Why Small Businesses Fail (and how yours can succeed)

beeFrom the desk of Victor Pride

Subj: Why businesses fail (and how not to make the same mistake)

They say 90% of small businesses fail in the first year.

What they don’t take into account is that most “businesses” aren’t business, they are delusions of business.

How many times have you heard someone talk about a “ceramics” business, a “fashion” business, some MLM scheme or some internet get rich quick business?

These types of delusions aren’t businesses, never could be businesses, and they are typically abandoned when the “business owner” comes to reality.

A perfect example….

There is a very clever television show called Arrested Development. The show is about a dysfunctional family and in that family only one man is responsible and the rest are deadbeats.

In one episode, the man who is responsible tries to talk his sister out of starting a “bead business” because all of her other businesses have failed.

The man’s brother overhears this conversation and wants to prove that he can start a better business than his sister, but he has misheard her and thinks she is starting a “bee business”, nevermind the fact that bees aren’t business.

The sister forgets about her “bead business” after a day, realizing it was a dumb idea. But the brother hangs on to his bee business idea and carries around a jar of bees for the rest of the episode.

At one point the man’s father asks him how he’s going to make money and he dumbly replies “I don’t know…honey…or maybe just as gifts“. His mom replies “who’d want a bee as a gift?“. Nobody, of course.

The “bee business” is over the top satire, but a perfect example of the type of dumb nonsense people start and call it a business.

SO! to make sure the Gentleman Wolves in the B&Do’sphere don’t start dumb “bee businesses” hoping to get rich, here are 3 helpful tips to remember when starting a business….

1) A business ain’t no business unless it sells something

A business is a two part transaction. People have to buy what you are selling. You have to have something people want. They give you something you want ($$$) in return for the item they want.

A perfect example of a fake business is the notorious internet business. Most internet businesses aren’t businesses, they “want to be” businesses but they aren’t there yet. Most of them haven’t figured out the missing piece.

A blog isn’t a business unless it sells something or makes money via advertising or affiliate marketing. Until it makes money, it’s just a blog. If it doesn’t make money it isn’t a business, it’s a hobby.

You have to sell something to be a business and what you sell has to be something people want or need.

If all you have is a pocket full of bees then your “business” is a stinker and it’s time to throw it in the trash.

2) It takes time to build something valuable

Somebody recently emailed me asking if working 10-15 hours per week online is sufficient to make 3 grand per month within 6 months. Don’t make me laugh.

It takes ALL OF YOUR TIME to start something that makes money. It can be maintained on 10-15 hours per week (maybe!), but giving yourself 10-15 hours per week will build you one thing: one of those 90% businesses that fail in the first year.

You’ve heard these guys talking about “How I made $XX,000 in 12 minutes and you can do it too!” but did you ever notice they are selling you something?

Those guys are in the business of “biz-op”, that means they are selling you business opportunities. Their job is to sell to you, the easier they make it sound the more money goes into their bank account.

You’ll make more money by being one of those guys (the market is huge) than you will by following their products but you can bet those guys work a whole lot more than 10-15 hours per week.

3) Don’t put the cart before the horse (content vs SEO & social media)

SEO (search engine optimization) is the act of manipulating Google’s algorithms to get a website to the top of the search results for any given keyword. But, woops, Google isn’t stupid and they know what’s going on. Every so often Google releases an “update” that wipes out worthless websites that got to the top of the rankings not by being the best, but by using SEO voodoo.

The problem with these websites is not that they use SEO, it’s that they don’t provide good content. When the Google updates hit these guys scramble to find new ways to get back into the top spot in a never-ending battle. One thing they never seem think about doing is making good websites in the first place. But you’ll hear these guys going on and on about SEO and the word spreads…

People email me all the time, before they even have a website or a product, to ask me about their SEO and social media strategy. All the SEO and all the social media in the world means jackshit if you don’t already have a product or an audience. Bold and Determined has an audience, so when I say you can check us out on Facebook and Twitter people will go there and want to follow. If you don’t have an audience nobody cares about your social networking sites.

You don’t build an audience with SEO or social media, you build an audience by having a good product. You keep in contact with your already formed audience with social media and maybe you reach more people with some SEO manipulation but you don’t! build a business with SEO or social media. You’ve got to build from the ground up. SEO cannot be the foundation of a successful web business (unless you’re selling SEO services to people who don’t know better, cha-ching).

Years and years ago I met a guy who I didn’t think much of. He was part of the group I was with so I humored him and got his story. Here was his story: Fat, mid 30’s, unemployed, living in his mom’s attic. But things were really looking up for him because he was able to get his harmonica website into the top 5 search results on Google for some random harmonica keyword.

He left the realm of sanity and reality to tell me he was going to make a killing because his brand new harmonica website, which sold nothing and provided no value and was just some point and click template website, was in the top 5 on Google. I laughed in his face. I didn’t know anything about internet business at the time but I knew his “business” was a stinker. And it was, it’s long gone now.

