done then you can go to “social” mode and do some socializing.

    You have a choice to turn it on or off!

    Life is never “black and white” that would be too easy! Life is a more complicated “Grey”.

    Great post Victor!

    • Victor Pride says

      “Life is never “black and white” that would be too easy! Life is a more complicated “Grey”.”

      You got it right there, Jose. Good comment.

  11. says

    Everytime I read your articles I am made to see life with a different perspective- congrats Victor.
    With your advice and motivation I was able start a blog which I am still working on. Still in college so I am forced to work on it during free time. But with time this will be daily 24/7 job. Not yet earning but working on it. I have tried to apply for your affliate program but I have not yet gone through.
    Michael, Kenya.

  12. Alexander says

    Great as always, with the mention that the people you hang out with should not be the “energetic vampire” type. Hanging with toxic people – whether they’re lazy or just stupid – is like slowly taking poison.

    • says

      Thoughts and emotions are contagious. Avoid Negative Nancy’s like the black plague. I dont know how more people dont understand this relatively simple concept.

  13. Kp says

    “If people don’t want to be around you then that is a problem you need to correct.”

    Last thing I wanna do is become a people pleaser so people want to hang with me. How does one identify, and correct, and try again without seeking approval?


      • Kp says

        No, I was missing something, and your reply had it stand out to me.

        Mr Nice Guy is not equal to Mr Positive guy. I can be positive and even help, but I come first every time.

        Your mindset is rubbing off on me, I’ve only been reading for 3 weeks and I can feel that angry beast in me.

        Money/Women/Muscles, “That’s mine, and I’ll have that now“.

  14. says

    When it comes to people in your life; quality over quantity.

    Surround yourself by only quality people and you’ll never be lonely, bored or sad, simple as that!

    Great article.

    • says

      I agree with this sentiment. I was always told that your success is the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Winners hang out with winners.

  15. 62Cesar says

    Really good post Victor!

    Your definition of a lone wolf is just what I thought it was according to the articles I’ve read here.

    Keep them comin’.

  16. says

    Spot on Vic!

    I freelance during the day and work on my blog during nighttime. On most of the days, I’m at a cafe, even when the wifi there is not working. I use my data card and some people find that weird. Well, I just cant work from home everyday, and the just being around people works like a charm.

  17. says

    Another great post Vic. Like the precision and indeed both are two different aspects.
    Not to mention building your own business requires to sharpen your social skills. Being open and a perfect communicator is paramount if you want to run your own business.
    But both motivation and determination are self-driven, autonomous and contained.

  18. says

    I find that pursuing a different lifestyle to that of your friends can make you feel lonely. When I started my blog my friends where a bit like “why…?”, when I put a hold on my university degree so that I could study other things my friends where a bit like “oh, okay…”. They don’t understand that entrepreneurs have a different mind set and need to do things differently to the norm.

    I think all entrepreneurs are freedom fighters. We seek freedom for our selves, so that we can do what we want, when we want. This price of freedom may come at a price of occasional loneliness. The way we operate is different to most people, which can limit us in the conversations we can have with others.

    The only way to counter act this is to find like minded friends. A quest I am still pursuing! I have determined that 95% of people must be on auto pilot – High-school, university, job, family, job, retire die.

    Entrepreneurs just think differently.

    • Victor Pride says

      The benefit of pursuing a new lifestyle and making it = better class of friends. Find the 5%. They exist, they send me emails everyday.

  19. says

    I pretty much stopped going out, no parties, no bars, no social occasions in general. I’m fully focused on achieving financial freedom and I’m doing my best to cut out anything in my life that’s slowing me down. I only interact with people at work, at my park where i still get a little sports in, and at my best friends house where i do relax late nights on weekends. So yea for NOW I’m like a unsocial hermit but when i finally MAKE IT I’m gonna party, have fun and get laid like it’s the last day on earth!

    It’s like Vic said, at the beginning you live like nobody wants to. At the end you live like nobody can. The hardest part was accepting this sacrifice, that I’m potentially “wasting” my 20’s “trying” to achieve financial freedom with the risk of failure instead of playing the safe route and getting some social party time in on weekends or something…

    But I’m past that point, I’d rather try and fail then not try at all and slave away at a job for the rest of my life. I GENUINELY believe that, and I’ll have no regrets if I sadly don’t make it because I know the alternative is crushing your soul at a 9-5.

    I set the bar low as well, all I need is 1500 a month to survive, even less if i roommate. I’d quit my job the very next day if I had a guarantee of 1000 bucks a month. Sure I’d be mostly broke, but I’ll have my 8 hours a day BACK, and I would be free to do what i want 24/7.

    • Cam says

      Great comment buddy!

      “The hardest part was accepting this sacrifice, that I’m potentially “wasting” my 20′s “trying” to achieve financial freedom with the risk of failure”

      That is exactly how I feel. But at least I’ll have no regrets if I were to die tomorrow.

      • says

        Great comment. I get criticism all the time from my family about the need for stability, but it keep pressing on. I would rather have less fun times and more stress in my 20’s if it means the rest of my life is filled personal and financial freedom. Also, if I fail, like the last commenter alluded to, at least I know I actually took action instead of wondering what if?

  20. pbw says

    I find random socializing can make you more lonely at times. Meeting people who are stuck in the 9 – 5 routine and have no clue what they really want — can be taxing and depressing. Going to bars or clubs are often about spending excess money and meeting phony people. I think one has to first figure out what one really, really enjoys — and then find others who have similar interests. Proper socializing is also a art it seems and effort has to be put into it.

