7 Reasons Modern Western Men are Effete Weaklings (and What to do About it!)

men-dsWalking around and seeing weak guys following girls around like puppy dogs, or seeing guys eat tofu, or seeing skinny-fat guys jogging on a treadmill, or seeing guys whining and complaining is like a kick in the teeth and a punch to the stomach at the same time. It’s a sickening sight to see weakness so abundant with nary a care in the world. There are reasons for this weakness but there are no excuses for it. It’s time to start kicking ass and taking names! Not kissing ass and taking blame. Now to be honest, guys acting like twinks is only good for more aggressive guys. It makes women more attracted to us, it makes it easier to get ahead, there is no competition at all from weaklings, and it just makes un-pussified guys stand out a whole lot more. But I hate seeing guys acting like pussies.

Below we will look at 7 causes of this illness known as modern western men and we will look at solutions to this disease.

7) A feminizing diet – We’ve all been taught the horrors of steak and eggs and bacon and butter and all saturated fat. What we haven’t been taught is the feminizing effect of eating a high carbohydrate, low protein and low fat diet. Give up the fatty foods that men need (absolutely need, not want) and replace it with bullshit like vegetables and cereals and grains and breads and, worst of all margarine and soy, and you get a nation of effete zombies. A diet like that is fit for women and women only. A diet like that has an ESTROGEN inducing effect that is a killer of men and testosterone. If the trend continues you can say goodbye to all but a few masculine men, who will no doubt drift towards the thug and criminal variety.

Solution: Steak and eggs cooked in butter. Extra butter. Don’t eat like a fruit, eat like a fucking man so you can become one.

6) Lack of a strong male role model – The USA in particular is a nation of frivolous divorcers. Women cannot raise boys properly. Even if they can stop talking down about the boys father (they usually can’t) they just don’t have the necessary discipline or state of mind to raise a masculine boy. Only a man can raise a boy to become a man. A father will teach his son to win. A mother will teach her son that it’s OK to be a sissy. We could pretend that all gays are born that way or we could open our eyes and see that almost all gay men had one thing in common: a weak or absent father. Take it a step further and you will see they usually had a domineering mother who emasculated the boys father and kept him from contact with the boy.

The opposite effect is that single women raise criminal thugs who overcompensate the lack of a father figure by being ultra-masculine. Guys in prison usually have one thing in common: single mothers.

Solution: If you have children you had better make damn sure that A) You’re a strong role model and B) You’ve got to marry a feminine, motherly woman who knows the roles of men and women. You can’t marry a piece of feminist trash and expect to raise your children, not get divorced, and not have insane alimony payments. Best advice: go abroad.

5) Christianity turned it’s back on men – For men 30 years of age and under, especially on the internet, atheism is the religion of choice. Young women are still usually believers because the church still treats women well. More often that not the young men who turn to atheism are the smart ones but they are blind to the real reason they have chosen atheism. All atheists will say it’s because it’s “logical” or it’s “science” or it’s so “obvious”. What they have yet to put together is the Christian Church turned it’s back on Men in favor of “grrrl power” and sealed it’s own doom. Christianity worships women as “the better half” and those that can do no wrong and condemns men for “not raising children properly, not taking care of family properly, not manning up, not getting married” etc. You can go to any Christian church on Mothers Day and they will praise all that is woman, go to a Christian Church on Fathers Day and you will get a lecture about how Men have screwed up and how they should act better. How many times do you think a Man will continue to go to that church before he A) Quits or B) Believes it and turns into an effete weakling doing the bidding of every woman he meets.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world by number of conversions each year. That means former Christians are turning to Islam. And I will tell you why: Islam has respect for men. It’s as simple as that. You may even be shocked to learn that more women convert to Islam than men. Women need respect for men just as men do. Wherever there are self-respecting men, women will be there lining up. Western Christianity built that great country of ours but it turned it’s back on the people it needs the most and it will die because of that unless it changes it’s misandrous ways. If the Christian Church started valuing and respecting men, men would start respecting themselves again and they would go back to the church in waves and they would start acting like men again. The Church used to be a place a man could go to find a good woman, now it’s a place he can go to hear about what a piece of shit he is. No thanks.

Solution: Forget “what would Jesus do“. Turning the other cheek is weak. If you do what the church says you’ll get slapped in the mouth and then run away and cry on your girlfriends shoulder while she dreams of a stronger man ravaging her. What would Sean Connery do?

4) Internet PornographyMasturbating to Internet porn saps you of your precious seed, vitality, masculinity and drive to succeed. Because of this it is a plague. What you can do is simply turn it off and never watch again. What you can expect to happen is: you will feel yourself become more assertive, more dominant, stronger, more outgoing and, goddammit, you feel like a man. You can tell the guys who are completely and hopelessly addicted to internet porn because they act mousy and frightened all the time. Most men aren’t hopelessly addicted but all men know the feeling of “getting done” with their internet porn session and not having the will or drive to do anything afterwards. I really can’t scream the benefits enough – save your seed and your desire to accomplish is off the chart. It’s a great feeling.

Solution: Quit for 30 days and watch the progress. Watch how good you start to feel.

3) Television, Movies, Music, Magazines – I opt out of almost all media except for some older movies and TV shows for this reason. Every piece of entertainment media depicts men as bumbling idiots and women as the wise and strong leaders. Media teaches us that all women “deserve” happiness whatever the cost and men are the pawns to achieve that. That’s great for fantasy world but that isn’t reality. The problem is that most people cannot tell fictional TV land apart from reality and act accordingly. If the man acted like an effete loser in the movie and got the girl then maybe it will work for me. There are almost zero masculine men in entertainment media. And when masculine men do appear it’s as a redneck wife beater or a rapist or something equally stupid.

Understand that Hollywood in absolutely no way reflects reality or how you should act. Unfortunately the power it yields is enormous. Just turn it off and never look back. I haven’t had cable in years. I have only owned a TV for a 3 month period in the last two years. And I used it only to watch the following DVD’s – No Country For Old Men, Rocky 1-6, The Godfather 1-3, Predator , The Thing, and Pumping Iron.

Solution: Say goodbye to entertainment media. It does absolutely no good anyway and it’s cheaper to not have a TV or cable. If you want to watch movies you can use bittorrent websites to “borrow” them from the internet. Once you open your eyes and see the truth about most entertainment you won’t want to watch most of it anymore anyway.

2) Schooling – They get ’em young and they keep ’em. Little boys shouldn’t be taught by women, however, almost all kindergarten and elementary school teachers are women. Clearly because all men who teach children are pedophiles.  If you have children you should take a look at some of their history books or some of their social studies books and you’ll see one thing in common: men, especially white European men, are the worst thing the world has ever seen. All the little boys get this in their head and spend their whole lives as apologists for their gender. It’s sickening but it’s the truth.

Solution: There are two solutions to prevent this and raise a man and not a nancy boy. 1) Home schooling. 2) Don’t have children.

1) Feminism – Yes, yes. Men kept women down, men oppressed women, women were slaves yadda yadda. That’s a pretty little lie but it isn’t the truth. The truth is that feminism was a movement started by man-hating bull dykes who convinced women that they were getting a raw deal. They weren’t getting a raw deal, but we won’t get into that. What we will get into is the reality of feminism today. Feminism teaches women to restrict their natural womanly behaviors as “weak” and to act like men, to be “strong” and “independent”. That’s lovely but those are male traits and they will always be male traits and they will never be natural to women. Of course when women start acting like men and demanding all the power that they think men have what do you think men will do? Become MORE masculine? Nope. They become more feminine to compensate. If women are pretending to be men there is no reason for a lot of men to develop their natural male characteristics. Frankly it makes me sick to see men follow women, usually fat women, around like puppy dogs. I saw a guy in Walmart beg, literally beg!, his fat hog of a woman to get 2% milk instead of skim milk! Inside of Walmart he begged for a different milk! She told him no and he just walked behind her, defeated. That was the 2nd most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. That was years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Solution: Date women who still act like women. For this you’ve got to leave the country. Get yourself to Asia, South America, or Eastern Europe. Date women from these areas and you will never in your life go back to American women. Feminism hasn’t YET infected these women and they are content to be the woman and you be the man. But you’ve got to hurry because the virus is spreading. It’s already in many of the big cities in the world but you’ve still got quite a few years to get a good woman while the gettin’s good. And it’s a good way to light a fire under your ass so you can make enough cash to escape the corporate world.

