Be a Killer

killer-dsIdle hands are the devil’s tools.

Nobody wants to work.”

Bullshit. Everyone wants to work. Nobody wants to do unfulfilling, boring, shitty work.

It’s all about making a choice. Are you going to do unfulfilling, boring, shitty work or are you going to do work that fires you up? Work that gets you out of bed in the morning because you can’t fucking wait to do it.

Back in the days of my office jobs I’d hit the snooze button repeatedly. Over and over. I didn’t want to go in to work. I wanted to stay home for as long as possible, even a few more seconds.

I thought I had to do it. I thought I had to work somewhere just to work.

Looking back all my jobs were a complete and total waste. I was never able to save any money, they sure as hell weren’t fulfilling, they were just a big ol’ waste of time.

But I had rent to pay, car payments to pay, insurance to pay, credit card payments to pay, and all that extra bullshit that comes along with being a minion.

I had the mindset of “I’ll just do this until…..“.

Until what?

I win the fucking lottery?

Somehow I get a business going without doing any work on it?

I think a lot of people have that mindset. They think to themselves “this is just a temporary job. I’ll just do it until my real thing comes along“. But they just wait and wish on it instead of work and build on it. Or they say “I don’t want to risk it. I’ve got a steady paycheck here and I’ve got bills to pay“.

Well then. They have made their decision. I have made my decision. It’s time for you to make your decision.

I have said a billion times you have more opportunity than any generation that ever lived. The internet is a Godsend for aspiring entrepreneurs. So even if you have to spend your days slugging through a dreary, boring job you can use your free time to work on your real work, whatever that may be.

Or you can be like me, use your time at the office to do your real work until the day your boss calls you into the office to see what your priorities are. You can lie to him and say “Boss man, my priorities are here with this wonderful company” or you can be like me and say “Boss man, my priorities are elsewhere. Here is my two week’s notice“.

You can look down the barrel of a gun and face your fears. You can see what you’re made of.

Or you can stay at the end of a whip. You can work to make others rich, you can work for scraps and peanuts. Some people aren’t cut out to be leaders and go-getters, but those motherfuckers shouldn’t be reading BOLD & DETERMINED. Those Prison Pandas should be reading yahoo! celebrity news and getting fatter by the second.

You must work, and you must do fulfilling work to be a happy, fulfilled man. There isn’t a soul on this planet who is completely happy and fulfilled by not working. The Office Space dream of “I’d do nothing” is just a pipe dream. That would be a horrible life.

Look to the ghetto dawgs living on welfare and see how happy they are. Look to the occupy wall streeters living on daddy’s dough to see how happy they are. Look to the housewife who outsources her work to nannies, daycares, and washing machines and spends her days watching television to see how happy she is. Those people don’t work for their dough and are about as happy as herpes.

Everybody needs to work to feel useful, to feel accomplished, and to be able to sleep at night.

Even if you’re stuck in a shit job in a shit cubicle you can still do meaningful work. Find the time, make the time, visualize and then take action. Do a little building everyday and one day you have built a skyscraper. You will find success after you have been tested. Success will not come without temptation to quit. Give in to temptation and you deserve what you get.

Fuck your quitting.

Fuck your whining.

Fuck your complaining.

Fuck your lack of achievement.

Fuck your naysaying friendly friends and family.

Fuck your self-doubt.

Fuck your “lack of energy”.

Fuck your lack of money and resources.

And if you aren’t ready to kill it then fuck you. Go complain to your mommy. Go complain to your girlfriend. Go complain to your office co-workers. They’re used to it.

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  1. Italian G says

    I like your mindset. You and I think very similar. In fact, you think more like me, than anyone I have ever came across. I to build people up. I would be curious, to your views on military leaders, post and present, that could be a source of inspiration. I myself am and avid follower of General S. George Patent & Frederick the Great.

    • Victor Pride says

      Italian G,

      I admire Patton but I don’t study or research military leaders. Other than maybe a quote here and there I wouldn’t expect any posts about great military leaders. I find most books about military leaders to be dull and written without any pizzazz or enthusiasm. Patton’s quotes are some of the best though.

  2. pete smith says

    Victor, I would like being able to rise at 5am. But, sleeping is one of my trouble spots. Sometimes, it takes me a long time to drift off. So, i typically stay up really late and when i am totally beat, i try to sleep; my “job” starts in the late afternoon, finished before 10pm. When my “job” began at 8 or 9am, like most people, sleep was still an issue. It’s be an issue for me for over ten years.

    I get the impression that falling and remaining asleep comes easy for you and perhaps some of your readers. Do you have any night time routines you follow or things you do that aid sleep?

    I often have a alcohol nightcap, but i don’t think it is the best solution and does not even necessarily work all the time. I don’t want to resort to pills. When i lived in certain other countries, a little of the magic dragon would put my into a deep sleep within minutes. That is not available, though, where i am living.

    • Russ says

      Lookup melatonin and try it. It will make you fall asleep. Also, I’d suggest lots of physical activity and sunlight during the day.

    • Victor Pride says


      I wouldn’t worry about being up at 5 if you don’t get off work ’til 10. I know where you live it’s common to go out for a drink (or 12) after work.

      As far as sleeping, I think the ability to fall asleep is an issue of being content or not. In relationships and in life. Like the movie says “Salvation comes from within”.

      Some things I might try if I were you is getting an exhausting workout in before I go to bed and then having a cold to medium-cold shower. Feeling clean at night helps to fall asleep. I would also read in bed, rather than watch tv or surf the net. It seems to help. Also, having a routine – getting up and going to sleep at the same time – helps. Good luck.

