3 Years of Pride (Happy Birthday to Bold and Determined)

Hello, friends. Today I am happy to announce the 3rd birthday of Bold and Determined.

3 years long, and 3 years strong, buddy. And what a ride it has been.

We are also nearing the end of 2013 and I can’t lie, this year has been a great success for me.

I made a ton of money and did a bunch of traveling (see the post script for travel schedule and pictures).

“Lucky”, some people call me.

Sure, I’m lucky.

But there is a reason “lucky” people are lucky and “unlucky” people are unlucky.

It has to start somewhere…

3 years ago today Bold and Determined was born.

It isn’t luck that registered boldanddetermined.com and it wasn’t luck that developed the Website for Winners ™. It was foresight, preparation and action.

The reason I had a great year in 2013 was because I planned ahead, I thought it through since 2010, and I did all the work required. Now I can reap the rewards.

See, boys, most websites are fly-by-night operations looking to make a quick buck and a quicker exit.

Bold and Determined has been in it to win it from the get-go.

Today we are one of the most popular websites in the world and we average over 10,000+ visitors per day.

But we didn’t start out that way. You don’t start out with a giant following unless you are already famous.

If you aren’t already famous that means you’re a nobody and you’ve got to become somebody to get an audience.

If you don’t have a following you have to build one, and that takes time, effort and commitment.

A history of V. Pride

I used to be a real estate investor. I had money. I had a house. I had this and that, but what I didn’t have was location freedom and that’s what I wanted.

I was basically a landlord and I was tied to one geographical location.

In fact, I didn’t even know location freedom existed until I read The Four Hour Work Week. That book put stars in my eyes and I put a plan into action right then and there.

Enter Bold and Determined….

I registered boldanddetermined.com on Nov. 19, 2010.

The first article appeared one day later on Nov. 20, 2010. It was called 8 Reasons Why Every Man Should Lift Weights.

The 2nd article (which I have just read for the first time in 3 years) appeared on Nov. 26, 2010. It was called The Time is Now (How to Get Ready for the Opportunity). Some choice quotes from the article…

And that’s why you’re going to make your fortune and they are going to toil away in the “safe” jobs with all those great benefits (insurance that they pay for, loss of time and freedom, bending to the will of others, paying more taxes than the average millionaire etc.).

So what should you tell those people about why you’re starting a new business and what it’s all about? Nothing. Don’t tell anyone anything about your plans. There are two reasons for this.

1)      Statistically you are less likely to follow through with your plans if you start blabbing about them. The reason is that you subconsciously feel like you have accomplished them simply by talking about them and are less active in actually fulfilling them. How many times has someone told you their great plan to make money and then never followed through with anything? My guess is a million.

2)     People will tell you that you are crazy or dumb or both. They will come up with all kinds of reasons and excuses to try and talk you out of doing anything. Deep down no one wants their friends and co-workers to do better than them. That’s why you simply don’t say anything.

So now you know what not to tell people. Now you’re asking yourself what kind of business to start and not tell people about. Well, I could give you all kinds of ideas about businesses to start but they wouldn’t mean anything. Deep down in your heart of hearts you know what type of business you want to start. You may not be able to put your finger on it but you will, eventually. I spent years trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I knew what I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to wake up every morning,  put on clothes I didn’t want to wear, rush out the door to sit in traffic for an hour, get to a job I hated, let them tell me when I can take my break, sit in another hour of traffic to get home. All for – what is now in hindsight – a crummy, crummy paycheck.

Sound familiar? That article could have been published to Bold and Determined last week and it would have fit right in.

Our first comment came in January, 2011, two months after launch, from Mr. Matt Marshall. I never told him, or anyone, but Matt’s old blog Tried and True fitness was my #1 favorite blog at the time. Until then I had had no feedback whatsoever about the blog. Matt’s comment fired me up and I knew right away that I had a winner.

Bold and Determined 3 years later…

Today Bold and Determined is one of the most popular websites in the entire world, verified by industry leader alexa.com.

Nearly 2 million people have visited the site.


And we average 10,000+ visitors per day.

What you see in the graphic above is a slow and steady rise to the top.

*We had a couple of massive peaks in traffic in late 2012 when fat feminists and Reddit retards got their panties in a bunch over the classic B&D article How to Meet Shy Girls.

They tried to storm (well, waddle) the shores of Bold and Determined. They received a swift kick in the butt from my American size 13 foot and were sent back on their way.

…and the Website for Winners ™ has had steady growth since then.

Goal setting

2013 was a huge year for the Website for Winners ™, and that was not accidental. I’m actually on track to make less money than I planned on, but you know what they say “aim for the stars and you’ll reach the sky”.

I don’t set daily or weekly goals anymore, I set monthly and yearly goals and I have my schedule planned out months in advance. The plan is fluid and can handle changes, but the outline is always there.