If you stay in America then use your balls as they were intended and don’t take no shit from anyone. If you want 2% milk you pick that motherfucker up and you buy it. If you’re a man then, goddammit, act like one. Apologies are for the weak.

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  1. Scott says

    Haha, soo true, glad i have some great role models and ironically they are all part of my church and they’re not feminized in the least bit, but i see where general christianity has slipped the boat. Here i come South America………or Europe…

  2. Stuart says

    Yes yes yes!

    I would add that a modern western man should take up a martial art/sport.

    I was always brought up to believe that boxing wasn’t ‘right’ because it was ‘violent’. Nothing makes more of a man out of you than learning to defend yourself.

    • Craig says

      Stuart, you are absolutley correct. All children at a young age need to learn how to defend themselves and know what to do if and when they are encountered in a situation where it is required to fight.I was blessed with a Alpha male masucaline father who was a boxer and a wrestler. So I grew up wrestling and boxing. High School I switched to basketball but I was ingrained with the ability to defend myself at a young age and believe all men should teach their children to do so.

    • Frank sonsans says

      The reason you and I were taught the idea that boxing was wrong is because the lestists and people Vicktor talks about don’t want white american men knowing how to defend themselves.

  3. says

    damn, i hope our feminism dies. that means our country has to die soon enough. i live in taiwan and the women 20X better than american women.

    fuck american women! they’re only good for sex.

    i also left christianity as an under 30 young man and you’ve the spot. christianity was never good to me. always blaming men for the world’s problems.

    please, didn’t eve eat the goddamn apple first?? and we’re the bad gender for some reason?

    fuck them. christianity is going to die.

    • Jeff says

      You missed the point, Jon. The first man was given dominion, but he followed the woman into error, instead of being her leader. True Christianity (not the mess you see on TV) teaches that the second man came to do what was right and take back that dominion. All men today are either like the first man (submitting to women) or like the second man (leader).

        • Pedro says

          Eve submitted to the will of the snake, but Adam didn’t do a thing while that was going on. He didn’t do his job as a leader and let Eve be deceived. He should have obeyed God and not eaten of the fruit, even if Eve did it.

          • TheGreyWolf says

            Ah yes, Adam and Eve.

            The mother and father of all the living.

            They, in the Garden of Eden, were our beginning, but not where we started.

            Matthew Henry said it best when he wrote, “Eve was not taken out of Adam’s head to top him, neither out of his feet to be trampled on by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him, and near his heart to be loved by him.”

            That was the perfect beginning, but not where we started.

            Genesis 3:16-19 is where we started.

            It explains the birth of the battle of the sexes, the advent of feminism, why modern game works on women, why self-discipline is a cornerstone of success for men, and why men are the ordained leaders.

            As we have moved away from these precepts handed to the beginning of our race, we have really screwed things up.

            Men were not overthrown, they abdicated as a gender.

            And now, as we have subjugated ourselves to our slave-masters (employers), and we have become lazy and complacent, women have tried to fill the gap, and don roles they are not fit as a gender to assume.

            Things are out of balance and the world, especially western civilization, is worse off for it. The short list is divorce, unwed mothers, fatherless children, the redistribution of wealth from men to women; the list is endless, but it all points to the destruction of the foundation of our very way of life: the individual family as a unit.

            Why did Adam eat?

            Because he couldn’t imagine life without Eve.

            What should Adam have done?

            He should have punched the serpent in the mouth and dragged Eve away by the hand.

            But he didn’t.

            So we live in Genesis 3:16-19, NOT the Garden of Eden.

            In the beginning… is NOT where we started.

  4. Hamish says

    Yep. Agree. Agree.
    In the Christian church, in some pockets and some books etc there is a kinda resurgence, movement of men getting back to being men. Bypassing the “Church” part of it and getting back to the core of it. Realising that God, though love, is also powerful, wild, etc and that Jesus, though loving and forgiving, was also a hardened, take no shit, tough guy

  5. Imad says

    Great article Victor. In many ways I think the Victorian times were ideal. Women were treated like ladies – but only if they behaved like them. Manliness and bravery were considered virtues. Being henpecked was considered disgraceful. Something happened along the way ….

    • Huzaifa Ahmed says

      What happened along the way is the Westerners became lazy after the Industrial Revolution brought us into comfortable lifestyle. When society gets lazy, the woman follows the man into the decline. And part of the socialist whine was the feminist outcry.
      It’s an old comment but useful information I think.

  6. says

    I agree with all of this, since when did it become absolutely normal for men to wear fucking pink colorful shit, or wear skinny jeans. And jesus christ, I cannot stand those metrosexuals, exfoliating?? moisturizing?? bitch are you fucking kidding me. I have soap, shampoo, and a toothbrush. That’s all I need, but these motherfuckers get manicures and pedicures. Don’t even get me started with schooling, I am 14 and going on to high school, recently graduated from this shitty catholic school named “St. Athanasius,” which tried to castrate the living shit out of me. You see, I was a so-called troublemaker, and they even tried to give me Ritalin on one occasion. God, female teachers. I just can’t fucking stand them. The only reason I could stand my female teacher in 8th grade was because she was HOTTTTT, so in math class all I did was stare at her ass, and pretend that I was fucking it. Worked for me. Anyways, back to the current problem. I train everyday, and all I can say is, men today are at their weakest state. Mostly due to sitting at a computer and getting absolutely nothing done. I wish I was born in the 50’s or 70’s, at least men were still traditional men back then. well, that finishes my angry fucking rant for today. great blog, been reading all the articles for months now, I almost have the absolute exact same mind-state as you. I hate today’s pussy day and age. and these pussy “men,” they don’t even deserve that title in my book. if the weakest, smallest warrior from back then came to this day and age, he would laugh his ass off at this pathetic shit. fucking pussies.

  7. Imad says

    The Sean Connery interview cracked me up! How I wish he’d slapped that bitch during the interview! That would have tickled me to death.

  8. David says

    In regards to you reason about the education system and how “…men, especially white European men, are the worst thing the world has ever seen….” Well that is true to an extent. Read history. Read up on European colonialism and what those Western nations did to the natives of the areas they went to. Millions of natives all over the world were slaughtered by the Western powers in the 14-1700s just because they weren’t White and Christian. It is more manly to admit to our mistakes than to ignore them and pretend they didn’t happen. If you want to know why parts of the world hate America, read our history. We did some very horrible things, especially during the Cold War. In Africa we supported the European powers who were racists who kept their (now former) colonies oppressed through military force. This was done out of the fear of the Soviet Union. Look at Central America, we used the CIA and the military to oust legitimately elected leaders and installed puppet governments all because those leaders had a tinge of ‘communism’. Want to know why Iran hates us? It is in part due to the fact that the CIA and British Intelligence backed a coup that ousted the leader of Iran in the 1950s. The West has done a lot of horrible things and we are just teaching our kids about that. That wasn’t taught when you were in school.

    • Steven says

      No.no no. The history you have been TOLD is written by a Feminist schooling system. What they wont TELL you is how the American Indians were in a bloody civil war when “White man” arrived. There was a genocide taking place on a level that is shocking and sickening. Much like the Aztecs when the Spanish arrived.

      Your revisionist history lessons at school brain washed you with a “fairy tale”
      It goes something like this: The gentle and innocent Indian tribes were living on the continent of America for thousands of years. Peace loving by nature, they mainly spent there days singing kum-by-yah and loving Mother Earth” THEN; one day a GREAT EVIL arrived upon there shores called “white man” and killed them all to steal there land. Sound familiar? But the Indian tribes do not believe in land “Ownership” so nothing was stolen. It is simply reap what you sow here. They were blood thirsty barbarians out of control and like every single country on Earth, it has been taken over by “Someone” at some point in its history. Why should only Americans be made to feel bad? God put them down to spare the innocent. Period. Be a MAN and follow God, not stupid HOLY-WOOD.(Jezebel)

      • sean says

        don’t post that you don’t want to offend the children lol. if i ever have kids i will tell them what really happens i’m not going to suger coat life

    • Dylan says

      If they didnt want to get slaughtered maybe they should have got their shit together and been more dominant. Im not ashamed that my race did nothing but kick ass and take names back in the day.

