How I Became Mighty with Modafinil

The harder it is to get, the better it usually works. There’s a prescription only drug called Modafinil. To purchase modafinil you must get a prescription from your local and kindly Doctor or you must jump through some hoops to order modafinil online from an overseas pharmacy.

Modafinil is in a class of drug called nootropics, commonly known as “smart drugs”. There are about a million drugs classified as nootropics. Well, I’ll be damned if I’m going to try all of them, or even 10 of them. I want the best and only the best. The best is not available on Amazon for one-click purchasing. The best takes a little bit of work to get. The best is hard to get for a reason: the better it works, the more limited it is. The shittier it is, the more available it is. That’s why you can get protein powder at every corner store but you can barely find pro-hormones anywhere.

I went straight for the best, Modafinil, and I was not disappointed.

I discovered modafinil through an underground entrepreneur’s forum. The guys on the forum loved it and went bananas over it. They compared it to NZT-48 from the movie Limitless. I read each and every word, I read each and every source, and then I went straight to google to order some of this magic. Ordering it was a real pain in the ass. I had to jump through some hoops to order it and then it took 3 and a half weeks to get to me. I waited those 3 and a half weeks like a kid waits through December, knowing that that magic day is just around the corner.

And one day that magic showed up.

30 pills at 200 mg apiece. A one month supply to test out. Some say you should chop a pill in half and take 100 mg for your first bite. Caution isn’t my style and I popped the first one around 8am.

Modafinil, it is said, is the real life NZT-48 because of how it helps you focus.

And, baby, they weren’t lying then they said it helps you focus. The focus on modafinil is breathtaking. It is like being on a train, going through a tunnel. There is no way to go but forward and there are no other distractions. Modafinil is the ultimate tunnel vision.

Other than the extreme focus on modafinil, there are a couple other benefits which I love.

Modafinil was developed as a drug to treat narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a disease where people fall asleep randomly during the day, modafinil makes it so that they can stay awake. Of all the benefits of modafinil, staying awake is my favorite. You see, I often have to take a nap during the day. I can’t help it. I get tired and I fall asleep. I absolutely hate having to take a nap during the day, it feels like failure. While on modafinil there is no need to take a nap, there is no yawning, it is flat out impossible to nap on modafinil.

My typical work day is 8-5. Never before in my entire life have I been able to focus for so long, day after day, and never become tired or worn out. Having no need for a nap, having no need to rest, having no need to do anything other than focus on my task(s) at hand. I have now run out of modafinil. I have been out for several days. Yesterday, I was forced, beyond my will, and this is very hard for me to admit…..excuse me while I hold back tears…….I was forced to take a nap from 3-5pm. It was awful. 3-5pm is now prime ass-kicking time for me and to nap through it is absolute failure.

Years ago, running my first successful business, I would work from 9am-1pm and come 1pm I was beat. I was ready for a rest, or lunch, or whatever. I would usually have a break from 1pm-5pm or so when business would pick back up. Afternoon used to be the worst time to get anything done, now afternoon work is just as good to me as morning work. The prolonged focus is just unreal.

One of the other side effects of modafinil (and I do drink a ton of coffee, too) is decreased appetite. I am no stranger to fasting through the day but on modafinil I simply am not hungry during the day, period. I do not eat anything before 5pm. I am just not hungry and on the days I do eat, my focus and productivity decrease. I am as convinced as I ever was that eating SLOWS YOU DOWN and you should only eat when you are ready to slow down. Digestion takes away too much energy and all the fatasses in your local office should be proof enough that lunch is disastrous.

Since I am not trying to lose weight I will eat a lot after 5pm. Since playing around with superdrol I am a lean and muscular 200 lbs, give or take 1lb each day, and I have maintained this weight while fasting through the day and eating after 5pm.

A typical day for me will be superfocus work from between 8am-5pm. Somewhere during the day I will swallow a whole glass of egg whites. Usually I will head to the gym at 5pm. I will have a badass workout. I will then come home and eat my first meal. My first meal is almost always 7-8 scrambled eggs with cheese cooked in butter and 3 toasted english muffins liberally covered in butter. I will eat whatever I want after that and usually try to get in another glass of egg whites. My strength has not gone down on this routine, in fact, I was able to deadlift 535 lbs just the other day and 2 days ago I did partial deadlifts from the knees and went up to 7 plates per side, that’s 675 heavy ass lbs.

Last week is when I had my last pill. Since then I have been off and there are no withdrawal symptoms, there are no nasty side effects, there is just back to normal. There have been a few articles along the lines of “Modafinil Can Be Habit Forming” and here is my answer to that: No shit it can be habit forming. It’s habit forming because it works and it makes you better. Any serious man who wants to be better will do everything in his power to be better. Kicking ass is habit forming.


There is truly one nasty side effect of coming off of modafinil: You go back to normal. And normal is pretty shitty compared to mighty.

Official verdict: Modafinil A+

-Victor Pride

PS – You can buy Modafinil online here.


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Superdrive Publishing Ltd., publisher of Bold and Determined, makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability, completeness, currentness, or timeliness of any information provided.  This article is provided for information, entertainment and convenience only – it does not constitute endorsements of any situations or medical tactics or advice. All information contained herein should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician. The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as offering medical advice. Please check with a doctor and/or licensed medical physician. NO LIABILITY WILL BE ASSUMED FOR THE USE OF THIS ARTICLE AND/OR ADDITIONAL POSTINGS HEREIN.

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    • Tom says

      …can you pm me any legit suppliers that you know do not send fake product, its hard to tell who is real and I do not want to waste hundreds of dollars, thank you.

      • Victor Pride says

        I have no idea why some of you guys are so scared of being sent “fake” product. They all send real product, they all send the same product sent from the same factories, built from the same recipe.

        • Liam says

          While i haven’t had any bad luck so far ordering Adrafinil, to say they “all” send real product is presumptuous, the ecstacy market is a perfect example of how someone can stick whatever they want into a pill, call it MDMA, and short of having access to a mass spectrometer, no one will ‘really’ know what they are eating.

          There really isn’t much to stop a nefarious seller from crushing up something like dextroamphetamine(which is cheaper) diluting it with some sugar in a capsule, sticking it in a bottle with a legit looking printed label and sending it off as ‘modafinil’.

          • Mohammad says

            You must be a chemist, me too! You’re right, there is no sure way to know except for the holy of holies, the mass spec (ok and NMR)..

          • NC says

            I’m a chemist too… why don’t you do it then? Of course I extracted and NMR’d my modafinil. If you’re really a chemist and you want to check, you can, and it’s not exactly difficult? With a standard type of MS, you’re better checking by NMR for purity. As you would know…

        • limitless says

          Hey. What i am going to say might piss you off
          You can get genuine branded(not generic) modafinil tablets in india at a local chemist for about….2$! For 10 200mg tabs!
          No kidding!
          And to get em,you need either a presc or great acting skills
          I got mine through the latter and i am not yet 18!
          Now dt u r pissed off,remember,its not cheap in india but your govt fucks you up thru taxes.
          Sorry if you love obama.. :p

        • James Phillip Turpin says

          They don’t all sell the same product, even if they all sell genuine stuff. India allows patenting different methods of manufacturing the same drug, rather than patenting drugs themselves. So they don’t even use the same manufacturing process, much less the same factories, unless its the same brand name. Also, modafinil crystal size has a huge impact on the time release effect, but nobody provides their specifications. Some manufacturers have even changed that overr time based on negative customer feedback, so they are converging towards the same product, but they are not all the same product.

        • luli says

          Thanks for the article! I’ve been seriously ill the last year with plenty of surgery, 3 cardiac arrests and my hole abdomen totally redecoratet with what’s left of my digestive system and organs. I suffer from severe fatigue which make me depressed because I can’t get out of bed and get on with my life. I’m always tired…I know I’ve been very lucky, all the doctors involved in my treatment tell me that it’s a miracle I’m alive. But for me I feel depressed and sad. I need help from my family to take care of my children and they have been without their mother the last year I’ve spent in the hospital struggling to survive. I’m not longer able to work as an anaesthesiologist which I love and I miss my colleagues! I have no social life with friends because I struggle just to get out of bed. Where I live only doctors involved in treatment of narcolepsy are allowed to prescribe Modafinil, but my mother is on holiday and have bought some for me. Now I’m just waiting for her to get home so I can try and see if it have some effects! I hope so!!
          I’m so grateful for being alive and yet so sad that I don’t have the power inside of me to get on with life because the fatigue eats up my life. Thank you for sharing your experiences I hope it will have a positive effect on my condition so I can get back to the active lifestyle I used to have. And most important: have the strength and energy to be around for my precious children whom already had suffer enough the last year.
          Thank you again.

      • Dustin says

        Just got my modafinil in a few days ago from the source that Victor recommends. The source is legitimate. Make the plunge and buy modafinil. You won’t regret it.

        • Karen says

 is not a reputable site. They claimed to have shipped my order and provided a tracking number, when viewing the tracking number the order does not state shipped. After three months of going back and forth, they offered to reimburse my money via bitcoin. UGH!

    • Teksus says

      Does anyone have an issue with malabsorption of medication? I have been taking 200mg of provigil for 2 months with no effect. I was diagnosed with ADD and so far none of the medication has worked Ive been rx adderall, concerta, metadate, strattera, and vyvanse all highest doses.

      I started to think i was just lazy and didnt have add, but the doctor said if i DIDNT have ADD and took 70mg vyvanse twice a day, i would be jumping off the walls.

      He thought its a possibility i have a gluten or casien intolerance, but its not easy trying out that diet when i have trouble starting anything and seeing it through.

      Im mid 30s with a good job, degree and marriage, but every day is a struggle to get anything done. I misplace everything, am horrible with procrastination and time management, am always late, and try to do anything in the world except the important tasks at hand. I dont keep up with friendships and family like i want, and have tons of projects and hobbies sitting around untouched.

      If i wasnt a charming salesman i wouldnt have graduated college or have been able to get away with constant missed deadlines for everything in life.

      Does this sound similar to anyone? Im such an underachiever and am desperate to change. Can anxiety, depression, thyroid, or testosterone issues affect medication from working properly?

      • Hector says

        I suggest you should reset the counter to zero, stop using any of those you mentioned for a while, let’s say by one or two months. I was in a situation very similar to yours, full of pending tasks to do, looking at them completely apathetic. Since a week ago I’ve started taking a combo of provigil (known in my country as modiodal) and piracetam (the brand here is known as nootropil) I really thank God and my Holy Mother Mary that such drugs exist, I know there are some others, derivatives, stronger and the like, but taking 100mg provigil and 800mg piracetam, early in the morning and I’m alive all day long, it is the lowest dose I think compared to recomended, but my goal is just to feel good enough so I can really focus in achieving my daily tasks in normal way. The intake I do is as follows: 1 pill of piracetam about 7am in a fasting state, and after breakfast half a pill of provigil (I bought the 28 pill 200mg formulation). One important advice when intaking both, do it with plenty of water and drink some more water during the day. Well that worked for me I hope this could work for you or the others.

      • Jimmy says

        You are my clone. I am exactly you. I am educated, have been skating my whole life on intelligence, smoke and mirrors. I have other issues, including compulsive spending. The funny thing is I can play poker for 14 straight hours and concentrate. Everything else I am at a loss. I am going to seek help because I think some of us are just wired differently.

        • GWS says

          Jimmy, dude, You ARE wired different, but you are NOT broken.

          I want to weight in. I’m 26 and i cant believe you described exactly what ive always thought about myself. “Skating my life on intelligence, smoke and mirrors”.

          I’ve always described it as being “reckless and brilliant”.

          While i have a degree in Advertising (which i didnt turn up for), its an industry i want no part in (50 hours a week? bleh), so I work a job in sales instead.

          I trade foreign exchange 8 hours a day – outside of my day job.
          That obsessive “fuck, its 4am… i have to go to bed” shit.

          I’ve NEVER fitted in. I charm my way through it.

          Do NOT get help… that is, from a “professional” like a psychologist. What, so they can suffocate you into a little box that fits on the shelf of society? Fuck THAT.

          Now, after years of reading, learning and expanding my mind i’ve got a great grip on my personality type. I’m stoked to be who i am. I would love to help. With books, resources, chat, whatever

          Email me dude. Just to shoot the shit.
          [email protected]


          • Oilygarch says

            My friend, it all depends on the quality of your professional. My professional agrees wholeheartedly and sees how my current stack works. It simply works and he’s seen the transformation in me.

            At first when he would prescribe Modafinil as part of my prescription, the health plan wouldn’t cover it, so I had to order it from an online pharmacy and it would arrive from India. But then luckily we saw that the health plan would cover it if I had Apnea, which I did and now I can get it for about the same price (with a health plan) at the neighborhood pharmacy without having to wait 3 weeks for delivery.

            I kno wat ur saying because for me it took a while to find a good, reasonable, progressive and open minded shrink that would even consider such things and not just be a recipe-book robot for big Pharma. That does seem to be the majority.

          • Diddi says

            It certainly seems that I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of like minded folks, damn how I can relate to so much that you guys are saying hehe…

            However, having done some of my own researching, probing, seeking and learning with a large doze of introspection and pondering, I’ve come to a few slightly different conclusions about things;

            Subscribing to consciousness altering drugs can never be classified as a viable long term or permanent solution to these things we call ADHD, amotivational syndrome or the like.
            Having “subscribed” to certain psychoactive drugs and the like, such as weed, while dabbling in shrooms and even mdma, I can in a certain sense say that I’m permanently affected in my outlook on life and how I see myself. Both to the better and to the worse.

            Some people would call it black and white, the difference between pharmaceuticals and those things that I named, but I’d argue differently. Any outside source of chemicals that you “need” in some degree or other to maintain some sort of pleasurable or working state of mind, is fundamentally unsustainable and undermines your true recovery – or betterment – if that is at all your goal.

            Much evidence suggests that already with lifestyle and diet the psychological and physiological impact upon oneself is huge. Carbs and even gluten have been found to be addictive (shouldn’t be much news to anyone) as is most anything that one compulsively seeks or establishes a “need” for from external sources.
            I’m not saying that needing food undermines one’s independence, since there are some dependencies that one can never rid oneself of – and certain pleasures there is little reason to subsist without.

            But one should always have the long term consequences in mind. Everyday we make ourselves… into more or less capable, intelligent or productive individuals!

        • Arvind says

          That’s me too. IQ near 150, but too unfocussed to commit to one single thing and yet I’ve played poker and raked cash for 20 hour stretches in the past. Now, Modafinil, positive peer associations (includes real life with goal-oriented friends and also virtual such as this blog), a beautiful and supportive romantic interest(who by chance is a celebrity: a product of dedication and hard work), improved diet are helping me move forward, zone in and destroy my targets one by one. I’m excited for the future and where we’re headed with all this.

      • Oilygarch says

        What ur describing to me is not ADD or ADHD but Aspergers, which is often misdiagnosed as that.

