19 Ways to Improve Your Mood

From the desk of Victor Pride

Date: October 29, 2012

Subject: How to improve your mood without using pharmaceutical pills, how to be comfortable in your own skin, how to be normal and not insane

Reading time: 8-12 minutes

Offensive material: Yes

How to Improve Your Mood

1) Be around people

Humans are social creatures. Isolation is punishment. We all NEED to be around other people, if only for a little while. I’m as big of a homebody as anybody, but when I feel a little blue I go to the local coffee shop to get my fill of people. Even if you like to be alone you should not be alone all the time.

2) Groom regularly

Daily showers, shave daily, keep your hair trim and neat. The way you look affects the way you feel. If you look great you feel great. 100% of the time. I get my head shaved once per week. If I go longer than that I feel like a damn, dirty hippie and after a clean haircut I’m always ready to kick some more ass.

3) Stop lying to yourself

Western women are massively more likely to “suffer depression” than men are. Western women are all living the life of a feminist. Not only are they pretending that it’s ok to be a woman yet act like a man, they actively hate womanly qualities such as caregiving, nurturing and submissiveness. They act the opposite of the way they are designed to act and now they are all mentally ill, miserable and depressed. The opposite is true for a lot of men. They act like dainty little fairies instead of adult men.  For the past 2 years I have not dated a single western woman, and I have experienced nothing but positive, chipper, trim and thin, happy women who never cry, never yell about nonsense, never lie face down on the bed while crying and simultaneously hitting and kicking the bed because she has to clean up too much and you don’t help her enough. Currently I do zero cooking, zero cleaning and zero nonsense while at the same time I pay 100% for everything. This is how mama nature made us, subvert this and “suffer depression”. Today’s modern man is not enlightened and evolved, he’s a fruit. Today’s modern woman is not independent and strong, she’s a cunt.

Friends, let me make a bold but true statement for you: The greatest anti-depressant for men, far better than any pharmaceutical death pill, is TESTOSTERONE.

4) Get into shape

It’s hard to be a Debbie Downer when you have big arms. The other day I was getting a massage and the masseuse called another woman over just to feel my muscular, thick thighs. Would you like to know what every single guy who says “Girls don’t like muscular guys” have in common? They are all flabby or skinny dweebs who have never had muscle. It makes more of a difference than you could ever imagine unless you saw it with your own eyes. There are these clueless guys on the internet who always talk about PUA or Game baloney. If these fellas spent as much time sculpting their guns as they did about arguing about who is “more alpha” then they would be able to get some pussy instead of pretending that they are masters at social engineering.

Keep your body clean, lean and mean. You will be rewarded.

5) Don’t watch movies with a social “message”

The hollywood movies that have a message always have the same liberal message: You should act like more of a faggot. Personally I don’t watch ANY new movies or television at all. When I DO watch a movie I always watch the same few: Predator, Rocky, Pumping Iron. If I never saw a movie ever again for the rest of my life I would not care. I completely gave up television years and years ago. Television is for brain-dead, dimwitted baboons and if you’re watching it you are watching shit that is making you “suffer depression”. TV is not designed to better you or make you happy or fulfill you. It’s designed to subvert you, make you feel sad and envious and to CONSUME MORE to fill that empty void in you.

6) Don’t listen to whiny, sad music

Every little emo fruitcake who suffers depression has one thing in common: they all listen to whiny, sad, crybaby music. Listen to something positive that fires you up. Music has a HUGE effect on your mood, the more sad baloney you listen to the more sad you will feel. Turn that frown upside down and put on some happy tunes.

7) Read inspiring books

Reading an inspiring book while taking your morning shit is the best way to start the day. Or read inspiring blogs or other works. Men’s magazines are garbage, they are “Cosmopolitan” or “17” with a slight masculine twist. Don’t read things that make you depressed, or make you feel bad, or that do nothing to increase your mood. The most pathetic people I have ever met in my life are the people who work in an office but spend all day reading celebrity gossip.

