I would like to share with you how to…

Cut out the bullshit and lies fed to you by bodybuilding magazines and supplement companies.

Find out how you, yes YOU!, can get fit naturally with nothing but food, training and willpower.

No phony baloney protein fart powder junk. No X-treme Creatine Nitric Oxide Diarrhea Explode.

No lies about the bullshit that does not work.

Just you, the weights and your mind and willpower.

The real methods tested by me to become as fit and lean as a Spartan while becoming strong as an Ox.

The real methods to get you lean and strong.

How I went from 130 lbs of skinny-fat nothing to 180 lbs of lean and mean muscle and strength and how ANYONE can do it and how you can skip the YEARS I wasted following methods of steroid users.

Get in the best shape you can possibly get into without taking steroids and human growth hormone.

You will learn the right way to put on muscle and burn fat as a natural trainer.

You will learn:

The right exercises for a natural trainer (COMPLETE WITH PICTURES OF HOW-TO)

The right way to eat for skinny guys, fat guys, and in-betweens.

The right foods to eat to burn fat and gain muscle.


Complete workout and diet solutions.


Pick up your copy of BODY OF A SPARTAN on June 7th and get a stupid discount. On June 7th you will pay only $7!

ANOTHER $7 on 7!

Get Lean, Get Mean, Get the Body of a Spartan

Regular readers know that I do not bullshit around and I do not mince my words. This book, BODY OF A SPARTAN, is a PHENOMENAL book for weight trainers. If you’re smart enough to grab it on the 7th you will steal it for only $7. After the 7th the price goes up to normal. I can promise you now that this book is worth far more than $7, I’m basically giving it away. Only for one day though.

I will put my money where my mouth is and offer a 60 day money-back guarantee because I believe in the book 100%.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and getting NO RESULTS in the gym pick up the book. If you aren’t as strong as you want to be pick up the book. If you aren’t as muscled as you want to be pick up the book. If you aren’t as lean as you want to be pick up the book.

-Victor Pride

PS – Remember, it’s only $7 on Thursday, June 7th. One day only.

PPS – I am just blown away at all the positive responses I have received by email and comments. I thought for sure only a handful of people would ever love the blog as much as I do. I am proud that BOLD & DETERMINED has become meaningful for so many of you. That is an honor for me and I do not take that lightly.

I have changed my body for the better. Compared to old pictures I don’t even look like the same person. I have changed my good fortune for the better. Years ago I never had more than $1,000 at one time. It is my mission to help other men BECOME something better than they are. If I can do it, you can do it. I mean that sincerely. Change your thought process, change your life. Change your body, change your life. Become a Spartan. Become BOLD & DETERMINED. And get in the motherfucking gym!

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  1. Russ says

    “Legend was that this ancient strong-man [Milo of Croton, the ancient Greek wrestler] had won at least six Olympic championships and that he trained over the four years leading up to the games by picking up and carrying a calf. As the animal matured, Milo was tasked with carrying a heavier and heavier load. Milo’s progressive weight-training program would culminate with him carrying the full grown bull into the Olympic stadium, carrying it the full length of the field where he would then kill, butcher, roast and eat his training medium.”

    I’m ready.

    • Victor Pride says

      I have always been inspired by that story and it has long been a goal of mine to do something similar. Say, start with a 90lb barbell on your back and walk for a mile. Next day 95 lbs, or even 91 lbs, and do the same thing each day until your body is carved from stone.

  2. Simon says

    Will be getting this when it comes out.

    I have read your posts on body and exercise, but even if you read them all it’s hard to put it all together.

    Btw, cheers for creating this blog… hope to see posts pick up as you finish the book.

  3. pierre says

    Victor,reserved a copy for me i will be doing this program asap.thanks.
    p.s.i trained at home and i have basic equipment can i do the workout or i need to join a gym?

    • Victor Pride says


      Need to join a gym. But if you have a squat rack, bench, db’s, all that stuff you can improvise.

    • Joey the Hustler says

      I do this from home, you need a barbell, a squat rack, enough plates to go heavy and a pull up bar. You can grab all that stuff for cheap at garage sales if you look hard enough.

  4. says

    Im impressed by your no BS material, i bought your 30 days book and looking forward to this one

    im hoping you advocate the basics which im sure you will, dead-lift /bench,squat and chin-up

    goodluck with the launch!!!

  5. SINGH says

    Hey Vic,
    Is it possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?
    Also how much protein should be consumed in a day to get big?
    You just say eat as much meat before eating other food?
    1g per lb is too much maybe 0.5g per lb?

  6. SINGH says

    Hey Victor,
    I have a small amount of fat and minor man boobs, been getting my testorene up and am following your normal spartan diet of eating 2 meals a day of first up protein then carbs and fats. Do you think this is a good diet for me as I want to get big and lose the fat.

  7. PM says

    Hey Victor, I bought both your book and matt marshall’s and the diet part are the same but not the training part, do both lead to same results? I tend to like more yours with the 6 trainings a week instead of marshall’s 3. but for a natural will the two training plan just bring me to same kind of results?

    • Victor Pride says

      I like to do my training in phases. When I stall with one routine I move on to the next. I did BOAS for a year and then I didn’t do it again. I got the best results from BOAS, but it can take a toll. When it’s time to switch to a new routine, switch to Matt’s.

  8. Mahesh says


    I live in India, a country where beef is very difficult to obtain and consume due to religious taboos. What would you recommend as a substitute to steak in the diet?

    (Meats like chicken, goat and seafood are easily available where I live.)

  9. Luca says

    Hi Vic

    Days ago i’ve purchase Body of a Spartan and i start the begginer routine yesterday.
    I want to ask one thing: how many time for recovery need between sets?

    Sorry for my English

  10. ian roberts says

    hi victor i bought your book i like it but i want to train in the way i liked before your gonig to laugh at this routine now but i honestly gained and got strong as an ox i trained 3 x per week mond weds fridi did 2 parts a session so chest back mond shoulder arm weds legs lower back frid and iot worked great the routine was hypertrophy plus strength 8-12 reps because i got a desire for mass too so you start off 3 x 8 and add 1 rep each week until you get to 3 x 12 then add 5-10lbs and start off at 3×8 again every 6 weeks i did a cycle of heavy reps strength what i m saying is i was progressing no matter what i got up to a 350lb bench within 2 years of training on that routine as long as i do more reps or add more weight next time to the bar im fine i dont understand the workouts in your book so ill go the way i did before but your book explains about the diet i never knew about which im going to use i like your exercise guide and the rest of your guide just the workout i prefer the oine i just said get back to me

  11. ian roberts says

    and another thing victor the stea kand eggs diet my goal is to stay lean forever never go up i nweight anymore i want to stay at 205lbs at 10 percent bodyfat could ya explain how much steak i need in those 2 meals a day and eggs and what time to eat? dont know when if i go gym mond weds frid at 4 pm when should i eat those 2 meals sorry for all the questions just not sure about all the things

  12. Jan says

    Hey Victor.

    I love you’re program.

    But i really struggle to keep the workout shorter then one hour.
    Let’s take the typical routine.

    After the mains (1*singles + warmups and 1max) + (1* 5*5 + 3 sets singels) i already spent 35-40 minutes in the gym.

    So i have about 5 for 1-4 supplements. What am i doing wrong?


  1. […] For the span of the time between the photos, it was almost exactly 31 days.  I snapped the April bathroom shot before going to workout that day because I didn’t want the pump to throw things off.  After all, this is about being honest for me, and with you readers.  I worked out in the gym 3 days a week for the first month.  The program I followed was the beginners routine out of Victor Pride’s “Body of Spartan.” […]