9 Ways to Stay Motivated Every Day

climber-ds1) Have a goal

Seems obvious, right. If you don’t have a goal then you have no reason to be motivated. To stay motivated you have to have a goal, a mission, that you can work towards. Goals can be gigantic or miniscule, it only matters that you have one and that you work towards making it happen. Fuck trying, make it happen.

2) Read motivating works

Every morning I start my day off with a motivating or educational book. It is essential that you can learn something, get pumped up or both. Fiction is for playtime, if you want to read fiction you can read it in bed at night. Currently I am reading How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis, founder of a UK based publishing empire and altogether rich bastard. I cannot recommend the book enough for readers of BOLD & DETERMINED. No bullshit, take no prisoners, killer attitude. Buy the book, you will like it.

3) Stay clean

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to shave daily and to get my haircut into a pristine high and tight every two weeks. Every other Thursday morning I’m at the barber ready to cut off my hippie length hair and get clean and mean. Staying clean and well groomed is of utmost importance, important for your own morale and important to inspire confidence in others. Dirty freaks don’t inspire confidence in anyone. You will notice one thing amongst the upper class and the very well off, they are always impeccably groomed. Even if they are just wearing a t-shirt and shorts, they look clean. Poor people cannot look clean no matter how hard they try. The simple act of putting on a suit does not make you look clean, even the simple act of bathing does not make you look clean. A dirty person always looks like a dirtbag, even with a suit and tie on.

Staying clean and groomed doesn’t require 18 different soaps or specialty shampoos and conditioners, it simply requires you take care of your body the way in which you should. Daily bathing of course, clean, form fitting and stylish clothes, hair trimmed (especially the hair on the back of the neck), face trimmed (if you can grow a full beard, great, but if you grow spotty facial hair then you should always be shaved). On the poor class facial hair only seems to grow into a mustache and goatee.

4) Dress like a winner

There are no winners who look like losers. You can stand next to a winner and know it instantly, you can know it by their dress, by their cleanliness and by their demeanor. Dressing like a winner is a must. Every time I say “Dress like a winner” I always get a flurry of responses and excuses about why you shouldn’t dress like a winner, or that the weather is too hot to dress like a winner. Winners are winners on the inside and the outside, and their style of dress will confirm it. You should never wear dirty clothes, you should never wear ill-fitting clothes, and you should never wear cheaply produced clothes. It’s certainly ok to pay a steep discount (I do) but for quality clothing, you shouldn’t pay a cheap price for cheap clothes. Since it is the dead of summer right now I’m going to let you in on my little secret – it’s too hot to wear a suit and tie, every day I wear single color V-neck t-shirts made out of Peruvian Pima cotton. These shirts are so comfortable that any time I put on another t-shirt it feels like it’s made out of cactus. Not only are they comfortable but they look phenomenal (they aren’t made for peasants) and they can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Check your local upscale shopping mall for Pima cotton t shirts and then wait for a sale and buy in bulk. Note: The only people who can look good in t-shirts, and especially v-neck t-shirts, are men who have a good build. If you’re a skinny guy or a fat guy you need to hit the gym before you worry about an upgrade in clothing.

I can’t say this enough: The way you dress matters more than most will ever imagine. If you don’t believe me, if you’re one of those deluded guys who thinks clothes don’t make the man, then go ahead and put on a dress and tell me clothes don’t matter. I saw a fat slob yesterday that made me sick. The fella had a nasty beard, the fella had greasy gelled hair (and was balding), he was wearing gigantic khaki shorts with army pockets, he was wearing a gigantic cotton t-shirt, he was wearing some basketball shoes that a white man should never wear and he was wearing dirty white socks that poked up an inch above his shoes. He looked like complete shit and I’m sure he felt like complete shit because he kept his hands in his pockets the whole time. If that fella would take a bath, shave his dirty face, put on a form fitting suit, wear nice shoes and lose 50 lbs he would feel like a million bucks. He would be a brand new man and he would probably for the first time in his entire life get stares from cute girlies. Gentlemen, when I walk into a grocery store I get smiles, stares and blushes from the girls. If that doesn’t happen to you then you should fix that problem.

