7 Things That Make You Lazy (and How to Avoid Them!)

lazy-ds1) Having a job – Having a job means you are complacent. You know that you will not go hungry next month if you don’t work your ass off right now. You do just enough to not get fired to “earn” that paycheck and live. There is no reason to go the extra mile and start building a business on your own. You’ll “do it later”. No need to do it now, you have a job. You’re tired from working. You just want to relax in your off time. When you don’t have a job there is no off time. You are always “hustling” to make more money, get more deals going, meet more contacts, come up with more ideas. When you have a job you’re just waiting for Friday at 5:00.

Solution: QUIT!

After you quit your job (with at least one month’s supply of money) it is sink or swim. Time to put your feet to the fire and see what you’re made of. It’s a virtual guarantee that you cannot be lazy if A) You don’t know how you will feed yourself next month and B) You refuse the cowardly approach of taking money from the Government which (if you have eyes) you can clearly see makes you amongst the laziest on Earth.

2) Television and/or Streaming Movies – We already know television rots your brain, fills your head full of silly fantasies with no base in reality, and molds your way of thinking into that of a mindless cow. We already know that television makes you extremely lazy. It’s easy to sit down on the couch, turn on the latest episode of who cares and “relax”. You have two choices in this regard: keep watching the TV and never get anything accomplished or turn that motherfucking soul sucker off forever! The same goes for streaming movies. If you have thousands of movies at your fingertips it’s just the same (even worse) than television. Now you have unlimited access to everything you want to watch. Get rid of that bullshit! It’s for dummies and suckers anyway.

3) Fast Food, Junk Food, Other Highly Processed Food – I’m still amazed at the sheer number of people who cannot put together the subpar “food” consumed with almost every ailment be it physical or mental. Garbage in is garbage out but no one can put 2 and 2 together. All that nasty food is loaded with added chemicals, fillers, and addictive compounds that work to make you stupid, lazy, docile, fat, weak, and sick. Next time you’re in line at KFC or McDonalds I want you to take a look around at everyone else in line. Do these people look like they’re in great health with abundant energy to take on the world? No? Do they look like they’re going to go home and eat their slop in front of the TV and go to work tomorrow to be able to buy more cow feed? Yes. If that’s the life you want then go for it. Perhaps there is a “fat acceptance community” you can join and bitch about how your genes won’t let you do anything.


You can eat nothing but real, healthy, natural whole food and see how fucking great you feel! Perhaps for the first time you will notice all this extra energy that you can put towards so many uses. Real whole foods include eggs, steaks, pork chops, fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes, etc. It does not include wheat thins or other slop posing as health food. Eat healthy to be healthy. Healthy people have tons of energy. Fat cows have no energy.

4) Video Games/Computer Games – Games take away hours of your life and for what? I honestly don’t understand video games after you grow up. It makes no sense to me but so many young men are addicted, literally addicted, to them it is disheartening. Think about all the stuff you could do if you weren’t cooped up in the dark pretending to be a war hero or whatever stupid shit you’re playing this week. Give the games up for REAL LIFE! Get rid of them, throw them away, sell them, uninstall them, just leave them behind. There’s so much you could be doing instead!

5) PornPorn is probably the worst thing for a young man becomes it makes him extremely lazy. Instead of going out to find a girl to have sex with he can just sit at home in the dark and live out his fantasies on the computer. You never have to develop a personality or “game” because you can have everything you think you want night after night. Only problem is you are at home, alone, pretending. Think about how sad that actually is. Instead of going out and trying to meet girls you’re sitting at home in the dark playing with yourself. I have to tell you it’s much better having a girl to play with than it is to play by yourself.

Solutions are quitting cold turkey, installing some parental controls that don’t let you access porn. You can tell yourself you’ll cut down, or do it in moderation but moderation is bullshit. You’ll either do it a lot or not at all.

What you can do instead:

Go out and start talking to girls. If you’ve been a dork or bad with women you’re whole life you will have to learn some game. This will likely become your new addiction, but that’s ok because it is a healthy natural pursuit. Every man wants women (besides the obvious), women only want alpha males who can lead. Go make something happen with a beautiful woman.

6) Having a Lazy Wife or Girlfriend – Being in a relationship is notorious for making a man lazy. You get complacent, you order pizza every night, you rent a movie, you go shopping. Pretty soon it’s 2 years later, you’re fat, you’re working a shitty job, you look back and you’ve accomplished nothing. If you’ve got a lazy girlfriend (watches TV all the time, doesn’t get you fired up to become successful) it’s time for some dumpage. She can be lazy all she wants but don’t let her drag you down too. There are plenty of other fish in the ocean, find one that fires you up and inspires you (don’t confuse that with a nagging shrew) and watch all the shit you get accomplished with her support. If you’re married to a lazy good-for-nothing I don’t know what to tell you except you were stupid to get married in the first place. After she takes half your stuff, pay her alimony or child support out the wazoo, takes your kids maybe you will wise up and find a good woman the next time around.

