The Victor Pride Casual Style Guide

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Style, boys. Style is what makes or breaks you. Style is what makes the girls smile and giggle when you walk in the room (or sometimes they just open their eyes and drop their mouths). Either is fine with me. From my website, to my wardrobe, to my house, to my electronic gadgets – everything… [Read More…]

10 Ways to Get Big and Strong


Note from Vic: This is a guest article from my good friend John Doe Bodybuilding. John Doe is one of the most knowledgable guys I know. I even went to him for some diet planning a while back. His knowledge is real, his physique speaks for itself, and he talks openly about the realities of… [Read More…]

Victor Pride Videos

Johnny Ordinary

Here is a complete list of all Victor Pride videos on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to the B&D YouTube channel to make sure you get notified when new videos are published. Johnny Ordinary If you liked the Johnny Ordinary video you may like Take Off the Mask and Expose Your Inner Entrepreneur. Is School… [Read More…]

Making Money Hurts People’s Feelings (but so what)


From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: Money + Feelings = Crybabies ———— I recently met with a local realtor who was interested in selling his realty business. He wanted 80k for the business. Fine. While I’m not willing to go out and show houses to people, I’m perfectly interested in looking at the business opportunity…. [Read More…]

How it Pays to Be Big


From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: The balance between bodybuilding, health, wealth and business. Pictured: Victor Pride and podcast guest Mike Cernovich.  ————— Let me paint the picture… We were at the shopping mall. Two girlies were eye-balling us and giggling as they sat with their little male friend (who I assumed was gay… [Read More…]

Spartan Entrepreneur Vol. 1: The Blog Artist’s Handbook

Spartan Entrepreneur

Click here to download The Blog Artist’s Handbook for free. To start your blog go to BADNET to get your free blog reports, free domain name and free WordPress setup. From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: 63 pages of all killer and no filler ————– What I did was write down nearly everything I know about blogging…. [Read More…]

Merry Christmas from Bold and Determined


Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, gentlemen. Last Christmas I gave you my heart, this year you can have it again. Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones. Yes, we all know that. But I get a lot of emails from young men who believe they have “social problems” and don’t have anyone in… [Read More…]

Success Rebel


From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: How to be a professional rebel —————– You think of rebels and you think of outlaws, tattoos and guns. But the reality is that all the massively successful people in the world were either rebels or they were born rich. Were you born rich? Maybe you were, but most… [Read More…]