      • Italian G says

        AMEN, Ether do I. I also have not touched booze or anything else for four months. I lived that club life for 6 years… Let me tell you what it does… ITS F@CKING AWESOME. I had hot women, met tons of solid brothers, I found and closed tons of business from going to the clubs… However, there is also another side…. It gets old. I never understand the term “Fake People”. Money pit is a term poor people say. No one can be fake to me. I have a skill set to get through the garbage and demand you are yourself around me. What does that term fake people mean? If your doing things right you are at the center. I guess fake people means someone is nice to you, but then they don’t want anything to do with you later? Maybe that person just sucks and people were just being polite to you, but really your breath, cloths and overweight body grossed them out. . Maybe your the issue. No offense to anyone. I do not know what this concept of fake people means. I kid you not. I hear it all the time. Usually its from ugly people or people that don’t get their way… Then they put the blame onto other folks instead of looking at the person in the mirror. Maybe fake about what they have or what they do? I can’t be fooled like that. I heard someone the other day say people from Orange County are fake? That’s a lame statement. There are many great and cool people there. I only hear people that can’t get what they want name call in a general sense…. I see people of Orange County health conscious, actually have their teeth and whiten them, and stay in shape. If looking good and fake tits means fake…. Where in the hell do I sign up? Honestly, its ugly people that usually point out how fake everyone else is. Or people that can’t fit in with the attractive successful crowd.

  21. says

    Most of my readers are the lone wolf type and I steer them to embrace this lifestyle and make it more positive.. what I call the Sigma path. It is a little more poetic, but that is my style, and that is what people like.

    Entrepreneurship is the path of the Sigma. Entrepreneurship is what takes you away from the 9-5 and into the street, self-reliant, and observant. Since I’ve embarked on this path, I noticed my business acumen skills increasing. Now I know what it takes to operate on my own operation, and getting better everyday.

    Being a lone wolf type (uprooted minority in USA), I am no stranger to loneliness or having to create a social group from scratch. Actually anyone who is alienated at home would gravitate towards the lone wolf life-style. The key difference is facing to the fear of the unknown and taking the leap. I

  22. says

    If your an entrepreneur, get prepared to be different from the norm and in a way outcast from majority of societies working cogs aka drones. You will probably do a lot of your work alone. However this can be countered by spending your free time with friends or family! Why not after a long day of entrepreneurial based work meet up with a friend for a beer or go visit your parents for dinner?

    Your main body of work that requires only you, may be all you, but in being an entrepreneur would you have it any other way?

  23. Italian G says

    Good post. I agree. Individuals that isolate themselves are asking for trouble. To me, I feel, I can tell everything about someone by the friends he keeps. Your friends are a direct reflection of who you are as a person. I have very strong opinions about who you should associate with, ESPECIALLY after the age of 30 or so. Its very important to keep ties to motivated guys. Guys that are content being a barista or do not have long term goals or passion(s) besides smoking pot are guys you should probably start phasing out.

    I want to share some of my rules of friendship. I have tight friends from grade school. I believe much is revealed about a man, that has many friends from his youth. It lets you know that he believes in loyalty and more than likely is an individual that can form tight bonds with other human beings. I firmly believe a guy that does not have close friends from his youth and at least high-school, illustrates a lot about himself. It shows that socially he does not have “strong tools”. It shows me that others did not value him. More often than not its because he suffers from low self worth, social fear, beta male, and will not value your friendship. You can still be friends with these types. However, watch them closely. If they do not want to grow or if they do not illustrate self motivation and always need someone to hold there hand, you are better off getting rid of them.

    You can tell what another man thinks of you by how he introduces you to others. If you find yourself in social situations where your buddy runs into his friends or women and he does not introduce you. It means a few things. One of them and the most important is he doesn’t respect you. It could also mean you are just a low value person and you need to make some changes in life. It could mean they are a social coward… look for consistency.

    In my opinion only true Alpha Males are not friends with women. A true Alpha can’t form friendships with women…. Why? They always want to sleep with you or you already have. Weaker males form tight bonds with females. How do they do this? DON’T be impressed. Its because they are viewed as a non sexual threat. I have never had female friends in my entire life. If one came along sure enough she would have an agenda of sleeping with me and I was to stupid to see it. No female friends?! GOOD BE PROUD OF THAT…. UNLESS you are not having sex with women. That just means your a creep and you need to hit the gym.

    Also, the one that just kills me is for all you fellas that are in the pursuit of women… YOU BETTER BELIEVE MALE FRIENDS ARE CRITICAL! Why? What, hands down is the most sexually desirable trait a female wants in a man? IT IS HOW OTHER MALES PERCEIVE HIM. HIS SOCIAL VALUE!. Number two is eyes. Three is a males chest circumference. I kid you not. This can be proven by many peer reviewed papers and male/female relation authority sources. Pay attention to what I just said… You want the girl? Well… Your looks really don’t even matter… Its HOW OTHER MALES PERCEIVE YOU! Many guys hated me in college. I still got the girl. Why? Many people respected me because I was loyal. I had loyal followers. Also, I had a tight core of guys I hung out with. I never talked bad about other guys. I never had to. Why? Because I was always having sex with all the high valued females. Not to mention I posses two and three :) My point is this. A man with allies and has followers shows high-valued females social intelligence and you have just created worth. Be intelligent, speak well, Dress sharp, hit the gym. Listen to Victor Pride. The women will come. I’m older than Victor, however we are cut from the same cloth. He does get it fellas. I promise you.

    Confront any ‘friend’ immediately that attempts to devalue you in public or you heard he was talking behind your back. Expose this person and confront them immediately. It will show others to fear you. If they talk good about you, Give them praise publicly. This will make other males want to please you as well.

    Do you want more high valued male friends? It is very easy. Here is how.