I want it now, now, now!”

You can’t have it now, so get that out of your head. Plan on having it a month from now, or a year from now, and it’s more likely to come to fruition.

A patch of dirt doesn’t turn into a house “now!”. The house has to be built first, even if you want it now.

The “I want it now!” people never get it because they are goal-less and lazy.

Plan ahead to get ahead…

If you want it now you should have prepared for it yesterday.

Do one thing right now. Go to whois.com and type in the address for your favorite websites. You can see when the domain was registered and when it is set to expire. You can see which websites are serious about long term planning and you can see which websites are operating as “fly by night” operations. Most websites are set to expire within one year. Bold and Determined is set to expire 8 years from now.

The secret to making money online

A lot of people want to make money online, a lot of people have been trying un-successfully to make money online, and can’t figure out what the “secret” is. They just can’t figure out why they aren’t making money. I’ll tell you why…

The reason most people can’t make money online is because they are too selfish.

You can be selfish in a smart way or you can be selfish in a dumb way. The smart way to be selfish is to help yourself by helping people. The dumb way to be selfish is to only think about yourself and never your audience.

Listen here, no one cares that you want money. People want an answer to their problem, they want help, and they want value.

All the broke internet hustlers are following a get rich quick scam that doesn’t help anybody. The broke hustler thinks he’s going to make some money running some scam but he never thinks about solutions to problems. He only thinks about what he can get for himself, and all he ever gets is an empty bank account.

So you could cook up some stupid, selfish scheme that won’t ever work or you can figure out how to solve a problem.

What can you do for other people? Help other people and you help yourself.

There are 2 types of people

Somebodies and nobodies.

Unless you are somebody special you are nobody. So become somebody if you want success.

I can’t say this enough times: no one cares about you or what you want until you become somebody. Nobody cares about nobodies. Other people are just as selfish as you and they want what they want, they don’t want what you want.

The only way you are going to stay in business is by providing a solution to a problem. Do that and business will come your way and you will become somebody.

Every single day I get emails from people all around the world telling me how much Bold and Determined has changed their lives…

I first came to your website by googling “How to find the perfect wife”. I had lived the last 3 years like a dog. I sponsored a wife from my country and for 3 years I… When she finally came to Canada, she decided to leave after a month…. So I was tossed on the side like a soiled Kleenex, with a broken heart and crippling debt. To add insult to injury, she decided to get welfare from the government. that I have to pay for because I am responsible for a sponsor for the next 3 years. And she went telling all the people in my community that I had mistreated her, that I was cheap and so was rejected by my own people.

What can a guy do in a feminist society under those circumstances? After I finished moping around for a month, I decided that it was time for big drastic changes in my life. I started reading your blog and devoured every word! What I read deeply resonated in me. Everything made sense and it was clear. That gave me lots of hope. I started working-out to get back in shape like I was some 15 years ago when I was in the Army. I started doing Muay Thai again with mixed BJJ. I had always loved martial arts but never gave it enough time. During all summer I dated hot girls every week. I finally declared bankruptcy but it’s no big deal now because I am about to make a shit load of money. I started a web business and it’s slowly picking up but it’s gonna take time and dedication (I’m a computer programmer).

Vic, I don’t know if it’s destiny or what, but you came into my life in the perfect time. You inspired me every step of the way, I’m not joking. Six months after my disaster, and now I have a cute GF that’s 10 years younger than my ex-whore, that worships the ground I walk on. I became more buff and in shape than before. I went from benching a mere 120lbs to 210! My fighting skills got amazing and now I’m thinking of going to Thailand to enjoy a stay in a Muay Thai camp for a while.

I just wanna say from the bottom of my warrior soul, God bless the day I came across your blog. Your words were the light along my journey and the food to give me enough strength to rise again.


My buddy Chris over at Good Looking Loser (don’t let the name fool you, Chris is a Go-Getter) has a great review of 30 Days of Discipline and he has been given the green light to host the official un-official 30 Days of Discipline forum. Grab your copy of the Bootcamp for Winners and head over to the forum and keep track of your progress and goals.

Frequent commenter John Doe has started a no-BS bodybuilding blog with inside secrets about training, nutrition, and even steroids. Check out John Doe Bodybuilding to get a taste. If you like his blog you can sign up for his e-letter and get 10 Underground Secrets of Bodybuilding for free.

Do you want to start a blog but don’t know how? Uncle Victor has invented the easiest solution in the world for the non tech savvy would-be bloggers out there. Bold and Determined is now offering free WordPress installations and much much more for the aspiring writers. We’ll install all the stuff for you, just follow directions here and you’ll have your blog up and ready in 24 hours and you don’t have to do anything technical. You’ll also receive some behind-the-scenes reports not available anywhere else….for free. If you want to start a blog this deal is a no-brainer, so check it out here.

