Become an Above-Average Man

aboveaverage-dsI’m just an average guy“.

Friend, if you aspire to be an average guy then the genie will come out of the bottle and grant you your wish.

“Poof. Your wish is my command, you are now completely average. Fat belly, safe and secure job as a professional slave, nagging wife, television every single night, brand new financed vehicle every 2.5 years, 5 year old daughter dressed like a prostitute, big house with 110% mortgaged, 15 credit cards (but only 7 of them maxed), and, oh yeah, no respect.”

Hmm, you think to yourself, this isn’t so great.

“Hey Genie, I have another wish…”

Genie: “You are now completely average, you cannot have any more wishes. Average men do not get what they want.”

Welcome to average world, friend. I hope you enjoy the taste of shit because you will be eating it until the day you die.

If you wish to change your misfortune, however, I have one little secret I wish to share with you:


If you wish to change your station in life, if you wish to change your luck and fortune, if you wish not to be average but to be a winner there is one simple think you must do: Start thinking like a winner and not an average bozo.

Poor trash aren’t poor trash because they are “disenfranchised” or because they are “discriminated against”. They are poor trash because they are stupid and they have the mindset of poor trash. Given a million dollars, a piece of poor trash will be broke and back on welfare within a year.

Middle income schlubs aren’t schlubs because that’s the best they can do, they are schlubs because they settle. They make 50 grand a year and settle, they meet a woman and settle, they do as they are told. If you can make 50 grand a year, you can make 100 grand a year. If you can get a haggard wife you could almost as easily meet a young and nubile wife with 85% less nagging and 100% more cooking. If you can do one thing, you most certainly can do it better a 2nd time. So why settle when you can aim for perfection? Well, settling is the mark of the average man.

I’m Just An Average Guy“. If you wish to be average you most certainly have already been granted your wish. But there is good news and there is hope.

The world is full of stories of schlubs who transcended. Schlubs who shed their skin to start again. Schlubs who lived as caterpillars and eventually emerged from their chrysalis as butterflies.

How did they achieve this metamorphosis?

They changed their mindset. They left behind the world of “average” and aimed for transcendence, they aimed for perfection, they aimed for glory. They stopped thinking like the average man and they started thinking like an above-average man.

That’s all it takes, a change to your mindset. It takes one simple word added to your thought vocabulary to get you started. That word is “Above”. Think no more thoughts of “I’m an average man”, think instead “I’m an above-average man. I am not going to participate in nonsense because I am above it”.

The thought process manifests itself into the physical. The average minded man has an average body to go along with it. The above average man has an above average body to prove it.

You have the body of a schlub? Develop the rock hard Body of a Spartan.

Never again allow yourself to become flabby and plump or skinny and weak. Flabby and plump is for the average Joe. You, friend, have dedicated yourself to molting. You have dedicated yourself to mental and physical betterment.

At least, I hope you have.

-Victor Pride

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  1. John says

    Other things change when your body changes, your mindset changes. I’m really wondering if I was really in spirit a nerd or if it was just the fat that made me that way. I’d give anything to relive 15-25 as fit and in shape.

    One other consequence is that this made me realize is that I was socialized to seek approval, especially from my parents and everyone.
    I’m convinced that i’m living someone else’s dream with grad school, I’m living my Mom’s dream as she wants me to be a professor. I’m realizing that I’m miserable in academia and I want out. Well I’m not likely to receive funding for next fall.

    I talked to an Army OCS recruiter last Thursday, I’m starting the application packet when I get back from vacation. Feels like the first choice I have made for myself.

    • Victor Pride says

      Big John, I’m pumped up that you’re changing your body to become better. You can let your past fatso self motivate you to never be like that again. There is a reason every nerd is fat or skinny or skinny-fat but never fit.

      • John says

        There is a GIGANTIC fucking difference between having a High IQ and being a nerd. I always love how nerds fantasize about having the glorious life after college, The reality is dilbert for them.

  2. says

    Came here to reread your “It’s time to go and do something” posts, when I saw this new posting. Darn good stuff. Gotta share to facebook.

  3. Italian G says

    “A PROFESSIONAL SLAVE” You hit the nail on the head & smashed it with no mercy buddy. I cringe when I think of the days I was someone bitch. That’s what a corporate slave is. The difference is, I always knew it. I was always in the top tier of sales producers. I’ll eat ANYONE for lunch and still do weekly. My close ratio is about 98%. Its all about the upfront “qualifying” or setting the proper expectations, before you meet with that future customer. I worked for the 8th largest company in the U.S. at one time in their marketing outside sales division.

    Its fast money. Its an illusion. I first realized that things were not quite right when I woke up on a Thursday in May 25th 2006. I had been drinking the night before & was chasing tail. I was already at quota.

    The strangest thing happened. I had one of those flip phones. I set it on my speaker before I passed out. I woke up from a great sleep to the hammering of my ring. The vibrate was also on. It rang a couple times. I looked at it, then it vibrated off my speaker, fell off my speaker & rolled over by my bed, & opened up! I heard my c@nt female manager on the other end. I heard, My Name… My name a again then this crazy bitch (females are absolutely incapable of leadership) bitching about me playing games with her. She hung up.