  3. john says

    Just more ra ra bullshit.wayne dyer,deepak chopra “if u think it,it will happen” self help crap.heres some truth:be born into money.thats how 99%
    of millionaires made it IF theyd admit it,which they dont.ur not born into money?get ready for one lousy life

    • Victor Pride says

      Looking at your IP address and seeing where you live it’s no wonder you’re such a hateful little turd. I know a million hateful little turds like you and they’re all losers who think the wealthy all got lucky. Some did, some didn’t. Were the lucky ones fathers and grandfathers born into money since the dawn of time?

  4. pete smith says

    “ur not born into money?get ready for one lousy life”.

    What a stupid thing to say. You might as well just call it quits now then John, that is, if you were not born into money.

    Many have come from nothing to amass fortunes. With your attitude, you will certainly never make the list.

    I am curious, Victor, where does this guy currently live?

  5. Italian G says


    I feel for you Pete. I’m a jack of all trades. I’m way into bio-chemical functions of the body. More specifically how I can manipulate my chemicals for muscle enhancement or mental capabilities. You want to fall asleep? Game over. I weigh 250 pounds. Im not fat. You will have 2 do your own math. I’m a bit of a genetic freak. I only need 4 hours a night for sleep. I can last 30 hrs without sleep. I’m not fabricating any of this. My friend Mark D that visits this blog will verify this. I have (had) the worst time falling asleep before I discovered this.

    Here is the magic formula…

    1) 45 minutes before you go to bed drink a protein shake.
    2) 30 minutes before bed take:
    a) 2 pills of melatonin
    b) 1 Tylenol AM/PM
    c) 1 Valerian root pill
    d) 1 5 -HTP pill
    e) MOST IMPORTANT, chew all this shit up in your mouth. If they are in a capsule, open the gelatin up and
    dump it in your mouth.
    3) 15 minutes to bed, take a small spoon full of flax-seed oil. DO NOT SWALLOW. Hold in your mouth for 60
    seconds than swallow.

    Sounds crazy? Try it. This shit will knock an Elephant out. I can drink a cup of coffee an hour before I go to bed. If I do this I don’t stand a chance. The best part is you wake up without any side effects. Before anyone try’s calling me out. DO IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

    Want the formula for NZT 48? HELL NO. That one is mine. That’s why I’m a CEO & own two companies. Oh what’s that? You don’t think something like that exists. Your wrong buddy… Not exactly, but pretty damn close.

  6. Curtis says

    “As far as sleeping, I think the ability to fall asleep is an issue of being content or not. In relationships and in life. Like the movie says “Salvation comes from within”.”

    So true man. I work a shitty shift work job and all the melatonin and valerian and klonopin does little if anything. Melatonin only works if you are already in a somewhat sleepy state and need that extra kick. I think it really comes down to a calm mind….it does not help that I have been on SSRIs and Benzos for 15 years though,lol. I am not where I want to be and the anxiety and thought patterns haunt me. Most of the people I work with sleep well cause all they need in life are endless amounts of sports, wings and beer on the weekend…….if that is a gurantee then so is sleep(for them anyhow). Booze is the only thing I find that will actually knock me out for a good amount of time I guess(no cure though)

  7. Taylor says

    I love this blog man. This is the most get up and go, positive and driven stuff I think Iv ever read on the internet!! Im getting both books this thursday evening too.

    The only thing Im having trouble with is finding what I want to do now, instead of another boring dead end job.
    I get really fired up and motivated but then it all drops off because I dont currently have anything to be motivated about ( apart from one possibilty )!!

    How did you manage to find what you wanted to do and enjoy doing?

    Oh, and its shocking hearing what friends and family say as “advice and encouragement” to something that isnt safe and normal…I never really noticed it that much before.

  8. Chad says


    I have been following your blog for the last year or so now. I have read your body of a spartan book. All good stuff my friend. I appreciate it all.

    I have to tell you I have never seen such a physical and life transformation as you have created for yourself. Did you just wake up one morning and say enough is enough of this bullshit? I would love to know what your turning point or breaking point was that got you so driven to succeed.

    I am currently a 9 to 5 er that gives up his hard earned time for money. You are correct. It sucks and is no way to live. You never have time for fun or yourself. It is all about sitting in a cube and rotting away while your bosses get richer and the government rape you of your money. While losing your hard earned physique you had in your twenties. I hate pushing papers. It feels like a noose around your neck everyday.


  9. says

    When my boss asked me where my priorities lies and if i didnt work harder i would have to go. I told him i think i should go too. His face was priceless

  10. says

    If I had all the money in the world, all the freedom and no responsibilities, I would still work hard, even just to help others. That’s just the way I am – I want to build, create and help other reach the same level of awesomeness.

    But I don’t agree that everybody wants that. I know more than a few spoiled rich kids who would rather do nothing else than just chill and party with their daddy’s paycheck. Sadly, some people WANT to avoid work, all the time.

    To people like us, the “Office Space” dream would be horrible. To some, it would actually be bliss.

  11. Marcello Antonio Dreier says

    awesome post! I don’t had the money for buying your coaching some weeks ago but I buyed your 30 Days of Dicipline and this habits changed my whole fucking life! I stand now every day at 4:00 AM up and with my daily TO DO LISTS I work until evening and go hard! I failed some habits many times but I will do them all because of your book and blog I know how much they are worth!

    I’m a tennis player (at the moment really low rank) BUT I have the develop the mindset of a KILLER and work 24/7 on this goal. I want to be the fucking best of all time. Thanks for everything. :)


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