5) Drink Coffee

Coffee is probably the worlds greatest drug. There’s a reason all those fruity types are obsessed with Starbucks, and that reason is this – coffee works. Coffee wakes you up, coffee helps you focus, and coffee keeps you alert. Coffee is a minor nootropic and it’s the most easily available nootropic in the world. Buy it, drink it.

6) Have a rich mindset

Wealth is a mindset. Poor dirtbags are always going to be poor because they have a poor, dumb mindset. Ask any dirtbag how to get rich and they will say one of two things: Win the lottery or win a lawsuit. Making money is just a game, when you take it super seriously and become frightened of it you will never make any of it. You’ll go to your job and get paid exactly what you’re worth – pennies. The difference between the owner and the manager of a company is that the manager is scared and the owner pushed through his fear of failure and is reaping the rewards. The manager works hard to put money in the pocket of the owner. Thanks, manager! It doesn’t take a genius to make money, it takes determination and drive and a refusal to listen to the whiners, losers and complainers who give you reasons why it can’t be done and why it will fail. Saying “if only this”, or “if only that”, or “when this happens blah blah” is a copout and a bullshit excuse. Nothing is ever going to happen for you until you GET THE FUCK UP AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

7) Use Modafinil 

One thing that separates winner from losers is energy. The rich have a boundless energy and drive. They work 16 hours a day, party all night, sleep 4 hours and then do it all again. Well, if you do not have boundless energy there is a way to get it and that way is called MODAFINIL.

8) Aspire for Higher

Aiming to be average is a great way to be average. Aiming for higher is a great way to become superior. It’s all in the mind. What you aspire to is what you become. Of course it takes action along with your aspiration, but hear this: You are going to take action no matter what. Most people will take action to be a faceless nobody who makes 50k a year working some shit job with “benefits” and two weeks vacation per year and one week sick leave per year, takes orders from some useless manager or some fat hog in HR and then dies a nobody. “I’m not greedy, I just want…“. Fuck your “just”. If you “just” want an average life you will get it. Winners don’t “just” want anything. Winners demand a taller order than that. And they’ll get it, too. We all get what we want. If you just want an average life that’s what you’ll get. But look around at the average Joe and Jane, their lives are as enviable as AIDS. I’d sooner eat a bullet than aspire to be average. Aim for more, aim to become above average. Aim for the stars. Maybe you only reach the moon, but you’ll be far above the rest of the faceless average Joe’s still stuck on Earth.

9) Howl like a Wolf

This is another one my of little secrets. It’s impossible to feel sad or feel depressed or feel lethargic after you howl like a Wolf. That’s a scientific fact. Do it right now and you are guaranteed to feel like a king and you are guaranteed at least 5 minutes of boundless positive energy. Do it now.

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  1. Chris says

    Point 8 was great. Classic B&D and why I return.

    Also love the fact there’s people around the world howling into their computers today

  2. says

    Great list. I would have added wake the hell up. So many people go through life on auto pilot not having any idea why they do the things they do. Good stuff keep it up!

  3. says

    So true about the coffee. I tried an experiment to give up coffee, and the only thing I experienced was an upward shift in my fighting weight and a host of other bad benefits. It’s also worth noting how balanced this list is between sharping the mind, body, drive and appearance. You can’t just tune up the engine. Gotta fix the whole damn thing and upgrade all across the board.

  4. says

    Great list. Until yesterday, the only thing I hadn’t added in was Modafinil and Howling.
    I let out a nice load howl in the car on the way to my game yesterday it made me amped up. Can’t say if that was why we won but it couldn’t have hurt.
    I’ll get back to you on the modafinil

  5. Rey Kel says

    Thanks for the book recommendation. Picked up a copy of “How To Get Rich” today. Looks like a great read. Make book reviews/recommendations a regular thing, VP. One more great thing about B&D. Stay hungry.

  6. Mach says

    u are HARDCORE! i absolutly Love this shit. I quit internet-porn (masturbation) i hit the gym 4-6 times a week and I’m starting my own business! Thanks for sharing and for keepin it REAL!