    • Kayla says

      Okay, so yes, white, european men killed people. Boohoo. Get over it. Not to sound insensitive, but killing has happened all throughout history and it has been done by ALL races, not just whites. Like the gentleman above me mentioned, the Native American tribes were already warring brutally before the euro settlers arrived in the new world. Also, over in Africa, tribes were constantly at war. They even sold their own people to slave traders. Are you going to tell me that’s innocent? In china, Mao Zedong killed 60 million people in the cultural revolution. Empress Wu Zetian was a cruel, sadistic woman who ordered tortures on a daily basis, including chopping off people arms and legs and drowning them in vats of wine. Yes, both men and women murdered people. Get real and read a history book. Murder has been rampant throughout all time, and all races and genders are responsible.

      • Mister E says

        People all over the world in times of war has sold there own people. This did not only happen in Africa but also in europe, Asia, China, etc…. Next time be sure to include other countries

  9. john says

    I agree with 99% of your views but you’re way off with religion here.

    Using your own ideas that real men are rational, objective, smart, independent, the ONLY sane position for a real man to take is atheism. Why would a real man worship a book he knows is man-made? Why would a real man allow a cult of child-molesters to preach to him? A real man has no time for religion.

    As for Islam, it is widely misunderstood by westerners. The reality is that islam is a religion for WEAK men. Islam is for men what feminism is for women; it is an ideology that aims to give a gender empowerment from the state to compensate for their inferiority complex. Islamic mean are feeble, stupid, weak. They marry young and treat wives like property because they know in a COMPETITIVE world, they would have no hope of keeping their women. This is why islamic men come to the west (especially western europe), find that they can’t get women because western men are more desirable, and end up committing rapes or using whores.

    • Victor Pride says


      You aren’t going to get an argument from me about Islam. As far as I’m concerned the only sane position for a man to take is I DON’T KNOW. You cannot prove atheism/evolution is any more real than creation or genetic manipulation or DNA splicing or voodoo. Can you prove human beings were not bred by a superior race? Like dogs have been bred by humans. Maybe there isn’t a God, maybe there are Gods. Is it conceivable that what people have believed for millenium holds a grain of truth?

      Anyway John, I am not religious, nor do I know where we come from but I don’t for one single second believe we came from nothing and “evolved” into what we are today. Come back with proof of evolution and I will say you were right all along. But don’t come back here to say “Well, if you understood biology you would know evolution is real”. If atheists understood it so well they would be able to conclusively explain evolution of human beings. If atheists valued science as much as they pretend to they would know that there is no proof. I could ask you a hundred questions a child would ask about atheism and you wouldn’t be able to answer any of them. In short, John, atheism requires BELIEF on your part and if you don’t believe that then you can show me ONE single piece of proof that there is no god, that human beings were created organically from “nature” and that there was no engineering involved. Or you can just believe your thing and I’ll believe my thing, whatever it is.


      • john says

        Atheism is a position of not knowing, it’s a common misunderstanding that it is a position of certainty. It’s a rejection of belief without evidence, not a belief in nothing. Subtle difference but a crucial one. Believing in something just because others have believed in it for millennia is kinda silly; I mean using that logic you should be a druid or a jew because those beliefs are ancient and pretty unchanging. But religions kept man back and the only thing that changed that was the scientific enlightenment. None of this, computers, internet, or even free-speech would have been possible if science didn’t defeat religion in europe in the 17th/18th century.

        Evolution is a hard fact, you can go to a lab or museum and see for yourself speciation in fast-reproducing insects. Ironically, evolution is one of the few scientific theories that does have hard proof. Speciation is so common there are thousands of examples in literature. Talk-origins.org has a section listing many of them. Were evolution not true, it would not be possible for a species to branch off in this fashion. As for human evolution, we are genetically very similar to our ape ancestors. In fact thumb prints from humans, monkeys and apes are indistinguishable. We share the same junk DNA as them, and all other species. Because we have an evolved frontal lobe that gives us advanced brain functions we feel that we are somehow special, but we are just slightly more evolved. Eventually one day something will evolve that makes us seem primitive.

        Anyway, I really respect you and your blog and hope you keep writing in the same style even if it offends people.

        • David says

          Also that frontal lobe is the reason for all of the very horrible things people have done, which as I stated before can be seen in the actions of the West going back to the age of exploration which started around the 15th century. What followed were hundreds of years of enslavement and genocide, all of which were deliberately done by the West. In a way, the frontal lobe is very much a double edged sword. It makes us more evolved but it also gives us the ability to create massive suffering yet it also allows us to create good.

          • Victor Pride says

            David, when are you going to mention the role your people have played in the enslavement and genocide of peoples around the globe? You keep saying “we” and “us” and the west but you have chosen not to show your last name in the comments.

          • martin_uk says

            White men have benefitted non-whites enormously through their science and technology. What about vaccinations, aneasthetics, painkillers, Viagra (invented in Kent, England, not far from where I live so I always bring that up), chemotherapy (some American tart said that whites “were the cancer of humanity”, then she actually gor cancer and was treated with drugs invented by the white man, and these drugs saved her. Talk about libtards being 180 degrees wrong about everything.), not to mention cars, planes, computers, cement, plastics, the list is endless. You can go and live in a tent or cave if you want.

            Furthermore, the world’s population has increased by several billion owing to the scientific and technological revolution of the last few hundred years in the West.
            Nine out of ten non-whites probably owe their existence to white men.

          • Mind show says

            This is a myth too – somehow thinking that animals are naturally more moral then humans.

            Fact is, animals fight, dominate, and kill their own species for the same reasons we do: territory, mating, food, competition and affiliations. Male orangoutangs and dolphins maintain their own harems…with a firm hand! (Aka, “they pimp slap their b#tches” when they get out of line). And Even those cute, little TV show Meerkats fight and kill each other (and each other’s babies) over tribal and territorial reasons.

            I explained this to a militantly atheist, liberal, hipster coworker, who said that animals still do not kill each other over a mere “abstraction,” such as religious humans do.

            I explained that warring Meerkat pack members distinguish each other by smell. A smell that only comes from the fact that each Meerkat rolls around in their pack’s communal latrine!
            Sooooo, in a Meerkat’s mind…..
            “Only their OWN group’s sh#t doesn’t stink!”
            It’s as “abstract” as animals need to get,
            and not a bad analogy for tribal and religious conflicts,
            when you think about it.

            Yes, Homosapiens can have a higher mind and purpose, but our base instincts are still animal. This is why I now have NO PROBLEM accepting both spiritual and evolutionary beliefs.

            Yes, there is OVERWHELMING evidence that we PHYSICALLY and instinctually rose from, and are still related to, the same muck as animals.
            But we also instinctually have higher ideals, awareness of the universe and sense of purpose. God, the Universe, or some higher organizing principle, caused us to rise into this higher, organized awareness…so that we can even reflect upon.. higher organization and awareness! (Aka: the very same stuff that SLOWLY got us here in the first place. Aka: consciousness, the very same stuff that has us “MADE IN HIS IMAGE!”).

        • Victor Pride says

          “Atheism is a position of not knowing, it’s a common misunderstanding that it is a position of certainty.”

          You should contact the good people at google and let them know they have defined atheism incorrectly. That common misunderstanding is so common that even the people who write dictionaries believe it.

          This is what google says….. Atheism: The theory or belief that God does not exist.

          We are genetically similar to monkeys? We are genetically similar to mice too. We will eventually evolve into someone that makes our current version seem primitive? That’s the disease of the atheist. The atheist thinks humans get smarter and smarter as time progresses, therefore atheists are the smartest people who have ever lived in the entire history of the world. Just one problem though, average brain size and intelligence has already hit it’s apex and is now shrinking. If evolution is real and people evolve into something greater then why is average intelligence and brain size DECLINING?