        In any case, when I was still misdiagnosed as ADD, the very best combo I was prescribed which simply corrected any matters of focus was not anything you mentioned that u tried, which I had tried prior with the same effects, but rather a combo of Strattera and Modafinil! It was like the magic key!!!

        Suddenly I wasn’t letting things pile up any further. I was actually seeing things through, completing things and even cleaning up and clearing up some of the half-baked shit piles I had let accumulate throughout the years! It was quite the transformation. I thought I had found the ultimate key.

        But that did not address other issues, believe it or not now have something better. But make sure to first go online and take some online tests for Aspergers and see how you score.

        With the proper diagnosis I now am able to achieve the same as with the Strattera / Modafinil combo. I now take Risperidone, Noopept, HTP-5 and Modafinil, relatively low amounts, and they do the job. Not only do I have the needed focus, and the drive, and the raised IQ, it also has helped enormously with anxiety, including social anxiety, but also with social IQ. But I still feel like myself, only better. Oh, and I can read a whole lot better, I can actually finish a book that I start! I am also into sales BTW! Works like a charm!! Aside from the Risperidone and Modafinil, the other two are just dietary supplements. The HTP-5 can be gotten over the counter and the Noopept can be found in eBay. The other two are prescription-based. Risperidone could be prescribed if you are diagnosed with Aspergers and in a way I’m lucky to also suffer from Apnea because that was the excuse for getting the Modafinil prescription. Before I knew that tho, I had to order it online from some online pharmacy and then it would arrive from India and it would take like 3 weeks to deliver.

        Each and every one of these does their part, but together they do the trick. Look into them, but for the time being, your easiest route is probably switching to Strattera for starters, while you look into the rest.

        Best wishes! -& have a wonderful 2014.

        • TSWard says

          This is an old thread but it looks like people have been adding posts and replies for the past few years. I’ve got ADD and have been taking Vyvanse for several years. It works OK. The biggest benefit is hyperfocus, but that comes with some drawbacks when you need to keep moving. I still have trouble with everyday executive function and bigger-picture organizing and planning. Before Vyvanse I kind of floated around in a daze for most of my life. I was diagnosed as an adult, and before that I succeeded on brain power alone, which got harder as life got more complicated in and after college. Recently I found an in-depth, reputable Asperger’s test online after I read a blog about the symptoms of the condition. The description of Asperger’s matched my cognitive experience in much more detail than the typical ADD symptom set. My score on the test was a fair amount above the dividing line between neurotypical and Asperger’s. I’m not sure what that means for potential changes to my treatment, but the conversation here is helpful. Concerning modafinil, I took it for a month or so several years ago–before I got my doctor to prescribe Vyvanse. I noticed no significant effect from modafinil. I also tried Stattera at one point. That had no impact at all either. Maybe the key is putting them together, like you suggest. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to seriously consider giving it a shot.

      • Gaurav says

        Hey Mate! I have ADHD too and a good book to read is ‘New ADHD medication rules ‘ by Charles Parker and it would help you demystify the metabolic issues for drugs to work better.


      • Gaurav says

        Yes! Metabolic issues affect the assimilation of ADHD Meds. Please read ‘New ADHD Medication rules by Dr Charles Parker.

      • Jan Jan says

        You posted 100 years ago but just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. The person who characterized it as having relied upon intelligence and the rest being smoke in mirrors is spot on. Just started Modafinil yesterday (200/day) and I too feel nothing. I’ve taken adderall in the past (used a friend’s who thought I should try it to see if it made a difference and it did…a massively positive one). Thought I’d try M because without health insurance it’s more readily available, in a way.

        I have theories about this procrastination/missed deadline/”i just can’t seem to *do* $#!+” syndrome. It’s probably a little nature and nurture. Perhaps our executive function (the thing that makes us capable of making decisions) got screwed up somewhere along the way. I remember struggling with this as a child. Thankfully, my folks made a clever & articulate child so I was high achieving…on paper. At 38, it’s really come to a head. As life gets more and more complex as one gets older, can’t coast anymore on charm & good looks. :)

        Hope all has gone well with you in the past year. Hopefully the M will kick in eventually.

        • shirley says

          Did it Kick in?… I have turned 40 and have spent the last 5 years procrastinating,not acheiving and feeling despondent, i tried adderal and it worked but have since found it difficult to find a online supplier, I have managed to obtain some Modafinil but havent started taking it consistently, my first thoughts were its not as smooth and focused as Adderall- what are your findings?…

    • Mongofinil says

      I took it for about 1 month while writing my examination papers. Wasnt the best work, i could do, but the most in that short amount of time. I was totaly binging on 300 mg Modafinil per day, with only 2 hours of sleep each night. Was absolutly focused on the work. At the end of that period i experienced severe suicidal thoughts. Couldn’T go on my balcony without thinking of jumping. Couldnt get rid of that thought. Normaly i am totaly stable. I was under huge stress at that time, but the papers were nearly done and so there was no need for freaking out. I managed to finish my papers and get off modafinil, which wasnt that hard, but the thoughts preserved for nearly another week, I should have felt reliefed earlier, cose my shit was done and i passed. After all, i owe much to modafinil, but iin the future i will be carful with it. Modafinil has no real rebound-effect, but i will not take it for more than a few days in a rowe.

      Sorry for the bad english, just wanted to share my expirience.

    • Darren says

      @ Eric just an FYI / I placed an order from your review and was ripped off from on Twitter they go by Modafinil_ModUP and even though they accept credit card payments you are screwed when you dispute it as they are outside the country, the money is simply gone.

      They send you a tracking number and tell you that even though you have the tracking number it can take 10 days before it is in the system. Then no matter how often you call, or email them they ignore you.
      BE WARNED / KEEP YOUR MONEY do not use

    • Dennis says

      New subscriber as well as noob to Modafinil. I know this post is a couple years old, but just want to relay my experience. I’m in my late 30’s & have done ok for myself by being pretty intelligent slacker. I’m a lazy procrastinator, so I usually let things slide until their almost at a critical point, then I get this massive rush of energy & will come up with the most creative & amazing solution to my immediate problem. My wife calls me the world’s most successful procrastinators. I used to wear this title like a badge of honor up until a few yrs ago when I attempted to start my own business & failed miserably. The same thing happened when I was able to hustle my way into a big promotion at work only to be demoted back to my original position 5 months later. I’ve been repeating this vicious cycle since I was a child & have come to realize that I’ve hit the limit of my potential by constantly trying to catch up with yesterday. (Living reactively) Long story short I saw my doc & was diagnosed w/adult ADD. I was put on Concerta/Ritalin, which helped kick my ass, but wasn’t the magic bullet I hoped for. I’ve since tried a ton of other stims/nootropics but my brain is very stim resistant. I don’t drink, or do any street drugs, but it seems my brain prefers to idle quietly in my head. To actually feel stimulated, I’ll take my motorcycle out on the highway & do 140-150 mph. If I could have that feeling all the time, I’d be 100X more successful than I am now. So after reading Victor’s article I pulled the trigger & ordered some Modafinil. I found a reliable source called XXXXXX. Well, I think their reliable, but I’ve only ordered once. Got a tracking # within hours of ordering & it took 13 days total to get from India to the U.S. East Coast. I’m only on day #2 and can only say that I feel more alert than if I didn’t take anything, but no where near the sense of well being I get from Ritalin. With that said, I know that my brain chemistry is probably all f#cked up and there’s probably no drug on the earth that will unf#ck it. So I’m gonna continue with the Modafinil for the next few weeks while I make my best conscious effort to unf#ck myself. If nothing else, the Modafinil will provide a nice break from the Ritalin (1st time in 2 yrs). As a side note, I was equally impressed with victors article on Kratom, so I ordered a few strains from them as well. While I definitely don’t need anything that’s going to relax me, I’m hoping to experience some of the stimulating & euphoric effects that it can provide. I’m obviously not going to combine the 2, but by alternating them I’m ultimately hoping I can replace my Ritalin with it. I’ll report back with a follow up in a couple weeks. –Thanks again Victor for all the amazing information!

  1. Italian G says

    MAN…Can you fin a legit supplier? I’m sold… Will you post it when you do? I can’t wait to try this.

    • Stephen says

      Hi Guys, modafinil really works. I ordered from USA on the internet because I am in Australia. Initially I thought the custom in Aussie was going to cease but it came through. I took my first pill around 5pm and I was making a lot of mistakes in writing and speaking. After that day , I work and study little a robot. I take 200mg a day. I bought 70pills.

      • Adrian says

        Hey i’m from Australia to, where did you order from i’m struggling to find a supplier i can trust. Thank you

        • Jack Straya says


          mymodafinil DO NOT sell anymore.

          Im from aus too Btw :), used all these suppliers

  2. Guy T. says

    Victor, that need for a daily nap rang a bell with me. And then you mentioned English muffins, which rang another one. Have you ever tried cutting wheat out of your diet for a week? I did it last December and haven’t looked back. The book “Wheat Belly” argues, in a nutshell, that modern wheat has been so cross-bred that it’s been screwed up in several different ways (and was never really a great food even in its original form). The author posts pretty regularly at If you try it and don’t notice any improvement, well, you haven’t lost anything but a few days’ worth of bread.

    • Victor Pride says

      Guy, english muffins are a new edition. Naps aren’t. I agree 100% that wheat is garbage, but those muffins sure do taste good.

    • Victor Pride says

      Little trick I picked up from a bodybuilder. You go to the local mart and pick up the “egg-beaters” carton of egg whites. Much easier to drink than whole eggs and less cleanup. I do it for the convenience.

    • Steve says

      The incredible edible egg. One large egg has 70 calories, 5 grams of fat(whites 3.5), 6 grams of protein, and 185 mg of cholesterol and smaller amounts of other vitamins and minerals. Egg whites are where the protein is, and low in calories at 25 calories. The yolks only real benefits are B Vitamins and flavor, they are the source of the Cholesterol and that’s where the rest of the fat comes from. For non-bodybuilders the whole egg is desirable nutrition wise, however people worried about cholesterol can eat just whites, or mix one whole egg with one white. Bodybuilders use egg whites for protein because they are an almost perfect source of all the amino acids, the only thing missing is the B vitamins which would have to come from somewhere.

      • says

        egg yolks contain cholesterol,, you cannot grow without cholesterol- cholesterol is the building block of testosterone and muscle damage triggers the body to activate the DNA for converting cholesterol into energy for muscle repair. You need egg yolks and cholesterol as a bodybuilder much more than an ordinary person– the reverse of what you said– since if you are a fatass with no workout- cholesterol can kill you- not if you are a bodybuilder who damages his muscles regularly

        • Megan says

          Each cell in your body synthesizes cholesterol in a 37-step process, making all the cholesterol necessary to maintain cell integrity and serve as a precursor for biosynthesis of steroid hormones, bile acids, and vitamin D. Additionally, about 50% of cholesterol is recycled back into the bloodstream via the small intestine after the liver excretes it as bile. Excess cholesterol is usually ingested in its esterified form, which is poorly absorbed, and contributes to artherosclerosis.

    • Natacus says

      Egg Whites happen to be the Second Highest source of Leucine. Leucine is most anabolic of Amino acids. Egg whites are fat free so, the protein is rapidly absorbed in a post workout situation.

  3. Theophilus says

    Your experience with Modafinil matches mine. I started taking it because I also suffered from excessive drowsiness during the day, causing me to take naps in the middle of the day. Modafinil definitely helps against that.
    The appetite suppressing effect is also strong for me, and I usually work through lunch.
    I do experience the increased focus, though probably not as strongly as you do. There’s certainly a tunnel effect going on there.

    One thing I like less about Modafinil is that it puts a damper on my imagination. It’s quite noticeable when I try to do creative writing when I’m on it – it turns out duller than usual. I’ve never seen anyone else complain about that, so it may be just me.
    I also experience a less active libido on the days when I take Mod, which I also think is unusual.

    • Phillip McGraw says

      I’m currently prescribed Adderral. I don’t have ADD, I asked my doc for it after watching Limitless. How is Modafinal different? I’d it better than Adderral in regards to focus?

        • The Grizzly says

          I took Adderall for several months 2 years ago and had to stop taking it due to the side effects, the worst was it made my fingers numb all day long. It did kill my appetite and people thought I was sick because I dropped 20 points in about a month and a half. The numbness and random heart palpitations did it for me though. It’s not worth all that bullshit.

      • Liam says

        I know this is from 6 months ago, but if you are still wondering.(or anyone else reading this).

        As someone who has taken both(prescribed adderall), adderall/dexamphetamine is stronger, and so are it’s side effects. Adderall will suppress your appetite far more than modafinil, you will probably lose weight. Sleep is also a problem, quite often users of adderall require a sleeping pill regimen for the other half of the day.

        On adderall you also get other stimulant effects, raised heart rate, possible anxiety etc, and personally you can really feel that you are on it.

        With modafinil, the effects are more subtle, given a large task like an essay for school, or a project for work, you on modafinil, vs your clone on adderall, your clone will win.

        Modafinil seems to sit in the background, you don’t necessarily notice it’s effects, you just get down to what you need to do, only when you stop and think to yourself “im not tired”, or “wow, i got a lot of stuff done”, or “i do seem particularly motivated today compared to usual” will you realise it’s effects.

    • shirley says

      I agree it puts a dampener on my creativity too, makes me complete more practical tasks like cleaning my house, emptying cuppoards that have accumilated junk over the years…Id love to find something that helped me write (creatively) and clean the house- perhaps Im asking for too much?..

      • TheGreyWolf says

        Vic’s recent post on Kratom might be an answer for you.

        Vic commented that it helps him focus during the afternoon fog and he has written his two most successful blog posts while using Kratom.

  4. Dude Random says

    What if someone just wants to try it out? Shouldn’t have to pay 100$ for 60 pills, more like 10$ for 6 pills! Can I buy from you?

    What’s the pharmacy you bought from? (the domain)

    Also: What’s so mentally demanding that you need this drug in order to keep up?

  5. andy says

    Modafinil is NOT addictive. Habit forming -> up to you whether you want to call it that? You will notice when you are normal again haha because it is so good.

    I can take days off from it, feel like I did before I discovered modafinil, which is normal lol. Then you get back on it and productivity skyrockets. is the BEST for buying modafinil haha, just got 120 into australia :) got opened and inspected by customs and everything, still came thru!

  6. says

    I have read about Modafinil at a few other places also. I have to admit im curious. I was glad to hear that you had no side effects during or after withdrawl. Thanks for the info.

  7. Italian G says

    Why not mix the pill with half an Adderal That could be a very fun mix. Then about two hours into it take a bronkaid. That would be how you would get things done fellas. I think I would be scrubbing the inside of the Beemer with a toothbrush while writing a novel. Mixing is fun for the whole family.