    1) Listen and practice much of what Victors blog tells you.
    2) Stop playing all video games immediately. I have always been in the “In crowd”. High valued males do not play video games. We work ans independent business owners & spend time with high valued females. COME BACK TO REALITY YOU DORK. Do I advocate them rarely? Sure…. Just in moderation, not to the point of more than 10hrs a month. Can you live with that at least?
    3) Dress sharp.
    4) Get a good car. Keeep it clean at all times.
    5) Have an objective. Only losers make goals. Just like Victor has a different language for lone wolf. I have one for “Goals”…. Here… let me show you. You are general of 100 soldiers of ancient Rome… (Why not Spartans? Look up the word catamite. The men of Sparta liked it in the ass and sucked one anothers cocks. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. Sure there were sauce -each smugglers in Rome, but not on the level of the fruity Spartans… There is a reason why there bodies looked so good. ) So anyways… You are in-control of the ruminants of a Roman legion. Over the hill is the Germanic stronghold for the territory. It has the highest vantage point. Do you say to your battle harden veterans…. ., “Fellas, we have a goal of taking that enemy vantage point. This is the goal of ours. I don’t really know how fast we can do it or when, but its a goal of mine”. OR “Veterans of Rome… I have bled with you, ate with you, and fucked whores with you… We are brothers. Tonight I have set the objective that is non negotiable of moth fucking the enemy to death with our swords by midnight tonight. We must take it by midnight, tonight or old Lucious will out flank me with his reserves in route. Our non negotiable objective will be to murder every Hun by midnight tonight & with our cocks we will piss down on their dead corpses”. Goals are just that…. Goals…. Goals are what your teachers told you about in school…. WE ARE MEN. WE SET NON-NEGOTIABLE OBJECTIVES SET IN STONE TO BE COMPLETED BY A SPECIFIC DATE AND A SPECIFIC TIME OR YOU ARE A CATAMITE.

    6) Learn NLP
    7) Read 48 Laws of Power. You will not think its cool. You will read it to defend yourself against how evil men think and will poorly attempt to take advantage of you with their goals after you complete your objective in 30 days by midnight of reading it. Hear let me help you….. And remember never try to outshine the master.

    8) Winners do not hang out in bars at 5. They get there late and sober. Advantage us. Twi hours before closing.
    9) Pick an empowering hobby that other men of high value do.
    10) Eat steak and eggs. Men respect other men with powerful bodies and are not fat.
    11) LEARN NLP AGAIN!!!! AND stand strait. Get your hands out of your pockets and look people in the eye. Men of high value are attracted to other men of high value.

    If you think I’m wrong about any of this… I will compare my younger female fiance’ against any women you put up against me. I have MANY high valued, successful male friends, I have not had a female “buddy” for 23 years. I’m probably 7 to 9 years older that this Victor Pride gentleman. His words are wise. Pay attention.

    • says

      An effective communicator can say this with far less. Also, I don’t agree that a strong man can’t have female friends. Intelligent, witty, unique women can be some of the best friends you’ll ever have.

      • Italian G says

        Riz… The tongue has the power of life and death & those that love it will it its fruits. -some bible proverb…

        I would say I am an effective communicator. I am a CEO. I have employees. I have been with the women I claim. I had been up for 25hrs working. I just popped into Dragon Software. I did it all in one take and did not proof read. I will agree its not razor sharp, but if I can spit that out in 4 minutes imagine what I can do if I took my time.

        I do drive a BWW… 7 series. I have 7 employees, own two companies, and my fiance is seven years younger than me & very lady like, feminine and classy. I am everything I say I am. I became aware of Victor through one of my old fraternity brothers. Victor knows I am who I say I am.

        What I’m curious about is why would you throw hate on me and not try to share words of encouragement? I’m FAR from a perfect man. I have worked very hard… more importantly intelligently to get where I am today. I’m not even the best looking guy in the room. I am told by women I’m very handsome. I work hard to stay in shape, eat right, and I have worked very hard to develop my sales skill set & NLP.

        I DO NOT THINK I’M BETTER THAN ANY MAN ON THIS BLOG. This may surprise you. I have a deep love for my fellow man. I donate to battered women and abused children homes. I have talked 4 guys out of committing suicide in there life and have been told years later I was the inspiration and reason for there change. They came to me first. I am known for my loyalty & I keep my mouth shut. God has created all of us. My and your architect does not make mistakes…

        I know this. I am a happy person. I have many high quality friends. I still stand by the fact that true Alpha’s do not have female friends. By “friends” I mean they are the same level as your boys. I’m friends with my bro’s wife’s and shit, but I would never call them. Anyways, you can’t judge a man’s ability to be an effective communicator by something he said into a microphone in one take.

        Instead of criticizing me, why don’t you come up with a way to put positivity into the blog. Maybe, I got under your skin because I hooked up with Bobbie Brown , two other actresses (one is very well known) & a women that was on the cover of Vogue. Don’t throw salt in my game. Don’t let what I do piss you off. I share this because it adds credibility to what I say. If you think I walk around and announce this shit you would be dead wrong.

        I like Victors Blog. I saw one of my dear buddies going down the rabbit hole & he was depressed. I like Victors blog because it got my boy out of the hole. I think Victor’s a good dude and I guarantee if we lived in the same city we would be boys. I come to this site because I can humble myself & I like reading his shit.

        So, honestly… if all you can bring to the table is a rip on my communications abilities, I will tell you I am a self made man. Daddy did not give me a dime. I’m a mother fucking Lion. You do not know the meaning of ferocious pal. If you met me in real life we would see very shortly who needs a wheelbarrow for their cock and who wheres the g-string. I promise you that son.

        • says

          “God has created all of us. My and your architect does not make mistakes…” That tells me all I need to know about you.

          • Cam says

            This Italian G is awesome. His comments are just as good as the article itself. Respect.

            Everyone’s definition of god is different. I was an atheist for the longest time but I’ve had a series of spiritual awakenings. Mostly from meditating on my LSD trips back in my teens. I don’t recommend taking drugs if you haven’t already, but I’m glad I had the experience.

            Say what you will but there is more to this existence than meets the eye. The universal laws – natural laws, are what I refer to as “god” and everything is unfolding just as it was intended from the beginning of time. We are “perfect” because we were crafted by these laws, the same laws that hold atoms together. All religion is allegory to describe the ineffable. Obviously there isn’t a fuckin’ man in the sky calling the shots. Anyway that’s my opinion but somehow I predict it will fall on deaf ears.

            I’ll just leave this here.


          • Italian G says

            Thanks Cam!
            Riz… Just because a man believes in God or not does mot mean you throw the baby out with the bathwater. You can’t hurt me. I’m so far past that state of mind its ridiculous. I have read Evolution Species, & every major religious writing. Ive heard it all before… The important thing is I made up my own mind with the knowledge of all these books.