The 3 books that changed my life

  1. Think and Grow Rich – Mindset is key and Napoleon Hill explains it beautifully in this masterpiece.
  2. The Four Hour Work Week – Does the 4HWW blueprint work? In the right hands any blueprint will work, in the wrong hands nothing will work. Before I read the book I had no idea world travel was possible, this year I’ve traveled so much I had to go and get extra pages added to my passport – and I’ve saved over 20 grand while doing it.
  3. The Millionaire Fastlane – I read this book in July of this year and I was blown away. I thought I’d already read it all and knew everything, but I was wrong. Because of this book I have re-worked my entire business system. This book is a must read for killers and real dealers.

Now stop thinking about bad things, just success success success.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – Victor’s Travel Schedule for 2013

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand (January)
  • Bangkok
  • Pattaya, Thailand (February)
  • Bangkok
  • Ho Chi Minh Cty, Vietnam (March-April)
  • Nha Trang, Vietnam (March)
  • Bangkok
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia (June)
  • Sihanoukville, Cambodia (June)
  • Bangkok
  • Manilla, the Philippines (July)
  • San Vicente, the Philippines (July)
  • El Nido, the Philippines (July)
  • Makati City, the Philippines (July)
  • Bangkok
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (August)
  • Bangkok
  • Chiang Rai, Thailand (September)
  • Bangkok
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (again, September)
  • Bangkok
  • Hong Kong (October)
  • Bangkok

Enjoy some pictures of V. Pride traveling around in 2013.

PPS – A game, a secret, and a chance to win a Bold and Determined Wolf T-shirt

I’m very excited at a recent development. Let me give some backstory…

The stylistic influence behind Bold and Determined is 3-fold.

My own style + a specific song + a specific movie = the Bold and Determined style.

I have quite literally been waiting for 3 years for anyone to guess the song and movie that have been the biggest stylistic influences on Bold and Determined.

Today, on the 3rd birthday of Bold and Determined, someone finally guessed the song (the comment can be viewed here). See below…

I am going to extend the offer for VIP status to anyone who can guess the movie that was a huge influence on Bold and Determined.

The first person to correctly guess the movie will receive 1) all current Bold and Determined e-books free of charge, 2) any future products free of charge and 3) a Bold and Determined Wolf T-shirt free of charge.

I’ll give you a small hint: when you hear the name of the movie it’s going to make perfect sense.

Leave a comment below with your guess. The first person to guess correctly will win the very first official Bold and Determined Wolf T-shirt.


Note: Contest is now closed. We have found a winner.

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  1. Alex says

    I found your blog some time ago through reddit and since then I try to visit it regularly. About your photos, didn’t you say it’s better to remain anonymous online? Cheers.

  2. says

    I have NO clue what the film is!! Maybe….. ‘Money never sleeps’??

    Happy birthday to one of my top 2 favourite blogs on the planet!!!

    Now can you guess what my other favourite blog is? ….. And it’s not mine.

  3. Steve says

    Gladiator… Maybe the godfather or the first Conan movie.

    God this is going to bug me and I should be working…

    I refuse to believe its 300, but you never know.

    • Victor Pride says

      “I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture… and kill them”. Negative on FMJ.

  4. mothersmurfer says

    I’m going to guess: Fight Club.

    Thanks for everything Vic. Your words have been a help to me. Please keep writing.

  5. says

    Happy Bday and congrats on BUILDING B&D from the ground up just like every area of your life. Success is never an accident.

    Kids their teens and 20s should legitimately feel lucky to have this as a resource. This place gives people permission to do things that they would otherwise just be daydreaming about.

    There’s so many sites that have 1 or 2 good posts and traffic spikes and then fade awayyyy.

    Everything on here is worth reading, straight to the point and ahead of it’s time.

    I spend so much time working on GLL that I don’t have the time/eye sight to read other blogs but this is one of the only ones that I make a point of reading (often several times).

    Congrats and nothing but the best to you.

  6. Andy says

    My first thoughts were for inspiring films about determination, like Chariots of Fire or The Shawshank Redemption (one of my personal favorites), but am gonna go with: The Hurricane

    • Victor Pride says

      No on all 3. Quick tips, it’s not at inspiring movie or a super famous like Shawshank – but the title of the movie makes perfect sense in relation to B&D.

  7. Justin says

    Happy birthday, man. From the minute I stumbled across this site, it’s been one of my faves. I direct each and every guy I know/meet to this site. Keep up the good work. Two guesses for the movie:

    1. 300
    2. Spartacus

  8. Bryce says

    As always-enjoyed this article.

    If i had to guess a movie, I see a lot of parallels and influences from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. (Eastwood ’66). Its just one of those good ass-kicking movies that makes your chest feel a little hairy-er after watching it.

    anyway-keep up the good work! Its refreshing to see somebody speak the truth and actually LIVE what they TEACH.