    • The456Who! says

      I get loads of modaf on script 4 narc abd never use them. They whole pills not groung, prefer dexies, I am prescribed both and done in past, sends me sky high nd off my face but u can get loads done the prescribed sleeping pils knock me out. Modaf 120 for low dose. Thats wot gp pays.

  8. joe says

    This is so true and you have made sense of what I have experienced. This drug is insane and awesome. I wonder how long it will stay on the market for… I can see this drug being labelled like oxy’s or any other well known drug that is abused by people who don’t really have narcolepsy (what the FDA thinks it fixes).

    • Victor Pride says

      It’s a real stretch to compare a benign drug like modafinil to a heavily addictive narcotic. Let’s hope big brother does not make that stretch.

      • Modaf eater says

        Well the issue is here…that if we keep telling people about it (which we shoudn’t) then it will be come a highly controlled substance. Supply and demand… and demand…demand is increasing at a substantial rate. i would say that about 50 % of people at oxford including both lecturers and students are on it. The executive world is flooded with modafinil takers. but they dont tell anyone, its a competitive advantage. lets keep it to our selves.

    • TIM says

      It is used to TREAT narcolepsy not FIX it. Narcolepsy is incurable. I take 400mg of modafinil every day for my condition.

      Far too much hype about it

  9. says

    So, before I went to bed last night, my wife left the TV on abc. The top story on nightline was “Provigil: The Secret Success Drug?”
    So much for keeping the secret. I imagine demand is going to go up. They talked about a ton of benefits and said there were almost no side effects to it, of course they warned there were no long term studies.

    • Bill says

      Has anyone tried from the website linked here by victor? I bought from mexmeds4you and I was not particularly impressed. Not really getting any more focus, even from 200mg. Hoping this other site is better stuff?

      • Brandon Christ says

        I ordered from this website, and just received my order. It took 8 days for it to arrive with express shipping. Also it’s a very secure site, I’m very pleased with them since this is my first time using a site like this. Took my first pill monents ago, and can already notice the affects. Seems to be a graceful feeling drug, not something overwhelmingly intense like amphetamines

      • Natalie says

        Hey I get my Modalert from OneMedStore, I did a lot of research before buying and I have bought two lots from them one the 100mg and the other the 200mg.
        I take mine in 3 x 50mg lots (half or breat the tablet in 4) throughout the days that I use it (3 days a week). I dont use it every day because I just dont want to feel like that every day. Also I have heard that it loses it effectiveness if you use it every day so I try to head that off.

        I have been very satisfied with OneMedStore, it takes about a week and a half to arrive from them, they are trustworthy and seem reputable on forums around the web.

        I was actually happiest with the 100mg tablets because I dont get as agressive on those ones, but they work out more espensive.

        I start to feel cranky at the people around me on them sometimes. The more days in a row I am on it the more cranky.

  10. says

    Honestly Vic the kind of effects you’re listing are what I’m receiving from constant and continuous 24 hour fasting, or more specifically the HGH released from such a lifestyle. I could not recommend it more, although I can COMPLETELY relate with your description of irritability (you haven’t listed that here but I believe you’ve written about it in other posts regarding nootropics). Honestly sometimes it feels like people are shouting right in your ear when they interrupt you from something. All part of the price of being an absolute MACHINE. Seriously, set me a task and watch me kill that motherfucker.

  11. Carmo says

    Modafinil arrived the other day and had my first experience over the weekend. Interesting stuff to say the least but not exactly what I was expecting. Seems like it would best be used to knock out specific projects or busy work you’ve been putting off. I noticed that I get sucked into a specific task and before I know it, 5 hours had gone by. Crazy. Going to keep this in the arsenal but will use it very selectively.

    One drawback for me is that it made me a social retard and was constantly inside my head instead of being able to have fun and joke around with my friends. Definitely not to be taken before a big party or night out with friends.

  12. Jason Thant says

    Hi Vic,

    I ordered Modafinil Spier from Edandmore for the first time as a sort of reccomendation from your blog. I should be receiving my order within this week. I am noticing that the generic form of Modafinil by Spier is an inferior product and possibly nothing more than caffeine. I was so hyped up about getting a possible new lease on life but now I am scared that I may just be getting some kind of crap Modafinil. Did you get the Spier Modafinil or a different product?


    • Victor Pride says

      How do you know it’s inferior and nothing more than caffeine since you have never tried it? Modafinil IS generic, provigil is the brand name. I have only used generics.

      • Jason Thant says


        I was able to get a legitimate Provigil prescription for my sleep apnea the other day. I took my first does ever today, a 200 mg pill. I will not completely judge the efficacy of the drug for me until I have been using it for about 30 days. I can say that it definitely gave me a feeling of being awake pretty much all day. Perhaps not as you described in your articles as the be all end all, but again I will not judge until I have a reasonable time period to use the medication. With that said I am a little embarassed to have ordered the Modafinil Spier illegaly when I could have went the legal route and got the real thing through my doctor. My main concern is the product quality of the Indian produced generic. I guess the best way to see if the crappy Indian made stuff works is to use the prescribed Modafinil for a period of time and then try the Indian made stuff to see if their is a difference. Only time will tell but I do have my doubts about the Indian made Modafinil that I should be receiving any day now in the mail. That’s if it wasn’t already confiscated by the authorities.


        • Victor Pride says

          Interesting. I have a strong feeling that provigil is made in India as well. I’d personally like all of my drugs to me manufactured in the States or in Germany. My concern with ordering from an online pharmacy is not receiving bunk rx, I’m positive they’re all the same, my concern is giving out my phone number and having those motherfuckers spam me with phonecalls. And it is my understanding that it is not illegal to order up to a 3 month supply from overseas. Otherwise these pharmacies would go underground and they would not do so much spam advertising. Really real illegal rx are not advertised so openly and vehemently. It’s a grey area, sure, but if it were illegal then they would not survive big daddy USA’s pounding.

        • Oilygarch says

          Tho I would not call the stuff from India “crappy”, it does have looser tolerances. For example it doesn’t have to be as pure or refined.

          So, for example there could be an 80% variability from pill to pill, but, until I could finally get my health plan to cover it, I could definitely live with that tolerance difference.

          So, say you intended to take 100 mg, that would mean that you could in fact be taking anywhere between 80 and 120 mg with the Indian stuff. Odds are likely closer to the 80, but still, not really enough if a difference to worry a whole lot about. I start feeling the effects at 50 anyway so I didn’t really care much and was simply grateful to have found a source through India. My shrink agreed as well after considering the other alternative, which was to pay thousands of dollars getting the stuff through a stateside pharmacy (this is before it went generic in the USA) now it’s probably hundreds there for a one month supply if u don’t have it covered by health coverage.

  13. James says

    Victor, I think you should let people know that there are some very real and very serious risks to taking modafinil, including very serious skin rashes that can kill. I’m not saying people shouldn’t take it if they choose, but they should definitely be very aware of the inherent risks involved.
    Modafinil is definitely an incredible drug with some quite remarkable effects. I’ve been using it myself for 5 days now, and it’s absolutely fantastic. To be honest I haven’t noticed a massive increase in productivity, but I have noticed an alleviation of depression that is quite something. This stuff just makes me feel great.
    I was all set to go and take more of it until today. I woke up with the roof of my mouth peeling and I experienced blurry vision during the day. A Google search says that these could be potential signs of a very rare life threatening reaction that can occur using the drug. A worrying and scary experience indeed.
    Now, I don’t have the fever that is apparently the main indicator of the reaction, and I’ve previously experienced similar oral issues from prolonged use of other simulants, and blurry vision from tiredness, so in all likelihood I am absolutely fine.
    Still, reading about the potential very serious problems that can result from the use of Modafinil while suffering from a few of the symptoms has been a sobering and terrifying experience for me, and I can safely say that there is no way in hell that I will be touching it again.
    If you don’t absolutely have to take this medication, my advice is that you don’t.

    • Victor Pride says


      Interesting. I was not aware of this condition. I will make note of it in a future posting, if I make one. Of course, I expect all readers to make their own informed decisions.

      • James says

        Yeah, it should be obvious to anyone that taking unprescribed prescription medication without a doctor’s supervision is a risky business that requires a lot of independent research and careful consideration. Of course even with extensive research it is very difficult to draw any conclusions. Further reading has showed me that there is considerable debate about this subject, with some saying that there is no risk of developing this condition at all. From what I have read so far there seems to be a lot of weight on both sides of the topic. Putting potential side effects aside, you can add me to the list of the people singing the praises of this substance. Anyone suffering from lack of energy, needing to lose weight or feeling depressed will benefit significantly from taking Modafinil. It’s just a shame that this particular side effect is so terrifying.

    • Sarah says

      You may want to avoid taking ibuprofen then too, seeing as that is one of the many drugs that can potentially trigger the very rare but severe skin rashes you speak of, Stevens-Johnson Sydrome and TENS.
      The drugs most often implicated in TEN are antibiotics such as sulfonamides, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, allopurinol, antimetabolites (methotrexate), antiretroviral drugs, corticosteroids, chlormezanone (anxiolytic) and anticonvulsants such as phenobarbital, phenytoin, carbamazepine, and valproic acid.[2]

      • Elizabeth says

        Thank you Sarah. I am just trying Modafinil for the first time today. I have been terrified to even try it because of SJS potential. I have done a fair amount or research and decided today to just take the plunge after having been scared off from trying it and allowing it to sit in my freezer for at least a month.

        I decided that I would try it and if I like the result, I will go to my physician and take it under doctor’s supervision. That being said, taking it under the care of a physician won’t stop one from getting SJS if someone is destined to be the rare victim so that argument isn’t really valid.

  14. Seekay says

    Not sure about this one. If you need naps just take them. Your body demands them. They say having 3-5 naps per day should be the natural cycle. We have a time schedule because of WORK but we are animals…
    Do meditation and you will not need this type of drug.

  15. Vincent says

    Interesting to read about your experience with Modafinil.

    It’s now November are you still using it regularly?

    • Victor Pride says

      At this moment I am not using it. Not because I don’t like it, but because it would be …. inappropriate. If you’re asking me if I still like it and believe in it, then the answer is yes and I will continue to use it in the future.

  16. says

    I was considering provigil (modafinil) for a while and I came accross your website while looking for other people using it not to really treat any sleep disorder… Anyway I tried it too and wow it’s pretty crazy. On day 2 but I do notice a difference. It’s not HUGE but it’s there. I’ll be trying it for a while to make sure it’s not placebo but an intresting side effect is after taking it for the first time (100mcg in morning 100mcg at lunch) I had insomnia (very rare for me) and could not sleep for 3 hours.. I was pissed that my next day I will wake up tired (I work from my portable but I hate breaking my schedule so I still put an alarm….) yet… next day I wake up as usual and not even tired (even before I took the modafinil!)

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to trying this out more :)

    • Sharon says

      Alexander – try taking it only in the morning. A dose later in the afternoon will cause the insomnia because it takes 12+ hours for your body to metabolize. I have found the same results as you, marked improvement in energy and metnal clarity but nothing extreme. For those that have no health problems or medical reason to take the drug it may have a stronger effect. I have MS and take it for combating fatigue. It works for that and makes me perform as “normal” as opposed to being fatigued all day and needing to nap around 2pm. I also have found improvement in cognitive functioning. For these two medical conditions the medication works well, which is the point. Be careful of interrupting your natural sleep cycle and not having enough recuperative sleep. This is damaging to the body.

  17. Mark says

    Don’t agree with all the hype. Doc set me up with this kind of randomly. Have 3 little ones, one is a new born, and my back doctor thought I should try it out after explaining my sleep issues and lack of energy right now to work out. I’ve only been on it for 5 days and kind of makes you feel alert, but nothing so great. I don’t have depression or sleep issues naturally, just my little ones waking me up at the moment. Anyway, kind of makes you feel a little off and not super duper alert in my opinion. Definitely wakes you up a bit, but nothing so special. From my experience I would compare it to a better version of 5 hr energy. Still deciding on full effectiveness, but guy writing this article is, well full of shit in my opinion. It’s not healthy cocaine that takes you to the next level of awareness. Basically a little pep with some possible side effects. I do agree with one post that this is not the most social drug in the world, but can’t give full opinion on that yet due to limited use. Have taken at work and noticed wanting people to get out of my office faster than normal. I would not go out and spend $100+ on online pharmacy purchases if I were you and personally think adderol is 10x more effective for energy, alertness, concentration. Of course have only taken that twice when partying, but that’s an immediate effect you really notice. Not knocking this 100%, but just writing my opinion.

  18. TwoMoreCents says

    I tried Provigil to counter the effects of Gabapentin. Gabapentin is prescribed for a pinched nerve and it works by causing the protect sheath around the nerve to thicken. The problem is it also makes you stupid and sleepy. It was so bad I could barely function as a software engineer so I asked my doctor for help.

    The first time taking Provigil, my brain felt like it did when I was in my 20s (I’m now in my 40s.)

    I really only needed to take it for a few months while the evil Gabapentin effects wore off. Things I observed:
    – I did notice that the longer I took it, the less effective it was.
    – Being on it made me feel like I was on the verge of rage much the time. Things that slowed me down annoyed be beyond any reason. My wife hated the days I took it and she could tell.
    – It increased my focus, it also seemed to decrease my creativity correspondingly. Or, maybe the focus just overwhelmed the creativity?

    I still have 1/4th a bottle and I stuck it in my emergency kit. They would be very handy during a crisis where sleeping wasn’t an option.

    • Victor Pride says

      “– Being on it made me feel like I was on the verge of rage much the time. Things that slowed me down annoyed be beyond any reason. My wife hated the days I took it and she could tell.”

      You really hit the nail on the head here. Patience has never been a virtue of mine, especially when I’m busy, and my lack patience is INTENSIFIED on modafinil.

  19. Sharon says

    I have been prescribed Provigil to combat fatigue as a result of having MS. My cognitive abilities are greatly diminished by MS as well. There are legitimate medical conditions for taking this medication and just wanting to be “sharp” during the day – while having no other medical condition seems a bit odd and risky to me. Also, for all of you ordering from random websites, why not go to your doctor and procure a prescription allowing you to obtain the medicine legitimately and to be monitored by a doctor for side effects? If you haven’t researched all of the side effects – and there are some serious ones – you need to do your homework first. Be careful and be safe when trying this drug. It is a controlled substance for a reason. Be safe…..

  20. Amir Timur says

    Youre diet is very good, but why the egg whites?? If anything, a guy like you should be discarding the whites, and eating the yolks. THe other thing is, when you inject your body with externally produced drugs/steroid/hormones, doesn’tyour own production go down? Thats my only issue with trying them.

    • Victor Pride says

      Egg whites are quick, easy, tasteless and they are pure protein. When you aren’t natty you do not need to eat so much fat.

      “THe other thing is, when you inject your body with externally produced drugs/steroid/hormones, doesn’tyour own production go down?”

      Yes, that is correct.