7) Facebook and Other Social Media – No reason to live life when you can pretend to be whatever you want. How many times have you been to some gathering where people should be chatting with each other but instead are on their phones commenting on Facebook? All the time. You could be one of those people who live their lives through a computer and a phone. Why don’t you live your life the way it should be? Commit online suicide, get rid of all the Facebook nonsense and concentrate on tangible life experiences that actually make a difference. Instead of commenting on Facebook about some triviality you can accomplish something. Go to the gym and pick up some weights, go for a hike, anything but living like a social media zombie. The world is waiting for you. Go get it. Leave all the lazy zombies to their smartphones and laptops.

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  1. Tom says

    Awesome article again.

    I’ve noticed a common thread of “working for yourself.” I know the feeling of “being stuck” and hating what you do – I spent a few years in grad school feeling that way. I eventually dumped it (yeah, took 5 years for me to figure out that it was not what I wanted in life), but things have gotten better. I worked for an investment bank a few years after that (hated it but, boy, that’ll whip you into shape), and now I’ve just started in a calmer (but far more interesting) environment as a software developer.

    Now, I hear you with what you’re saying about job and complacency. I totally hear you. For me, though, I do a lot of youth activities, high school mentoring, and some community service. It really helps having the stability of a job with a projected salary and fixed hours in order to be able to do all that.

    However, I could see, once underway, working for oneself could still provide all the benefits of a standard job, but with added flexibility (one thing I hate is that vacation is so fuckin limited that I can’t help with some of the service trips we do with the kids).

    The catch is, I have no idea of where to even begin (I’m sure most guys out there feel the same way). I’m a bit of an optimization freak (I guess that might be expected, since I program computers), so if there are too many options, I start spinning out like crazy. It would probably be an awesome experience for me, and really help me grow … I was just about to say, “I’m sure I’d crash and burn at first” … but just writing this out is having some weird zen-like effect (in light of your last response) … where I find myself asking: “So?” I guess it comes down to … do I want it enough and am I disciplined enough … (I’ll stop sharing my stream-of-consciousness inquiry now).

    Anyway, I’m not sure if you’ve posted something on this (will have to look through your archives), but it would be cool to hear your experience of what you used to do, where you are now, and what sort of things you had to do to get there.

    • Mr. James says

      Keep your job for now. You are a good software developer? Wake up one hour earlier every day and develop an app. Or stay up an extra hour. Or skip lunch. Whatever. Sell the app. You need to keep up with your service work. Great for the soul. But develop an idea or something while you work for the man. I’m 56, I am the man. Reading between the lines of your post, I believe this is exactly how you should start. Quitting a steady job to “jump in” has it’s risks. You’ll need to build a good outline first. Projected costs. Projected sales. One month, six months, one year, even up to five years out. Be realistic. Most do fall flat quick. The good ones love that challenge and come back even better. Failure is the foundation of success. But in your case, You need to consider if you can afford one year (or more) of having no money.

  2. Tom says

    Well, starting at the beginning, I found your “The Time is Now How to Get Ready For the Opportunity” to have some of that history and background. Pretty cool to hear you’re doing successfully. Keep up with this blog, it’s a new favorite for me.

  3. says

    Ha I thought it was hilarious, bold, and truthful. A lot of the issues that were mentioned here is literally the everyday struggles people go though in college. I can’t tell you how many people I see during a lecture poking their friends on Facebook. Especially guys and their online video games, my friends are always playing against each other with head phones on blocking anyone who is near them. They’d rather play fiction rather than jump into reality and have a social life. It’s entertaining for me to watch them get into it, so that’s a plus. Also with junk food I agree completely. The hard thing about being in college is the lack of money you have and buying the cheap junk food that stores conveniently have. All I’m gonna say it this website was awesome because it spoke the truth, the dead truth.

  4. Carlethia says

    Phones- they make you lazy by your eyes just into the phone and it can also make you have cancer so please spend a little less time on the phone and get outside and be active. Exersice loose weight.

  5. says

    Hell Fucking yes! your right on the money Vic! I got rid of my t.v, facebook, cut out the porn and jacking off and I feel like a new fucking man! Keep up the great work bro. Cheers.

