Spartan Friday – How to Spend Money on Black Friday and Keep a Clean Conscience

boas-dsHello friends, I want to share with you a recent email I received from a young man named John. John was kind enough to attach his review of Body of a Spartan. I have posted it in full below.


Hello, Victor.  Thanks for Body of a Spartan.  It changed my life.

My review is posted below:

“Five months ago, I started a weightlifting program based on Victor’s book, Body of a Spartan.  I decided to give it a lot of time to give it a good tryout. But first, let me explain how I got here in the first place.

In college, I had to take a physical elective, and one of the classes offered was weight training.  I thought, “Cool, a weight training class. I bet I’m going to learn some practical and valuable stuff there.”  I had always wanted to start lifting weights, and this looked like a good opportunity. Fast forward a few months and the class turned out to be a joke. The instructor was a really, really skinny guy who looked more like a marathon runner. The textbook was not very good.  It had more words than pictures, and I kept guessing if I was doing an exercise correctly.  We had to do tons of cardio as well. The class was half full of girls who did not want to get ‘muscular.’  We were told not to ‘overtrain.’  I also never did any bench presses, squats, or deadlifts. Can you believe it?  We weren’t even required to do those essential exercises!  At the end of the semester, I still had not made any noticeable gains. Frustrated, I tried working out on and off afterwards before I left it completely.

I researched weightlifting information but was skeptical of being told lies and being ripped off. All I wanted was the Truth. Then I stumbled upon BoldandDetermined.  I read his series on the Truth About Gaining Muscle and was thankful somebody had the balls to tell me the truth. I thought, “If this guy is truthful enough to tell me the truth about bodybuilding, then maybe he is truthful enough with his Body of a Spartan.” With nothing to lose and confident that Vic seemed like a truthful guy, I tried out Body of a Spartan. Well, I can honestly say that Body of a Spartan is the real deal. I have done it consistently for five months and have seen massive improvements in my physique. I guess this is because I’m more of a “beginner” since I wasn’t really training properly previously.  The biggest gains I have made are my chest, triceps, back, legs, and shoulders.  Remember how I wrote I never did any bench presses?  When I first started out, I could barely lift the single 45 lb. bar!  To go from that to being able to bench press well over 100lb. is a feat of accomplishment, pride, and confidence that is hard to understand to those who have never done it.  When I first started, I couldn’t even do one chin-up.  Now I can do ten in a row no problem.  On Body of a Spartan, it’s like my muscles exploded.

The best things about Body of a Spartan are:

1) The Pictures

By far, one advantage Body of a Spartan has over my crappy college text was the pictures.  It actually shows you how to do an exercise in detail so you know if you’re doing it right.  This is huge right here.

2) It’s Flexibility

Body of a Spartan treats your body like an organic entity instead of a machine.  Some days, you’ll have more energy while on others you might just want to get your blood pumping.  One day I was tired because I had a few hours of sleep, but I did some exercises because I wasn’t 100%.  You have a lot of choices when it comes to what you want to do.  On most days, I’m able to give it my all.  You know your body the best.

3) It’s Truthfulness

It’s honest in that it tells you what to expect and what not to expect.  The Truth is the most important thing.  We have to discard false information and replace it with correct information.  So much of what we know or have been taught is wrong.  Like so many others, I had been lied to and misled.  I have tried out Body of a Spartan and seen positive results. 

Also, a few personal recommendations,

A) Get enough sleep.  You will not be able to give it your all if you’re not 100%.

B) Eat properly.  Vic’s blog also has some useful tips that I’ve successfully used.

It is impossible to lose when you never give up.  Just like with anything, if you fail you try again.  How bad do you want it?  How much effort a person puts into something is directly correlated with how bad he wants it.  Those who give up never wanted it in the first place.

On a final note, the MOST important thing is to stay consistent.  I went to the gym every week, 4-7 days per week.  You MUST make a commitment.  If you don’t make a commitment, then there’s nothing stopping you from quitting.  You must discipline yourself first and foremost.

The first and best victory is to conquer self.  To be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile.” – Plato


Check out Body of a Spartan here.


PS – Today is Black Friday. A bunch of zombies will pack into shopping malls and Walmarts across the country to try and buy their souls back, but it’s too late for them. If you’re itching for something to go out and buy today I have a suggestion for you: Buy a gym membership. Get in and turn all that Turkey you ate into muscle. Instead of wasting your money on nonsense today you can invest it in yourself. Get a head start on Christmas. A fit body and the pride of accomplishment are two gifts that keep on giving.

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  1. HoyleBub says

    Hey Vic,

    Been following B&D for a while and have implemented many of your ideas into my daily routine. All I can say is damn what a difference it makes. I’m taking the dive and purchasing Body of a Spartan. But I have a question for you man. How can I get a copy of The Spartan Entrepreneur? Thanks for being an inspiration.

    – HoyleBub

  2. says

    Hi Vic… I have a few questions about the workout plan in bos (mainly rep speed and failure). Can I send you a quick email or should I ask the questions here? Thanks.

  3. David says

    Sup’ Victor, I’ve recently been looking into this book Body By Science by Doug McGuff and the HIT-type approach mentioned which enables you to train less than 20 mins a week and still get gains (even more so than orthodox training) was very appealing.

    I’m fresh to the training scene and would like to hear your thoughts on such a plan. Have you heard about it, what do you think of it?

  4. george says

    i have discovered Victor’s blog (for myself) just recently, and well Victor I think that’s one of the things we share: the love for IRON. I used to have a stackfull of MD of muscular devt, ironman etc when I was in college playing shotput for scholarship. I was big on the HIT and Charles Glass type training (Chrales wasn’t too big on HIT but his method is effective when combined with HIT techniques which I did) anyways Victor I would like to add to that: Lifting is deffinitelly beneficial (and vic I know you know what I am about to say) and once you started, you will forever be stronger than the average man. Me for instance; there are times when I was away from the plates for year or so(or 2) but I still maintained that strength and metabolism. Yes I may shrink but let me tell you I dont think my muscular strength is shrinking: even better my veins are more visible when I shrink. But just to strengthen victor’s point in this: I tell that from my own experience. When you lift; lift like there is no tomorrow (but observe safety and form) and well needless to say you cant grow muscles properly without observing form: and yes, squats, deadlifts (my greatest love), and bench: you can’t go without those in a session, and these may even increase the release of hormones necessary for growth. So Victor let me thank you for all your help in spreading the word of iron.
    “LIGHTWEIGHT!!!”” LIFT!!!!

  5. Dylan says

    BoldandDertermined has helped me alot, i read it most days while im bored in highschool and because of the advice Victor has shared with us i have much more clarity now than i previously possessed. Every 16 year old boy like myself should read this. Because of his advice i have much more confidence in my future.

  6. Jim says

    Merry Christmas to everyone at B&D
    I’ve been reading the site for a while now, and today I’m going to treat myself to 30 days of discipline and body of a spartan to kickstart the new year.
    No more not being in shape.
    No more loser attitude.

    Thanks for the inspiration Victor.