All the SEO baloney websites go bye bye when their time is up. Friendster, Myspace, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter will all go the way of the dodo-bird. If you’ve based your “business” around them you might want to re-assess ’cause that colony is going to collapse.

You really want to make money online?

Here’s the really simple, real truth…

You CAN make money online. You do it by providing something of value or solving a problem. You put in the time and the effort and fill a need or solve a problem and you directly control your own product.

You CAN’T do it by half-assing it and it won’t happen overnight. You don’t do it by doing some SEO voodoo, by doing some “internet hustle” and you don’t do it by setting up a facebook page.

Some people do manage to make money doing this type of internet hustle trickery, but a) they’ll try 30 different things before one of them makes money and b) the money runs out after a week or a month and they have to start all over.

For these guys it’s a never-ending journey to find the next hustle where they can make a fast buck. By the time they finally make a buck the bee business collapses. Round n’ round they go.

Big mystery why these businesses fail.

But now you know the truth. When these guys try to sell you on SEO and social media strategy just laugh in their faces and then build something real. Soon they’ll be asking you dumb questions like “How do you do it? I don’t understand? You don’t use any SEO and you don’t use social media?? I just don’t get it?“.

Real big mystery.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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  1. Pecker Head says

    Exposure is still very important though not as important as value. There are numerous businesses providing true value that have not made it easy for people to find them and if they do find them they don’t appear valuable or convey professional first impressions on possible customers.

    On the other hand there are the “How I made $XX,000 in 12 minutes and you can do it too!” types who provide no value at all and still get paid big time because they are masters at creating the illusion of value and appear very successful/professional to those that don’t know better.

    There is a balance to be had. Focus on creating what people will “have to have” first, then get the word out and make sure everyone sees your product/service in the right light.

  2. says

    “A blog isn’t a business unless it sells something or makes money via advertising or affiliate marketing. Until it makes money, it’s just a blog. If it doesn’t make money it isn’t a business, it’s a hobby.”

    You’re damn right, Vic. Slow but surely, with hard work and quality content, I know that down the line I will make great money from my blog. Literally the day after selling my first affiliate product; one of your books, I sold a different affiliate prodict, then a week later another (one of yours).

    This process took only 3 months from the day manoffreedom.com was created. Never once did I quit. There were days where I would get 5 visitors. Steadily, with the more content I produced, I started to get comments and more visitors and eventually, I started to make money. Granted, the money I have made so far isn’t anything that will cause me to retire, but I know that in a year or two, I will have a website that brings in a sound, passive income.

    Bold and Determined made it all possible. To all the guys who read this blog, I can honestly say, that with Victor’s advice, I built something that has made me money online. I have little to no internet marketing skills but I do have something; determination. If you have a clear vision of what you want, and you work daily towards that, you cannot fail. Just have a vision and work towards it.

    Cheers everyone!

    • says

      Its so true brother! I can relate with what you are saying. When i started my blog my traffic was a trickle a few months back. I kept working on it writing content, commenting and the like. The i got picked up by Google and then the traffic began to pick up. More visitors came and found my work the more time i spend writing the more people find my site. The more search engines spidered my site and now i have people from Russia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East viewing my site.

      This is all because i was Bold and Determined (Get It!) I don’t think i would be here today if it wasn’t for Vic inspiring me to achieve!

      Good Luck Mack on your “Building” and i will see you at the top with Vic! I’ll bring the Brews!!

  3. says

    I wish I read this when I was first starting out. For my first website, I remember wasting so much time on SEO and buying some linking scheme … only to be slapped down by Google.

    I had to learn the hard way that it is not about gaming the system. It is about being extremely valuable. After learning that, my writing and my thinking improved greatly.

    Listen to Uncle Vic, because he speaks from experience. It’ll save you lots of money and headache down the road.

      • says

        Just figured that most girls who follow this site are more interested in Victor than the content, preferring sites like TMZ and the other celeb kind of stuff.

        • Victor Pride says

          “TMZ and the other celeb kind of stuff.”

          These types email me all the time, but it starts off with “your such an asshole!!!”. If! I manage to read past the first sentence and don’t immediately click the spam button, I’ll find, buried in a mountain of text, lines like “even tho I wonder what it would be like to fuck you” blah blah.

          None of these girls blatantly try to meet up, they try to be coy because they don’t want to face rejection. Rejection is the name of my game, and they know it. I’ll have absolutely nothing to do with a western girl.