  7. Olly says

    Great piece.

    But I do wonder about this part:

    One thing that separates winner from losers is energy. The rich have a boundless energy and drive. They work 16 hours a day, party all night, sleep 4 hours and then do it all again. Well, if you do not have boundless energy there is a way to get it and that way is called MODAFINIL.

    What about the strong negative effects of sleep deprivation on testosterone levels? See e.g. http://www.ergo-log.com/sleeptestosterone.html
    High testosterone would seem to be a crucial ingredient for focus, strength and motivation in all aspects of life.

    • Victor Pride says

      Why would a winner suffer through low t when he can he can have it fixed in an instant? If you have low t (and almost everyone does) there is a secret drug that will fix it, and that drug is called……….testosterone. And if you want my personal opinion here it is: every man above 30 years of age needs to supplement testosterone. Note: I actually believe the age to be 27.

  8. billl says

    ” above 30 years of age needs to supplement testosterone ” … Any recommendations? Is this where you recommend Super DMZ? Thanks

  9. john doe says

    I have a script for test and I take 200mg every week, and will continue on with that until I die!! MY life fucking rocks, my sex drive is always up, I feel great, look younger than I am, kill the weights, have pussy coming at me from every angle, have tons of energy and focus. I fucking love testosterone!! And Primobolan depot!!! Primo is the best thing since a fucking blowjob!!!

  10. Akkie says

    I disagree with the “coffee” part. Coffee stains your teeth. It’s rather detrimental to your health and goes against the rule of looking clean in the first place.

    If you want to wake up feeling refreshed, take a cold shower in the morning (and afternoon), eat well, and get plenty of sleep.

    Otherwise, I agree with your well-written post.

    • The Grizzly says

      “I disagree with the “coffee” part. Coffee stains your teeth. It’s rather detrimental to your health and goes against the rule of looking clean in the first place.”

      And you get the “I’m a puss” award for the week!!!! Coffee detrimental? No, a feminized post is.

  11. Kylie says

    God I love your posts. I am a female and I can relate to everything (almost everything) that you write about. I am 22 years old and I am having trouble staying motivated…I struggle with my laziness and my weight. I am 5′ 4″ and weigh 128. I’m considered average but I feel god awful at this weight. Any motivating advice? I have to stop my binges. Thanks man. X

  12. wole says

    I am highly motivated by your articles and I would have loved to buy your books but here in africa it is not easy for us to pay electronically . Seems my philosophy of life is somewhat similar to yours . I am an engineer , a medical student , bodybuilder , practice boxing and kickboxing and on the overall a determined and doesn’t take nonsense from anybody guy. I will be glad if there is any means of making the hard copies of those books to us so we can pay with cash probably thru a rep of yours .Thanks.

  13. Vijay says

    This Victor Pride guy is an absolute don.
    Very well written. These articles have filled me with inspiration and in the next 7 months I will transform completely

  14. says

    First one is the most important – if you don’t know why you’re doing it, you won’t stay motivated for long. All motivation is temporary and eventually it will burn out. But when you have a mission, something you aspire towards, THAT is what will keep you going.

    Nice list. Still, don’t agree with using coffee (or any other substance) on a regular basis because it becomes addictive. When you’re at a point when you “need” coffee to wake you up in the morning, that’s when it’s uh-oh time.

    Instead, try getting up early, meditating and getting fresh air while cutting down on coffee. Sounds simple, but it made a huge change for me. I feel more alert and awake than when I was using coffee daily.

  15. says

    Highly inspirational article, mymorning coffee is as much an essential as my quick blast with cold water at the end of my shower after that I am ready for anything, Thanks for the great read .

  16. Darshan says

    I practiced half of the pages on this site and now I am living like a lion, my life and success are skyrocketing.
    Victor is worth standing ovation .

    • Victor Pride says

      Never tried nicotine in my life, can’t say. Everyone I have ever met who has been a smoker seems incapable of handling pressure, take that for what it’s worth.