I have two basic rules about what I read: It must be inspiring or it must enable me to learn something.

8) Rethink your morals

You live in an insane society run by insane sociopaths. All the morals that you think are yours and your decision alone are not. They are the morals that have been decided for you and taught to you by your school teachers and your television. Testosterone is immoral, we all know this. What sense does this make? Testosterone is the key male hormone and the key to male health and vitality. It must be wrong to use artificial hormones to alter your own hormones, yeah? Tell this to the millions of women who use estrogen in the form of the birth control pill. See what kind of reaction you get from them about how you don’t care about womens bodies. You must decide for yourself what is moral and what is not. You must do the research yourself and you must be the sole decider about what is right and wrong. Relying on what everyone else is doing is for the foolish the weak and the stupid.

9) Don’t be PC / Liberal

Political correctness is subtle castration. Political correctness makes you take the side of the degenerate and morally weak and side against the strong who hold real values of family, self preservation and self reliance. PC is for the weak. When you give in to it you were weak to begin with or you become weak. Of course, there is another side to this: If you hold a respectable job you MUST be PC for your own preservation. This is why you should…

10) Start your own business

There are a billion reasons to start your own business and make your own money. How a grown man can call another man or woman “my boss” and not feel immense shame is beyond me. Why any smart and able man would want to work in a field that rewards women and blacks just for being women and blacks is beyond me. How any man could sit through sensitivity training and be worried about sexual harassment charges is beyond me. Why any man would work his tail off to make another man rich is beyond me. When you start your own business and make your own money you also make your own rules. Why any man would follow the rules set by mentally ill, self-hating liberals is beyond me. Try to say nigger or faggot at your job and see what happens. At my job I can say anything I want and that’s because I don’t take my orders from the mentally ill.

11) Go your own way and make your own rules

Again, when you live in a deranged world the only sane thing to do is go your own way. Say goodbye to the corporate world, say goodbye to hollywood filth and say goodbye to what all the slack-jawed baboons think is important. Shopping won’t make you happy. TV won’t make you happy. Jobs won’t make you happy. A new car will make you happy for about a week, until it becomes an old car. Then you’re stuck with an old car and a monthly payment.

12) Don’t get married

Ever had a relationship so good you felt the need to say “You know honey, our relationship is great but one thing is missing: Complete and total government control of our love life. Will you marry me?‘ Until the anti-male laws change you should never, ever get married. The law will rape you if you get a divorce. All the power is in her hands when you say “I do”. She has no reason to stay with you, she has no need to stay with you, all her friends and family will encourage her to divorce over any bit of “unhappiness” and you can and will be left HELPLESS, especially if you have kids. If you DO get married you MUST follow the rules and pick the most suitable candidate.

13) Leave social media websites

Have you ever once, in your entire life, felt great after perusing social media websites? No. Each and every person addicted to those sites is hopelessly deluded and out of touch with reality and, consequently, bitterly unhappy.

14) Stay out of debt

Debt is a mood killer, to put it mildly. It used to be called indentured servitude, now it’s called a “loan”. Complete ownership or bust. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. You will pay FAR more than it’s worth in the long run.

15) Live for a purpose

Easier said than done, but a meaningless life does not lead to happiness. Everything I do is for a purpose. If something doesn’t serve a purpose I don’t do it, or I don’t buy it. I don’t like to hang out and bullshit around, I don’t go shopping at the local shopping mall, I don’t go out to see movies, I don’t go out and pick up sluts at the local watering holes (anymore). My only real goal is betterment. My only concern is to better myself physically, mentally and financially. If something doesn’t hep me in those areas then I don’t waste my time with it.