            An important .thing I picked up in my life is I stopped reading books a long time ago. I DEVOUR audio books. I will kill three of them on a Saturday or Sunday. Its a strait shot to power. We are taught that reading is “so important”. Honestly, I don’t give a shit. I want the information in my mind and as fast as I can get it. Like the first time Neo gets plugged in, in the Matrix. I don’t have time. Plus I just bring that shit in the car. I seldom listen to music in the car. I’m listening to something that makes me better or enlightens me.

            Its astonishing if you think about it… Never before in the history of man have all of us at this exact moment had the ability to access all information instantly and equally.


          • says

            LSD changed my life. Easily one of the most incredible experiences a person can have, but completely ineffable. If everyone was taught how to use this incredibly powerful catalyst for introspection, the world would advance quite quickly. “Politicians” have set us back years.

            “It’s god’s little accelerator pad for our evolution.” ~ Bill Hicks

          • Italian G says

            Did my post get pulled because of those torrent links Vic? Just kidding. Riz. Don’t judge a man because you think you understand his religious beliefs. LSD… Did three drops of liquid lsd on a sugar cube in 1999. First and last time I did it. Was it fun? It was ok… I saw how the weak minded and hippies saw the world. I did not like it. My soul craves warfare. Not the kind that hurts good people. The kind that destroys evil. It was cool… It did not open my mind to God because I already know him. Nihilists are idiots. If you are going to do one drug in your life I have to recommend ecstasy. Do it with a small group of friends and a woman. Get that house music going… Shits a blast. Its very hard to nut. I f@cked for an hour strait. Very cool experience (not the f@cking… The X you dope) I would do it again…

          • Victor Pride says

            “Did my post get pulled because of those torrent links Vic?”

            That’s right. B&D does not condone stealing.

          • Fight says

            He talks about being alpha and shit not playing video games bla bla bla but he spends time to write a page long comment about how “cool” he is. Never seen Lincoln or Einstein do that.

        • Toni says

          Hey Italian G,

          May I know what businesses do you do? I am 34 yo, and I think I have wasted a lot of my life due to past trauma (abuse) and fear, And now, I don’t afraid to die and have confrontation. I am atheist that believe the weak must perish so that reincarnated soul could have better housing, so to speak. God chose me to die when I was young, but I survived, I am coming to get him.

          I know I need to work on my physique ( I look average but not muscular) and have some loyal friends, as I am one but because my dear friends have moved abroad and I too have lived in many foreign cities, just like Victor, I need to start all over again, sometimes with some leftover friends from high school, which I never bothered to speak due to their low values, but these guys now are having wives and kids, while I am still alone looking for my self.

          I am starting my business in construction while having software as side business, but construction is easier and more fun for me.

  24. Italian G says

    I have some after thoughts… Aslo, in the previous paragraphs I meant MOUTH FUCK THE ENEMY with our swords. I’m tired… so sue me.

    I can move to any city and withing 3 to 4 months I will be in with the high valued crowd. Or “The cool kids”….

    I want to break down how this is done and some secrets.

    1) You got to learn NLP. More importantly, learn human body language and what it means… Type that shit into youtube. It will take you a year to become highly functioning at it & where you don’t even notice your doing it. 80% of human communication is non verbal. HEY YOU! PAY ATTENTION… Listen to what I just said. If that did not floor you, you did not grasp the gravity of what I just communicated…. 80% of human communication is NON VERBAL!!!

    By the way… Side note… why would you listen to me? Ive hooked up with the “Shes my cherry Pie girl in 97″ She was way older than me. I have been with a girl on Maxims top 100. I have been with two actresses and a woman that was on the cover of Vogue. I did not have sex until I was 19. I had no guide… So how did I learn? Maybe that’s for my blog. Anyways…

    LEARN TO MASTER BODY LANGUAGE. When you don’t stand up strait, make eye contact, and have your hands in your pocket you look like a week fag…. WATCH!

    Watch how he makes strong overwhelming eye contact. Watch how he will spread his legs very wide at times. Its funny how he talks NLP

    Russell Brand is one of my favorite case studies for NLP… He breaks so Many rules! HE DOES IT ON PURPOSE. Watch how he will act child like at times, then flip to amazing strong eye contact, chest exposed, and loud. He is so amazing to watch because he is a living dichotomy of alpha male under the rouse of acting beta and feminine at times. However, you better believe he is a calculated Intelligent man, who has sex with MANY high valued females and he plays with your mind. That’s why he is so appealing. However, I see a world many of you don’t. I can bend these rules to my advantage at will, just like Russell Brand. Watch him at the 6 20 mark until the end. He controls space and time. He hypnotizes you. The reporters do not know what to do! WHY? I know. You do not. Watch the last part… Don’t be nervous he says. He has her sexually aroused and she has lost control….. WHY? There is a world out there 99% of you are blind to. LEARN NLP and you will control your social life. I literally look right into people and they know it, if I choose to let them see that. You MUST LEARN the ways of the Alpha male. You must practice it. You can’t fool us no matter how hard you try. We see through your beta ways. How do you know if your an alpha? If you have to ask yourself this…. You simply are not. In Victors words, in my opinion, you can never become a lone wolf… I know guys, that think if they are in the room and they tell people how to act and define whats socially acceptable behavior or not infront of others they are Alpha…. LOL. NOT EVEN CLOSE! To know NLP is to build your house on a solid foundation. Also, if you have to ask Victor how do you deal with the loneliness of being on the computer all day while building a business? What the f@ck are you bozos talking about. I make 12k a month on SEO… Read 4 hour work week outsource that shit.

    2) Don’t hang around guiys that don’t get the girl. They are usually the fat drunk shooting pool every-night, they had one but bitch about their X wife or X girl all the time…. GET RID OF THAT MOTHER FUCKER. Depressed betas will bring your objective of building a group of high valued males.