          Part 2 of that, I live in Bangkok. Western girls here (hogs one and all) are resigned to the fact that if they come to Thailand without some schlub boyfriend they are staying single. If a white girl ever hit on me in Bangkok she would have to have balls of steel. It would take a mountain of courage for a white girl to do that here. Everything you’ve ever heard about Thai girls is true. If I want a new one, an 18 year old with a firm body, I’ll spend 10 minutes on the skytrain and snag a new one. White girls simply cannot compete. White girls here are invisible to men and they dress as ugly as possible in an attempt to rationalize I guess. *unless eastern euro, and then she’s not invisible, she’s a prostitute or a “model”.

          • SteadyGrounds says

            Tell me about it. Worse is Pattaya. The funny thing is that Western and Arabian Chicks chances are “0” . With all the slim attractive Thai chicks around and still Western chicks can’t stop “over self-evaluate” by crying too many excuses:” Those girls are whores and Poor ‘Not All of them’ doing it for money” .That is why I decided to workout and train in my home country “Bahrain” the whole year and have plenty of fun on my annual vacation in Thailand. No debts, No Loans and No Credit Cards leads to massive savings.
            T.E.K(Truth Elevates Knowledge)

  4. Patrick Harrington says

    Love this post, I love how you strip away all the BS and get right at it. Too many people will waste their most valuable resources, namely time and energy, chasing after some oasis only to realize that it never existed except within their mind.

  5. LUIS says

    “Friendster, myspace, linkedin, facebook and twitter will all go the way of the dodo-bird.”
    News Corp bought Myspace in 2005 for $580million. Friendster was acquired for $26.4 million by MOL Global.LinkedIn ‘s Net Worth is about. $7.5 Billion. Facebook Inc.’s market value passed $100 billion .Twitter’s generates revenues at between $500-$600 million for 2013. Get your facts straight…

    • Chris says

      You seem to have missed the point entirely. If you were around during the rise and fall of myspace you will remember tv, radio, and print ads from companies all switching from pushing their .com to myspace.com/insertwhateverhere. The point was that spending vast amounts of time sweating the latest social network fad is not necessarily what you should be doing. How much any of those social networks had invested is entirely irrelevant to the point being made.

      But if you’re hung up on numbers, myspace was sold again for $35 million…wonder if there were tears of pain the boardroom of News Corp that day or just ones of relief for getting anything off of that sinking ship. Twitter…the jury is still out on whether they are operating a sustainable business. I could probably say the same for the others mentioned. Hype and big IPOs as well as rounds of venture capital do not make something a long term business. But again, irrelevant because Victor was not taking a stab at those businesses but rather taking a level-headed approach to how you should build and promote your own business.

    • Phil says

      You should re-read what Vic wrote. He said these companies will go the way of the dodo-bird, in the future. He didn’t say they are worthless right now (although one could say Friendster and MySpace are pretty much already worthless, regardless of what was paid for them in the past).
      Either way, these are empty enterprises. Their product is also their consumer, essentially they sell nothing of value and they make revenue on advertising. Facebook should be worth $0 but it managed to pilfer enough of the public’s money in its IPO that it’ll likely survive by investing/buying into other businesses. Unfortunately if you don’t have a core value proposition, it’ll probably be kind of an aimless existence for FB.

  6. Joey the Hustler says

    Thank you for pointing out to the masses who are still sweating SEO’s balls. It’s pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. The SEO tactics of today are called “quality content” and “engaging, interesting people”. There is no way to game the system anymore, no matter what anyone says. Another great post Vic.

  7. says

    Fantastic Post Vic!
    Let me tell you i used to be one of those guys always looking for the next online hustle to make money quick! I read all of those B.S. sites about how to manipulate the rankings in Google and such. I believed that if i could emulate those guys that i could be just like them making dollars! The truth was that i believed the stories they told and read the books they sold.

    The one thing i noticed was that they never really revealed any good tactics as most of them did not work anymore or were Black Hat as i found out several years ago and Google busted me and shut down my Blogger site. For a while i could not do anything in Google until they decided that my punishment was enough and i was allowed another chance.

    I’m going to tell you guys here that there is no easy way to do it! There is no short path and if they tell you that then you better tread carefully because they are lying to you. Starting any type of business whether you are offering a service or a product you have to sell!!

    Forget those MLM crap as well as Amway and the only ones that make money are those way on the top and not you!

    Nope the only way to the path of success is to take the long path! The path that is worth following its long and hard but once you make it I’m sure its well worth it! Just look at how Victor is writing it shows that this man knows what he is talking about. For me I’m still on that long path and i will keep at it until i get it!

    So in short whoever tells you that making money is easy is lying to you! Making money is hard so if i were you i would get to “Building”!

    Again Great post Victor!

  8. Tcal says

    Great post too many people are money chasers
    When in reality the business is all about solving problems/ providing value for the PEOPLE/CUSTOMERS

    Mj DeMarco mentions the same thing with SEO some months ago…
    That he didn’t use any SEO at all for building his forum/website
    It’s because he built something VALUABLE that people were willing to use his site/forum and KEEP ON USING IT so that people keep on coming back to his website without googles help etc.