  9. Bryce says

    or maybe ” A Fistful of Dollars” (Eastwood ’64). You can tell that I’m a Clint Eastwood fan. I just don’t have much time to watch his movies (or any tv/movies for that matter). Hes a great example of how every man should aspire to be.

      • says

        Let’s be real here. Anything written and directed by Mamet is going to hit hard and spare nothing. Extra-awesome that it stars Val Kilmer (especially pre-fat), a GREAT actor.
        Going to watch this this weekend.
        Have you seen “Heat”?

  10. abhi says

    “”They received a swift kick in the butt
    from my American size 13 foot and
    were sent back on their way.”””

    this one statement made me laugh very hard. Almost chocked on my food.

    ha ha.

    your site has started to change my life in a positive way.

    well done man.. keep writing…keep kicking ass…u are a source of motivation to manyyy people.

    Dont ever stop.

    happy aniverswry to your site.

  11. Channing Vigier says

    I bought a domain through GoDaddy, and a hosting plan through Hostgator. Does this promotion only apply to those who bought both the domain and hosting plan through Hostgator?

  12. Hannibal Barka says

    Also, I already have a Host Gator account, but can I get the deal if I buy a new domain using the link you provided?

  13. Bud says

    Nice day, Victor. I hope your business will be profitable and challenging. Victor, when and where it would be able to buy a T-short? All in all, it defenitely would be a good christmas present for a real man, who has a pride and knows such an asskick place as b&d. Thanks!

  14. says

    Hey Vic!
    Happy birthday to Bold And Determined! Looking forward to more of your motivating posts! Keep up the good work and thank you for the critique of the my site! It is greatly appreciated!

    American Werewolf in London??

  15. mike says

    I already won mate – don’t need the T Shirt From “Sparta” …..Ive taken up a lot of your Bold & Determined quotes and speech’s and created my own goals and have managed t achieve great things thanks to your encouragement

  16. Julian says

    I see that you found a winner, but I thought that the movie “HEAT” (the one with Al Pacino, Robert Deniro and Val Kilmer) would be in the ballpark for B&D. Especially the role Robert Deniro plays and how his team operates plus Al Pacino’s role too. They’re badass mother fucker’s in that movie.

    This website is proof that you can get what you want, if you just fuckin work your ass off. No excuses. This site changed my life.

  17. says

    Great choice with the Cellini statue in the beginning! Always liked that one. I had no idea Bold & Determined was this huge now! Awesome. Your books and Matt Marshalls’ are probably the only e-books I’ve ever bought, and so far, only needed, I’ll keep coming back for sure

  18. Jake says

    Victor, you’ve changed my life man. I’ve started an online business (it’s making a few hundred a month, but it’s a start), starting working out 6 days a week, and quit college ( I knew from the get-go it was a poor idea for me).

    I was depressed and going nowhere (despite being at a quality university) but now I’m fired up and enjoying life. I know what I want now. Before I was confused. Now I am becoming more free everyday.

    At 18 would you recommend starting a blog? I feel like I have knowledge to share, but I’m still very young.

    Also, how did you first get traffic to Bold and Determined? I checked and couldn’t find guest posts. I know once you get the ball rolling, great content will promote itself, but initial traffic seems tough to receive.

    • Victor Pride says

      “At 18 would you recommend starting a blog? I feel like I have knowledge to share”

      If you’ve got something to say there is no reason to wait.

      “Also, how did you first get traffic to Bold and Determined?”

      I just wrote articles that I wanted to write, I didn’t do guest posts, I didn’t do FB or twitter, I didn’t do SEO. I knew if I wrote it, some fella on google would find it when he needed it.

  19. BEN says

    Men are more valuable because we improve ourselves daily. My dad is such a pussy and my mother has to wear pants. My dad is not happy and my mom is depressed all the time. Since I was a kid, I was told by my dad to act like a pussy. Now, I act like a man thanks to this website. Keep the good work, Victor!!!

  20. says

    Hey Victor,

    You have given me great inspiration this year and congrats on your success ! I also believe THINK & GROW RICH is a MUST read ! If I had to choose only 1 book to read that would be it…

    I have recently started a new website http://www.Bossopolis.com to help new Entrepreneurs. And I agree fully that you need to add value in order to succeed. and that applies to personal and business relationships. So I intend to give people a lot of my insights for free and help the new entrepreneur along the way. And If they see value in what I give them of course I hope they then invest in some of the programs I am developing.

    Check out the “300” video clip at bottom of my link,
    its a great way to start the day ! Be a gladiator boys and go kick some ass ! Awesome blog Victor !!! Keep up the amazing work, you have inspired many.


  21. Michael says

    Happy Birthday to the Most Inspiring and Motivaiting website on the planet. Truly Life Changing. Thank you , Victor. Can’t wait to see your new products . Keep up the excellent work.

