4 Quick and Easy Tips to Burn More Bodyfat

cutfat-dsFollow these 4 tips and you can be sure you will probably notice some fat loss.

1) Drink water after meals, but not during. Drinking water with meals dilutes the hydrochloric stomach acid leading to improper digestion (or indigestion). Proper digestion is essential to get the vitamins and nutrients out of the food you are eating. If you can’t digest it, you can’t use it. Where does that leave it? You may be used to sipping on water with your meals and think skipping water sounds incredibly hard. I used to think that too but it’s actually quite easy. Just decide to not have any water with the meal. Don’t have any water even close to you. Leave it in the fridge. A great big bonus is that a glass of ice cold water tastes amazing after a meal.

2) Exercise before eating a cheat meal. The one single time of day you can get away with eating the most and the worst food is after a workout. That’s because high sugary meals cause an insulin speak which, any other time during the day, can lead to fat gain but after a workout the insulin spike can lead to muscle gain which is why many pro bodybuilders actually inject insulin after a workout. Don’t do that! It is best to get a full workout in, and then go home and pig out but if that’s not in the cards you can drop and do 50 or so pushups, 40 body squats, pull-ups, chin-ups, or triceps wall extensions. I have been known to eat some blueberry pie a’la mode in my day and when I do I always get my heart racing before I pig out.

3) Read labels. Avoid any foods with the words: soy, hydrogenated, vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, gluten, preservative, aspartame, and Mono-Sodium Glutamate (this will probably hide under “natural flavoring” or Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein). In fact, avoid anything with more than 4 or 5 ingredients. Say no to Frankenfoods whose ingredients list reads like a book. You should always avoid packaged processed foods although sometimes you want some salsa or some soup or something. Check the labels for the best choice. As a fun game, next time you go to the grocery store just try and find 5 items without those nasty ingredients! You may be amazed at what you’ve been eating this whole time.

4) Eat high carb/low fat or high fat/low carb. To limit bodyfat you should either limit fat consumption or carb consumption. That means if one day you want to eat high carb then just simply lower your fat intake. If you’re eating high fat that day lower your carb intake. It doesn’t have to be down to zero, just lower it.

Enjoy your lower bodyfat.

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  1. Om says

    Hey Victor,

    so I thought about this article today…what about if you are eating soup as your meal? Like chicken and veggies etc. or a homemade smoothie like with fruits and veggies etc..

    does that dilute everything as well? we should give up on eating soups and smoothies or anything with broth…

    also hardboiled potatoes and rice need to be cooked in water..does that also mean that it leads to improper digestion?

    hope to hear back! thank you