    Everybody should read this book http://www.amazon.com/Who-Owns-Ice-House-Life-Lessons/dp/0971305935 it explains what “a business really is” and what an “entrepreneur” really is the deeper meaning behind the words.

  9. says

    I 100% agree with you on the SEO voodoo tactics. They are a waste of time and will hurt you in the long run.

    However, if you want to be successful, in the long run it will really help to partake is optimizing your articles for search engines (white hat seo). This is what people who want to get into this field would benefit greatly doing. Do some keyword research, write quality content, and watch people share it naturally. This will result in long term SEO success of showing up on page one for your keywords that will never be penalized by google. Only rewarded.

    It is obviously not needed, but not all SEO is bad. People just get caught up in wanting it all now. It will take you a while to rank in google. There are no shortcuts, just hard work.

  10. Kush Sharma says

    Well, to be honest, SEO is great for a blog. But your point is correct. Many people manipulate their keywords in order to rank high. Buzzle used to do that and after the Panda update, they are barely able to survive. I know because I have worked for them.

    One of my home gym websites ranks 1st on Google. It was purely an SEO based website. And it was lot of hard work and patience. Makes me a decent passive income, which can increase in leaps and bounds if I really put in more content and work. But I won’t. Why? Because SEO is boring and nerdy as hell. Much rather start a blog about something that you are really passionate about. I’ll let affiliate marketing come to me, rather than me going to it.

  11. LUIS says

    Tumblr was bought for 1.1 billion by yahoo and they didnt sell anything, instagram was bought for 1 billion and they didn’t sell anything. Whatsapp was offered over 3 billion and their app is free. Snapchat already surpassed facebook with users and they were offered 3 billion again they don’t sell anything. You don’t have to sell anything anymore. As long as you have a good idea and high traffic and large number of users you hit jackpot.

    • says


      Tumblr, Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat did sell something — they sold a solution to a problem in the market (quicker photo sharing, quick blog posting, etc.).

      You don’t have to “sell” something right away — it can be years later. They sold themselves by offering GREAT CONTENT/PRODUCT (*read Vic’s post… *) and so they ultimately sold THEMSELVES.

      You are missing the entire point — I’m pushed to say that you’re a keyboard warrior that will always read, type and write but never actually do anything.

      I hope I get you angry and fire you up; maybe you’ll use that internal rage to actually start something great and break out of the 9-5.

      If not, I can’t help but pity any future comments that you post on B&D.

      Tip: Grab Vic’s 30DoD (30 Days of Discipline) — you’re obviously unique like the rest of us wolves here, you’re just lacking the pride that we all have. Do this program for 30 days and I bet you’ll come back and start to realize that what we’re telling you is right.

      Cut the shit and take action, or forever be known as LUIS the Loser posting irrelevant business stats on such a great site like B&D.

      (We care, otherwise I wouldn’t of even taken the time to write this boss).

      Mr. Veins – Mike C.

    • Abgrund says

      So why don’t you start a website with user-provided content, build up usership using search engine trickery and social media, and sell it for a billion dollars?

      (Hint: This is what we call, in the English-speaking world, a “rhetorical question”. That means the answer is implied by the statement of the question.)

  12. says

    Vic, good post.

    Always refreshing to hear the truth.

    However, I have two small objections – if you can call it that.

    1. I’ve actually got a relative who had quite a successful bee business. Selling honey. But he wasn’t a deadbeat. He was a dedicated bee-farmer.

    2. I agree with you about the social media strategy and so forth, but there are always exceptions.
    Read this:


    It is as you say though, basing your business model on “F-commerce” makes you very reliant on someone else. If Facebook goes down, so does this company.

  13. Joey Louisville says

    Hey Victor:

    This is such an awesome site. Very informative and I like how you distance yourself from PUA bullshit.

    One question though when you first started off…. You made the blog first and then eventually made the e-books once you had a following?

  14. Joey Louisville says


    Good observations. All those social mdeia sites you mentioned…. No they aren’t selling anything. But you have to realize the genius behind them is that they offer people a FREE PLATFORM to get the #1 thing everyone wants in today’s society…. validation.

  15. says

    Actually I like when men start “bee businesses” – it gives me more motivation to keep on going with my business.

    Yes — I gain momentum from other’s stupidity.

    Re:internet business:
    To all of you out there reading this post thinking about starting up a blog based on some sedimental feeling you have right now towards “success”, don’t.

    Instead, plan it out and then put 25 hours a day into it once you have your game plan.

    I have started 14 blogs in the past – only my current one now has been a success thus far.

    But I am grateful that I failed. I loved to fail – it meant I was a step closer towards success.