16) Eat right

No donut tastes better than the feel of your rock hard abs. Don’t eat slop like oatmeal and other wheat products. Those are great for fattening up livestock for slaughter but they aren’t great for human men. Meat is mans food. I have heard “Oh yeah? Well what about Asia! They’re super healthy and eat mostly carbs!“. They’re also 3 feet tall and as skinny as twigs. Beef, eggs, chicken, pork, fish, duck, lamb or friggin’ ostrich – take your pick. Our Neaderthal ancestors ate nearly 100% red meat and had bigger brains and bigger muscles to show for it. Of course eating zero carb is not exactly the easiest diet to follow and you will need to eat carbohydrates to gain a significant amount of muscular weight. My carbohydrate sources come from the following: white rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables and ice cream. I also drink a probiotic milk product called yakult. A probiotic drink will help maintain gut flora, modulation of the immune system, and regulation of bowel habits and constipation. This drink, yakult, is hugely popular in many Asian countries for it’s ability to keep the gut healthy. If one has chronic stomach issues I would suggest trying this product before letting a doctor butcher you with some nasty drugs. I feel this product has done quite a bit to improve my daily experiences. You should be able to find yakult, or a similar probiotic, at your local organic food store.

17) Sleep right

Deep REM sleep is possibly the most important thing you can ever do to keep yourself in a good mood (and good health). If you aren’t sleeping well you will be grumpy, impatient, irritable, fatigued, forgetful and depressed. If those symptoms sound familiar you may not be sleeping properly. Even if you’re in bed for 8 hours, if it’s not deep REM sleep it’s baloney sleep. If you aren’t sleeping right you need to get it fixed. If you have sleep apnea you can get a CPAP machine and start sleeping well. It is my opinion that insomnia is mental and fixing other areas in your life will fix insomnia.

18) Choose the right city to live in

So many men live in cities they hate and then they complain about it. According to the internet there are 455 cities with a population of 1 million+. There are 1054 cities with a population of 500,000+. If you hate the one you’re in then MOVE. If you rent two movies to watch and the first one is terrible you will take it out and watch the other one instead. If your city is terrible you should do the same thing. Pick another one. Rather than just living with something you hate you should do something about it. There’s a great big world out there beyond Jerkwater, Nebraska.

19) Drink a coconut smoothie

I have one everyday after my workout because they’re delicious and they never fail to brighten up my day. Some times you just gotta drink a coconut smoothie.

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  1. Dan says

    It’s interesting that you mention quality of sleep vs. quantity of sleep. I’ve recently researched ways to get less sleep that doesn’t, in the long term, affect quality of sleep. One of those techniques involves polyphasic sleeping, which is taking multiple naps over the course of a day. The end result is less sleep overall. Thomas Jefferson and da Vinci used a form of this technique. What are your thoughts? If the quality of the sleep (through conditioning over the course of a couple weeks) is sufficient, is this actually a great way to optimize your time? Or, is this similar to eating six times a day, in that the time wasted spreading it out is not effective?

    • Victor Pride says


      I have never tried polyphasic sleeping. Taking a 20 minute nap every 2-4 hours seems too silly to consider, but the thought of breaking up your sleep into 2 or 3 chunks does not seem too silly. Prehistoric Europeans were cave dwellers who lived in small communities. It would make sense that they would not sleep all night, that they would have had to have someone stay awake and guard the camp for a few hours each night. If you try it, let me know. It is interesting.

    • Eli says

      Almost all literature (that mentions sleep) written before the lightbulb came and fucked things up has references to the “first sleep” and “second sleep.” Except during summer (when daylight is the longest), polyphasic sleep was how people naturally slept. However, the multiple phases weren’t spread out through they day; they happened in succession with about 1 hour of being awake in between. That hour, by the way, is one of the best parts of the day.

    • John says

      I know this is late, but perhaps it’ll keep someone else from making the mistake of going into crazy polyphasic sleeping patterns.

      As especially noted by Eli, polyphasic sleep is common, but the more “natural” state was biphasic. Before lightbulbs, you were practically required to go to bed early. Working by candlelight is tiresome. After the sun sets, you almost had to go to sleep in a more civilized culture. After a while, you wake up, do some deep thinking, maybe gab with the neighbors, and go back to sleep, wake up around the time that the sun ends up in the sky.