  21. Amir Timur says

    I have the following items on Spartan list checked out:
    No debt.
    Cold showers.
    Own Car.
    Old school Razors.
    Cutting own hair(or just trimming to a hedge)
    Minimalist living.

    I would like to see an article on the importance of smacking women(even good women) every once in a while.(When their hormones call for it)
    Nietzsche adage: Thou goest to woman? don’t forget thy whip!

    • PM says

      ”I would like to see an article on the importance of smacking women”

      Would you like to read an article about how you’re a disgusting coward

  22. Matt says

    Modafinil is justAmazing!
    I sell the 100mg tablets In my Pharmacy for USD 200 per box of 30s

    The focus is absolutely unexplainable. You get new ideas all the time to solve any single problem. It is very clean In that you don’t feel jacked up. You just feel more aware and more open to absorbing knowledge and information stored immediately in your head that you can recall at any time. The best thing about Modafinil is how it enables you to solve problems in any situation. The adage that is a hammer is the only tool you have for solving problems that you will tend to look at every problem as a nail is bullshyet once you are on modafinil
    That’s just my humble experience

  23. Matt says

    I take Modafinil for Narcolepsy, I used to take Dextroampetemine (adderall). I noticed better focus and more appetite suppression on the dextro. Narcolepsy isn’t just falling asleep randomly. It is actually characterized by excessive sleepiness, especially during the day no matter how many hours you slept the night before. The Modafinil is good for focus and alertness for awhile, it wares off after 5-6 hours. I would recommend taking 1 in the morning and a 1/2 in the afternoon but not after 2pm because it can cause insomnia. Make sure you drink plenty of water some of the side effects I noticed are dry mouth and mild muscle soreness. Also check out the side effects and be careful if you experience any of them stop taking it, some can be serious.

  24. Tony says

    Hi everybody, i’m searching for these pills for a while now, been reading a lot of stories and found out that every single online pharmacist are fake ones. Had a great time looking up ip numbers reveiling places in Africa, Seychellen and some Russian places.

    If theres money involved, ethics are far away.

    Im really fascinated about the stories, the scams, the fake reviews, the fury of people who were ripped off for hundreds of dollars.

    I do believe they can be ordered in india but then ; paying money to have some meds sent not sure who made them, not sure what’s in them and what they do in long term.

    • BayWatch says

      If you’re scared don’t order. I agree with Vics post above, pharmacies have nothing to gain by selling a fake product when there are other pharms that are selling the real deal. I ordered from the pharm mentioned ^^^at the top and my stuff came in no problem. It works. I’m just a regular joe schmoe like yourself.

  25. Francesco says

    Does this drug ever cause auditory hallucinations or anxienty? I have had problems with drugs in the past to the point that it made me feel like I was going crazy.This drug seems to be helpful, and I am aware of the side effects that one particular person in the comments said, it affects his skin and gave him blurry vision after 5 days. If any, what were your negative side effects using modafinil?

  26. Paul says

    Hi Victor,

    While I appreciate your website and some of your material, you miss a key point of determination and discipline: Limits. There are limits and knowing one’s limits, reflecting on them seriously, is a main ingredient in becoming a man and developing as a person. One cannot sustainably live like a semi-truck heading towards a brick wall. That is not discipline; that is self-destructive. One should not need to take drugs to get where one wants to go. Your endorsement of modafinil is scary actually, and it is entirely hypocritical; what you sell, discipline, should come from within, not in pill form, and you ought to teach ways of cultivating it; not handing out quick-and-easy fixes that are doomed to fail in the long term. I am sure this comment may not sit well in you. But, I do hope others may read it and think twice before buying potentially harmful medicine. They should also think twice before buying into your brand of self-destructive, limit-free, and rather dangerous resolve. There are healthy and sustainable ways of cultivating discipline; one must not and cannot live life in the fast lane for ever. with well wishes.

    • Stef says


      Tylenol is potentially more harmful than Modafinil. Modafinil has a clean and subtle awareness-like effect with little to no side effects for most people. I’d be willing to bet that you haven’t tried it. What you’ve said is correct. Most people don’t need drugs. But many people on this forum are willing to take the extremely small potential risk to become the most alert and efficient, best versions of themselves. I’ll also argue that people who take Adderall will suffer far more health effects in the future than those who take Modafinil.

    • Ivan says

      This is kind of what I’m thinking, The side effects. I’ve had adderall prescribed to me in the past, the 7 hours of focus were not worth the side effects ( for me lack of sleep & loss of apetite). I guess I have more research to do.

  27. 76yuiop says

    Modafinil requires a script stateside. Could be a pain to get a regular supply given how most doc’s do little to nothing resembling what the patients want because of a justified fear of a sue happy malpractice nation on top of earned but over extended ego’s.

    Online pharmacies are a scam. You either get fake product or you pay prison bitch $500 big mac hamburger prices.

    Try Adrafinil. Not scheduled, cheap to buy the powder in bulk from online labs and cap your own goods. Metabolizes into Moda. Its the first version and they are close enough and you won’t wind up doctor shopping.

    Works quite well. I take it when I need to get things done because it gives you the drive to do so (sort of compels you to do something) w/o working your heart hard like amps or a dozen cups of coffee. Its a safe thing to use but you need to use good sense and start small to learn how you react.

    Some warnings I would say are needed are – Avoid coffee,cokes, smoking,other stims. These drugs own their own don’t jack your heart but they seem to jack the effects of those traditional jackers which could spell trouble.

    Drink lots of water. My pulse wasn’t elevated when I first started taking them but I needed to drink lots of water as my head/face would sweat and like I said you ARE COMPELLED to be more active. Just do it dehydration is not a risk to take .

    If your an anxious person prone to anxiety/panic attacks stay away. It’s an alertness drug and your overly aware and focused on your breathing and pulse without taking it your CNS is HYPER already you have a problem you have not got control on and sure as hell do not need to take this if you can’t control that w/o.

    Its potent. I wouldn’t chance its interaction with any depression,anxiety, or those sorts of things.
    I think of it as a focus pill for people without major problems. An elective improvement. If you have something fundamentally wrong with your heart of emotive state then this sort of things should come secondary if at all.

  28. co says

    Was thinking of starting Testosterone today, but just read this article, watched Limitless and read a lot of articles and just ordered Modafinil 200mg , i´m so happy! Can´t wait to get it.

    I´m sure it´ll help me to make a lot of money with my business!

    Thank you Vic, your Blog is breathtaking!

  29. Jake says

    The holy grail of drugs….I saw Limitless today and googled nzt for the fun of it and found your blog and read the comments.I m 51 years old and what i read here strangely remind me of the things that were said about cocaine back in the 70 s when i was in high school,so i experienced it….a lot….also became an alcoholic in the process of wanting to be a better me…..i ended up in pure hell.

    I realized at some point that being better is not about any substance you put in your body to enhance your senses…it s about finding the ways to harvest these things whithin yourself…far more effective and permanent.

    I ve been clean for over 20 years and i m better than i ever was on any substance and i keep on improving.

    Everything we need is already inside of us,we just have to look for it

  30. BayWatch says

    So after reading this, I had to go and try “mighty mod-alert”. Before I was taking adderall and I wanted to compare the two. So after taking Modafinil for 3 weeks I can tell you this, it works. But obviously Vic has never taken adderall and I can tell by the way he talks about Modafinil. I would say it’s like bringing a machete to a gun fight. With Modafinil being the machete and Adderall being the gun. Better yet, its like having the same diet and workout routine, but you’re a natural and I’m on steroids. Aderrall does have side effects if your a whimpy bitch, thats why it’s not recommended that females take it. Also you can’t get Adderall on the internet, know why? Cuz it works, and they know it. I was focused on Modafinil. I was SUPER DUPER TUNED IN focused on Aderrall. Not only did I feel smarter on Adderall, but it seems like I enjoyed working and being focused. As far as sleeping disorder, (which is why people take mod-alert) compared to adderall it’s not even close. Adderall will keep you up for HOURS, and you won’t be tired or have a hangover the next day. You will realize your body needs sleep but you won’t be tired (This is a side effect to me) With modalert, you can take that shit and go to sleep on time no problem. Also, you have to remember to eat with Adderall because you won’t be hungry, with mod-alert, I was hungry as shit throughout the day. Bitches take Adderall to lose weight. With Mod alert, you should drink a cup of coffee to get the full effects. With Adderall DO NOT drink Coffee, it will put you into overdrive. That shit works w/o coffee. So in my humble opinion, after taking both, Modafinil works, but it’s not even close to adderrall, and the people who’ve never taken adderall should probably go with modalert if you’re scared of side effects. Modalert works, just not as good as addy’s. I have nothing to gain from this post, just being honest. The side effects that I experience on adderrall are: LOW patience for stupidity, LOW patience for bitchassness, LOW patience for nagging women, NO sleep, Not hungry. THAT IS IT, no jitters, no headaches, none of that shit. However everybody’s different.

    • greedyMFer says

      adderall dissolved in mtn dew or some other soft drink is pretty awesome actually. but dont say it has no hangover or anything, that shit is ROUGH on your body, especially in high doses (i used to take 30+mg to get tweaked and sometimes it’d take my body an entire week to recover…one miserable fucen weak, the kind where you’ll wake up in bed with the chills and start crying out in pain)

      Seriously, it’s amphetamines. There’s a reason those shits are scheduled, they have a really high potential for abuse. Reckless fuck-ups and drama queens best stay away at all costs.

    • anon says

      On point comment. Except that modalert and modvigil from India are sugar pills that do NOTHING. Any partial increase in alertness that you think you experienced was just a placebo effect combined with your good attitude.

      Absolutely right about everything else you wrote. Adderall is the super strong motherfucking real deal scary shit (abuse potential) drug, which is why 10mg is plenty and 20mg is a super strong dose. It’s amphetamine, not much different than the infamous crystal meth.

      The so-called modafinil that comes from India as modvigil or modalert, on the other hand, is not real modafinil. I don’t know what it is, but it does not cause any effect, at all. I’m not an idiot who was looking to get high or feel euphoria. I get that modafinil is supposed to be a subtle thing. But modalert and modvigil from India from online sellers is a scam.

      Google “modvigil fake”

  31. Co says

    Finally my Modafinil has arrived, 7 days from India to germany!
    Took the first one half an hour ago. Thank you Vic for telling us about this drug, glad to know your blog! Next thing i´ll order is Super-DMZ.

    cheers from Germania

    • Katz says

      I am in Germany and having trouble finding websites with postage, can I privately message or email you about this? That would be greatly appreciated!

  32. Co says

    I work out every day. But this one was incredible!! How long do you recommend to take this stuff, i´d love to take it at least for the next 6 months.

    • Victor Pride says

      I know the feeling my friend, my first workout on modafinil was nuts. I have used it off and on for coming up on a year. It loses it’s effect after time, I am giving it a break right now HOPEFULLY I will get the same effects after a layoff.

    • Co says

      There are some countries where you get what you want if you´re willing to pay for it, i think SA is one of them. Go to your local drugstore and just ask for it.

    • Dantus says

      If you’re in SA then you can get it from
      They are based in Cape Town. Quick delivery times and so far I haven’t had any issues with them.

  33. Co says

    Had a great day on Modafinil until i got some bad reactions of my body at the evening, but it was my fault as i´m an impatient bastard and took 400mg instead of 200mg, adding later Aspirin. Won´t take it today, but tomorrow i´ll start with 50mg pushing it over a week again to 200mg, hoping that i can avoid the allergic reaction.

    regards from Germany

    • Victor Pride says

      hahahaha! I have a friend did some crazy thing like that with modafinil, didn’t sleep for two days. Fellas, the stuff works you don’t need to megadose it.

    • chris says

      be careful if you get weird rashes. It’s an allergic reaction. It’s recommended to stop taking the drug immediately since people died. Not of rashes, but if inner organs start reacting you are screwed. Skin eruptions are always a warning sign.

  34. Co says

    Hey Vic!

    i´m doing very well on Modafinil!
    Just wanted to recommend you to get s9ome Piracetam, got it from a German drugstore and will start tomorrow with 4,8 g/day!

    Reading great things about this stuff!
    This whole Smart Drug Topic is highly interesting!

    Grüße aus Deutschland!

  35. Co says

    I´ve been taking now Modafinil for one Week. And though there are some great Effects i don´t recommend it! Normally i´m not very pacient, on Modafinil i freak out with lame people. Another bad effect is that i really don´t want to talk to anybody, if someone talks to me i´ll do everything to get him to just shut up, sometimes practical but yesterday with that cute blonde i could have get laid with really unpleasant. Really strange, i liked the girl she was sure to get laid with me that night, but i just could not hear the crap she was talking about though it was the usual stuff women speak about. Talking to customers is even worse!

    I´ll switch to piracetam.

    Modafinil don´t makes me more determined it makes just a big asshole out of me, which could end for me in a loss of money.

    PD: Workouts on Mod are wonderful! Sporadic use may be the clue!

    • Victor Pride says

      Co, I tried piracetam before and I didn’t get anything out of it. Any specific brand you recommend? I tried the powder, mixed it with juice, water, whatever, it tasted terrible with anything.

      • Co says

        First of all is that you have to take for 3-4 days a big dosage! I took 20 grams, after that you go down to 4,8g/day . But you have to experiment a little bit what dosage fits best for you on long term. Then it´s useless if you don´t take Choline with it, so you take best 500mg of choline for 4,8 g. Piracetam will work better for you if you take pills or capsules as it gets better thru your stomach and will be depleated over hours so your brain will get the same amount of Piracetam over the whole day. What is really amazing on P. is how clear your mind is, you are just ready. Your language will change as you´ll find words much faster, and whats also great is the change of colors! You just walk thru your city and you will feel like a european immigrant 100 years ago for first time on Time Square. Same with music, i hadn´t heard this song for a while on Piracetam it was like 100x greater! ( )

        So Piracetam just makes your brain work a lot better by enhancing the communication between the two hemispheres. You think faster, you are awake, you feel good. Give it another try, it´s worth it, this stuff works for sure.

        Regards from germany!

        • Michael says

          Where are you getting piracetam from these days? A lot of the websites I use to use have it listed as discontinued or always sold out.

  36. Lee says

    I think that you need to be very careful when you are taking drugs on a regular basis that mess up your dopamine system. I also strongly recommend that you perform some research into down-regulation since this is a very high risk factor for you.

    Basically down-regulation is a natural process that occurs in the brain when their is an excess amount of a certain chemical affecting the receptors in the brain. Basically your body causes your receptors to recede therefore meaning a larger dose of the chemical is required in order to get the same effect. You might be thinking the instant n00b response of “well I’ll just up my dose” but life isn’t that simple. Dopamine is an important chemical in the body that controls wakefulness and motivation; if you have become down-regulated through the use of drugs your body will take a very long time recover, in which time you will be left with the personality of a tomato.