    P.S. – For those of you that think making money online is impossible: I made $1.57 in my first two weeks of posting QUALITY content on my blog. I have done NO SEO – in fact, I’m sure Google hasn’t even noticed my site yet. But someone found it and clicked on an affiliate link – bam, money in the bank.

    So please, grown men, cut the shit and get to work.
    Tip: Read some of Vic’s weight lifting posts from 2012 — always fires me up.

    Stay real, men – yes, men – again stop whining and get to work.

    Mr. Veins – Mike C.

  16. Mike says

    Big part probably is almost the way you approach building your body. One could assume well-respected time for cultivated bodybuilding reaches to all other perserverance requiring areas in your life and thrusts you into self-ownership. Eventually It rips your head off and shits the relentless call for self-dedication down your neck.

  17. Ace says

    I wonder do successful business men like Bill Gates have more testosterone than a body builder?
    Or are does the body builder have more and just both are using it for different endeavors?

  18. says

    15 hours a week for 3 grand! Bitch please!

    Not saying that it isn’t possible. But it is extremely unlikely that you can start a business with 15 hours a week work and hope to pull in 3 grand a month. It takes more energy then that!

  19. says

    I call it the “The Sigma Period.”

    One needs to take the risk.. to lock himself in a desolate forest to engage his craft. This is what Miyamoto Musashi did to become Japan’s greatest swordsman. This is what all entrepreneurs have to do. Risk it all and enter the lonely path..

    • Abgrund says

      I bet “Book of Five Rings” was the world’s first manual on How to Be a Badass that didn’t involve superstitious bullcrap like Devil worship.

  20. cameron says

    Yes! Thank you! The thing about content and SEO is very true and very smart. Content should be the priority, and though SEO is important, putting it on top of the list is just an insult to the craft of journalism. No wonder why some think that journalism is dead, or being an online writer is nothing special or a joke as a job since anyone can do it. It’s because some people just throw quality aside for the sake of trafficking clicks through SEO.

  21. Takumi says

    Every article you write helps me see things more clearly always. Thanks!
    I have a question. Do you think your lifestyle as a successful online businessman has come together with bodybuilding? Why and how did you start bodybuilding?
    Thank you!

    • Victor Pride says

      “I have a question. Do you think your lifestyle as a successful online businessman has come together with bodybuilding?”

      Yes, to me you are not successful unless you are in good physical shape and good financial shape. Period. Doesn’t mean you need to be a bodybuilder, that’s a whole different ballgame, but physical fitness is a top 2 priority – mind & body are not so separate. How could you call yourself a man if you’re a disgusting fatass or a skinny twerp.

      • says

        I know you’re not into spiritual-type stuff, but this is a brilliant quote I recently read that’s related to what you just said about mind/body:

        “The body is the visible soul, and the soul the invisible body. The body and soul are not divided anywhere, they are parts of each other, they are parts of one whole. You have to accept the body, you have to love the body, you have to respect the body, you have to be grateful to your body…

        “The body is the most complex mechanism in existence – it is simply marvelous!

        “And blessed are those who marvel.

        “Begin the feeling of wonder with your own body, because that is closest to you. The closest nature has approached to you, the closest existence has come to you, is through the body. In your body is the water of the oceans, in your body is the fire of the stars and the suns, in your body is the air, your body is made of earth.”

        – Osho

        I fucking love this quote. It’s a long-winded way of saying that your body is an outward representation of what’s in your mind, but it’s beautifully stated.

        • Kush Sharma says

          This quote is from “the book of women” if I’m not wrong. Stunning book. If half the bitches understood his message, this world would be an amazing place.

        • says

          My friends,

          Check out “Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously” from osho. It is a true masterpiece about living a free and independent life in mind


          • Takumi says

            I’m checking out that book by Osho. I’m very glad that I posted my comment and I’m sincerely grateful to Victor, Chaki, Kush and sebastian who responded. Now it’s time to kick ass.

  22. abhi says

    Victor i want you to know that i have made my first bussiness transaction yesterday.

    Thanks to you. I earned ~30% of my salary in just 2 days. And i am not doing anything novel. just giving people what they want at a good price.

  23. says

    Thanks for the article Victor,

    In the beginning stages of starting a blog/business would your recommend focusing on the content first and the marketing second?

    For example,

    1) In the beginning, write 50-100 good quality posts
    2) Once you get an idea of the direction of your blog, start working on a product you can sell
    3) Then, finally start working on ways to to drive traffic to your blog

    • Victor Pride says

      50-100 good quality posts is way over-exaggeration. That many quality posts you won’t have to do any advertising at all, they will flock to you. 5 quality posts is more than enough and is more than most blogs have. If your goal is to sell a product and not do affiliate marketing (which you should also do) then get working on it straight away IF! you know, really know, what your message is and how it will help people.

      Quality over quantity. Write quality content.
      Drive traffic to the good quality articles.
      In that order.