    3) Never let another man disrespect you in public in-front of your social group. Betta males think “Oh… I will wait in the shadows like a sorcerer and get him one day”. How much respect do you think you would get if Victor Pride was in your social group. Hes a big boy. Probably 230. You weigh 160. You are all out drinking and Victor yells at you and calls you a faggot. What do you do? YOU SMASH HIM IN THE GRILL and take your ass beating. If he insults you again you punch him in the face again. You must show everyone no matter the cost you will defend yourself over the top physically if insulted in Public. How do you know your a coward and a Beta Male? You have never been in a fist fight in your life. You stand for nothing and are a coward. I was in over 20 one on one fist fights by 18. I was the second smallest in my high-school class until my senior year. Stop making excuses, stop justifying why you never scrapped and still don’t. Your a pussy and a beta male. That’s why you don’t have any high value friends dumb ass. I have news for you. A MAN THAT HAS NO ENEMIES IS NOT A MAN TO BE RESPECTED, REVERED, OR EMULATED. HE IS A COWARD. HE CAN NEVER DEFEND HIMSELF OR HIS VIEWS. HE WILL ALSO HAVE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE EXPLOSIONS FROM TIME TO TIME. WHY? That’s what low valued males do. I’m not gonna tell you to fuck off. I will punch you in the face. Tell me to FUCK off, especially in public I will smash you. You must be the same way. Have conviction, be proud of your views, stand up for yourself.

    3) MEDITATE… What is this? Fuck all that hippy shit. The biblical translation means to mumble. Meaning tell yourself outloud that you will never have goals… only objectives with a date and time of completion. Talk to yourself in the mirror. There is a mind/voice connection…. When your mind hears your mouth say…. I am a strong man with conviction and heart, many high valued men what to be my friend because I am intelligent, loyal, and keep my word. Meditate…. to Mumble. Simple.

    4) How do you build character? Your character will become well known. It will attract high valued positive men. Get your ass away from video games and pornography (i have not looked at a playboy since 1994, boy is the reward worth it). In life there is no failure only feed back. LEARN THIS CONCEPT OF FRAMING. Tony Robbins can help.

    AND REMEMBER… LISTEN…. PUT THIS IN YOUR LIFETIME MEMORY BANK… THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN EVER SEE THE CHARACTER OF A MAN IS HOW HE REACTS UNDER SITUATIONS OF HIGH STRESS.. Meaning shits gonna go down… 8 cowards (real men fight one on one) are about ready to fuck you up…. Your “buddy” is no where to be found…. THAT IS SOMEONE THAT YOU GET RID OF IMMEDIATELY.

    Only a fool chooses to isolate himself. Your a f@cking dummy if you have chosen that path. Stop blamming your “poor child hood” and how you were treated by your mommy. BE A FUCKING MAN.

    Some of you write some great shit… Others, well… Your fucking lost dude. Let me help you…. BUY VICTOR PRIDES 30 DAYS OF DISCIPLINE… BUT, you don’t do goals. YOU HAVE OBJECTIVES WITH A DATE AND TIME SET IN STONE FOR COMPLETION. Then you will do that bitch for 60 days. Bad friends? Here is a piece of advice. If they don’t respect you…. FUCK EM! Start over. There is no one so important that you can’t live without. Don’t try to “repair” your past fuck ups…. Whip that shit clean….. READ ALL OF VICTORS BLOG. Make that shit an objective. Read it this weekend. CHANGE YOUR LIFE……. LIFE IS GOOD MAN… I almost have it all… soon to be married. We all have to work hard for this shit. Its the fight that defines you man, NOT the achievement of the objective…. Be that lone wolf…. Ask for some help from God or Jesus man…. Take some action…. You cant do it…. STOP RIGHT NOW, get on the floor and do just 10 push ups. If you can do that…. You can change this thing called life around. No one owes you anything. You will only get what you give. ALWAYS look a gift horse in the mouth…. And you know what? Victor is right a true man does search for love and a family. Nothing is more manly.

    • John Freeman says

      Another awesome article Vic. Thanks for the inspiration offered on this blog.
      Also wanted to thank Italian G for his incredible comments. I always look forward to seeing what you have to say, G, but this time you gave more than I ever would have expected. Great advice and info. This shit should cost thousands of dollars based on the good it does for a man, but it’s FREE. That means there is no excuse to be a loser or a wimp. Everything you need to change your life is right here for free, if you will simply put your ego away and listen to men who have come before you and are willing to generously share their wisdom.

      One minor point of contention – you mentioned that a man’s long term friendships (from childhood) is one of the measures of his social value. I agree in part, but wanted to point out that a lot of us started out as beta males or just never really discovered how to break through the social conditioning, until later in life. For guys like that, myself included, you often have to ditch your entire set of friends from childhood and start all over from scratch. Most guys will have a lot of friends that they made in school who grow up to become mediocrities and losers. It is better to break clean from them and start over, than to continue to try and find common ground with losers in order to maintain friendships that are based on nothing but familiarity.

      Amazing stuff, fellas. Thanks again.

      • Italian G says

        Yeah…. I guess your right if that man’s friends were tool bags. I’m just fortunate. I guess what I was trying to say is that if other high valued males see value in me and we remain friends for so long that I have a skill set and others find value in me. Therefore, my words, could carry some weight in some men’s ears. Valid point though Freeman.

        Hey…. I’m telling you fellas YOU GOT TO READ :48 LAWS OF POWER. It will enable one to defend themselves against wicked and evil people. ALSO, THAT NLP IS HUGE!!!!!

        i just find it so horrible that so many dudes have a hard time getting buddies. To me it is very easy. Guys always want to be friends with me. Sometimes its very annoying. No one can pick to be my friend. I have chosen all of my friends because they posses something special & I dig their loyalty, hearts, intelligence, and who they are as people. I wish all of you the same happiness I have known in my life. Depression sucks. I have not been depressed since 16. I figured out how to completely irradiate it from my Psyche. I should share how I did it sometime. It can be done. I have achieved it.

      • Italian G says

        No, but you know what I am going to start a blog. I do have a wealth of information I want to share. I have lived a VERY full life. It only gets better with time. Thanks for the kind words man. Victor has been my inspiration to do a blog. Hes a wise dude… I’m telling you guys. He thinks the way I do and from where I’m sitting life is great.

