4 Uncommon Exercises for Building Strength, Power and Muscle

These are four highly uncommon but ultra-effective exercises for developing some raw power, muscle and strength. I have never once seen anyone perform any of these exercises in any gym spanning two continents. Too bad for them and fortunate for you – these exercises will help you turn beastly.

Wrestlers Bridge

The wrestlers bridge is mostly a neck exercise but it also works your entire core. Most people don’t even think of training their neck, which is too bad for them. Having a strong, thick, powerful neck is probably the #1 indicator of someone who possesses immense power. Having a muscular body but a little neck is unsightly and goofy looking. Having a thick neck pulsing with muscle is impressive even if the guy is skinny everywhere else.

To perform the wrestlers bridge you will want to get on your back, push yourself up onto your neck using your hands for support, let go so you are resting your weight on your neck, and then you will want to move your core up and down so that your neck and back get a mighty workout. Start with 3 sets of as many as you can do. Gradually build up to 5 sets. When you can do at least 5 sets of ten reps you can start adding weight (holding a dumbbell or barbell above you for added resistance).

Weighted Pushups Between Two Benches 

This exercise is excellent for chest, triceps, shoulders, and core development. Set up two flat benches parallel to each other and set up a chair behind them. Set your feet on the chair, one arm on each bench, have someone put a weighted plate on your back and start doing deep pushups between the two benches. Simple and effective.

Ol’ Doug told me about this exercise and it’s a monster. You can expect all the girlies in the gym to be watching you while you perform it. When you get setup in your pushup position have a friend or someone in the gym put a 45 lb weight plate on your back for added resistance. This exercise is a man maker.

Dive Bomber Pushups

Use the same bench setup as above but you will angle your body so you are facing downwards (dive-bombing). You will need to move the chair closer and put your ass in the air like you are dive-bombing. This will develop some thick, broad shoulders. This is much like a handstand pushup that guys in prison do all the time, except this way you get more of a range of motion in between the benches. Do as many dive bomber pushups as you can, rest for 30 seconds to a minute and then do some more. Repeat until finished.

Suitcase Deadlifts

The suitcase deadlift is a whole body exercise but is especially excellent for grip, forearms, obliques, neck, and traps. Load a heavy (remember, heavy is relative) barbell, place the barbell on one side or your body, grab and lift with one arm. Repeat with the other arm. It is just like picking up a suitcase except your suitcase is heavy and made out of iron.

Bonus Exercise: Girl Pushups 

Girl pushups are not what they sound like. You don’t want to get on your knees and do dinky pushups like a girl, you want a girl to get on your back to give you added resistance while you do pushups. This only works if you have a thin girlfriend. Some night tell your girl you need to get a quick workout in, have her lay on your back and then do some pushups with her on you. These are actually quite intense and they have a dual benefit: getting your workout in and wetting your girl’s panties.

Girl pushups sound funny but this is a no phony baloney exercise, it is work. You can expect to be very out of breath at the end of a set, especially if your girlfriend is a fatso. For extra panty-wetation you can add girlfriend bench presses – have her lay across you flat as a board while you bench press her.

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  1. David says

    Last Friday my girl got on top of me, back to back and somehow… our bodies fitted perfectly together (her lower back on my butt). As I tried to do some push-ups, she felt incredible pleasure, like in yoga.

    She got real relaxed and confortable, and you know what follows this point for 2 hardcore hours…

  2. model_1066 says

    It seems like there is no way to avoid weights with this method…not that I have an issue with that, just not big on going to the exercise hives. I would think most of the basic equipment could be picked up on Craigslist for cheap, but even then I’d probably fare better getting back into my old cross country running, hockey playing shape by doing a few runs a week and isometrics such as pullups and pushups before I go to the weights. Maybe get weights in a few months, and do the fireman’s carry with my 75lb bulldog up stairs to get those legs in shape for skiing.

    • Castor says

      If you don’t have the guts or the will to get your own weights, forget about it. Don’t give effort don’t expect results.

  3. says

    lol, in the second image it looks as if the side of the bench on the left is spattered in blood although it’s just rust.

  4. brewer377 says

    Its funny how I’ve noticed in the past that the little skinny, wiry wrestlers that do a lot of bridges and have a thick neck dont really look that bad overall.

  5. dan says

    had actually been doing a variation of the wrestlers bridge for quite some time. basically i would get into the neck hold position and hold it for a as long as possible like a plank. I’m going to add moving the core up and down. thanks for the tip