10 Ways to Get Big and Strong


Note from Vic: This is a guest article from my good friend John Doe Bodybuilding. John Doe is one of the most knowledgable guys I know. I even went to him for some diet planning a while back. His knowledge is real, his physique speaks for itself, and he talks openly about the realities of… [Read More…]

How it Pays to Be Big


From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: The balance between bodybuilding, health, wealth and business. Pictured: Victor Pride and podcast guest Mike Cernovich.  ————— Let me paint the picture… We were at the shopping mall. Two girlies were eye-balling us and giggling as they sat with their little male friend (who I assumed was gay… [Read More…]

How to Become a Genetic Freak

Dr. Jeffrey life

From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: 3 steps to greatness ———————— Recently I was in the gym, lifting some weights and having a joke with some of the guys in the gym. One of the fellows, a nice enough guy, called me a name that had me laughing out loud. He called me a… [Read More…]

How Winning is Done


Morning, friends. And a beautiful morning she is. OK, to be honest it’s night time for me. I’m on the other side of the world at the moment. Bangkok, to be precise. But I did have a nice morning and I hope you do the same. On Bold and Determined I have said over and… [Read More…]

How to Go From ‘Skinny Fat’ to Superman


Hello friends. Let’s talk about 6-pack abs and weight training, shall we? Recently I showed an old picture of myself to a lady friend and her exact words were “wow, you were small AND fat”. Which was true, I was skinny and fat. We chuckled a bit but the reality was that my body was completely… [Read More…]

The Evolution of Pride


Friends, Today I have a very special post for you. I am going to share with you the BOLD & DETERMINED MISSION. I am going to share with you picture proof that what I am saying to you is true. I am going to share a confession with you. I would like to ask one… [Read More…]

Be Somebody with a Body


Hello friends of Bold & Determined. Long time readers and new readers alike will all know that here at the Thunderdome we are big on strength, weight training and muscular development. Recently a study came out that confirms what I can already see with my own eyeballs: men with upper body strength are less likely… [Read More…]

The Most Important Year in Bodybuilding

Imagine 7 years ago… I was in the gym shoulder pressing 27.5 lb dumbbells. I wasn’t just pressing them, I was struggling. 27.5 lb dumbbells are just about as lightweight as you can get. Girls can do those weights with ease. In fact, the whole time I was pressing those light weights and struggling there was… [Read More…]