  22. says

    I like Pantera too! My favorite! I’m Broken is my favorite from Pantera and Cemetery Gates. They used to make hair-band sounding rock before dont know if you heard that.

    I would have guessed that your favorite was
    Pain and Gain
    since you sound like Danny Lugo at times but that is so relatively new. Nice guess on the Spartan – when someone mentioned 300 – that was a giveaway!

    Best of luck on B&D’s birthday!

  23. says

    I have read your blog for almost 2 years now but first time posting. Your blog plus fastlane millionaire made all the difference. My head feels clear and all the bullshit most people and even me just a few years back used to care about it’s out of my head. That’s why educating yourself in any way possible is so important. By education I don’t mean the scam of going to college and been in debt. I mean reading and learning things you want to learn. Eventually you will start to see the world like one of those places you see in movies where you are in a complete void where you can start building things the way you want not the way others already have. I’m starting a blog soon and it’s going to be great what sounds better for a blog at first I thought cuttheties but now I don’t like how it sounds I want it to be more bold and manly sounding any ideas?

  24. Paul says


    I was the one who guessed the song, I received the e-books and I´m really grateful and proud. I´ve started with 30 days of dicipline, if this program don´t make you a determined ass-kicker winner, nothing will do. Energy and determination are what separates winners from Losers, and this e-book gives you plenty of both.

    Mouth for war is my all time favorite song. Boldanddetermined is my all time favortie blog. They weren´t hard to relate.

    Check this quotes from the song:

    “[…]When I channel my hate to productive
    I don’t find it hard to impress […]

    […] Bold and disastrous […]

    […] Determined

    I feel a conquering will down inside me
    The strength of many to crush
    Who might stop me […]

    […] No comprehension to fail
    I vacuum the wind for my sail
    Can’t be the rest
    Let others waste my time
    Owning success is the bottom line. […]

    […] No one can piss on this determination […]”

    Other songs that may have some relation:
    A new level – Becoming – Pantera
    Live Wire – Motley Crue
    Delivering the goods, You´ve got another thing coming – Reckless – Judas Priest
    Strengh, Determination, Merciless, Forever (SDMF) – Black Label Society
    A bunch from acdc (problem child for ex)
    and so on

    To conclude, it´s amazing what you have achieved with this site in only 3 years.
    Keep on changing lives. Keep on returning guys into the man´s path.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the anniversary.

    Ps: I was writting a personal creed to read when I wake up, and 30 days of dicipline has been incredibly useful.

  25. says

    First of all.. Congratulations my friend! I love your drive and I love your mind set. It has been great to stand by and watch how B & D grown and how you have done such a great and successful job with it.

    I found B & D after a mate told me his brother purchased your 30 Days of Discipline. Excited at the though of a program that could instil discipline and change your life around I purchased your product the next morning.

    From then on I have been completely addicted to B & D and your posts Vic. You have influenced me to drop out of University to pursue my own entrepreneurial ambitions and to read more books in order to continue my progress in self education. For that I am truly grateful. You have saved me years of torture by showing me avenues that I did not see before or did not know where possible. You are one of my greatest mentors.

    Thanks Vic, Keep it up!


  26. AMS says

    Movie is: Never Cry Wolf

    Song at the end of the film (From the wikipedia entry)

    I think over again my small adventures, my fears.
    Those small ones that seemed so big.
    For all the vital things I had to get and to reach.
    And yet there is only one great thing, the only thing:
    To live to see the great day that dawns
    and the light that fills the world.

    If that isn’t it, it sure as hell must be better.

    • Victor Pride says

      Guy, are you really so dense? There are over billion websites in the world. A ranking 62,000 means we are in the top 1% of all websites on earth.

  27. says

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the great articles.

    Just wondering, where have been your most favorite and least favorite places you traveled to this year and why?

    Any plans to explore other regions?

    • Victor Pride says

      Taz, my fav place was San Vicente, Palawan, the Philippines. It’s “set to boom” as the next big vacation place but now there is truly nobody there except for locals (which must be like 85% schoolgirls), and they have the longest beach in the Philippines which is completely empty. It was a real nice change of place from city livin’. Least favorite Kuala Lumpur. I also don’t like Vietnam very much.

      “Any plans to explore other regions?” I’m a real lazy traveler, if it’s not within an hour or two flight time I don’t want to go. Next year I’ll be in Bali, India, Vietnam again, and the States. And I’ll probably go to the Philippines again. Nothing else planned, but we’ll see.

      • Den says

        Hey VIC,

        First of all Happy Birthday and also thank you so much for the great articles, and also thank you for liking our country to be one of your favorite places. Actually there’smore beautiful places here like in Zambales “The Anawangin Cove”. Palawan is consider very pricey that’s why many of people here don’t afford to go there. Anyway thank you so much for this website I really change my life especially my mindset by reading and following all your advice. Again Thank You so much and more power to you God Bless You Brother!