  24. LUIS says

    Victor what do you think about guys who are players? or guys only think about getting notches under their belt? guys who juggle multiple women at the same time.

    • Victor Pride says

      Internet players or real players? Internet players = real life virgins. These guys who actually try PUA all have one thing on common when all is said and done – no friends, alienated family, no notches and no career. PUA is a downward spiral. It’s like being in a cult, those guys can’t see it for what it is until they’ve been deprogrammed.

      Chasing pussy is a distraction, a distraction from doing the things in life that matter – like following your mission. There’s a big difference between enjoying the company of women and obsessing about it constantly to the detriment of everything else.

      Juggling multiple women? Rarely happens longer than 3-6 months, when one of them becomes your girlfriend. If a guy can juggle multiple women for an extended period (years) he is almost certainly a sociopath. You have to lie to do that. When you tell the truth about it they’ll be ok, for a short period, but time always runs out on that one.

      • says

        “Juggling multiple women? Rarely happens longer than 3-6 months”

        That’s been my experience.

        Does happen, but rarely. But girls can therefore rotate in and out and a lifestyle can be maintained – though personally I don’t like to do that indefinitely, as there is a flavor of satisfaction in monogamous romance, especially for the first 6 months or year, that can be well worth setting aside others.

        When emotions are involved, then emotions are involved. And the converse. Both sexes do like to pair bond, if they are into each other. For a while at least.

        Over here I’ve still got my two girls into me (both still trying to get pregnant), but I might just let them both drift away, as I’m not into either as much as I’d like. Maybe allow myself a winter season while I focus on business.

        • Victor Pride says

          “I don’t like to do that indefinitely, as there is a flavor of satisfaction in monogamous romance, especially for the first 6 months or year, that can be well worth setting aside others.”

          So correct. You juggle a few of them for a while, like 3 months, 2 of the girls fall away and you’re left with one and you stay with her for 6 mos to a year. She is the one the was most available to you and tried the hardest to be your gf. That’s basically always what happens when you juggle the same few women.

          • says

            indeed that is so f#cking stressful!
            I remmeber a PUA wrote something about keeping 5 gfs at the same time, he concluded that it is not so healthy at all. He basically needs a different story for everry girl

          • anon says

            I wonder.Why is it that girls go crazy for guys like Justin Bieber and other celebrities.But when it comes to very successful businesses men it is not the same?

      • says

        I don`t agree with the pickup bashing here.

        It is one of the most overpaying things a man can learn. Doing it right, cold approach pickup can teach you valuable foundational skills. It is comparable with weightlifting or traveling solo. It`s an truly overpaying activity.

        I think every man should learn cold approach pickup. Not for getting girls, but for learning how to overcome social fears.


    • says

      I started my blog to track my PUA and reflect on my understanding of women. PUA is a great place to start for personal development but it is not an end all. After becoming adept at women I wanted to increase my SMV, what the writers call, Sexual Market Value.. and I realize that all the methodologies discussed in seduction did not touch on the root of attraction.

      Frankly, women are just an distraction in the ultimate quest: independence. The treasure is not them, the dance is not the goal, the treasure is located elsewhere.

  25. says

    Great Post Vic.

    The Blog business definitely has to be perused for the long haul. No instant gratification here. Your blog has motivated me to become razor sharp and intense. I have been building my blog since August. I have not performed any SEO as of yet. I am just writing and posting and building the quality of the site. I truly love writing. I have allot to say and share much like you. Like with everything, Real estate investing, Web and blogging business, and bodybuilding; you have to have a real passion for it because it is through the long haul where you will begin to see results. The masses do not seem to understand this, just look at who the people vote for in American politics. People want someone to do something for them. They want instant gratification like some fat kid in a chocolate factory. They do not understand that only YOU can do something for yourself. And it takes time, effort and work.
    I have some people read your blog. Many of those who read your stuff say the typical stupid crap like, “who does this guy think he is, who reads this stuff?’ Which I reply, “I do, and in the last six months it has changed my life 100 fold. You see, Real men are the ones on top of the food chain. Guys like Vic and myself lead from the front (Pack leaders), the quizlings and candy asses lead from the back and I have been told that, that is where the fruitcakes take it from as well. LOL.
    Keep on Vic with your great posts. I spread the word about Bold and Determined.
    God Bless Vic.

    • says

      Don’t take this the wrong way my friend,

      You need to get your own theme and look. You are not going to be successful trying to be a duplicate of boldanddetermined.com.

      The first thing that I thought when I saw your site was oh another boldanddetermined copy cat. But your doing your thing and that’s fantastic but get a new theme, and be original. Even if your content is, your site is not.

      I am not bashing you, just being honest and I think it is what you need to hear. You have good posts and determination, which can’t be bought, a new website theme can.