    Don’t get my wrong, modafinil is a powerful drug and is extremely useful. I myself have used (and abused) it in the past. Once I had an upcoming deadline where all I did was simply walk to a 24hour library, sit, pop a pill and work… I was there for 4 days without sleeping. Believe it or not doing things like that can take a toll on your system (mostly from the lack of sleeping, and the fact you’ve been eating less than normal) it took me around a week or two to recover.

    It is probably a good idea to point out that your brain being “productive and motivated” and your idea of being “productive and motivated” can easily be two different things. The choices you make when on nootropics can be different to what you might do normally. You might very well find yourself being motivated to spend 4 hours spell-checking a document when it should only take you 20mins because you quibble over everything e.g. ‘does a cat sit on a mat, or is the mat under the cat???’. You will know it doesn’t matter, but it will bug you until you have done something about it.

    … also it can make you smell. Enjoy!

  37. rajat says

    i took modalert this morning-100mg.wen i didnt feel anything i took 1 more about after 2 hours.and still after 4 hours it does’nt feel nothing.i think this stuff is shit.

    • sosterrock says

      bro i also took the modalert 100mg in the morning but it does did anything fascinating.but on the next day i took 2*100mg at a time,only advantage i had is that i couldn’t sleep for next 16 hours. i think this is not the drug these guys are talking about!

  38. Penny says

    Could you update us, and give us from where you purchased the pills? And is it legal to buy prescription drugs online? Thanks. Also, I’m 16…but I have very legitimate reasons. Would you advise it? Thanks!

  39. Elijah says

    Hey Victor,
    i noticed you get your egg whites from the egg beaters version, which are shit imo.. eggbeaters are loaded with sodium, like harmful amounts if you are drinking an entire glass at once.. there are companies that sell pasteurized egg whites that are consistent and easy to drink.. and probly cheaper too.. you can get them by the gallons to, mix them with your shakes and you cant even tell they are there.. just sayin

  40. says

    Vic – great perspective on this wonder drug.

    Ever try rhodiola rose? Its used for stress management but seems to have some “clarity” effects to it as well.

    Highly recommended.

    Also I’ve recently done a review of your blog after reading it for a few days now. You can check it out here ( over at my new baby blog.

    Look forward to continue reading your works, boss.

    • Victor Pride says

      ^I’ve got some in the mail actually, taking forever to get to me though.

      Edit: I just read the article. TY for the great compliments.

  41. says

    I tried Modafinil about 4 weeks ago. I saw some media on this “wonder” drug and just got damn curious! I ordered through A very legit site that basically is a “middle man” for an International Vendor. I feel much safer dealing with a domestic addy than sending my $ across the deep blue sea. I have already ordered twice in a 3 month period and all is well. Quick reply and discreet packaging, high marks! Anyways, I take 200 mg first thing in the morning, every other day-skipping the weekend (obviously, however I may be feeling would change this schedule, accordingly). I usually take 500 mg of Choline to offset any headache opportunity. I also take 25 mg of a Vinpocetine /Ginko Biloba supplement. i also take 50 mg green tea extract. Here’s my take: Fantastic! kinda takes you out of the “social” scene I believe because you get so immersed in the task(s) at hand, you lose alot of the social interacting needs or skills. It’s a trade-off. I painted my home in 3 days! Full prep and all! Just me! 2 coats! Awesome!. I am about to receive Noopept and look forward to complementing the Moda dosage. I have heard of Noopept’s potency and am curious to see how its Cognitive features coincide with the Modafinil’s alertness and focus features. I will keep everyone updated! I also became enamored with Tramadol. I have a Bi-Polar II disorder and have been struggling with the affordability of one of the prescribed drugs ( Abilify). I have read Tramadol’s unconfirmed use as an anti-depressant/mood stabilizer. I am curious as to this Opioid’s interaction and will try and stack these drugs and see its effects. I was even thnking that maybe using the tramadol during my off days might prove pleasant and potentiate the Nootropics effects. Stay tuned!!

    • Oilygarch says

      Read up on 5-HTP and also Noopept. 5-HTP is relatively inexpensive, it’s natural and it does do the trick. It can also work as a complement.

      Best wishes.

  42. Damian says

    A couple of weeks ago I had to go 1200 miles from where I live to pick an old mustang. I came back home driving that old piece of junk and it took me exactly 24 FREAKING HOURS, NON STOP. If it wasn’t for modafinil I probably wouldn’t be here writing this comment right now… I went with a friend and he was SHOCKED. When we came back he told me “man you just drove 24 hours straight, you’re my hero”.

    That drug is amazing, sometimes I just run out of pills for a couple of weeks and it’s back to normal, no side effects, no abstinence syndrome, no changes beside going back to normal (which usually sucks).

    Greets from Argentina =)

    • Katohnine says

      Wow. I take 200 mg every morning at around 10:00 and it’s all I can do to keep from falling asleep while driving home 20 miles from work. I just don’t get the same results you all do. Could be because I use it legitimately for sleep apnea.

  43. JToronto says

    I just started taking Modafinil which seems like it’s in limited supply here in Canada, I went to one pharmacist and he had to order it so I went to another well known pharmacy, they only had a weeks supply and had to order more.
    And most doctors don’t want to prescribe this, one doctor told me he didn’t want to prescribe a stimulant and it also raises blood pressure.

    In Canada they only come in 100mg tabs, so I took 1 then another 1 hour later.

    For someone who’s experienced a lot of ‘stuff’, taking two of these has the same affects as cocaine but without nasty stuff, I am referring to talkative, so-called high feeling.

    I had a very crappy sleep. I recommend taking this 14 or so hours before bedtime. I lost my deep, restful sleep on this, well, it’s only been one day. Yes, it keeps u focused et al, but at the same time you lose sleep which is perhaps why you need this?? But still, even though you’re all alert and awake on this, your body still needs sleep for health reasons. So, if you’re not getting that, you’re doing damage.

    So today’s day 2, and instead of taking it at 12pm-1pm, I took it at 8am. Hopefully I’ll have a better sleep. I also lowered my dosage to 150mg from 200mg.

    I’ve tried Ritalin before, and it’s horrible. Believe it or not, it gave me arthritis, I felt very edgy, and only wanted to isolate myself, because while on it, people irritated

    Modafinil seems like a ‘cleaner’ drug without those nasty side affects besides the sleep issue.Oh something else I noticed. My face seems to be itchy for some reason when I take this..don’t know why.

    And yes, it definitely suppresses my appetite, but I forced myself to eat pizza for dinner last night, even though I wasn’t hungry.

    • scarlet says

      I took Ritalin off an on for years and it pushed my anxiety through the roof to the point I began isolating,etc. I’m now on Nuvigil (about 12days) and the first couple days I was on point… but, at 150mgs daily and I’m not feeling it plus I’m sleepy a lot again;( I’m also trying to get my uptight boyfriend who has sleep apnea to get a script from his dr who did his nasal surgery for his sleep apnea,because his insurance is way better. Scarlett

  44. writhe says

    Went south of the border for mine bout it pretty cheap without a script for $60. Goddamn, This thing kicked me out of a slump that i was in after a breakup, Kicked my productivity 110% started picking up in school and helped me get a better handle on my business. I was literally on boss mode, were i found myself sugar coating and avoiding shit i would just cut to the chase. The only thing i can say about this drug would be lack of sleep, it might make you dependent, and as of now i’m starting to miss my social life because i’m so focused on completing my work first, but hey there’s a price to pay for being ambitious.

    For anyone that have ever been “in the zone” that’s what modafinil feels like, except it won’t let you escape your in the zone until it wears off, that’s the best way i can explain it.

  45. Chris says

    I have been taking this stuff for about 6 years now. I have a couple corrections to the original post that I would like to add. First off you can sleep while taking this drug. The way it functions is that if you want to stay awake and focus you can and its affects take place but if you want to lay down and have a nap you can. I have also noticed a woodsy smell to my urine while taking this. Appart from that I would say no side effects. I have a prescription for this on an ongoing basis and get it from the same pharmacy each time. It does seem to be hard to get but when they know that you order it on a regular basis they can adjust their orders just give the pharmacist a heads up. Also if you wish to get a prescription for this you don’t need to have narcelepsy, it is also prescribed off lable for “shift work sleep disorder” which is easy to fake. Just tell the doctor you work shift work lol. Overall though I would not go back to life whithout it, it truly is great!

  46. Anonymous says

    Okay, I want to add to the author’s experience for those researching this drug. I’ve been taking it for about a year. I found that it has taken me to a new level. As a father of two middle school kids, suddenly I had the energy to work at my day job at the level I could when I was 20 (I’m a computer programmer), go back to school at night for a master’s in CS, participate in rigorous group cycling, lift weights, and still have time to read philosophy and other recreational reading. I found that I spent the long commute into Manhattan either doing my homework, reviewing mathematics, reading, or all three. I found myself absorbing the book’s on tape (nonfiction) that I’d listen to while driving. My conversations went to a different level, which was off-putting for some, as most folks have no interest in topics more involved than the Jersey Shore or the contestents on America’s Got Talent. My patience went down with coworkers, but my increase in insight and productivity made up for it. I am able to sleep 5 hours a night and still wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world. It became as if this was who I always was…in fact, I started to wonder if Modafinil was really doing all that much for me.


    I recently forgot I was about to run out and had to wait 3 weeks for a resupply. Those three weeks were miserable. I just took my first dose this morning and the result is so dramatic, I felt compelled to search out a couple of the online articles and reply threads I first researched when considering Modafinil. Quite literally, it was like I was a cartoon robot going from being slow with no charge to going fast with a mega charge in a little under an hour. Back to who I am (as Modafinil is part of my personality now).

    You do not suffer withdrawal, but what you do suffer is a return to being…well…a middle-aged man who feels tired all the time. Suddenly you can’t perform at the level that you were while on the drug. It is hard to focus at work. Your kid’s homework isn’t so much fun to help them with. You end up sleeping on the train into Manhattan instead of working on it. Life sucks without it, because Modafinil – and the increased functioning level – has become part of who YOU are….it is quite literally the “new normal” for your personality. When you stop taking it, you don’t like what you see because suddenly you can’t do as much while you were on it. You wonder what the hell is so interesting about Aristotle anyways, maybe you should catch up on the Jersey Shore episodes you missed. And homework on the train, yeah right, keep dreaming, 5 minutes of math, computer science, or the philosophy is enough to put you in la-la land for the next hour and a half, sleeping or watching a video on your iPad like the other working slobs.

    The package came the other day, and I’m back on my 200mg a day dosage. Suddenly, the world is brighter again and I can do what I did before. If you suffer from any sort of condition where you are tired, then Modafinil is da bomb. It doesn’t make you a genius, but it does clear out the cobwebs and let you function at the level you are truly capable of functioning at, if you weren’t so damn tired all the time.

    You will, if you have the raw material, and if you are not able to use that raw material due to tiredness, notice a tremendous difference. It is reprehensible that many insurance companies will not pay for this drug for MS sufferers (I don’t have MS). This drug is so revolutionary I’d like to tell everyone….but I’ve only told a select few, and they – mostly due to price – haven’t really gotten as dependent as I am.

    Again, I want to be clear. You are not physically or psychologically dependent. If you don’t take it, you don’t suffer withdrawal symptoms. What does happen though, is you go back to being tired, your cognition goes out the window, and your back to being Homer Simpson.

    Is the real me Homer Simpson or Martin Prince (the brainy kid in Bart’s class)? I don’t know and I don’t really care. I do know that Modafinil, if it can be said to be habit-forming, it is because you want to be the person you are when you are on Modafinil. It is part of who I am now.

    Not sure if I’m melting my brain, maybe at 80 I’ll be in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, but we take much worse drugs every day for much more trivial stuff.

    Hope this helps someone….you gotta make up your own mind, and of course, YMMV.

    • Jim says

      Thank you so much !!! Because of people like
      you, my wife, who actually needs this drug to help her with an actual disease, idiopathic hypersomnia and mutliple scelrosis, can’t get it anymore. Your doctors who cheated the insurance system just so you could feel a little bit smarter have caused the insurance companies to stop insuring it. My wife is currently going through withdrawl. Now when you actually need this drug your writhdrawl is not “I feel normal” it’s a sucidal depression that if doesn’t lift means committing her until it passes. But hey as long as you feel better that’s all that’s important.

      • Oilygarch says

        I suffer from sleep Apnea. Before I could get the stupid insurance company to cover it, I simply got it from an online pharmacy. Several offer it. Do your homework. Only thing is it would take up to 3 weeks for it to show up because it usually came from India.

        Seems like you have a shitty insurance plan. Anyway, that’s what I did. Now, you have to plan in advance so u don’t run out and your wife be without it for another 3 weeks until it shows up again.

        If you live close to Mexico and you need it right away you can also simply cross the border and buy it from a pharmacy there for like $60 and be done with it. They have several brands such as Modalert, modafinilio, alerta and such. Just shop around.

        Good luck. :-)

    • JohnMoe says

      Your post is mind-watering. I haven’t tried Modafinil yet because, like most people considering I’m scared about the potential side-effects. I do really need to have more energy and focus (working,studying and living on my own). I already eat healthy,exercise and try to sleep consistently but I’ve developed a “tolerance” to that if that makes any sense. Anyway, care to update on your usage?

  47. JP says

    I tried Modafinil (Modalert) for the first time this week. After getting the package in the mail (it had been opened by Canadian Customs but everything was left intact inside), I popped one of the 100mgs (I bought a sample pack of 100s and 200s). That was around 2pm. Nothing happened. I tried to be as objective as possible while taking it, trying, hopefully, to avoid any kind of placebo effect. So I promised myself the next morning (today) I would pop a 200mg. I slept fine through the night and today I took the larger dosage. Once again nothing happened. I had read somewhere else that for some people it might take up to two hours to kick in. So I waited the two hours.. still nothing. I decided to cut one of the 100s in half and take another 50mg on top. That was around 11am. I also drank a cup of coffee. I have to say I think it’s working at this point (now 136pm). I’m super alert and have been studying for a few hours now without falling asleep or getting drowsy. I think it’s also having a positive effect on my mood. I feel happy (which is unusual lately). So if you’re not sure about this stuff (some of the possible but thankfully very rare side effects are hideous), I hear ya.. but speaking personally I think it does help. I’ll update on this blog as I go along, but so far, official day one, I can say it’s all good. -oh as a side note I purchased my stuff from the States, who by the looks of it purchased their stuff from India. It wasn’t cheap, but I can say it works. And another thing.. I’m not sure what the big deal is with legal issues (other than the rare grotesque side effects- but doesn’t alcohol and smoking also have potential life-threatening side effects, costing the healthcare system far more than this?). I mean, don’t our governments want alert, focussed and dedicated citizens? Maybe that’s why Canadian customs left it alone.. It’s not crack, it wasn’t in huge amounts, and it’s helping one of her citizens get through the day with increased productivity (without creating a dependency, without any harm to others). They should be putting this stuff in your cup of Tims for crying out loud (actually.. maybe they already are.. duuhn uhn duhn). Alright be back later.. in the meantime, hopefully my face doesn’t fall off.