    I was number 5 in the country out of 300 sales reps. Number 1 in my office. I had hit quota for 15 months strait. I had made $120,000 the year before at the company & simply crushing every one that year as well. I thought to myself… What the f@ck bitch. If it were not for me we would not have the top team. I bring up everyone around me. All new reps (no matter what team) are sat by me because my cold-calling abilities are unparallelled. I am more liked than any other person in the office. I hit quota usually by week two. When that dumb c@nt was a rep I destroyed her every month. However, I’m still treated like a little girl? I quit a month later.

    I went to two other companies. Same story every time. Asshole managers far less intelligent than me, threatened by my abilities. Starting every month out at ZERO. Managers attempting to set my value as a man by my current month production. BULLSHIT STACKED UPON BULLSHIT STACKED UPON SLAVERY.

    In 2010 I SAID NEVER AGAIN!!! Now I own two companies. One is a SEO company the other is private. I am making shit loads of money. I am building a hardcore residual income every month! My customers love me. We get referrals every time. I will make 20k every-month 16 months from now. Its an impossibility unless unless I get in a car accident or something.

    I was always impossible to manage. However, tough or intelligent you think you are you do not have more guile than me. I took far less shit than anyone I ever worked with & commanded far more respect. However, even me… The “toughest kid on the block” at the end of the day was just someones bitch.

    Listen to Vic. Although I am older, wiser, & far better looking (just playin Vic) I come to this site because even I pick up tid bits. Just about everything this guy talks about is on point.

    I wake up in the morning now… Go take a leak and think and feel. “Man you have a large penis… then I think, for the first time in my life, I feel like a complete man. I am up because its for me! I am excited about the day & know every month I compound my strength (financially). I answer to NO ONE!!! I am free, I see a truth that lesser men,, that are cowards are to scared to pursue. I feel F@CKING GREAT! Not because of the size of my package (I mean that’s pretty damn cool) but because I am self-reliant, I still stand, I am close to 40 & I am hard mother f@cker that has not been beat down by life. I attack, I dominant my competition, I AM ALIVE!!!


    What are you going to do?

    • Brian says

      Incredible post, Italian G. There are so many similarities in your post to my life “toughest on the block but somebody elses bitch” that I almost fell out of my chair. Great to hear things are going well for you.

      Victor: I absolutely love this site. I’ve given it out to some friends. Your beliefs are gold. Keep up the good work!

  4. says

    Love your stuff man! I agree its all about fucking mindset. It can be a hard thing to fucking get through but work your way fucking through it and get shit done!

  5. says

    Great post Victor, I think I have read this 5 times. One universal truth that I have learnt in 2013 is it all starts in the mind. You can create the world you want to live in, it does take time and energy but I’d rather live my life the way I want as opposed to playing the part in other people’s scripts.

  6. says

    That’s it Victor!

    I am fucking done with Bull Shit.
    My girlfriend has been flaking me off with some complete bullshit for the past 2 weeks. I am pissed off! I am even more pissed off with how long it took me to get pissed off. This bitch isn’t benefiting me with any shit I’m doing.

    I did your body of a spartan program and rinsed and repeated the process daily. My body has girls at the gym with their boyfriend gawking at me in the mirror while I press more weight than that stagnant bitch she’s with. Thanks to you and thanks to me for taking fucking action. I never ask for no damn handout from no one.

    The point is I’m growing and adapting to every fucking situation imaginable in becoming an entrepreneur. Hell! I read your e-book on “The Blog Artist” in one hour as soon as it hit my email. I’m taking action with my business on a daily basis and I’m meeting influential people. This bitch is so damn caught up with herself (She’s a C if that) she forgot who the hell she was talking to.

    But she wanna fuck around and cop a attitude when girl’s check me out. Bitch Please. I saw a recent comment you had on your blog “I did BOAS and all I got was a bunch pussy” and I was thinking I would definitely wear that shirt. In all aspects Victor your blog is helping men all around the world nut the fuck up to the bullshit in life. This is not to say I was a punk before this post but I was definitely missing something, your blog. I just turned 20 years old a few days ago and I’m moving the hell out of this leech of a town and moving somewhere where I can grow. Even if that means living below my means, so be it. I got the blueprint on how to do it right here.

    I am a fucking animal and for that reason alone I know that’s why I resonate with the person you are. I’m going to get rich or die trying. For all you bitches out their with your tail still in between your legs, it’s time nut up or shut the fuck up and be average.

  7. Dan says

    This is very true.

    One thing that average men or even worse “nice guys” have to realise is that the best they will ever get from love, relationships, work and life is mediocrity and in most situations mediocrity is the impossible goal. The sad reality is most average men will get garbage. Utter, utter shit !. The best thing you can do when you are still average is to take a step away from average and also become a driven , self sufficient and interesting individual and put all your focus into yourself. If you seek or need a relationship to be fulfilled as an average man you will be greeted by at best mediocre women and most likely god damn awful women. This is even more true in the western world where women on the 1-4 scale have been told they deserve a man on the 8+ scale.

    I like this analogy. Imagine the nice guy and the average man as a caterpillar. You have to get into your cocoon and go through the metamorphosis until you can emerge a new creature and experience a life you could have never have dreamt of . if you remain the caterpillar you will be forever chewing leaves looking like a grub. If you get into the cocoon you sacrifice chewing those leaves but when you emerge you can soar the skies and do things that the caterpillar couldn’t even imagine.


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