    • Foxtrot says

      Italian G, I watched the videos, I didn’t know who Russell Brand was up until now and I must say I am impressed, thanks for posting these videos. I have heard about the book you are recommending. I have a new objective for next week, and that’s reading that book. Thank you, sir!

  25. says

    Agree with everything. I acually talked about it on my site too and gave the advice to surround yourself with other wolves and start your own wolfpack and try to enjoy the time with sheep as much as possible if you have to. Even sheep can be a lot of fun:)

  26. says

    Great post, Victor.

    Humans are designed to socialise, no doubt about this. But personally speaking, there are some real benefits to complete isolation or going “off the radar” for brief moments, (3-6months). I’ve found that when there’s less external noise in your life you can divert energy and thought inwards. These thoughts will direct you in a more holistic way, rather than expending thoughts and energy reflecting the opinions and thoughts slammed at you at every waking moment.

  27. TREV COUG says

    HA HA! I love this site! Italian G turned me on to it. Italian G? LOL… You sound like a gangsta hommie. I’ll tell you guys this. I have known Italian G for 20 years. The guy is a fucking pimp. Pulled tons of hot ass in college. The son of a bitch still has mad game. He’s getting married! I still can’t believe that! Then I saw his fiance’, so I get that! But, that an end of an era man… Its like the Fonz loosing his leather jacket. I read the comments & had to laugh to myself about dude saying, “an effective communicator could have done such and such” towards Italian G. You should hear I.G. do a sales call or sell. GOOD LUCK BEING BETTER THAN HIM. Only sales guy I have ever met or heard of, that would have an audience around his desk. Its an event. You could open phone book, point to any business. He will penetrate through to the owner and set the appointment. Its something to honestly behold. The guy is a closer. He’s also a little cocky at times but we love him. He’s as true as they come. Hes the best fucking communicator I have ever met. Hands down, game over. Oh, and to the gentleman that talked smack to him… Honestly, Italian G would slap you around. Trust me. Ive seen him mad. You would wet your pants. He would just knock you out. stone cold. You couldn’t hang. His deep voice would make you have a bowel movement. Hes a big scary dude with a heart of gold. You would humble yourself very quickly.

    So Victor, Ive been checking out your site for a few weeks. I like your subject matter. Some of the stuff is a little different… lol What do you recommend for increasing or replenishing your body after workouts? Whenever I hit the gym at night, I will consume a little creatine monohydrate & a little Lipodrene With Ephedra. The problem is they are banning that shit. It’s pulled off the shelves. Do you know where or how to order this stuff? Since its been pulled from the shelves my ass is dragging during workouts. I haven’t read all your stories, but Italian G said you’re a yoked mother F.

    What do you recommend? Do you know how to get ephedra and is there other methods? The ephedra never gave me sleeping problems. If you go hard that’s not an issue, but I just don’t think there is a better substitution for Lipodrene… Anyone know where to get it!?

    • Victor Pride says

      “So Victor, Ive been checking out your site for a few weeks. I like your subject matter. Some of the stuff is a little different… lol What do you recommend for increasing or replenishing your body after workouts? Whenever I hit the gym at night, I will consume a little creatine monohydrate & a little Lipodrene With Ephedra. The problem is they are banning that shit. It’s pulled off the shelves. Do you know where or how to order this stuff? Since its been pulled from the shelves my ass is dragging during workouts. I haven’t read all your stories, but Italian G said you’re a yoked mother F.”

      For ephedra, just grab a couple boxes of bronkaid. As for supps, I just eat food, bud. OTC supplements are mostly a joke but I do use Zinc (gotta dose it high) and 5-htp (helps with sleep and relaxation).

      • TREV COUG says

        Thanks Vic. I read through more of your site. Now I see why The Greaser (Italian G) is a fan. Very interesting stuff. I agree with 98% of the stuff you write. Interesting little blog you have here. I have to say the war you had with that crazy libtard Seattle bitch was hilarious. She did nothing more than increase your viewership it looks like. It looks like Italian G is going to get a blog going as well. I spoke with that crazy bastard last night. Hes a smart guy.

        Vic… I have to ask. Is that steak and eggs shit legit? Have you ever truly done that!? How long have you done it for at one time. Longest duration, I guess I’m asking here. Dude… If you like Asian broads, you need to come to Seattle. The place is chalk full of them.

        • Victor Pride says

          “Vic… I have to ask. Is that steak and eggs shit legit? Have you ever truly done that!? How long have you done it for at one time. Longest duration, I guess I’m asking here. Dude… If you like Asian broads, you need to come to Seattle. The place is chalk full of them.”

          Of course it’s true. I did it for a month at the longest. Seattle? That’s like saying to me “I hear you like Italian food…there’s a chuck e cheese down the street”.

  28. Curtis says

    Vic, I’ve been reading all of your stuff on here and it has definitely changed my point of view on a lot of things. Great post man, keep it coming, this is the good stuff!

  29. says

    Also don’t forget that if you feel lonely there’s a whole bunch of people out there who need a friend – for example because I don’t live the 9-5 life I find myself alone for a month at a time when off the rig. There’s only so much I can do in terms of gym time and blogging, so I joined a community and sponsor some orphans to go to school who live at a centre, any time I want I can go over there, teach a little English, talk to the kids about life, just shoot pool with them etc.

    For me anyway a HUGE part of being a success is being able to help other young people rise up and reach their full potential. If you have that mindset and are willing to lend a hand, there’s absolutely NO reason you should ever have to be lonely. Nearly every multi millionaire guy I know is deeply and actively involved in charity in some way, shape or form. I think it’s that attitude of enjoying helping others that actually makes them successful in the first place.

    • Invincible says

      I like your blog G. Looks clean and the ideas r attractive. :) Keep it up.
      Vic’s blog looks like him only, old, lonely and tired. :P Don’t mind me uncle vic.