          Listen guy, I’m not saying science is evil and religion is great. What I am saying is that there is no proof of the evolution of human beings from monkey to man and I am saying in no uncertain times that atheism is a BELIEF and it has replaced religion the NEW opiate of the unthinking masses. You have showed me no proof. Do this: Take nothing and make life from it or show me somewhere where this has occurred. Maybe it’s real, I don’t know. But I doubt it.

          Atheism is a nihilistic thought process that does the world no good. Most people need something to believe in. Take away religion and you get Mao’s China, Stalin’s Russia, and Pol Pot’s Cambodia. That’s nearly 150 million dead in the name of atheism. See North Korea for a current atheist state. “Well, they weren’t REAL atheists” the atheist will say.

          Again, PROVE ATHEISM to me and I will believe. My mind is open. Unlike close-minded atheists I am open to all possibilities and I’ll be waiting with baited breath for proof.


          PS – If evolution is a hard fact it should be very easy to prove to me.

          • David says

            I’m not giving my last name because I see no reason for it and it is ironic that you mention that because you are big on internet privacy here. I’m Jewish and Jews have done some really messed up stuff. I’m not proud of it but it happened. We weren’t as bad as the Christians but we still did a lot of messed up things. Jews wiped out people and razed towns and cities all in the name of religion but we admit we did it, we acknowledge it was wrong, and we do our best to make sure we don’t do it again. The Christian West did a hell of a lot more than the Jews ever did.

          • Victor Pride says

            Yes, David, I am big on privacy. I do not fault you for keeping your last name private. Where I do find fault is in your anti-white racism under the guise of “us” and “we’.

          • Shannon says

            “I don’t know” isn’t atheism, it’s agnosticism, and it’s the only sane option, because there cannot be proof.

            Atheism is the statement that “there is no god”. A-the-ism literally means “the stance of having no god”. A-gnost-icism literally means “the stance of not knowing” or “the stance of being without the ability to know”.

            Theism and atheism both are based on conclusions that ultimately cannot be proven through logic, and are in fact opposite sides of the same coin. Atheism is usually the severe ab-reaction to theism.

            As for evolution, there’s a lot of evidence that supports evolution, if you care to read it. To answer your question (If evolution is real and people evolve into something greater then why is average intelligence and brain size DECLINING?), the answer is this:

            Evolution states that change is made based on natural selection and the pressures of survival. If we have created a world in which we have no real threat to our survival, we no longer need to be physically fit or intelligent to survive, and those traits begin to decline because we no longer exercise them. Same as working out and then losing the increased mass because you stop.

            Human no longer live in a natural world, where stupidity and physical weakness gets them killed. Therefore, they are backsliding into physical weakness and stupidity as a natural consequence of the prime survival instinct of all humans, which is: CONSERVE ENERGY.

            In other words, in the natural world, we don’t know when our next injection of calories and nutrients will be, so we try to survive by doing as little as necessary. Laziness, in fact, is part of what used to help us stay alive by minimizing our usage of what energy we had ingested. It was balanced by the need to act, and the balance between them is where we found survival and health.

            Now, there is no need to act, and laziness is not being balanced anymore by the herd. Only those who have the right mindset, attitude, beliefs and level of conscious awareness are active now. The rest are expressing their animal instinct to do as little as possible and seek pleasure, usually sexual pleasure.

            I’m not saying evolution is a law, or that science has fully or absolutely understood it correctly, but if you really understand it, it makes more sense than anything else.

          • Victor Pride says

            Here is what I said December 14:
            But don’t come back here to say “Well, if you understood biology you would know evolution is real”.

            Here is what you said March 16:
            …but if you really understand it, it makes more sense than anything else.

          • says

            It is not evolution vs. God because God could have used evolution to create us; WE DON’T KNOW. This is a common mistake that believers make when they can actually use evolution to support their belief of God.
            It is the existence of god vs. non- existence.
            I am not a religious person, but I am also not an atheist. I do not label myself as an atheist because that causes for assumptions, that are often untrue.
            However, I have to ask, what kind of proof are you looking for, Victor?
            I get that DNA or science does not convince you, so what in your mind would be good proof?

            Also, if you are not a religious person, I can not help but ask, where do you get your view on women from?
            Please correct me if I am wrong, but when you describe what a typically woman should be for you, it seems like you are inspired by the Bible.

          • Victor Pride says

            “Also, if you are not a religious person, I can not help but ask, where do you get your view on women from?”

            My eyes.

          • says

            Gotta disagree with you here Victor.

            If you and I did a DNA test and discovered we share 97% of our DNA it wouldnt take a genius to figure out we are related (we came from a common ancestor). It also doesnt take a genius to realize since man and chimp share 97% of their DNA, that we come from a common ancestor. That’s closer genetically than an indian and african elephant are.

            I have some questions regarding the gaps in evolution myself, but thats no reason to give up and say “god did it”. The very fact that there are millions upon millions of years between species in carbon dating proves that we werent around at the same time as dinosaurs, for example, not to mention that when you analyze fossils found in rock strata they pretty much line up with evolutionary theory (to prove me wrong, show me an example of modern mammals and dinosaurs in the same rock formation).

            There arre gaps, and I do believe in some form of higher intelligence, but to say evolution in unproven is incorrect.

          • Victor Pride says

            “I have some questions regarding the gaps in evolution myself, but thats no reason to give up and say “god did it”.”

            If you’d like to make up things and say that I said them you’re free to do so, but don’t do it here. You have a website, you can make up any number of things I never said and post them as much as you like. Just not here.

          • C. says

            Actually to make it more clear, as someone who studies several belief systems. The easiest way to break it down as far as Atheism goes…..

            1.Atheism ~ Absence of gods.Does not believe in any gods.
            2.Monotheism ~ One god.Believes in only one God. (i.e Allah, and Yahweh)
            3.Polytheism ~ Has several gods. Pagans such as Celts, and Norse have several gods. (Skadi, Thor, Odin, etc.)

        • The Grizzly says

          “Evolution is a hard fact, you can go to a lab or museum and see for yourself speciation in fast-reproducing insects”

          What an idiot, you truly belive this? You probably believe we evolved from apes too? maybe you did you dumb fuck but I didn’t.


          • says


            It would help if you even understood the theory you are trying to argue against before making an ass of yourself on the internet. Nobody has ever claimed man evolved from apes, it is claimed they have a common ancestor, which they do. See my above comment and read a book

      • Tyler says

        Misconception about atheism, the question: Doesn’t atheism involve faith, just as theism does? This assumption is rooted in the elementary logical fallacy that two opposite things–belief and disbelief–are actually the same thing. A basic tenet of logic is that anyone making a positive claim bears the burden of proof for that claim. For example, in a court of law the lawyers for the prosecution bear the burden of proof, because they are making the positive claim that the defendant has committed a crime.

        To take a skeptical position regarding an extraordinary claim for which one has not been provided with compelling evidence is not an act of faith; it is simple common sense. Here is an analogous situation: supposedly, as a Christian, you do not believe in the Roman or Aztec gods. Is it just as much an “act of faith” on your part not to believe in those gods as it was for the Romans and Aztecs to believe in them? If a man walks up to you and says he has an invisible magic elf sitting on his head, do you automatically believe his claim? If not, is it an “act of faith” on your part not to? Or are you simply responding to the claim with common sense and skepticism because the man has failed to provide you with adequate evidence for his elf? Choosing not to believe in something when you have no reason to believe in that thing is not an act of faith, it is just the smart thing to do.

        Copied from atheist-community.org FAQ. It explains very well.

          • Wahid says

            I enjoyed most of the posts on your site, but this is one aspect I disagree with you. You’ve failed to give a legitimate rebuttal to the fact that Atheism is the default. Most people are ‘atheist’ to the thousands of gods that have been created by man over history, and choose to believe only in the one that their family believes in.

            What you don’t need to do is to prove why you don’t believe in those many gods, the burden of proof are on the people who believe in that supernatural being(s). Atheists just go that one small step further and don’t believe in all the gods, rather than the Monotheists who reject thousands of gods except the ‘one and only’.