  28. Anon says

    Happy birthday Vic, here’s to many more on Bold and Determined!

    I’ve been following the bulking diet from How to Get Big Naturally and have gone from 165lbs to 200lbs (I’m 6 ft). Should I now increase the amount I’m eating and continue to put on weight, continue eating the same and stay around 200lbs, or start the maintenance diet in BOAS probably losing 7/8 pounds or so. What do you recommend?


  29. says

    Vic, I’ve been to KL. What didn’t you like about it? The air was dirty I understand that, but I liked the city. Singapore was the best in SE Asia though.
    Where are you originally from in the states?

    • Victor Pride says

      KL was just a little blah. The air was much cleaner than where I currently live. The air here is getting filthier by the day. Singapore was a little boring as well.

  30. Laguna Beach Fogey says

    The Little Mermaid?

    Seriously, this is an awesome website. I’ve achieved a lot so far, through luck, hard work, and perseverance. But I’m looking to go turbo and take it to the next level.

    Would like to hear more about your RE investing career, since that is something I do on the side, very succesfully I might add.

    Well done, looking forward to more B&D.

  31. Alphawolf says

    First of all Happy anniversary Victor!

    I have been visiting the page just for a few months, but I can say that it changed my mind completely! I’m 24 and a month ago I was 40 kg overweight, now I’ve lost 11 kg and the journey has just begun.
    4 months ago i would be thinking wow! I’m the King! I’ve lost 10 kg! look at me! but not now… now i just want more, I want to have money, a good body and a powerful mental attitude. I want to kill the bear, start weight training and stop being a lazy fat boy. in other words: I WANT TO BE BOLD AND DETERMINATED!
    Today starts my new life, with this fucking comment. Today is the day that all the excuses go down the toilet, today is the day that the cub starts the way to become a Lion.


  32. says

    Victor, I received your e-mail about penetrating the spanish-speaking market, I’ll answer you by the next week when I finish this semester.

    I have a question about your Free-Wordpress Installation: Can I register various domain names that link to the same website? For example: My father’s name.com, my businessname.com, my real name.com?

    Congratulations for these three years of pure ass-kicking. There’ll be lots to come.

    P.S: Let’s check that Spartan movie.


  33. Pointbreak says

    Spartan, by David memet?
    Or maybe taxi driver with de niro (second half)

    Damnit!! Just saw someone already answered , BUT i knew it all along.
    Víctor Ive been following your blog since your first post, i never posted nor comentes
    You just dont know how much youve done for me and how much youve helped me
    Im a very Busy person but Ill contribute to this great community next time… Ill have the time
    Keep kicking ass

  34. says

    That’s Fantastic Vic. You are a true inspiration to all of us. I found your blog back in June 2013. I was searching for some old school bodybuilding articles and came across your website. As I checked out all of your other articles, I came to immediately realize that I am not alone in my views. You Vic, have them too. Then I read your articles about Blogging professionally. Those articles with your hardcore “no bull” way of teaching things inspired me to begin my own blog, intenseapexalphamale.com/wp. I feel that I have a voice as well and that blog is also a part of you too Vic. You inspired me to take control of my life more fully . Its people like you that makes America a great place to live in “so far, its rapidly changing as you can see.” You are what I consider a true Intense-Apex-Alpha-Male.

    God Bless Vic. I consider you a winner and a friend. All success to you.


  35. says


    May you have more birthdays. I am similar to the path that you are taking, a Sigma path, an entrepreneurial path. I am deeply thankful for your writings as it is helping me in my struggles in life.

  36. Brett says

    Found your blog a few months ago, and it never fails to make me think. Thanks for all the great content.
    But the secret movie is Stark Raving Mad. And if not, at the end when the main character charges a lion defiantly made me thing of this.

  37. says

    Dear Bold and Determined,

    Here’s a little number I made up for your b-diddy,

    I found you a year ago,
    Lost I was but now I know,
    You put perspective in my life,
    told me about your feminist strifes,
    Great riches we will hope to see,
    You taught me how to live so free,
    Free from cupcake eating fiends,
    So today I thank you oh, so much
    For the influence of your Spartan touch,
    So thank-you for showing me the way,
    I hope this poem doesn’t look gay,

    Big fan,

    Jordan Flynn

  38. says


    As I have told you a few times in the emails you and I have exchanged, you helped change my life; for the better.

    Bold and Determined truly is the website for winners.

    I completed 30 Days of Discipline, I purchased Body of a Spartan, and I have transformed (still transformed) into an ass-kicking man.

    Before I found this site, I had just gotten out of a long term relationship. I let my body and mind slip, slip very far. This was in June of this year. For some odd reason, I ran across this blog. I spent days, and I mean days, reading the articles here. I felt so motivated that I got back into the gym, started a website and now am on a mission to help fellow men as well.