      • Italian G says

        Hey Invincible…. WOW… I don’t know if all you guys have an inside joke going. That was a really disrespectful comment to Victor. Now, I personally don’t always agree with Vic, BUT he does throw his life out there, does show his face, and I know 1st hand he changes dudes life’s for the better.

        That is a BALLSY comment. So, SURLY saying a statement like, “Vic’s blog looks like him only, old, lonely and tired.” You obviously must be a man that has character & strength. To trash another man’s personal appearance like that… WELL, How about WE ALL SEE A PICTURE OF YOU POSTED ON THIS BLOG? I want to see what a fucking stud you must claim to be.

        So… I don’t give a shit what Vic thinks of my post. I know he doesn’t need my help. I’m calling you out you little faggot. I think your a bitch and your ALL TALK. I think your a broke little catamite & couldn’t get high quality ass if your life depended on it. You know why I know? No real fucking baller would throw shit like that out there. We are not worried about the competition. SO PROVE YOUR SHIT MAN. SHOW US BODY SHOTS OF YOUR LAST THREE LADIES AND LETS SEE A SHOT OF YOU, YA BIG OL’ PIMP.

        I’M CALLING YOUR CANDY ASS OUT BOY. LET US ALL SEE HOW YOU STACK UP TO VIC. I bet, if you couldn’t sit behind your mom and dad’s computer & met Vic in a dark alley he would gorilla fuck you. Lets see what you got tough guy. I want to see the Greek god you must be. LOL! PLEASE!!! Your a bitch. POST YOUR SHIT

          • Italian G says

            LOL! Well shit brother. What a pussy thing to do. 1) Your hardly old. 2) The numbers to your site clearly tell a different story… 3) Its probably some friend of a fag that started a site trying to be like yours. The only thing you dick heads forgot is have some INTEGRITY. Don’t try to hate on the dude that gave ya the idea in the first place. It’s not a “win” unless you beat him strait up. Plus, he don’t give a shit. 4) I’m still waiting for the picture of Mr. Invincible….. Your probably some limp dick trailer trash that is a fan of “Insane Clown Posse” and think your “HARD CORE” because you down loaded a Machine Gun Kelly mixed tape…. Ya, I’m twice your age and I know who that jerk off is. Your not as “down” as you wanna think. You know whats hard? Making 300k a year and your lady is the baddest bitch in the room and much younger than you. You know what’s cool. Driving in a 2014 7 series to your hommies house you have been friends with for 29 years to watch shit in his insane home movie theater on Lake Washington you fuckin rookie. We are still waiting for the pics Mr Invincible. See when you live the shit Vic spits all your life you don’t try to throw hate and not back your shit up guy.

          • Victor Pride says

            The invisible kid is Indian. I have tentative plans to be in New Delhi later this year, invisible is more than welcome to come and voice his opinion to me.

          • Italian G says

            LOL! We both know that will never happen. You probably have a thicker skin to this than me. Dorks. Mr. “Invisible” is right… ha ha. all blow no show.

          • Victor Pride says

            Bud I’m dreaming for the day that someone recognizes me and comes to tell me they don’t like my work or my ideas. I’m salivating at the thought.

            Here is an email from the last guy that recognized me:

            HI Victor,

            I was cruising with my girl on Bui Vien street in HCMC the other night and I saw you standing in front of a place with a grey shirt on at night time. It had to be you, the guy was huge with a crew cut.

            Was it you?

            That was from a guy that enjoys the blog.

            I really can’t say enough how much I want a “hater” to come and say hi to me. That’s got to be in my top 5 bucket list. I’m still waiting.

          • Italian G says

            LOL! No way!!! Yeah, I don’t think they would stand much of a chance. Its so funny how tough people will be over the computer or over the phone. Makes me sick. I see it in Sales all the time. Once I get infront of them… I just see them think…. GULP… Then they are really nice for some reason. See,. I don’t start shit unless I’m ready to back it up. Those were just bitch boy comments. Obviously, the guys week. I come from an area in Washington State (until I was 19)…. That if you flipped someone off in a car. That means you will get out and fight. People will chase you down there and rip you out of your car. Respect and class matter. In Seattle, these passive aggressive libtards don’t think twice about it. I was engrained and raised differently. Ive jumped out of my ride MANY TIMES. I did it 4 months ago and I think they guy dropped a log in his skinny Jeans. I HATE THIS PLACE. THAT’S WHY IM MOVING TO THE OC in a few months. Opening a second division. ENOUGH of feminine controlled Seattle. NO MORE. My mental health cant take it and my woman lives there.

  30. Marshall says

    Victor, I have a couple questions, don’t answer the ones u don’t feel comfortable answering/sharing. 1. How do u think blogging business will be in 2-3 years?
    2. How did u get the blog readers u have? Did u advertise your blog?
    3. How much do u pay monthly for this site to be hosted?
    4. How much did u make from selling your books?
    5. How did u create the electronic books? How did u put them up for sale with a Paypal payment process?
    Last question, in the first few months hosting this blog how much money did u make?

  31. Luis says

    Victor how many meals a day are you eating right now to maintain your size? what protein bars were you consuming in the states? what brand?

  32. Eddie says

    Hey Victor, after reading your blog voraciously, my doubts about attending college with a lot of loans has increased even more. To make matters worse, I’m majoring in Political Science, which is not a “STEM Major” that you recommend going to college for. So I have a dilemma: should I stick with just this Political Science degree but graduate one year early and save me from a lot of loans and start earlier in creating my own business? Or should I stay the full 4 years in order to double major in Business to make going to college “worth it” by making me more employable?

    I read that you recommend getting a Sales job, and apparently, a poli sci degree is a good degree for sales. So I don’t necessarily need to get another degree in Business, but one more year of schooling could make me more marketable to employers, but plunge me way deeper into debt.

    Now that I read your blog, I want to pay off my loans as quickly as possible and start living as a FREE man and become an entrepreneur.

    The basic question boils down to: Graduate early in 3 years with just a poli sci degree with less assurance of employability, or spend another year in school, go deeper into debt, but make myself more employable?

    This dilemma is driving me crazy, and I would love to hear your advice on this.