          • Sean Basil says

            Wow dude wow. You’re disciplined, determined, and you have a great physique.

            But intellectually you’re a complete idiot. I’m sorry. I have bought your books in the past and I find your blogs very useful. But wow you’re a moron. At least don’t shoot yourself in the foot by posting stupid articles like this. At least try and hide your ignorance

          • Joe Blow says

            Hi guys,

            I am very late to the party, but please allow me to share my humble opinion. The best way to respond to religious/evolution questions is to say, “I don’t know.” Arguing is a waste of precious time and, believe me, time is the only thing that truly matters. Time is the only equalizer of all men. Most people are easily distracted and choose to squander their time over frivolous nonsense. And then there are the lucky few who utilize their time in the most efficient way by concentrating on what really counts in life. Bickering back and forth about silly things will never benefit anyone. Just my two cents.

            By the way, thank you for the overwhelmingly positive message that you bring to the world through your blog, Victor. It’s very reassuring to know that there are still some people out there with good old common sense (which is seriously lacking in today’s troubled times).

            Please keep kicking ass and taking names!

      • huzaifa says

        correct, but that is not the question here…the previous posters seem to be stuck on the topic of semantics of “atheist”…I have to admit to being one, because try as I might, I can’t tell you there is a god…If you don’t think there are any gods, by definition you are an atheist.
        Granted, you may disapprove of the word because of the damn cocky pedantic nerds who go around applauding themselves for not believing anything are so sure…technically any one who isn’t positively a theist is an atheist, even if you are an agnostic atheist, which is what I am…and believe me I have been quite open-minded to religious ideas my whole life, hell, I wish I were wrong…much better to believe in these positive ideas rather than the shitty nihilism that atheism relegates us to…however I find it odd that the owner of this site, which his masculine disciplined bravado for some reason is a proponenent of religioin….yes lots of atheists are nerds (like admittedly I am, Asperger’s sucks) but wouldn’t relying on religion be not promoting discipline? The way I see it is if I don’t discipline myself and become lax that ONE life that I had to give to others( I wanna research medicine so I don’t have to see anyone I know die…shit doesn’t need to happen) is gonna be over, and I’ll be filled with regrets…

      • Ben says

        All religion is good for is starting war. Politics and religion can suck my 11inch schlong! Too many people here are writing cheques their asses can’t cash! Keep kicking ass Vic!

  10. Poppy says

    As an English woman I can actually say that this is one of the best articles I’ve read. I agree wholeheartedly about everything you’ve said here (apart from excluding some parts of Western Europe as entirely feminist. Some of still want a truly masculine man, you know!). I am so sick of weak/effeminate men and of seeing them get more and more pushed around by their female counterparts. I’m all for equal rights for everyone, but let’s be honest – men are supposed to lead, they’re supposed to control. Biologically, that’s why you’re built bigger/taller etc. You’re meant to be the protector/the provider. It’s just how it’s supposed to be. I just wish more English men followed the things you talk about in your articles.

  11. Joey the Bartender says

    Completely agree with you on most of the fronts Vic. I wouldn’t blame the gays though, I’ve met some pretty burly cocksuckers who are ten times the man these skinny jean hipster chumps are. My bro’s gay and damn successful, I’m straight, an amateur boxer and former powerlifter and my youngest bro is a millionaire (straight too). Dad’s a blue collar electrician and was always there for us, taught us to build shit with our hands, to solve problems. I will agree that these wacky bitches are wayyy to stupid to raise a man properly. Even the Hagakure (book of the Samurai) written 300 years ago observes that women don’t know how to raise men.

  12. Savage spartacus says

    Well victor, when the power grid fails from an EMP Blast or the u.s.a crumbles into civil war, all these weak feminine men and fat warpigs will die.
    just a matter of time

  13. Woman says

    One guy does half-measured, secondary behaviour observation and is instantly elevated to saints.
    I see the same scenario played out around me every day, guys are wasting years going after women that need them no more than a pussycat playing with a bow. I have around 10 long term (over 5 years) admirers I have never given a hope to. At the same time men are completely undermining and ruthlessly using women who has chosen them are are willing and capable of tolerating their imperfections.
    Guys this is the law of nature, there is no cure for it. You just need to accept the fact that a man can only choose from a pool of women who have chosen him.
    Analysing women is a hopeless task. 50 percent of their decision is based on natural instinct. She might fully appreciate that you are better in all respects, but the other guy smells just “right”. Women is the guardian on the human genetic code, men is the one the nature is experimenting on. Do not underestimate female instinct, it is beyond her own powers let alone your little, basic tricks. Simply be a man women could rely on for support and protection from the rest of the world and date women who does want to see you and does suggest joint activities. She might behave like a slut with others, and be transform into a most devoted wife with a man capable of seeing her sensitive nature through this defensive secondary behaviour.

  14. pancho says

    I stopped being a catholic not because of the supposed “turning back on men” thing but because religion is a bunch of bullshit. Sorry that’s what it is and yeah I guess you are kind of a pussy if you let other people make you believe things just because you are going to go to hell if you think otherwise. Regarding the whole atheism thing. WHO GIVES A FUCK? Honestly this whole debate boils down to manipulating language. I guess I am an atheist if you are talking about the god in the bible. But that whole thing that “God is Love”, “universe is god” or the shittiest of all “God is the essence of everything”. Yeah well if you want to give god all those meanings, then I guess you can say god exists. But does it really matter if god exists? Whether there is an afterlife or not really worries you? People, stop giving so much shit about religion or atheism. Just live a good life, think before you do shit, use your head and be kind to others. What happens afterwards does not matter now! BTW being kind does not mean taking shit from other, it means helping out if you can without any interest of getting anything in return.

  15. says

    The “can I please buy 2% milk” part seriously made my stomach hurt…
    Those guys are seriously a disgrace for mankind. Thanks for the post, Victor.
    If only more men could realize this….

  16. says


    Just got here man and I agree with 99% of what you say. What a kick in the ass! I felt so inspired I bought the 30 days book within 5 minutes. On that list, I’ve only done a few things, like buy my name domain (which I’ve done nothing with btw). I was just thinking today about how my life lacks discipline as I decided not to work for a boss anymore and it’s all the more important. I found your site while looking for porn nonetheless…instead I got this. This is the wakeup call I needed, just when I needed it.

    Thanks man,


  17. Sofi says

    Ok so I’m not a western women, but that does not mean I’m weak or love being weak. It is a fact that throughout history until the present day women were not treated well and so were some men but women predominantly because of our inherent physical weakness in a world for most of its time relied on physical strength. The thing about the diet I do not think its true, a healthy diet results in a healthy person MAN or women, if you as a man do not want a specific type of diet you are free to choose something else. Now about feminism, I think it started out right but ended wrong, meaning that instead of standing up for women’s right it became a tool for liberals who oppose religion, these feminists forgot that religion and morals protected women from exploitation. Now women in the western world are prostituted in every imaginable way, especially in the media, strip clubs and so on. I dare say that a lot of western men do not respect women as they claim, to me they seem to be overly obsessed with sex, looks, banging the maximum amount of women, living a care-free lifestyle, postponing commitment as much as they can while on the other hand judging women. I think it is important for non-western women to know this before getting involved with a western man as a matter of fact most of my friends seem to know that and so do non-western societies, as a result they do not allow their daughters to marry western men. For example indian, pakistani, middle eastern, asian societies mostly do not approve of women marrying men of other nationalities, especially western men, and also represent their own women to be more suitable for their men.
    Another thing that you did not mention, today we are more reliant on machines and law to protect us. Men are not needed to be physically as strong as they used to be because we are relying on machines to do most of the work.

  18. Matt says

    Your comments about Christian churches vs masculinity were spot-on. I’ve mentioned similar thoughts before to others and they looked at me like I stepped off a spaceship.