    We are a small community of men who simply wish to be free men. I created manoffreedom.com simply for that reason. Victor lit a fire under my ass to start. It’s amazing how a stranger can have so much influence over you, and help you change. I will always be a loyal reader of this blog and I will continue to apply the principles of 30 Days of Disciple until this young man becomes an old man.

    When I say that every facet of my life has improved since I found this blog, I am not lying. Literally every single facet. My body, my wealth, my mind and my soul have all improved. Victor, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this blog, and congrats on 3 years. I hope that in 3 years that my blog will be as successful as yours.

    You are the man, with a plan.

    All the best,


  39. David says

    Hey Vic,

    First off, congratulations on your first three years. I found your blog about a year ago and to say it has drastically changed my opinion on masculinity, personal drive, and just how to be an ass-kicker in general, is a vast understatement.

    I’m actually in the process of getting my shit together and looking to start a blog of my own. I read over your offer to help up and coming bloggers get started for free. Unfortunately, I already purchased my domain name through GoDaddy about a week ago. Is there anyway to receive some of the benefits you’re offering despite having already done this?


  40. Tex says


    I’m a college student and hit a rough patch in my life this semester. I was smoking too much weed, lazy, Willy Wanker, had little social life, no sex life, I was approaching skinny-fat, and was just generally a depressed little estrogen filled bitch. The depression actually got to the point where I was questioning whether it was a good idea for me to study abroad next semester. I found your website and after a few nights of reading your material I felt a passion for life I hadn’t felt in years. 30 days of Discipline looked like the kick in the ass I needed. I decided my Goad #1 was improve my sex life. This meant getting in shape and beating the hell out of my social anxiety.

    For the latter I began Chris at Goodlookingloser.com’s Approach Anxiety program. I’m on Day 18 of 30DoD and I don’t think I would have had the discipline to get this far into the AA program without it. For those of you interested in improving your skills with girls, I can’t recommend combing 30DoD with Chris’s AA Program highly enough. VP’s program will turn you into a disciplined, proud man and Chris’s program will get you well on your way to pussy paradise. Victor you’ve helped me take pride in myself and walk with a purpose, I guess girls have a sixth sense for that cause I’m getting eye fucks from 50% of the girls I’m interested in. This is coming from a guy who used to be scared to make eye contact with hot girls.

    Anyway, Victor I don’t know how I could thank you and Chris enough. Yall have changed my life. Here’s what’s been going on with me the past few weeks and I feel like a million dollars. If any of you guys are in a shitty time in your life just know you have a choice. Make drastic life changes for a drastically different life experience. You just have to make the decision.

    Victor Pride 30 DoD
    Good looking loser AA Program
    No fap/porn
    No weed
    Lifting heavy 5/6 days per week
    Hiking/kayaking 1-2 days per week
    Cold showers in the AM
    No fast food.. only whole, healthy, testosterone boosting foods
    Dress better than 90% of other guys every day
    Chopped off my hippy hair to a high and tight
    Occasional kratom use for anxiety (this has been a miracle for me in destroying my social anxiety, Rx drugs aren’t for me – hit up good looking loser for the top quality)

    Thanks Victor, you’re changing lives one at a time and that has to be even a greater satisfaction than the money.


  41. Brandon says

    Victor, i know you’re a huge advocate of young men & aspiring entrepreneurs living in the middle east. What are your thoughts on a man who lives in the west moving to Europe, both for working or finding a woman?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Victor Pride says

      Huh? I’ve never written about the middle east and would not advocate westerners move to the middle east. I would not ADVOCATE westerners moving anywhere, I simply state it is a possibility if you want to. I’d say if you live in the west and want to find a good woman then Europe (eastern) would be a better bet than any western country.

      • Brandon says

        Aaah, sorry, forgive my ignorance on the geography. By the ‘middle east’, I was referring to the places you typically divide your time between living in (Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia), even though the middle east doesn’t encompass all of those countries. And you’re right, you don’t advocate living there, but you certainly seem to prefer it. I guess I could’ve made my question much simpler by asking, if YOU personally had to choose between the two, where you choose to live in order to better accommodate your lifestyle, the United States or a country in Europe?

  42. Jaybear says

    Hi Vic, great article as usual.

    Just wanna comment on something. Your advice to provide a solution to a problem people face. Thing is it must be a real good solution. There are tons of blogs and sites offering advice and answers, but if those are lame and/or found elsewhere then people wont seek advice anymore. However the solution provider such as yourself has to be original and ground breaking.


  43. Hannibal Barka says

    Mouth for War makes total sense. I never paid much attention to the lyrics but they add a whole new awesome dimension.

    What I don’t get is Spartan. I am 45 minutes into it and it just seems like the typical formulaic whodunit shoot ’em up. Do I have the right movie? I am watching the one with Val Kilmer.