    • Victor Pride says

      “Graduate early in 3 years with just a poli sci degree with less assurance of employability, or spend another year in school, go deeper into debt, but make myself more employable?”

      Buddy that sounds like hell on earth to me. Realistically what job will you get with a poli-sci degree? Start practicing these words “did you want a grande or a venti?”

      You’ve read B&D, you know my stance. So make your own choice my friend.

    • Abgrund says

      The only reason to major in Poli Sci is to stall for time until you get a husband to take care of you.

  33. Shreyas says

    Hey Victor,

    Your blog is absolutely inspiring and the depth of critical thought you have shown is equally impressive. I’m passionate about finance and one of the most important qualities successful professionals in my field possess is an ability to produce a significant amount of data analysis and then present the very best ONLY when push comes to shove.

    The reason I mention this is because I see a striking parallel in the manner in which you produce your writing. Just to clarify, you write significantly more articles than you publish, choosing only to display the very best of your work, correct? It takes a tremendous amount of heart and discipline to be that selective but I thought I’d mention it to you in detail because it is one of the reason that I, as an intelligent and discerning reader, eschew most other blogs and read yours.

    Happy to have found your site and looking forward to reading more of your work, but most importantly, keep up this commitment to quality. Idiots who want “instant blog gratification” may expect daily posts, but there’s no reason to appeal to that crowd when your current style is appealing to the 5 percent, and therefore 1 percent, of which I am a member :)

  34. peter says

    Great Blog, Vic.
    For future articles, would you touch upon in more detail the obstacles one may face when choosing a path of entrepreneurship, and getting started? This is the most challenging.
    It is quite easy to talk about the success one may achieve, but how about going through the struggles to get there? I’m sure you may have gone through that.

  35. Chris says


    What do you say to somebody who accidentally got a Western hog pregnant? She is a typical American bitch, I only kept her around for the occasional fling, after a series of lies and manipulations, I realized it was what she’d been after all along.

    What do you recommend? There’s no way I will spend a second of my life with this person, yet I know I should face the consequences of my actions. Also, I had zero plans for staying in the U.S. and still don’t, and now can see a lifetime of misery having to stick around.

    You write all the time about this danger, and I knew better than most so I really have no excuse, I just wanted to ask you for some advice. Thanks.

    • Victor Pride says

      #1 I’d say don’t give me that bullshit about it being an accident. You know how babies are made. It wasn’t an accident, it was a mistake.
      #2 Get a blood test. You may not be in deep doo-doo yet. Don’t just ASSUME you are the father until you know the facts.
      #3 I won’t say much more, but I simply don’t agree with the United States law in this matter. Take that however you want.

  36. A says

    This came at a good time. I recently cut ties with the gf, well, as much as possible. We have a son together and I don’t have to tell you what the Western world does to a single dad. Thanks God’s green goodness I did not marry her.
    Nevertheless, I have been out of the game for a while now and am feeling an overwhelming sense of loneliness and hopelessness. I am a 9-5er and while I feel that I waste too much life at desk, I need to maintain stability, at least for now, for my little man. I also have to constantly push away negative thoughts that the ex will be buying the first new scumbag that comes along dinner with my child support money while I die alone because nobody wants to deal with baby mama drama…BUT…I am trying to focus on improving my value, getting back on my feet, and getting myself back out there and living the life that any fulfilled man should be living.
    Loneliness and despair are feelings that work together to create a vicious downward spiral. You are only as lonely as you set yourself up to be, and you are only as hopeless as you choose to be.

    Keep on inspiring Vic, I know a lot of guys appreciate every one of these posts.


  37. Ricardo says

    Where can I find friends that are or want to live that lifestyle? Most of the people I see just want to go to college and get a job.

  38. Ian says

    You’re a fucking legend Victor. It can’t be denied that at the core of this is a true man inspiring the dead inside to rise and fucking shine forth. At least to encourage/fuel/nudge those that need a little extra spark to harness.
    Perhaps some day you could do seminars or the like, getting more in people’s faces and shaking them up to be the man they damn well should be. I imagine your energy to be intense in that way.
    In any case, thank you for being a beacon amidst shit begging to be excuses. Another living proof that focus and determination can cut through and overcome anything. I wish you you all the very best, keep kicking ass…

  39. says

    I find that the best cure for loneliness is hanging out with other people who are in the same boat as yourself striving for success yet feeling lonely. Also have a supportive partner who understand your need and is willing to be present during your struggles to enjoy the future success. Great Post Victor.

  40. Andy says

    Great advice. I had a corporate job that was home based a few years back. Whenever I got lonely while my wife was at the office I’d just go to my local cafe and strike up a conversation with a random or the owner. I got to know all the local shop attendants and the other home workers hanging out – I never felt lonely. I even talked to the retiree lady in our unit block as she worked in the garden – man she had some war stories to tell. The world is waiting for someone to go first and then they open up.

    • says

      Yeah I have found this as well. Instead of waiting for other people to come to you it is much better to just take action and making stuff happen.

      If you always wait for other people or the right time, it may never come.

  41. persick says

    “you have to be happy by yourself before you can be happy with someone else”
    – actually there is some truth in this statement. You need to have some “minimum amount of shit together” and have realistic hope, so it improves your mood and so it is more or less enjoyable / bearable for others. It’s simple logic in my view and it has proven that it works in my life.

  42. Avinash says

    Every time I visit, I cannot believe how amazing the articles of this blog are. Its as if every problem anyone anywhere faces is a direct result of a history of not following one of Vic rules. I’m 21, modelling my life around your advice. Really appreciate it, and I will buy more of your books as I make more money…

  43. Fernando Cunha says

    A man doesn´t need friends. Friends are child things. You can have a friend or two, but beeing social means that you are weak and stupid because you pay atention to everybody.

  44. Emmanuel says

    Mr Victor… I just wanna know if it’s possible to have a girlfriend without having to do anything like sex with her… As a Christian, God says sex before is fornication..meaning it is sin against our body first, then to him…..So it makes me feel guilty whenever girls are coming around me. Advice me please..How should I build one without sex??