  19. John Stamp says

    The last one about feminism is spot on. I did semester abroad to Ukraine, an awesome experience all around, and the women there were much better then the average American women, Ukrainian, and Russian women that I met, take much better care of themselves, mostly because too many of the men there are alcoholics without jobs. I rarely saw a fat women in Odessa. They walk everywhere, and they are proud of their femininity. They dress nice, cook good, and took more interest in men. I went on several dates, all in my bad Russian, but it was an eye opening time living in Ukraine. I don’t like a lot of stuff about Ukraine, but I love the women. The same goes for Latina women. Just found this blog and have been reading like crazy. Very motivating. Also, I have a younger cousin who is becoming effeminate, my aunt is divorced, and he spends all his time with my grandmother, aunt, and older female cousin, who constantly bash the ex husband. He’s starting high school, and wants to wrestle and play football, but she won’t let him! I’m doing all I can to push him into doing wrestling, which was the best thing for me in high school. Great blog, I’ll be sure to keep reading.

  20. says

    I’m a Christian and I’m the boss in my house. My wife knows her role and I know mine. Bible don’t teach pussification, but tells ya to be a man and that a woman gotta submit to her man. Any church that teaches otherwise is flat out making things up. Awesome posts btw, keep em coming.

  21. PD says

    Does anyone know a “church denomination” where men are respected and proper gender roles are encouraged? Something aside from Latter Day Saints. I tried doing an internet search, but nothing really came up. Thanks.

  22. Leo says

    I, too, have to sound off about the comment made about Christianity. The whole thing about “turning the other cheek” being the pussy way out is wrong. That was a gesture to show the futility of using war and violence in general to solve a problem. It doesn’t work. Christians are called to LEAD BY EXAMPLE which takes tremendous inner strength. Isn’t it harder to contain your rage and instead teach someone to use his head before his fist? That doesn’t mean that you can’t defend yourself! If someone is trying to hurt you or your family for no reason then by all means fight back!

    Sir, have you even read the bible? God is a man and his word has always put men at the heads of the household. Men are always called to be providers and women taking care of the home and children.

    The problem is the churches not God’s word. Churches today have preachers slipping donations into their backpocket, twisting scripture, and even letting women preach which is forbidden. I’m a non-denominational Christian. I read my bible and am happy to discuss it with those that want to hear it. The only reason I don’t go to church is because I haven’t found any that are worth going to.

  23. Larry J says

    Wait a minute….

    Islam respects men? Well, so does Greeco-Roman culture and Chinese confucianism. Nothing new there….


    More and more people (especially women) are converting to Islam? Maybe the Middle East (obviously and naturally)…but where else? Are you talking about the West? or Asia? Because I know of no growing trend or personally know anybody who is what you are claiming.

    Not neccessarily pointing fingers at you but I just want legitimate validation of your claims.

  24. mc says

    nail on the head. western society has become infected with this ideal that all men (and all sexes) are created equal. the state enforces this ‘ideal’ even though it has no basis in reality. the biggest loser in this ‘ideal’ is western men. all you have to do is look at the courts system and how men are discriminated against for being single parents.
    men in the middle east for example don’t take any sh.it from women. the wearing of the burka is testament to this.

    the whole concept of equality and democracy is just a veil for state tyranny and the church are equally responsible for the spread of this infectious disease.

  25. says

    I think quitting porn and masturbation is the most important thing a man can do to improve his life. I am a completely different person and my life is totally different from when I was a chronic masturbator.

    More than 90% men masturbate and once you finally break free of the urge to do it, it’s like you’re living on a different plane from most other guys. Their problems seem so small and lame, issues that could be resolved if they had a tiny bit of self-control.

  26. Jón Tór Strøm says

    thank you man.. .finally someone said it, and i will admit it i’m a wuss on my way to becomming a better man i hate it but my point of view is exactly the same fuck feminism, fuck the media, and for fuck sake, damn vegetables to hell we want meat!

  27. kevm3 says

    The Bible directly states that men are to be the head of the household and that women should submit to the men, it states not to give your authority over to women and has several stories warning against allowing a woman’s seduction to influence a man’s actions. It even states that women should not teach or have authority over men… so whatever church is teaching men to submit to women is teaching false doctrine.

    1 Timothy 2:12
    “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

  28. Jacob says

    Got a question and a point for you Vic :

    1) Been doing the steak and eggs diet to shed some weight. I feel great and am slimming down from the little I got to lose pretty quick. I normally cook my eggs/steak in coconut oil instead of butter. Is there any inherent advantages to using one over the other besides taste?

    2) I agree with you on the churches turning its back on men. I am fortunate enough to attend a church that celebrates the role that men have in society and encourages us to be strong leaders of the family. Also, while Jesus was generally a peaceful man, He knew that there was a time to fight back; case in point, when He destroyed the merchants’ tables in the synagogue and chased them out.

    Stay strong!

    • Victor Pride says

      1) I don’t see a particular difference, but that sounds like a real tasty treat. Tomorrow I’ll have to cook my lunchtime steak in coconut oil and give it a try.

    • says


      I cook in both coconut oil and butter. Both are ‘good fats’. You’ll hear garbage out there about butter being bad for you for any number of reasons but it’s based off poor science.

      For practical purposes – I personally find coconut oil more difficult to cook with as stuff seems to stick to the pan more. Plus, it can give your steak more of a sweet taste – which I don’t prefer.

      I would recommend supplementing with a bit of coconut oil each day. If the rest of your diet is on it will help keep you in ketosis and there’s some solid evidence that it will help prevent Alzheimer’s.

      Personal preference – you can’t go wrong either way.

  29. Mike says

    Victor, this is a great list of why males are continuing to become more emasculate than ever. I didn’t see this on the post, but what I found out to be most emasculating (in my experience) was the practicing of yoga and of trying to find my “inner-conciousness” and “cosmic power”. Whatever the hell that means.

    After practicing yoga, I felt very weak and lazy, all at the expense of feeling “love” and “peace”. Weird thing is, after these meditation exercises I felt very disturbed and very afraid. I started to act like a coward. I started reacting (like an girl) to the smallest of sounds as if I was in danger. I was so worried (no idea why) and felt crappy all the time. Only when I stopped these stupid meditation techniques did I feel better. Surprisingly, this is not a rare experience among people who are beginners in yoga. So many guys in the United States are really buying into this notion that yoga will give them a peace of mind, and make them feel better about themselves. That’s bullcrap. Men, if you want to feel good about yourselves, achieve something in the physical world. Don’t resort to trying to find your “inner power” or “godhead” or none of that crap. If you don’t believe me, try both and then see which one makes you feel better about yourself. I absolutely guarantee doing something pyhsical will make you more of a man than sitting alone in your room and trying to find your “cosmic power”.

    • Victor Pride says

      Great comment, guy. I get asked about meditation all the time, like it’s some secret. Why the fuck would I retreat to my “inner being of consciousness and be one with myself” when I can lift weights. Every meditator I’ve ever read is a fucking goofjob.

      • Dan says

        Unfortunately lots of what we get from the ancient spiritual traditions now is mostly watered down garbage . Meditation can be very powerful but the way it’s taught in western society now will turn you into an effeminate weakling. The old shamanic societies valued the warrior and the king and they still do! . Two essential archetypes that men need to embody in order to produce a strong society . Men need to be connected to the lover archetype which is the cross over for both men n women . But this is to basically stop men from becoming a dictator or a heartless tyrant . Unfortunately what we get now in yoga is to just get men focusing on becoming soft pussified lovers . Not good . An amazing book called king warrior magician lover expands on this . Proper spirituality, decent spirituality is pretty much self psychology . We create our own heaven or our own hell . You are in fact a spiritual teacher ! Helping men become better . Not this wishy washy crap u get these-days

  30. splooge says

    killer post but gotta chime in. The part about marrying in asia, be sure to pick east asia and avoid india and the middle east. The women there are quite mouthy and will only stay feminine if you can keep staying alpha. Any beta aspect that creeps in, shell bitch more, just to give a heads up. Least east asians dont mouth like that.
    True what you said about islam, but sikhs seem to have that too since theyve had the islamic influence.Wonder why they get criticized in the manosphere if anything that would be the go to religion.

  31. says

    Right on with the comment about going abroad for a feminine woman. I live overseas and the majority of Westerners here have done that, including me!

  32. says

    It really is astonishing to see every program on TV depicting women to be right and men being idiots. That almost no one can see this is beyond me. Furthermore this affect young boys and let’s them grow up with the belief that they should let women call the shots and cater to their every need.