    • Victor Pride says

      You know what man, I’ve read so many reviews of the movie that say the same thing “This movie is dumb. Typical shoot ’em up”. I couldn’t agree less. Pay attention to the words, listen to the words, turn on the subtitles. The writing is my influence. The writing is superb.

  44. says

    Vic congratulations –

    Been reading your blog for almost 2 years now and have seen not only your writing improve but also the quality of your posts. Can’t recommend your shit enough to the dudes at my gym.

    Would love to backlink some of your content in my site to give readers a baseline for sites that I used when I started my self-transformation.

    Regardless proud of your work and glad you kept on going and writing staying away from all the bullshit from the fat cow ugly whore who hated on your “Shy Girls” article. Little did she know it would only raise your rank in Google, that fuckwit.

    Story for the readers of B&D that might give some of you a new perspective on Vic:

    When I was 17 (19 now) I emailed Vic – wish I could dig it up from my old email account, I’m sure Vic has it – tellin’ him about my drug issues, how I hated school and just bitching about a bunch of things that us young men like to bitch about.

    Vic emailed me back and told me to ENDURE, he said, “Just ENDURE”, and I took that to heart (in the manliest ways possible), and so I did. I ENDURED from 17 – 18 and when July rolled around and I turned 18 I thought;

    Wow, I just ENDURED all that bullshit – my payoff? I’m free.

    On top of all this I told Vic I was different cause of a heroin addiction (2 years clean now) and he said to fill my time with something, but deep down I knew he was talking about the GYM. I had been going 3 days a week for about three and a half years, and after that email I started going 5 days a week slowly working my way up to 7 full days at the gym per week.

    What Happened?

    Vic was right, I had endured through some of the toughest times of my life by doing simply that: ENDURING. The GYM was just a bonus.

    Nearly two years later I’ve broken through many plateuas and kicked previous GYM PR’S in the fucking trachea.

    The point is that Vic has earned this comment from me after two years of self-transformation all because he sent back a single email telling me to “Just ENDURE”, of course there was more to it but that was the main focus.

    He inspired me to change and damn have I changed.
    This isn’t a kiss-ass comment to you Vic, (I could give two fucks what you think) this is a SINCERE now-man-to-man comment stating the truth and nothing but it.

    After two years I went from being a tiny, mousy tail-between-the-legs head-always-down dog-shit of a human being to what I’m guessing is Vic’s ultimate vision for each young man:

    A prideful, roaring lion filled with testosterone, determination, and of course his original steak and eggs cooked in butter.


    I have started my own fitness website after many failed attempts and I am daring to fail again so that I learn through my own mistakes. Vic has taught me that nothing is better than learning through PERSONAL experience and damn have I done JUST THAT.

    So now I say to you, Vic; I am glad you “JUST ENDURED” through the past 3 years and brought BOLD&DETERMINED to its status TODAY. Happy B&D birthday – would throw a KICKASS THANK YOU party if I could man.



  45. says


    Congratulations on the 3 year anniversary. Great job, and incredibly impressive how you’ve build this this without guest posts, SEO, and social media. That’s some serious grits and niche expertise right there!

    You are definitely on my list of people to learn from.


  46. Roadrunner says

    I just recently started receiving your info I find it enlightening and inspiring. Being 76 years old I have seen a lot of crap. I like when you gave the feminazi group there crap back to them. The ongoing plan to feminize men and belittle them by these femiinist groups realy bug me. From the woman that chooses a different man to impregnate her under the guise of getting superior genes for her children. with the criteria being more handsome or a bigger penis. just another Whore in my book. Then you have a female school principle who wanted to make boys sit to piss is another example. Another one is walk a mile in her shoes.Getting men to put on red high heel shoes and walk in them to raise awarness of wrong doing to women B/S Keep it comming. Roadrunner

  47. Pirata says

    My picks would be
    Lone Wolf McQuade (just because of the title)
    Ben-Hur or Scarface.

    Thanks for the motivation. Keep on winning!

  48. says

    Congrats on your success Vic! 3 years is a blink of an eye compared to the 40+ year grind of the average 9-5er. As Brian Tracy says “The time will pass anyway” so better spend that time working towards your goals.

    I bought your 30 days of discipline a few months ago and I definitely gained from it.

    Your blog is one of the few that I actually let in to my inbox.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Keep it going.

    – Bronson

  49. Mahesh says


    How did the B&D website deal with those massive peaks in traffic in late 2012? Were you already on a VPS/dedicated server type of plan back then? What type of plan do you have now?

    • Victor Pride says

      We got hit so hard we were offline for about 24 hours. I spent all day with HostGator getting things back up. I had a standard shared hosting plan paying about $10 a month, now I pay $230 for a dedi but I’ll never allow another 24 hours of downtime.