    • JP says

      Ok day 3 and everything is going well. It’s definitely working for me. I’ve upped my dosage to 250mg in the morning and that seems to have given me the edge I was looking for. It hasn’t given me super powers, but I definitely feel sharper. It’s weird though, when I’m not focussing on a task my head feels a little “tired” or “floaty” (ok not sure if that makes any sense). But as soon as I open the books, bang I’m right there. It doesn’t make you smarter, it just helps you concentrate, or “stick with” your task. Side effects? Nothing terrible so far. I may be getting slightly flushed in the face from it.. but that could also be a result of bending over my books all day. I notice colours and sounds more, but that may have to do more with sharper focus than heightened colour perception etc. I’m not sure. Anyway, if you’re having a hard time concentrating on your work because you’re tired etc, it definitely works. I’ll keep you updated about progress.. Exams are next week. Almost there..

    • anon says

      200mg. I slept fine through the night and today I took the larger dosage. Once again nothing happened. I had read somewhere else that for some people it might take up to two hours to kick in. So I waited the two hours.. still nothing. I decided to cut one of the 100s in half and take another 50mg on top. That was around 11am. I also drank a cup of coffee. I have to say I think it’s working at this point (now 136pm). I’m super alert and have been studying for a few hours now without falling asleep or getting drowsy. I think it’s also having a positive effect on my mood. I feel happy (which is unusual lately). So if you’re not sure about this stuff (some of the possible but thankfully very rare side effects are hideous), I hear ya.. but speaking personally I think it does help. I’ll update on this blog as I go along, but so far, offici

      lol. cause and effect? hello? you felt nothing until you consumed caffeine.

      modalert and modvigil from india are crap, not real modafinil. sugar pill. no effect whatsoever, as you just described without wanting to be honest with yourself.

      drank coffee
      now I think it’s working!!!

      What the fuck, dude? Duh.

  48. says

    Working out on 200mg of modalert for the first time and I cant breath for shit. I feel like im gonna pass out after each set of deadlifts. I feel like im too conscious of my breathing. What gives?

    • anon says

      Nope. No way modalert from India caused that, or any other effect. It is a bullshit sugar pill, not modafinil. Google “modalert fake.”

  49. Anon says

    Hi Victor,

    This was a very interesting article!

    I was wondering if you knew of any sites that sell samples and ship to Canada.


  50. Bharat says

    Hi. I am a grad student of computer science and math, and was having great trouble with perpetual drowsiness and erratic sleep cycles affecting my research work.. I saw your post on Modafinil a month ago, learned more about it from different sources, and finally managed to get Provigil 100mg tablets from a local pharmacy.
    The first day I tried it, I took 200mg, but didn’t have much effect, then I popped in another 100mg. And yes, I did feel some effect for another 20 hours or so.
    But since then, the effects have become non-existent. I tried it everyday for a month now, sometimes 200mg, and sometimes 100mg. Absolutely no effect. I don’t just not concentrate, but I think it actually makes me sleepier. This has been the case for a month now.

    What do you think I should do? Should I take a break for a week or two and give it another try? Or accept that it just does not work for me, and move on to Ritalin and stuff?


    • sandy says

      From what I read and my experience u need to ‘ve good sleep pattern say sleep before 11 atleast. Or else it’s jus waste of money. N if u r not prescribed by d physician do not take it daily. Take Oly wen it’s needed. Do not pop more than 200 mg per day..

  51. says

    Modafinil builds up in your bloodstream after a few days so, if you take 100mg on the first, second, and third day, by the fourth day, you’ll have about 60mg floating in your blood before you take your first pill. For me, I take only about 30mg a day and am good.

  52. Tim Waltz says

    Is it just me or is this a very derivative re-statement of your exact blog?
    Just thought I would aware you.

    • Victor Pride says

      Yeah, these people take articles and run them through what’s called “spinners”, the spinners change the wording of the article just enough to not be a copy.

  53. Oliver says

    Is there any sleep dept involved with using mod? In other words if mod helps you get through times you’d usually NEED to sleep does that need for sleep eventually catch up to you? This is my concern. Great it would be to go go go but not so great to have a day where you need to sleep the whole day.

  54. Anonym says

    I just recieved some Modalert from SUN. Was a big challenge to get it inside EU to my country. But the company i tried with, just made a new shipping place in UK and tested shipping to me with free 30 pills. Recieved after 2 days!
    The reason i would like to try these pills are becourse im so tired all the time, its impossible to get out of bed before 10 hours sleep. When i had a job i was late every day, and fighting with energy drink to try not to sleep with my head on my desk. Only after midday around 12 i could start real working and talk to other people.

    I took my first 200mg pill 3 hours ago, and i would like to get comments if my experience sounds like real modalert/provigil or i got bad pills.
    I manage to take the pill after 6 hours of sleep, and it made me stop sleeping. But now after 3 hours i still yawning! I have a strange feeling of partly tiredness but still alot more fresh and alert caused by what feels like higher heart rate and blood preasure. My body still feels tired, but my brain is awake and alert, strage!
    My downsides until now have been very noticeable nausea all the time. A short minor headache.

    Its for sure not just caffeine pills. When i take 1 caff pill (100mg) i barely notice it. 2-3 pills hold me alert for 15-60 min.
    So for sure these modalert pills works alot better for me, and i realy hope they last as long as others reported (up to 18 hours). But i expected and what others reported no tiredness at all and impossible to yawn.
    I may try a half pill another time to maybe get rid of nausea effects.

    Does my experience sounds like real modalert/provigil? So i can hold on to this supplier.

  55. David says

    After reading this posts several times, and doing an extensive amount of research on my own, I pulled the trigger and got my script for Modafinil.
    The first thing that I found was that if you live in the U.S., you damn well better have good health insurance. This stuff costs over $1000 for a 30 day supply. Fortunately, my insurance covers it all except for $10. Yet another example of our really f’ed up health care system.
    Back to the point. This is only my second day taking it and This is the most focused I have ever been.

    Normally I would be able to focus for about 10 minutes before getting distracted by the details or just losing my train of thought. Now I can follow a thought to its conclusion without a single problem and I can do it faster than I ever could.

    The are two drawbacks, which I see as a small price to pay. First is the muscle and joint tightness and headache. I just take a couple of aspirin and it takes care of that though. Secondly, the effects for me are somewhat short lived. It’s supposed to last for about 8 hours. I find that after 3 hours I’m pretty much back to normal. For me that’s not really a big deal. From what I’ve read it has to do with liver enzymes removing the medication faster than normal.

    If this little pill continues to provide such outstanding results and I only have to suffer the consequences of a coffee O.D., so be it. Mr. Pride, thank you for writing this post. Without it I never would have found this solution and would still be trying to figure out how to reach the reserves of my potential. Now, I definitely am closer to reaching my highest value output.

    Thank you.

    • Oilygarch says

      Yes, it is amazing to see what it costs in the USA. The Provigil patent just expired on it in the US so the company changed the formulation and released a new product called Nuvigil which is twice as effective and 50% less likely to cause side effects. But in a way it’s a scam so that your insurer pays the hefty amount all over again now that it us possible to ask the pharmacist for generic Modafinil.

      But, before I could get it covered by my insurance company, all I did was order it from an online pharmacy and it would come from India. Thing is it would take up to 3 weeks before I would see it so I would need to order 4 weeks in advance so there wouldn’t be a gap.

  56. Ryan says


    Whats your typical dose daily for Modafonil? Usually I take 100mg, but on days when I want to power right on through I take 200, have you tried taking anymore than 200mg in 24 hours?

    If so were there any negative side effects?


  57. Luda says

    I tried purchasing Modafinil from the link you provided but it didn’t work. I called them and the people who answered the phone sounded very shady, so I gave up trying to figure out how to buy it from them and started researching some other Pharmacies.

    People do need to be afraid of ordering fake product. I read a ton of posts and seems to be the one that people consistently said the products was very diluted or almost non-existent.

    I researched more and it seems that actually send the actual product, but the sucky part is that they prefer to get paid with Bitcoins, and that process takes forever!!! And they charge $30 more if you wanna pay with PayPal….

    Let’s see what happens when my Bitcoin purchase finally clears and I am able to purchase and receive the product…

    Wish I had known about it when I was in Brazil. Modafinil there is super cheap and not hard to get at all…

  58. Sigma says

    I loved that movie Limitless, so when I read this I ordered my Modafinil. Got it Saturday after 2 weeks in customs! I’m happy. TRT, Modafinil…and a plan. I’m gonna absolutely enjoy this year. Here’s to great gains in 2014 and every year. OW-OW-OWWWW!

  59. NewbTroopic says

    I found your website searching Google for the term “Provigil is awesome”. I probably should have saved this post till the next day because I have been up for 13 hours so far after taking 400mg of Provigil about nine this morning. It is now one in the morning. I hope sleep finds me soon!

    But while I wait to “sleep, perhaps to dream” I have to say in the simplest of terms, that at least for me, that “P” is the “bomb diggity”. Can’t believe I used that phrase from, well, whenever the phrase was used, but I am sure you will forgive me.

    Furthermore, please to indulge me in a little back story as to how I came to start ingesting this helpful substance. I promise not to make this post a “War and Peace” novel. However, I tend to break promises so, if this is too much of a monster rant I will understand if you do not post it for public consumption. Just have pity on me, I am under the Pro-vigil influence.

    While I know there are probably many people who have posted their experiences about the cognitive enhancements of this drug (yourself included) I thought I would just add my 1 and 1/2 cents to the conversation and relay to the masses how “P” can be a positive life enhancement for those suffering from mental illness. And yes, those posts are here too, but I am going to elaborate a little. Ok, a lot….

    So how did I become a user of a drug for those who can’t stay awake, or shift workers who need to be alert on the job? How does it help the mentally fragile among us? Over the years I have had several mental health issues that I was ignoring because I am a man and we don’t have mental health issues – period. You suck up your problems, tuck you chin in and move forward. What ever problem you are experiencing, this too shall pass. Shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grind stone, even though you wind up with a flat nose and crooked shoulder. This burying of non-problems went on for 36 years.

    I finally was introduced to the fact that I was plagued with the “triple threat” of mental misfirings known as OCD, panic attacks and to round out the line up, the quarterback known as depression. A series of business failures, Google destroying one of my websites with a smelly flightless bird called Penguin.

    Also in the mix were a few people that were close to me that had died, friends moving away, and other social setbacks that went from misfirings I could control to a “boom goes the dynamite” mental cave in of my “dunce cap”.

    Panic attacks were daily.. OCD out of control. Depression was also calling “audibles” even though it was the third string quarterback on my mental illness team. Getting out of bed was like climbing Mount Everest. After all these years, the mental morons that I could shove in the back seat of my mind finally became the front seat drivers of the “short bus” of my cognitive reality. The holy trinity of FUBAR…

    Well, as Popeye would say “That’s all I can stands, cuz I can’t stands n’more!”. I was finally able to admit that, regretfully, men have “issues” too. Frantic calls to several federally funded clinics (because of course I was broke) helped me find the help and drugs I needed on the cheap in the form of an SSRI, Luvox, which after about 8 weeks had all systems back on line. No panic and less worries. I am also prescribed low dose Valium during the day and that has helped as well.

    For the first time in a long time it was 70 degrees and sunny in my head. The ugly dragon known as panic attack stopped raising his ugly head. He was defeated and his fiery breath extinguished. Getting out of bed was no longer an extended mountain climb but a brisk walk in the park.

    However, the SSRI I was taking transported me from a life of a frantic, panicked, over obsessed Juggernaut of nerves, and to quote Springsteen way out of context, I wasn’t going down to “jungle land” I was becoming part of the walking dead in “zombie land” after using the drug for about six months. I would either have to find a place to nap or be found with my face firmly planted on my desk, minus the “drool”.

    Anyway, while doing some research for a friend of mine who also had OCD and ADD (yes us mental folks seem to find each other) who could not stand Adderall or Ritalin because it was too agitating, I came across Provigil because of it’s un-amphetamine like qualities and boasts of mental focus. I passed along the information to him, but nothing was ever done about it. He liked coffee instead. He was firmly planted with his own therapy and liked where he was growing…

    Having remembered said Provigil research I was wondering if I could try it and see if it would help me stay awake without raising blood pressure, trigger panic attacks, OCD and slow the roll of the mental dysfunction train I was trying to stop in the first place. I couldn’t imagine something that could stimulate the brain, or the CNS without the usual jitters, fatigue, and overall agitation was even possible.

    As a side note, you can’t drink coffee with the particular SSRi (luvox) I was taking because it will amplify the amount you drink by five. So, one cup is five fold. I tried it, they were right, it was terrible. Not to be done again. They could have employed me as a paint can shaker I had the jitters pretty bad. I did not hold out hope that this particular drug could come across as promised, but it is hope that sustains us. And hope is good thing, the best of things…Yup, quote, at least part of it, came from the Shaw-shank Redemption…

    So, off to the medical professional I went to pitch my theory which I thought would be dismissed out of hand. But, to my delight she was in agreement with my suggestion, but, she, too, was concerned it would raise anxiety levels. Despite the concerns, I left office with a prescription for 60 100mg pills. Then I had to get up the nerve to try them.

    Reading all the literature and the possible side effects basically scared the crapola out of me. My first day I took 100 mg. Waiting for anything to happen for about an hour. I was not to be impressed. Still tired, ready to nap. Zip, zero, Nada in terms of fatigue fighting qualities.

    Then I got bold. After the first hour, I took 200mg. Still nothing much. A little less “yawney” but still could have fallen asleep against my computer tower with the fanning running at an unusually loud speed. Dare I take 300mg? Nay, Nay I say, for I am reaching the threshold of the 400mg mark. Surely this dosage would result in heart pounding, ventricle wrenching explosions.

    But, I got a “little captain” in me and thought about subjecting my system with yet another swig of Provigil’s mighty plunder. Swallowing the “300” would surely send my system out of control. I had my emergency tools on stand by just in case.

    Blood pressure cuff was in hand to monitor my “tickers” possible spike in blood pressure and the cell phone ready to dial 911 in case I needed a shot of blood pressure lowering medicine, or those “nice young men in their nice white coats to come and take me away” should I be so “wired” and out of control that a padded wagon was in order.

    I felt like the Sword of Damocles was hanging over my head by a horse hair. I either had to take responsibility for being the Provigil king and all that went with it or get off the thrown. Time to nut up or shut up. I chose to strap on a pair and not give up the thrown. Not yet.

    I reluctantly opened my pie whole and sent the long white pill on it’s journey to my digestive system. I wondered if this dose would be the pioneering adventure across my blood brain barrier that would either start an evolution or a systematic revolt by every organ in my body. Another hour ticked by. I waited for the wave of mind altering happiness and bliss on tap……..But, the well, and the tap, were dry.