    Can definitely see that most of my generation has not had a father figure to show us how to relate to women and other men.

    • K says

      Why are boys/men watching TV? Don’t they have bikes to ride, toy guns to shoot, friends to run around with…or a job to go to? It’s women who are underemployed who have time on their hands to watch those shows. Marketing guys know that. Advert breaks are aimed at women and the adverts pay for the shows. Scripts have to be edited with this in mind. Money runs the show unless you think it grows on trees for other people – which it does not.

  33. MAROCK says

    Great to see some men who still knw what being a man is.

    One piece of advice though is be men, rational, disciplined and intelligent. think with yur mind, not your Dick. dnt jump on the 1st women who smiles at you… thats how they get over you and use you. exercise self-control and discipline.

  34. M. Silva says

    Forget about South America: North American bitches and feminists are role models for women down here in the South. Feminine women are nearly extinct here in South America. Many bitches pretend to be one just to trap guys and to deceive them, principally richer foreign or native fools.

    Divorce rates are sky high and so are single mother ones.

    Men can go to jail by simply quarreling with his wife or by prohibiting his teenage daughter to go dancing in skimpy, tight clothes in Brazil for example.

    As far as Christianity is concerned, try attending traditional Catholic Tridentine Mass by traditional priests: men, mainly younger ones, are an overwhelming majority (women do not like the anti-liberal, anti-marxist, anti-feminist environment). It is a growing trend in Christianity (but most of the clergy, feminist sympathizers, do not like such type of old fashioned Catholicism).

    Great post, like the others on this website!

  35. Matt says

    What you say about western women could not be any truer.

    I have married a Croatian girl. Best decision I have ever made in my life.

    Plus, even though she is feminine, she could kick the ass of any western dyke.

  36. Hildy says

    I am a woman, and I want to say that I agree with what was said in this article. The only aspect missing, regarding the western man-child, is the laziness. That’s a major problem. Most of the men I’ve known throughout my life are so unbelievably lazy. A woman will never respect you if you spend most of your time staring at either a TV screen or a computer screen. A desirable woman won’t, anyway. Women who make good wives and mothers want men who can be stern and protect and provide. They don’t want men who whine or have violent tantrums because they actually need to do something for their family. Nearly all women who don’t buy into the feminist act-like-a-man rhetoric want to be wives and mothers. They’re not interested in casual relationships. That would be a major reason why so many women convert to Islam. Muslim men want families, it increases their status as a man. They don’t whine about a child getting in the way of their fun and taking up their free time. Generally, they don’t want their wives to work, either. I hate Muslims, so that makes me pretty sad that they do something right.

  37. says

    I was in a store earlier today and I was passing a couple. I noticed the guy was following the girl everywhere and when I was at the check-out he really asked her if it was ok if he purchased something for $11. She said sure that’s fine and then stepped to the side to let him pay. WTF!!! Men need to start owning up and stop being little bitches.
    Your friend,
    Dylan Madden

  38. says

    Hey Vic,
    You know, I truly love reading and re-reading this post because it is very true, quite possibly except for the christian part. You see, I am a born again christian and always carry myself as the alpha male. As a matter of fact, you are very correct in saying that the christian church caters to the feminists. Unfortunately, many churches have succumbed to the typical liberal crap. Real Christians turn the cheek depending on the situation but if the crap hits the fan I say Its Clobbering time. The liberal church does not represent the teaching of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    • says

      Agreed IAAM. I was born and raised in a Methodist church and grew increasingly disgusted by the coddling and hypocrisy. My wife and I left and started going to a baptist church and its a near 180. They’re positive and preach the message but they make no bones about what the Bible says about roles in the family among other issue.

  39. Tutugirlyfemme4words! says

    Be careful to not blind yourselves to the fact that not everything of our making is subject to each of our own choice and control. I am absolutely certain that I got short-changed on testosterone in the womb and have good reason to believe I may have actually gotten dosed with estrogen in the womb when I was supposed to be getting testosterone. I have been an extremely indulgent sissy transvestite for as long as I can remember and full head-to-toe crossdressing has always been the only thing that can get me aroused and I can’t help that. I was born with a micropenis that never grew larger than 2.25″ fully engorged or stretched and I can’t help that. Hence, the idea of me performing penetrative sex with a woman is out of the question and I can’t help that. The three times in my life I attempted to have sex with girls my micropenis could not even get the least bit hard and all I could think about each time was how I could not wait to get home, strip off my male clothes then crossdress, make up and fully feminize and I could not help that. Since my number one body and fitness related priority has always been to look as feminine as possible in dresses and gowns I never had any desire to build up arm nor upper body muscles and I could not help that. I never formed a male ego and quite frankly I never wanted nor embraced my alleged, so-called masculinity and would just as soon kick it to the curb entirely and I could not help that. I am physically, mentally and emotionally incapable of being any sort of real male and I have never felt like I was ever even a boy let alone any sort of man. I have never used the word ‘man’ in reference to myself.

    You could lock me in a house with Elizabeth Hurley, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford with each of them at their horniest and have them agree to do everything I ask them to do and no made beds would even get messed up as I would have one do my hair while another does my makeup while the third does my nails and assists with my clothes and dressing.

    A genie could come to me and tell me that with just a snap of his fingers he could make me the studliest, most handsome, most sought after man on Earth…that the World’s most gorgeous,sexy women would fall at my feet begging to spend mere minutes with me and do you have any idea what I would do? I would squeal in abject terror and run, run, run (Yes, like a girl!) to the nearest group of genetic natal women, begging them (crying on my hands and knees if need be) to please, please, please hide and protect me from the evil, wicked genie who threatened to masculinize me and I would not come out of hiding until the women assured me that the genie had gone and that there would absolutely be no masculinizing of me whatsoever. Only then would I come out of hiding, hug all the women (while likely crying tears of joy) and thank them profusely for saving my life and tell them I owe them mine and ideally they would issue me a card with a number I could call anytime in the event anyone might try to masculinize me and someone would come to my rescue and whisk me away to a safe haven of femininity and feminization.

    I have always maintained (and still do) that if there were ever a war between the genders I would immediately run with two white flags to the nearest female office, HQ or outpost and beg them to please grant me the extreme honor of being allowed to serve as a spy and double-agent so that I could successfully betray, double-cross and sell-out my entire so-called birth gender. Why? Because it would be understandably logical to fear that if the males won they would make me man-up, prohibit me from feminizing and expect me to be a male whereas I could safely assume that if the females won the war they would happily let me feminize myself as much as I like, even letting me have my testicles surgically removed and my micropenis crafted into a neo-vagina if I so desire. The females would know that I would recognize and truly appreciate their extreme blessing of granting me the immense privilege of being allowed to earn my place as an honorary female and would never take that gift for granted.

  40. Kory says

    Hmm, I wonder what the number one most embarrassing thing is. I love your website by the way. I have several autoimmune diseases and I use this website to keep me going sometimes. You are truly an inspiration to this 15 year old boy. Thank you very much.

  41. efe says

    Vic, this post and whole website is great. They all make me very very uncomfortable. It is a good thing :) I am living in Turkiye, 99 of population in ISLAM. You are totally right. In Islam, men one step ahead from women. I think this is how it should be. We become sissy to get pussy.

  42. Oracle Sun says

    Everything you said in the article is true except for one thing: there are still some feminine women who believe in the old fashioned way and still cook, sew, do arts & crafts, clean and take care of the house and children right here in the US. These women also love very masculine men who wear beards and mustaches. In addition, these women also are loyal and want to submit, but they will be willing if the man is worthy. The problem is not very many men are worthy anymore! Unfortunately sometimes these women will get involved with a man who refuses to work and take care of his family and be the man they are supposed to be. So I guess they should leave America too which is something I have been personally comtemplating for quite some time. I just might do that.