  26. Kitso says

    I get you, as a graphic designer, this hits home, if I don’t have that realization on what exactly I am selling to my audience, customers or clients, no matter how much of a great designer I am or if I graduated at the top of my class. I can end up unemployed or working at a soul sucking same day print house that offers generic designs to clients and so forth or trying to hustle for scraps the rest of my working life and not realising my dreams that go beyond design.

  27. anonk says

    I wonder ,if one create an app,a plugin or any of the like .Would it wise to get it out their using social media?

    If not how so?

  28. Sam says

    Hmm, this is odd. Since you posted the “18 Things Every 18 Year Old Should Know” article, it was the most recent post for me (check nearly daily) for the last month and a half, until today. And now when I check today, there are all these new posts, apparently posted throughout the last month, but I didn’t see any of them until today. What gives? Could this be a cookie issue or something?

    • Victor Pride says

      It’s a caching issue we’ve been having, seems we have fixed it now. Clear the cache history on your browser and you will always see the current version of B&D.

  29. says

    Solid article.

    It just occurred to me that many net-preneurs start out thinking in terms of being entirely online – their product might be an ebook, or content, or software or an app of some sort.

    I think over time being an entrepreneur in general starts to have you look at the world in a new way; from the point of view of a maker rather than a consumer. You start to see business models and manufacturing techniques in everything you look at. “Oh ya, I could make that too!”

    So selling physical things doesn’t always have the barrier to entry we assume. And that broadens the possibilities.

    For instance I’ve had a long time fascination with bamboo, and lately rented a new large space and am renovating it, adding a rooftop aviary made from bamboo. Well, one thing led to another and now I’m purchasing and making a full shop for working in bamboo laminate (among other woodworking projects).

    I don’t have time or the manpower to follow up on all the business opportunities that keep popping up in this way. But it really ads a new dimension of excitement and interest to life be able to play with these adult toys of machines and monopoly money.

  30. says

    Vic, I notice your letters are getting longer and longer, you started off short and sweet but still enjoy! And your writing have improved beyond measure! Just remember, failure is not neccecerely ‘failure’, there is allways a lesson to learn and one noch up the learning curve. I live in a country where we were at war with superpowers (Cuba, East Germany, Russia) and we were able to Kick their ASS!!!!! All in the mind all in the body.

  31. LUIS says

    So my friend goes to me yeah yeah I give you credit you are big and in shape but that doesn’t mean shit with girls because I have more game than a playstation console. So looks come and go but game is forever. Mind you he looks like crap. He has love rolls and breasts but always picks up pretty girls. Every time he sees me he laughs and tells me the same thing. Any thoughts about that?

  32. Mike says

    I want to bother you again:

    Do you know other nottiny bodybuilders in your generation being entrepreneurs and making at least for two years passive income with individual content?

  33. says

    Can anybody work for less than 10 hrs or so a week on a website and earn after 6 mos?
    Consider an expert surgeon who just loves medicine and loves to open bodies up and stitch it up, knows his shit and his way around the operating table. Let’s say he starts a site about operating on people for doctors applying his extensive expertise on surgery.
    He will just need to write his stuff and work on the site itself for less than 10 hrs indeed.
    But heres what we haven’t considered,
    How many hours did he exactly spend on his “obsession” which is “surgery” and “medicine”? I betcha that’s way more than 10 hrs a week. In fact this doctor is never satisfied with what he already knows since indeed that is what you do with something that you are obsessed about.
    So in the end it is possible ONLY if you have spent thousands of hours being an expert and being obsessed about your niche where you want to center your business.
    Instead of asking how can you make fast bucks one must think about what exactly is he obsessed about, well except for sex (except if you have what it takes to start a successful porn site).
    Another thing! With that we also haven’t considered that this doctor has already made an experimental site beforehand when he knew totally nothing about making websites. So there you go. Less than 10 hrs a week, but a lifetime of expertise, Vic hit it on the spot.

    Even Joseph Archibald at the end of 40 day challenge has concluded that CONTENT IS KING and there is no escaping that fact.

    • says

      Excellent comment, man!

      I truly believe that your readers can tell if you only talk the talk and not walk the walk.

      Content IS king. You can have the prettiest site, but if your content is garbage, you’re never going to develop a readership. Your readers are your customers, and as long as you keep your readers satisfied, you are set!

    • Victor Pride says

      How does a surgeon know how to make money online? He writes about surgery and money appears in his bank account? Don’t make me laugh. Anybody has to learn how to make money online before they make money online. You don’t just write and get money. 10 hours a week? Yeah right.

      • says

        For the sake of argument lets say that he uses pay per click and places affiliate products for …..medical ebooks, whatever….
        then he just goes updates content at least two days, 3 days a week (once his platform is already setup).