    Cricket…………Cricket…………Cricket…………….Cricket….Nothing to be heard or felt. Pro-vigil, we have a problem….

    And one odd thing happened. Blood pressure actually went down a few points. I was a little less hungry and a little less tired. But the glass was only half full. I thought, wow, what a bummer (and I haven’t said bummer since 1972 and only said it once from what I remember). Where was this alertness, concentration, lack of ADD and laser focus I was suppose to get from this much touted drug that kept pilots flying mission after mission and solders on the march for hours.

    But, for the sake of me go I. I rallied my internal forces and bad verbal skills and encouraged myself with more worn and hackney phrases that I have picked up over the years, declaring to: “Praise God and pass the ammunition”. “God’s speed.” “Full steam ahead”. The lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Yes, you are crazier then a shit house rat. Dam the psychological torpedoes. And some other stupid stuff, but I can’t remember. Oh wait: Time to fish or cut bait! Yea, that’s a classic.

    I felt I had finally reached the Holy Grail of my dosage dilemma. Traveled to the badlands and outer most rings of pharmaceutical Saturn. I had finally reached the apex and the outer limits of milligram madness. If I cross this line and take the “full Monty” oh, but what light through yonder window breaks?

    Or would I rage against the dying of the light through the massive heart attack that might kill me from going one step further. After much debate (five minutes) It was settled. If your going to be a bear, be a grizzly. Time to get my snowman on and get frosty. I have no idea what the “frosty” thing means. It just sounds kinda funny..

    The final chink the in milligram chain. I ingested the last 100mg tablet to complete the set of 400mg over a four hour period. And, then things got interesting. Hour five went by. That focus that they touted in the literature, yea, “it’s in there”.

    I went from being a tired sack of potatoes to a more productive person. Not jumping out of my seat or anything but the difference was noticeable. It was a calm steady eraser of fatigue symptoms not a jittery outcrop of too many Starbucks or Red Bull.

    There was a slight curb on the hunger. Some of the literature mentions the people loose weight with this drug. Some studies find no evidence of that. While I have had a curb in my hunger that is about it. I have not experienced a full shut down, or my ability to miss a meal. I just don’t snack as much. If I do long cardio, then I am really hungry despite what dose I take.

    Other notables about the drug is that, at least for me, is hit’s the happy button in my brain. If you are shy, that goes right out the window when you embark on taking “P” and it’s working full force. That is why, at least in some psychiatric circles, they like the combo with SSRI’s. It works great for people who have social anxiety disorder… So, to sum up here because I really need to stop typing I am going on hour 18 and I am starting to fade a little.

    If you are an OCD, depression, or or anxiety sufferer you could benefit from this drug with a combination of an SSRI that works for your particular condition. For those who are OCDer’s, Luvox has worked the best for me. Yes, there are other drugs and I know the few that are oldies but goodies but the side effects of those drugs are much worse then Luvox like weight gain. But Luvox will not put weight on you like the others will. It has it’s side effects also.

    I will not list them here because this post is about Provigil and I am already working on a novel of a post that I promised I would not write but seem to be doing anyway. But, be warned (about P) that even at the lowest dose (100mg) it might not be right for you and can increase anxiety. Everyone has their own biological individuality. This is a drug that you have to find your own range with. Do not exceed 400mg. There seems to be no more benefit to taking more of the drug beyond that amount.

    I found the right dose for me at between 200 and 400 mg but I have since cut down on the SSRI’s dosage. I was less tired with the lower dose of SSRI, but Provigil filled in the gap nicely so far. Matter of fact, to nicely tonight, and I will probably stay at 200 mg. I am trying to adjust the dosages to where I still get the calming effect of the SSRI’s and the wakefulness of “P” without either one overwhelming the other, like keeping me up all night, and no increase in anxiety. So far “P” has not increased my OCD or induced panic attacks.

    Provigil is not completely understood in terms of how it effects the brains. There are clues that hits some dopamine receptors, but other effects are not as clear. You should look to the science like NIH or Pub Med. Type in Google: “provigil + nih” and it will take you to their summaries which boil down the effectiveness and sometimes the side effects of the drug.

    I know I said that already but it is worth repeating. Some dosages do not work consistently with everyone who takes the drug (p) and can be detrimental to those with deep anxiety issues making those symptoms worse. For example, I had a friend that tried it that had low grade depression symptoms. I thought it would be a great drug for him. Oops y…It made him agitated and angry. He punched a wall.

    Pro-vigil can also raise blood pressure. I have seen my go up a few points but nothing in the danger zone. I take my blood pressure about three times a day. I also work out and do long cardio, which I probably shouldn’t.

    I had so much energy about a week ago after taking 200mg of P on an empty stomach that I ran 5 miles on a tread mill without even breathing heavy. The only reason I stopped is because my legs were cramping from running so long. I haven’t run on the tread mill for five miles in about a year. Even after that long running sojourn I really did not see a serious spike in BP. I don’t take blood pressure medicine. But like I said it can happen.

    The drug can also crap out for whatever reason. Not saying it will happen all the time, or even to you. I am just speaking from personal experience. For me, it works about 3 days out of the week really well, and then the other two, it’s effectiveness is not so strong. Tonight is a strong night. I have been up 18 hours now.

    This “novela” of a post brought to you courtesy of Provigil. Also, there is the opposite “performing” spectrum of the drug. Not only will it cease to work at times, but sometimes, oddly enough, it has even made me tired.

    Let me just add also that you can get low grade or full blown headaches with the drug. I do get them, but they are not bad and not anything that inhibits my functioning. Naturally, if you are holding your head in agony after taking the drug, well, then, you might wanna think about stopping.

    Keep in mind also that taking the drug on an empty stomach does help speed up absorption. I think that was probably part of the reason I was not getting the full effects of it when I first started taking it was because I ate food first. It has never made my stomach upset or nauseous. If it does to you, then by all means eat….

    One of the best upsides, at least for me is that it does hit the “happy button” in your brain. You are more out going and talkative. I was like that anyway, but I kinda upped my game when it comes to social interactions.

    Even though it is not prescribed as an anti-depressant, it has been the best “non” anti-depressant” I have taken thus far. It just improves your outlook on life in general. You look forward to doing things you did not want to do before and it can really help you focus on what want to accomplish. Like this super duper post I am writing. Could not do it about a month ago.

    If you see a regular physician and are interested in taking this, do not, if possible pay out of pocket and try to get samples first. The drug is expensive and if it doesn’t work for you – you will have just wasted your money. I am lucky that I can get it at a clinic dispensary. 60 pills are about a third of what most people pay. Let me say this again, this drug does not work the same way for everyone, functions oddly, or not at all. It is a wonderful thing when it does work. Anxiety patients use with caution and at the lowest dose possible first.

    Yea, I know I said that three times already about the increasing anxiety thing, but sometimes you just gotta repeat yourself..

    I hope it keeps working for me in the future, even if it is only part time, and even if it keeps me up most of the day and night like today – which is unusual. Just remember also. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV or in real life.
    I am just a guy with an opinion and a little bit of knowledge about this drug.

    Always discuss the pros and cons of any prescription medicine with your doctor before you take this or any other drug. You have been warned.. If you are not well, get well. Don’t let any mental illness take over your life, or ignore the inner voice or physical signals that tell you something is wrong.

    It will rob you of your hope, your dreams and push away would could be the great loves of your life..

    Be well, live well, it truly is the best revenge…

    I am..
    Respectfully yours..
    The Newb Troopic

  60. says

    I’m very tempted to try this stuff out… tons of positive reviews online. A little pricey, but if it works and you’re able to bangout a shit ton of work, then it’s worth it.

  61. Jake says

    Hey Vic,

    Found your blog here only because I was searching for more information about Modafinil, and you offered the final push necessary for me to order. I used a different source then yours up top to get mine, and got Sun Pharma brand Modafinil straight from India. Took about 30 business days or so to get here, I was like a little fucking kid at Christmas waiting.

    Finally got here earlier this week, and man oh man you weren’t kidding when you said this shit makes you tunnel like crazy. I’ve tried various speedy drugs before like adderall and ritalin and such, but this is so much cleaner. Add in some coffee, and holy fucking shit, I was… UNCOMFORTABLY concentrated. I mean, I was enjoying it still, but damn. Today for instance I came back to your blog and read almost everything you’ve ever posted (been practicing speed reading, modafinil increases my rates by like 23-33% and a shit ton bunch to comprehension).

    So basically kick ass site you’re running here, but more importantly thanks for the push into trying this, life changing man. Keep up the great work.

  62. Jo Karstan says

    I’ve had Modafinil on prescription for a few years now (and I do have extra to sell should anyone want? Am in the UK).
    Some things to point out: over time, the effect does reduce, or tolerance builds up. I take it most days. These days, I am even worse at functioning without it than I was before I was prescribed it, and I also don’t get that lovely ‘buzz’ and long-lasting energy. I get a brief spurt, that’s about it, although overall I cope better with the day and am less sleepy.

    Sadly – or fortunately, depending on your point of view – taking more definitely doesn’t increase the effects (this is backed up by trials).

    A few other comments relating to this longer-term use and my experience – when you first start taking Modafinil, it often takes a couple of hours to kick in. These days, I can feel it hit me exactly 15-20 minutes after taking, and it trails off from there.

    DEFINITELY TAKE MODAFINIL ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! Even though it doesn’t have loads of effect on me any more, I most certainly notice the difference if I’ve eaten or not. If I eat breakfast first, I can’t notice the Modafinil hitting me at all.
    Having said that, although I too sometimes eat minimally during the day and that can create its own buzz to complement the Modafinil, I do recommend eating about an hour after taking. This is because, for me at least, running completely on empty can create fatigue in itself. It doesn’t have to be much – I probably get best results by eating a cereal bar an hour after taking, eating some fruit throughout the day and a couple of small snacks if necessary (and plenty of caffeine, which I haven’t found has much effect either way when combined with Modafinil).

    Also, taking it regularly and long-term you don’t necessarily carry on being ultra-productive on it. In the early days, I would suddenly happily do tasks like taking the rubbish out, cleaning the shower, that normally I’d hate to do. And although it still helps me work well when I have to work, that desire to do crappy stuff/work hasn’t lasted! These days I often end up using the buzz to play a computer game straight for three hours getting amazing scores … You get my drift.

    One final thing – don’t go shopping when you first start taking it/are in the buzz stage! It’s crazy, but I’ve found I easily spend lots of money on things I’m certain I need when I’m having a buzz! Stuff I wouldn’t buy a few hours later. Crazy, but there you go.

    I get some headaches, dry mouth occasionally, but absolutely nothing that I won’t happily put up with. Your pee sometimes smells like the pills smell.

    Overall, I am so grateful for this drug. Changed my life. And honestly, I don’t blame people taking it off prescription. I can see exactly why you would. Life is exhausting and regularly sucks.

  63. Aneth says

    Ive been searching for some forum to share my experiences with Modafinil–/Modiodal/Provigil.
    I suffer for the sleeping paralysis, little narcolepsy, ADHD and “something which was left after the PTSD.I got rid of almost all the PTSD symptoms, but my brain is very disturbed anyway as the PTSD affected the Amygdala …etc..topic for very detailed discussion.I suffered for SParalysis and narcolepsy before the PTSD, but about 70 percent less then now.I become very agressive and
    offensive person during the episode ( lasted almost 2years ) which caused PTSD.
    The extreme anger attacks and stress damaged some functions of my brain as problems with the supply of glucose, petit epileptic attacks during sleep and so all the energy which my brain every day hardly produced was taken by the deficit defense mechanisms.I lost almost all the ability of patience, endurance – even to cross the road was a horror as I couldnt wait more then 2 seconds on the lights.Waiting for elevator was impossible, I used to kick the door if it didnt appear immediately…etc…Then I realized, its more likely related to the neurologic system then the mental condition im in..
    Anyway, as I have ADHD its pretty difficult to complete this text and get to the main point.
    So Im going to take a break and do something else and later get back.

    • Aneth says

      Modafinil has increased my enthusiasm for science and sound.I started to compose incredible variations of TONES..(im working with the sound and I try to produce),WHICH Ive never been able to make, but always had on my mind, but couldnt mingle them as I would I had millions things on my mind at the same time and at the end got irritated from not founding the right concept and patience.
      As you can see my style of typing …you d guess…Its ADHD personality still.
      I must agree in a way, but I have changed this diseae for the benefit of myself.My head is still sometimes full of initiative and stimuluses, but it makes me feel rich for fantasy, but DOESNT irritate me like before and I just have to estimate the situation when I need to take a short nap/cause of Narcolepsy.Then I concentrate for one thing without much difficulty and the MOST important : I last out longer, not give up if something goes wrong. ( I used to smash items bef..)
      now i need to cut the text again…:)

    • Victor Pride says

      A lot of military guys have asked me this question and the answer we’ve come up with is “no”, but you should double check.

  64. Ken says

    Been experimenting with both modafinil and armodafinil. I first tried a free prescription of legitimate Nuvigil (armodafinil) and it was wonderful stuff. After my free presecription ( I couldn’t afford to continue as my insurance just flat doesn’t cover it, so the the cheapest from any pharmacy I could find in San Francisco area for qty 30 is about $800.

    So, I turned to overseas (Indian) generics and they can’t compare to the “legitimate” prescription version (Cephalon 200 mg armodafinil). I’ve tried Sun Pharma modafinil (Modalert 200 mg) and armodafinil (150 mg Waklert) and there is absolutely no comparison. The Indian generics have about 1/5 the affect and some side affects. They just don’t compare, to the point that they almost aren’t worth taking. Although I still,do. Like I said, almost.

    I’m looking into having the Indian stuff tested. More than 50% of all American prescription medicine is manufactured in India or China, so I picked my Indian vendor to be Sun Pharma because as a company they are one of the largest Indian manufacturers. They sell more than 1/2 of their products to the US, so I think it’s unlikely that they are selling fake product and there is in fact some of the very characteristic effects of the legit version. Also I believe it’s much less likely that a manufacturer that sells the majority of their legit product is going to stray from good manufacturing procedures just for one line of product. Usually that type of corporate behavior is endemic in an organization (look up Ranbaxy!). Indian manufacturers do get inspected by the FDA (the FDA has banned Ranbaxy imports).

    That being what it is, they are producing a generic AND in USA terms they’re doing it in violation of copyright laws (US). The reason they can manufacture it is precisely because it patented. A patent spells it all out.

    Everything you want to know about prescription meds – who can make them, what they are, etc. is available online from the FDA.

    All I can say, it those of you who have not compared to the non-generic are not making a valid comparison.

    • anon says

      Correct. On point. Modvigil and Modalert from India are complete garbage, not real modafinil, and have zero effect. They are not getting the particle size right (read the patent). I have no way of knowing if it is intentional or not.

  65. Jason John says

    WARNING : MODUP.NET ran by Jose Castrellon out of Panama.