  43. Frank sonsans says

    i was brought here by typing into a search “so many young white guys seem gay nowadays” and I know that this article is a few years old but it absolutely still holds true, even more so N0W, years after being written.
    I was at the grocery store with my hot asian wife and she said ‘look at how gay that dude is’ what appeared to be a 2o something gay white guy pushing his cart with completely limp wrists, gay haircut, tightest pants, rainbow colored shirt, tons of earrings and every other gay thing you could imagine. I was certain this guy was gay…
    To my shock a girl walked up placed something into their cart and proceeded to kiss him the way boyfriend/girlfriends kiss and they were holding hands and by their discussion I could tell she wasn’t a fat fag hag, the guy must have been straight!?! The girl was actually a 6.5 out of 1o. This gay guys mannerisms when grabbing food and spinning around all fluffy would have most of you agreeing with the assertion that he was gay…. but maybe he wasn’t, he’s just like so many other white dudes nowadays that seem so gay yet they have seX with girls. It’s just how so many white men act gay, why do guys act gay?
    I went to a bar with a couple friends after a sporting event and I overheard a conversation and some guy said his two roommates are gay but he’s not gay and they live in a one bedroom apartment, disgusting. I recently heard some white guy say ‘I’m not gay but my boyfriend is’, that sums up the current generation of white men in America and its a shame, Mur-rah-ka deserves better.
    I am a 36 yr old White man who is teaching my 2 sons what men are -how to be a man all the while also respecting women but not being like a woman.
    Great article, loved reading it and this will be mandatory reading in my household- my wife and two sons will absolutely read this. Thank you.

  44. joe says

    You are a breath of fresh air to the world. Thank you for speaking your mind with out the pandering bs found everywhere else.

    I like your point on the feminized church. They act like Christians worship a bearded Mr Rodgers in a robe and leave out other parts of that show God is not a ninny.

    I don’t recall the part about GOD entering Sampson and killing a 1,000 people with a jaw bone of a donkey in Sunday school. Mr. Rodgers ehh… Of course all things should be put in context but I believe cherry picking bible teaching has lead to much of its discredit.

    I’m right with you on the evolution thing. I believe micro evolution is completely believable but saying we came from monkeys is a stretch. There are no transitional forms in the fossil record. The Cambrian explosion which is the oldest fossil record shows everything appeared at once.

    My wife make a living through the field of pathology. The complexity of it all is mind boggling and speaks to a highly engineered process no “accident” could create.

    Even if you did accidentally create a liver, heart, all the other cells and “accidently” gave them a purpose to support each other to make a whole human being you would still need the organisms that support human life. More accidents right..Certainly takes a lot more faith to believe that than to believe we were created! If scientist weren’t so proud they would work instead to answer who created us instead of ignoring the obvious.

    Thank you again for your work I wish I would’ve beat you to the punch on creating a site like this since I’m a like minded person. Regardless you fill the void well and I hope you realize that your voice is much needed in the world. Continue the good work!

  45. Shubham says

    Thank u!! Thank u for such an awesome post! Excellent way to end the post man! I’m glad that this feminist shit has not spread in my country and hope to God it dosen’t! Women here are very feminine and accept their roles as a woman and not a fucking shemale!

  46. countgregor says

    The flip side to this news item is that women were liberated and now are moving solidly toward more control. Nothing new there. However men have also been liberated though seen only when looking under the radar. Our society in order the level the playing field went far beyond what was needed. The liberated Men are now family men and raise the children. We are pressured to meet the family finances anymore because there are far to few jobs We now have more and better excuses to stay home and play with the children–babysit–get the groceries etc. Now through “the good old boy” system we can’t us networking to get help from other guys. We can’t be threatened with not getting sex anymore. Every guy by now knows who the gay men in the community are. None of this may seem right–trust me on this—there is a whole new world to be discovered as a guy. It has been handed to us on a silver platter.

  47. kayne says

    yes this is a late reply, oh well.

    that said, its a good read, accurate enough, but it misses one huge point. the primary reason your average american man is an effete weakling is because america has an obbession with cutting off half the penis of every newborn boy. that is to say sexually mutilate or as we call it, “circumcise” the boy. you cannot do this en mass and expect to produce masculine men. the life of these poor boys and then future men was snuffed out of them when they were born. boys need a lot more love in the early years than girls do before these boys can morph into to a strong man. but they dont get that, they get mutilated sexually.

    as for other countries, you’ll notice where feminism hasnt spread, well neither has the aforementioned practice of circumcision. those new born boys get that extra love they need.

    your reasons are quite valid, but the TRUE reasons americans are spitting out effete men is because their infancy is handled all backwards.

    more proof is the number of health textbooks that show pictures of penises without foreskin. when our health textbooks cannot even show the male body properly, we may just have a bigger problem than we care to realize.

    also as it relates to porn, a man with his foreskin doesnt need porn(the penis comes equipped to handle all sexual activities just fine), a man without foreskin needs to adopt a plan B to enjoy sexual activities. this means, viagra, lube, and yes even porn.

    there is a reason she says “Im not in the mood”. its because foreskinless sex is about as thrilling as shoving a stick up her vagina.

  48. Tony says

    Hopefully Victor will see this post and reply because I would like to get his thoughts on what I have to say.

    I am a Christian. I have no shame in this whatsoever. We as humans don’t know everything, and there’s a reason for that: we’re not God. My faith is personal. My faith doesn’t weaken my masculinity; as a matter of fact, it enhances it.

    Here’s why. Jesus is the main character in Christianity. That’s a given. Most everything in the Bible points to this event: God sends His Son to die for our sins. Jesus was sent for that purpose. Jesus wasn’t lazy. Jesus was focused and, at times, quite intense. Jesus called out those who needed to be called out (like a man of today should do). He didn’t hide. He didn’t cower. He is known as the Lamb – but His presence was like that of a lion. He was bold. He was determined. He was confident. Otherwise harsh and cruel murderers and the like turned their lives around for Him and because of Him. He suffered a death so horrible that none of us will ever fully comprehend. And it was for us. That takes a brand of courage that I don’t think anyone in this day and age could come close to trying to mimic. Courage through faith alone.

    Perhaps there are some churches where men are made out to be the bad guy and women are put on a pedestal to not be held accountable for anything. I get that. Churches are run by imperfect people who will make mistakes, but not all churches are the same.

    There are also churches where men are reminded to be strong. To be the natural leader of the household. Where men are reminded in Corinthians 11:3 that the head of every man is Christ, the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. Yes, the head of woman is man. If we existed in a world that was lived more according to the Word of God, we as men would be accepted as the rule, not the exception, and the feminist movement would be non-existent. What’s more is that we are called to be bold and courageous (Joshua 1:9), and I don’t see that as being a far cry from being bold and determined.

    I know that there are other men who read this blog who are also Christians but may not be willing to be as direct about it in the comments for fear of ridicule. The fact that I have my faith is what makes me bold enough to say what’s on my mind without fear of misinterpretation or lashing back from others who hold opposing views.

    I’m a strong, confident leader. I am a Christian. I read this blog and continue to enjoy it. I see no reason why all of these factors cannot co-exist at the same time.

  49. GravyTrane says

    Feminism was created to destroy the families and ruin modern man by elitists from royal bloodlines not fat dykes. (Although the dykes certainly wish they had the drive to start it.)

  50. Rebecca says

    Bible believing Christianity is not weak. Check out Pastor Anderson from Faithful Word Baptist Church and you will hear some hard preaching againt homosexuality and feminism.

    You probably don’t know bible verses like:

    1 Timothy 2: 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

    Colosser 3:18 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.

    Proverbs 6:

    6 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

    7 Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,

    8 Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

    9 How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?


  1. […] Unless you’re blind you have noticed a trend: American men are less like men and more like little boys, effeminate little boys stuck in a state of arrested development. Even worse, some men apologize for being men or supplicate and pander to women, minorities and gays.  Next time you watch a newer movie with a masculine, alpha male character go to imdb.com and look up the actor. You will see one thing in common: all strong, white male characters under 40 years of age are imported from Ireland or Australia. Instead of explaining in detail the reasons for this pussification (it would take pages upon pages and I’m a man, I don’t have time for nonsense. I’d rather talk about winning, but this information has to spread.) I will gloss over the reasons and give you some links to read for yourself. See also: 7 Reasons Modern Western Men Are Effete Weaklings (And What to do About it) […]