        And you totally missed my point, my point was this:

        And we said that by the time he would be earning while spending minimum time that would mean that he has already invested thousands of hours learning stuff about his niche and another for creating a trial website.

        Which leads me to repeat again what I have said earlier:

        One can earn by just putting in 10 hrs a week, but if you calculate all of the time already spent beforehand learning about his niche and learning how to tinker an effective (and pretty) website, , you will arrive at at least a thousand hours.

        Seriously isn’t that what I have said earlier? Come on!

  34. Jim says

    Few questions for you about lifting:
    Could you name the top 5 lifting blogs?
    Could you also tell me your top lifts(bench,dead,squat,press,etc.)
    Thanks a lot.

  35. Diane says

    Okay I read every post on this blog. Much of it is inspiring. Some is disgusting and insulting to women. I find many grammatical and spelling errors, which is a surprise since the author tells us all to not make such mistakes. And how about the bold post where Victor tells us to not use drugs of any kind, then goes on to push an energy supplement through his affiliate link? We have no proof that anyone named Victor Pride exists, is a bodybuilder, or even owns this blog. Victor could be a pen name for anyone – even a woman. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? The internet is like the wild west and we cannot be sure of anything we read. Transparency, honesty, it all means nothing on the internet. Wake up people. Make your own way. You cannot follow this person’s advice and expect success. Sure, this website will do a free wordpress installation for you, but ONLY if you buy hosting through the affiliate link. It is not good advice to have hostgator be both your registrar and your host. Register through godaddy, and host with hostgator. Set up your own affiliate accounts at hostgator and godaddy and sign up through your own affiliate links, you dumbasses. That’s what smart people do. Oh, I think “Victor” forgot to mention that, because he wouldn’t make any hosting commissions that way.

    • Victor Pride says

      Detective Diane, you silly moron, you gave me a real good laugh. You found me out too, I’m really a woman =(

      • Diane says

        So glad I could provide you with a good laugh. Your blog does the same for me. I read it for entertainment purposes, despite all the grammatical and spelling errors. But since your writing is aimed at the average sixth grader, I suppose those mistakes go largely unnoticed.

          • Diane says

            It may be true that you don’t care about grammar, but when an author states that mistakes with grammar, spelling and punctuation detract from your professional image, and then proceeds to publish posts with such mistakes, I feel it is my DUTY to point out this contradiction.

            I am sure Victor wouldn’t want it any other way. Just the brutal truth, right?

            If you tell others to write well, with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, then you sure as hell better be a shining example yourself.

            And that’s the truth.

        • Abgrund says

          Since we’re all coming clean, it’s time for me to admit that I’m actually a five year old girl in Tibet, I live entirely on yak yogurt, and I owe my 600 lb bench press to steroids. But I think Diane is probably not a girl, since he’s giving specific advice on hosting services and it isn’t “make your boyfriend do it”.

    • Anon says

      All this broke attention -whore is seeking is attention and easy money.
      Grammatical errors??Where? In what articles??

      Go back to being a babysitter.

  36. corry says

    Seasons’ Greetings Victor.

    Also, thank you for a reply recently to a question. An honor indeed.

    So I want to express my appreciation of your writing style. It’s totally your
    own, engaging and no-bones-about-it.

    As far as some writing guidelines, I notice you never put more than 4-5 sentences
    together at one time.

    So my question is, do you do this consciously or is this simply how your
    thoughts spill onto the keyboard?

    I notice that when I do keep my paragraphs concise, it’s easier to transition and
    compartmentalize my ideas for optimal impact.

    If you don’t mind, shed some light? ;)

    • Victor Pride says

      “As far as some writing guidelines, I notice you never put more than 4-5 sentences
      together at one time.

      So my question is, do you do this consciously or is this simply how your
      thoughts spill onto the keyboard?”

      Paragraphs are the opposite of interesting, you have to keep it interesting and you do that with short paragraphs. Blog writing is different than magazine writing or book writing. I do this consciously, of course, to maximize the effect of the piece.

  37. says

    Small businesses fail because they people running them are not alpha males, they are weak beta males who are trying to emulate the success of Alphas. What they should do is sort their heads and their hearts and then start lifting some weight so they start to believe in themselves! Success is easier after that.

  38. says

    My man, Pride, I really love your works I know you’ve been working a lot on your site and just wanna thank you for being a content king to all your readers including me, starting an online business is just a way to go for entrepreneurs/business owners for them to control what they have, it’s portable!

  39. Steve says

    good points and I agree with mostly everything you said. one thing i disagree with is: facebook and linkedin will not go away. at least not for a very long time.

  40. Sandy says

    what can I say, its just an awesome post. Victor I am madly in love with your writing skill. I saw your thank you for comment page also. Its just cool.

  41. James says

    Victor, could you write something on how you name a business and new products? Finding a good name and then seeing whether it’s domain is taken can be time consuming.