  6. Fernando Cunha says

    Victor , I just wanted to say that I BASICALLY AGREE WITH ALL that you say. I think just like you. You are right and its a relief that are people just like me in this world. One litle thing that I dont agree is the subject of steroids. I believe in hardcore (true wheight training) wheight training without drugs , only with nature gave you but I believe that thats just the American way of doing things , the easy way – Steroids. And yess easy (been there done there) . But overall , you ARE RIGHT. SERIOUSLY RIGHT .

  7. GINA SALAH says

    HI VIC,
    thanx for your website! uumm I just wanted to say that Im that lazy girlfriend! Im sick of being this way and searching on google on how to not be lazy led me to you. I have to say that the other websites didnt stick in my mind like your did. I dont want to be a lazy cow, eat like a cow and think like a cow. Im thinking leaving my dude would help me considering he isnt shit either. THANX FOR YOUR HONESTY

  8. Vlado says

    I was glad to discover, that I already follow 6 of 7 these things. The last one is having a job. But I am on the way to work as a contractor which will give me the freedom to work for 3-9 months, make some good money and take a couple of months of vacation. And I’ll be probably putting some money to side to start my own business.

  9. Cornelius says

    I agree but we have to consider the opposites to some of these things like income and video games. I believe that if you want to work in the video game industry, playing games would be a given trait to most. I know some people who don’t play them at all and still work in the field. My point is that all things listed here addressed people who have gone too far with their shit and fail to regulate themselves. All things in moderation.

  10. Transforming my life says

    Hey Victor, Great post. I am a 19 year old male. I used to be addicted to computer games, TV, porn and masturbating. At the height of my addiction I was used porn and masturbated/edged for 10 hours a day. I am not sugar coating my past. Life was a living hell for me. 2 years ago I found yourbrainonporn and read all the scientific articles and finally understood why I was feeling like shit all the time along with major daily depression.
    I started abstaining from PMO and felt better, but like any addict, I relapsed countless number of times. I have recently cut out TV, youtube, and other entertainment for the past 2 months. I have started studying more and taking up meditation, cultivating good habits. I am busy cutting all the shit out from my life.
    I think in this day and age, self discipline is even more important than ever as we have internet connection and computers. It’s easy to spend the whole day surfing youtube, netflix etc and watching funny videos and it’s extremely easy to find porn. It is literally at the click of a button. My generation never grew up with playboy magazine’s like my fathers, but my generation grew up with high speed internet porn, a very dangerous thing to wire your mind to at such a young age.

    However, I have been busy turning my life around. I am making the full use of everyday to build discipline, strength, character. I am no longer the guy sitting alone in front of a blinding computer screen going through link after link and picture after picture, touching myself. That’s not my definition of a real man. Thanks for this article and your no bullshit style of writing.

  11. Johnny says

    Good article. I can’t agree more with your point about whole foods. If you eat either high fat/low carb or high carb/low fat whole foods you’ll be lean and healthy. Add exercise and its easy to see muscle on your body because its not encased in fat. That being said there’s something to be said for downtime. I do custom engineering 10 hrs/day 6 days/week and after a typical workday I’m all for sitting in a chair and watching tv. It gives your brain a rest and lets you think about something else for a while. That’s valuable.

  12. Anup says

    Spent 1 entire week downloading Hitman Absolution and Deus EX ……… Read this post , deleted them both without batting an eyelid. Cheers Victor to your profound and inspiring no bullshit approach to life. You truly are awesome :D ….Oh btw i also sent a delete account request on FB , feels quite good strangely

  13. komi says

    Wow, you just spoke about pretty much everything that’s wrong with the world. I am so glad to see that I am not the only one to think that way. I’d get so criticized if I speak it like that.
    But seriously. you spoke my mind, truest article I’ve read. If anyone is looking for help in their life, this article should should do it.
    Thank You.
    no really.

    good job. and don’t stop it : )

  14. Craig says

    Great article. I recently just did number seven a couple days before reading this. Mindless scrolling the news feed. I knew it was bullshit but I still did it. Finally I just told people to give me there email and if you want to keep in contact we can do it through that. I am already twice as more productive. I didnt think it would make that much of a difference but it clearly did. FB can be a good thing but more times than not its used for complete bullshit and addictive.

  15. John Pierre says

    True true but having a job doesn’t makes us lazy its the computer’s fault sitting on computer for long hours makes u feel sleepy because of EMF Electromotive Force that are being released from the screen it kills all the neuron cells inside your brain makes u feel lazy emotionless person which is not good from the computer screen which kills your brain intelligence in a dramatical way

  16. says

    Thank you for talking about porn. It’s not discussed enough, and for men my age it’s just such a huge killer.

    Once I quit watching porn regularly everything about my life got infinitely better, I got a girlfriend, got in better shape, made more money and felt better about myself. Fuck porn.