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30 Days of Discipline FAQ

What is 30 Days of Discipline?

30 Days of Discipline is a bootcamp for the mind. It is a series of daily challenges that the reader is required to put himself through. The challenges, or habits as they are called in 30 Days of Discipline, are designed to make you become a better man. They are designed to increase your productivity, your pride in yourself, and your killer mindset (which is lacking in most). 30 Days of Discipline is about implementing ass-kicking habits that make you, I believe, a better man.

Is 30 Days of Discipline a book?

30 Days of Discipline is a 30 page PDF that you will receive instantly after purchasing.

What is included in the 30 Days of Discipline PDF?

30 Days of Discipline outlines 12 habits that the reader should implement over a 30 day period. There is no “But wait! Here are extra gifts if you purchase!”. Your extra special gift will be pride in yourself, pride of achievement and accomplishment. Pride in going from a lazy decadent to a real deal winner.

Why should I follow 30 Days of Discipline?

If you are not 100% content with yourself you should give 30 Days of Discipline a real shot. If you are the quitting type it will not work for you, but if you are looking to challenge yourself and have something to show for it (i.e. feeling like a winner instead of a loser) then 30 Days of Discipline is for you. Remember, it is 100% up to the reader to complete their mission or to not even try. No one but you will know if you complete it or give up, but if you complete it you will feel like a million bucks.

Who is 30 Days of Discipline for?

Just like every word written on BOLD & DETERMINED, 30 Days of Discipline is for men only.

Is 30 Days of Discipline a workout routine?

No, it is not a workout routine but one habit is an exercise habit.

Is 30 Days of Discipline easy?

No. Not if you aren’t used to disciplining yourself or challenging yourself.

Why did you write 30 Days of Discipline?

I wrote 30 Days of Discipline because the habits included are some of my daily habits and they are the ones that, when followed to a T, allow me to get the most amount of ass-kicking done.

How much does 30 Days of Discipline cost?

It costs $9.99.

What kind of guarantee do I have?

You do not have a guarantee that you will succeed. That’s why there are winners and there are losers, because there are no guarantees of equal success.

You do have a 60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Where can I get 30 Days of Discipline?

You can view the 30 Days of Discipline sales page here or you can just go ahead and purchase it for only $9.99 by clicking on the ‘ADD TO CART’ link below.

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