    First after paying for rush delivery / I get an email with tracking numbers and am told not to worry when the tracking numbers do not work, there is a lag 3-7 day lag.

    10 days tracking numbers still not working, I reached out to them, and am told my order just shipped and not to worry that there is a lag of 3-7 days / I send them a screen shot of the last conversation and am told the FDA is on the ground in India and causing shipping delays.

    Then I ask for a refund and they tell me they had already issued a refund and if I do not see it its because of my bank, I then asked for the last four digits of the credit card the refund was issued and they disconnected the chat.

    They would not talk with me anymore but the next day I was told the same BS.

    I shared with them, the location of the owner of the company, his other scam websites, their IP addresses, etc….my order now was confiscated by customs and they claim for my safety all records were destroyed.

    What a load! is a scam!

  66. dan says

    First tried modafinil about a month ago and was able to concentrate for large periods of time, stay up all night and produce a greater quality of work. As a student i am about to take my final exams this month and two days ago i have begun taking modafinil as an aid to my revision. I start my day first by forcing myself to eat (as normally i have no appetite in the mornings, but know it may be a while since i am able to eat after ‘dropping’) and then take 100mg of modafinil (half a 200mg modalert) and have a smoke break and a coffee, within half an hour i have begun to notice the effects. I have been taking the advice of my friend who is a self-professed ‘moda addict’ and have been waiting at least three hours before taking any more, and less than 400mg which she deems recreational. I have found another 100mg at around 4pm (after first dropping at 1pm, waking up at 12pm) has worked best for me and has meant i have been able to work all day and fall asleep at 2am. I have noticed a clear improvement in my memory, and am amazed at the results. (just a bit of info for those who have not tried moda) – I would also like to ask any regular users what the effects of continued dose for a long period of time are. There is 14 days until my exams will be finished and i plan on taking 200mg everyday throughout this period so as to improve my performance. However i am worried that in 10 days or so after taking the drug i may begin to loose the improvements to my cognitive functioning or that my memory may begin to deteriorate due to prolonged use and i will be a crumbling wreck for my exams. Can anyone describe their experiences after taking moda for a month straight? i have heard that people have been taking a ‘day off’ every 3rd day, but honestly i feel that to do so would mean there is no way i would be able to cover all the topics for my exams. I suppose the rewards are greater than the risks.
    Thanks to all

  67. David Thomas says

    Vic why does the link to buy Modafinil keep changing and prices going up a shit ton? Do the old websights not work anymore?

      • Bart Blickenstaff says

        Hi Vick. I am an older guy in his 50’s. I survived Cancer in 2012 but am disabled now. Happy to be alive. My sleep meds and pain meds sometime make my thinking foggy and I need to be on top of my game because of a new financial consulting business I am starting. I need your help please if you can with a website that you think you be good to purchase Modafinal. If you don’t want to give me a website I totally understand. I have read all the blogs and you seem to have common sense and more savvy than many others on the blog which is why I am asking you and nobody else. Thanks for your time…..Bart.

  68. Angel says

    I actually been reading about this drug for awhile. Followed ur link btw and dropped my jaw. HOLY#$%%^ Smokes! $500 for pills? You must be a millionaire or something. In this case give me your number, and let’s be best friends! For “regular people” like me – an office rat but extreme schedule – this is not viable option. I just made an appointment with my doctor (its in June), but if they tell me to pay this crazy price for a bunch of pills at the pharmacy, I am totally storming off. I don’t know if I should even bother. You should have warned the weak hearted before this article — in the FIRST paragraph rather than never mentioning this outrageous pricing. You should have written: I have paid $500 for a monthly supply of energy boosting supplements!!! I wouldn’t be even finishing the article, to tell you the truth. It’s not affordable. Sure, I can get a scipt from my doc, but is it still affordable or do I need to sell my children to get my hands on a drug I’ve never even tried before? ALSO WHERE COULD I GET ONE PILL TO TRY IT?

  69. Massivebrah says

    Just wanted to thank you for posting this article…I read this about 5-6 months ago, and currently using this to study for my medical exams.

    The difference between first place and second place is always the edge, the top ten in any sport given any day can be #1, but it’s the person with the best strategy and “special edge” that’s going to come out on top.

    This is like a mind steroid, I’m also running tren-a/test/adex/caber and dominating the gym life as well. Feels good to be on top man, and I really have to credit you for introducing me to the nootropics game a few months back.

  70. Arvind says

    I loved it Victor. For those of you who’re unable to get it online, I’ve got an old school tip: befriend the pharmacist. It’s easy as fuck. Just a month of “work” when you go buy whatever from the pharmacy, chit chat and form a bond with the pharmacist. (Do it only on small business owners, there’s no ROI when there 2 or 3 employees) Tough luck if all the pharmacies in your area are Rite-Aid\big retail, I guess that’s one the problems if you live in a western country. You could then go the online route.
    When my friend ordered it on phone, they said it was “out of stock”. I had to go in personally after 20 minutes and convince the pharmacist that I knew it’s effects and assured him that I would not abuse it. (it helps if you can talk technically and seem confident) No further questions asked. This shit is awesome btw. Just don’t mix it with caffeine, it makes you feel weird.

  71. Jim says

    Modafinil is FANTASTIC!

    I bought 10 initially to try it out. Two words- UNBELIEVABLE FOCUS!.

    Razor sharp thinking and feeling wide awake ALL day.
    No midday tiredness at work, no snacking on shit food.
    It is great.
    And I had one of my best workouts ever, popped one pill 40 minutes before the gym and smashed through the workout! added 60kgs to my squat, added weight on every exercise i did, and found myself doing extra push ups/pull ups etc. while waiting for my friend to finish each set!

    But I’ve run out, and now have a long wait to get some more…
    However, there are 50 on the way, that should keep me going for a while.

    Thanks for the info Vic!

    • Emme says

      Hey, can you tell me how you paid? I’ve been having trouble with paypal and trying to pay with an actual credit card redirects me. I do not want to get bitcoin. I’m at a loss. I tried the mode.up site.

  72. Ash says

    My Modafinil arrived today after little over two weeks from modafinilcat. Doesn’t come in box but comes with just the foil vacuume sealed strips. Printing seems legit with drug name, product name (modalert 200) and barcodes and batch information.

    Going to be trying in the next few days but cautious about the results. I don’t like taking drugs in general and am very particular about those which affect my mind. But I am at the end of the line, putting up with constantly being tired, no matter how long I sleep. Been tested for everything before my lazy doctor just told me I’m burning both ends of the stick, throwing sleeping pills at me, and telling me to sleep more. Repeatedly. I’m always unable to learn or do work to my full potential before I drift off into endless daydreams, which are pretty much me being asleep as I don’t remember the, and loose passage of time, all I do know is my eyes haven’t closed. Hoping this boosts my alertness and allows me to fully use my abilities to get the most out of life for a change

    • anon says

      any update, dude? I’m the same. I kicked ass in my life from age 0 – 35. Then I got divorced, been through some shit… now I’m almost 40… have a job where I have to be on but doing computer work 10 hours a day. I’m still very high T, work out, eat steak…. I need modafinil. It’s because I hate my boring job, but sorry Vic I’m not gonna follow your path because I make very good money and pay half of it in child support to support my kids. From everything I’ve read, I need modafinil. I got a prescription for it from a good doctor and fucking insurance rejected it because it was off label for ADD. I don’t actually have sleep apnea or narcilepsy, which is what the fucking retarded government makes you have even though the fucking US Air Force is now using modafinil instead of adderall for fighter pilots, because they know it’s the best, as Vic says.

      as Vic says, the best stuff is hardest to get. aderall and ritilan vs. modafinil is like “protein powders” vs steroids


      I’m hoping Vic will give updated advice about safe way to order for shipment to the US

      fucking government. it is well known TO THE GOVERNMENT that modafinil is better than aderall and ritilin — no “cracked out” as Vic says, a smoother concentration, no crash, not addictive.

      the fucking US military gives it to soldiers and air force pilots when they have to do missions for 48 hours

      the third legit prescription is for people who work at night and sleep during day (forget the name for that)…. but every doctor knows that truck drivers will get it one way or another if htey can’t get the prescription, because if fucking works.

      even though the government will never agree, a fourth legit reason is lawyers, office workers, CEO types who have to do high mental work 12 hours a day. my job now requires me to stare at a screen 10 hours a day (kind of BS but that’s another story)…. and I know for a fucking fact that modafinil would help me and I would make good use of it to help society too.

      I was a badass like Vic for 35 years until some real shit lately, I “almost don’t need it even now” (exercise and eating right is my drug) and I just need that little edge.

      Vic I’d love if you’d comment any thoughts on what I’ve just said

      sorry about the long rambling comments.

      I did 30 days of discipline in march 2013 and it kicked ass (I bought it from you legit) and I”m about to do it again.

  73. anon says

    Vic, love your blog. This post (and even this one: is pretty old.

    Do you still recommend the source to which you linked for obtaining modafinil? I know you don’t officially endorse them, but…

    my question is, when you ordered from them, did you have it delivered to a United States address?

    They claim the only repercussions would be customs seizing the package, but it is a level 4 controlled substance and technically it’s a felony. I cannot fuck up my life. I’ve never so much as committed a misdemeanor.

    Any updated thoughts on safe way to get modafinil that is high quality and delivered to the United States with no issues?


  74. anon says

    Check out this bullshit:

    I think it’s like Vic says: the better it is, the harder it is to get it. From everything I’ve read, including testimonials like Vic’s, Modafinil, which is not a stimulant or amphetamine, is a nicer, calmer, less addictive, less “cracked out,” less crash having calm focus. Clearly a better option than Ritalin or Adderall.

    The fucking US Air Force is now using it for pilots. So of course they don’t want regular people to have it. It’s fucking bullshit.

    I just had a legit psychiatrist give me a prescription for Modafinil for ADHD, and it appears insurance is not going to pay for it. FYI in the US it’s about $900 out of pocket for 30 pills, I found out.

    Smart people can read between the lines and figure things out by reading many sources and synthesizing it all together. Looking at testimonials and other things published, dude, it clearly helps (in a mild, calm way) with depression, mood elevation, “motivation” elevation, and “vigilance” (look up what that means in professional psychology terms). That is exactly what modern cube office workers need. We were not designed to sit in front of a computer doing brain work 10 hours a day.

    If I were outside in the sun doing a real man’s job, which I wish I was but that’s another story and now I’m addicted to the income I have from my career, I would not need it.

    I don’t need it when I’m having fun outside on the weekends with my kids. I happen to be a perfect legit candidate for this drug; I would put it to good use helping people with my work during the week. I’ve never taken drugs, not even pot, not even one time…not an abuser. I would take my one little pill at 6 AM and then kick ass all day.

    The fucking US government-insurance industrial complex knows that modafinil, which is class IV instead of class II (or the other way around) controlled, is better than amphetamines and safer. The government gives modafinil to the US Military, but wants to force me to take an amphetamine (prescription for that for ADD would be no problem for insurance to pay).

    I understand many in our society are drug abusers, but I’m literally the opposite. I am against drugs and I like how modafinil is NOT an amphetamine. But the government wants to make me take an amphetamine that is more addictive, causes jitters, has more side effects, has a crash, etc.

    You guys don’t care about my life story but suffice it to say I have a legit need because I have depression from a divorce, have anxiety. Exercise has always been my drug, but I’m pushing 40 (still high T thought from eating steak and lifting–that’s not the problem) and it is just obvious to me that modafinil would help me have the diligence and “motivation” to do my job so I stay employed so I can feed my kids.

  75. Peter says

    pls am a student of one of d leading school in Nigeria….don’t know if I can get this pill in Nigeria….bid ur help

  76. Heather says

    I’ve read about Modafinil and am interested in trying to help me focus which is a big problem I have. However I can’t find any seemingly reliable information to whether us Australians can import it? It seems the official answer is no, but apparently people just order it anyway? I don’t understand! Will I get in trouble? It’s RESTRICTED! This website has many users reporting they order it but I would love some other opinions:

  77. says

    Yeah Modfainil is king of the nootropics. The shit is simply untouchable for performance enhancment, creativity, and incredible focus IMO. Phenylpiracetam is the only racetam nootropic IMO that can compare but it must be taken in high dosages. Legendary article Vic!
    Best Regards

  78. chris says

    has anybody ordered from, lately?

    its the link above victor recommends.

    i just ordered same, myself, but still would like to hear if anybody has ued the site.

    thanks guys

  79. rajat says

    hii…i heard about madofinil/provigil some days ago and found it am preparing for finals(chartered accountancy), i wanna try this please advice me, can it b helpful and increase my concentration?

  80. Co says

    try it, but don´t expect NZT48! Also read about other Nootropics, there is a lot of great stuff out there. I just ordered Noopept, wich is called the strongest -Racetam. The Life Extension Society (strongly recommend this org to everybody!) says that Piracetam is under the best 10 Drugs for brain health. It will make you better and protect your brain of any damage. Modafinil will hurt your brain health on long term, but that doesn´t mean you shouldn´t try it, the clue for the usage of Mod. is sporadic usage, as said: workout on 400mg Modafinil are wonderful!

  81. rajat says

    yeah sure i’ll google it.
    and i dont expect it to be nzt48.i just wanna little more focus as my examz are due next month.but hey CO i found that cute blond incident with you realy funny it must have had pissed you off when u got off the drug..?

  82. rajat says

    i took modalert this morning-100mg.wen i didnt feel anything i took 1 more about after 2 hours.and still after 4 hours it does’nt feel nothing.i think this stuff is shit.

  83. tj says

    i took my modafinil for the 1st time (since 2009ish) yesterday and forgot about the rule of time. don’t take it late. kept me alert for 18hours!.

    mine were 200mg (which i think is standard) and everyone i know that took the real thing feels something. some more than others of course so if you felt nothing at all then maybe you have a bad dose?

  84. anon says

    Dumbass, you are not supposed to “feel” something like you’re getting high. Stop being a loser. It simply keeps you from sleepiness and helps normal focus (like in a calm “in the background” way) for legit need like working in an office 12 hours a day or being a truck driver. Doesn’t sound like you have any legit need and were looking to get high. It’s not trying to be cocaine, dude. It’s a legit thing that is for treating serious shit like narcolepsy.

  85. Anon says

    My gripe with anyone who says that modafinil didn’t do anything for them is that they didn’t try out the other generics.

    Most people end up taking modalert. There are tons of other generics and people have reported some to be slightly superior. Of course, this depends on your body. As a last resort, it’s a must to at least give the real drug a try – provigil and nuvigil. I think the difference between the brand versions and generics is the mode by which they’re absorbed into the bloodstream.

    You don’t have to have a prescription to get provigil/nuvigil though. It’s also available through Silk Road (Google it).

  86. Anonymous says

    Geez. You don’t need to silk road it….just google modafinil and you’ll be taken right to it.

    BTW, the generics do work, been taking Modvigil for over a year. Where do you think we get our other generics, once the patent expires?