      Extreme polyphasic sleep is good for one thing, and one thing only. Helping you learn how to fall asleep fast. So much as missing a single nap can throw your entire day off. In a world that is diurnal, with a species that largely is as well. As mentioned in tip 1, be social. It’s hard to be social when you’re locked out of varying daytime activities with those other people because you have to take a 20-30 minute nap.

      Physiologically, however, this can really screw yourself over. You get what you pay for, and if you’re spending less than 3 hours sleeping a day, throughout the day, expect it to royally bite you in the ass. It may not be now. It may not be this year. As someone who struggled with sleep apnea for decades, you don’t want to screw around with sleep.

      As for Da Vinci, Jefferson or others, consider reading the link below.


  2. Hamish says

    I’m a big believer in point number 7. What we read opens us up to new ideas and concepts, acting on these is the way for us to improve.

    Do you have any reading recommendations i.e. blogs, books? This could even make a good future post.

    Glad to see you back writing and that you haven’t disappeared.

  3. Rob says


    Do you have experience with Ukrainian women? I’ve heard they’re traditional and family oriented and I’ve also heard they’re gold diggers or hard to get along with because of their culture. I was considering visiting there next year and interested in any insights.

    • Victor Pride says


      I don’t. The only Ukrainian girl I have ever met was a little 19 yr old cutie working at a t-shirt shop in Key West. She was very pretty, very trim and very chipper. Ukraine is on my list of places to visit.

      • Brian Stratton says

        YES YES and again YESsssssss ! Right on the money bingo thats it exactly ! all men need to stand strong and be what their supposed to be leaders.. not wimps wihinning and crying about trivialities in life… wa wa wa !!! Thinking is a great respect to yourself and to think in line with balanced people then you realize how many retards out there are simply followers that are trying to lead you… guess where that type of so called leading will get you NOWHERE BUT DEFEATED just like I see males (not men)these days who have said, oh well!!! its meant to be ! wa wa wa cry cry whine cry COMPLAIN and get as much as you can from whomever you can get it from wa wa wa wa!!! Right on man ! !enough of the trash lets get going !!! Stand and Lead !!! and smile as you go It will knock the crape out of all the females that think their leaders and even think that theiy are woman hahahahahaha.. Youre either a man or a woman not of the mixture thats deadly..LEAD stop following nows your chance for change … watch yourself and stand strong as a man.. smile Oh by the way those Ukrainian girls are cute and yes their feminine as with many of the countries in the world MANY .. its basically in the U.S.A that you will see the females trying to be males and its naturally seperates them from real men in their life.. sad but alot have failed just by that… Femininity in a woman is absolutely beautiful ! it even makes a man to want to love them more and for sure brings alot of security to them… THINKING

    • Victor Pride says

      Ask and ye shall receive:

      1 fresh coconut, chop it open and pour the juice in a blender
      Condensed milk, about 2-3 teaspoons
      Sugar to taste
      Blend it all up and enjoy.

      That’s as best as I can tell you, I don’t ever make them I just drink them.

      • Victor Pride says

        I neglected to mention, you will also want to scoop out some of the Coconut meat and blend it up as well. Enjoy.

  4. Valmont says

    I hate yakult with a screaming passion. I find it so sweet that I get instant stomach cramps and can’t tolerate it. After a week of forcing down the bottles I picked up a few weeks ago, I’m finding an alternative and going to kefir milk and water:


    • IronDave says

      I cannot find Yakult down here, but I have been drinking Kefir for a few months now and it is the shit that gives you quality shits. I usually pour about a shot of the blueberry one in a tall glass, top it off with milk and stir in some ovaltine (about half of what you use for chocolate milk, its almost too rich otherwise).

      If you have an Aldis nearby they tend to have it the cheapest.

  5. john doe says

    Yea, I agree with this, world is full of fucking faggots and ghetto bangers. And the problem with diets is your either fat as fuck and live off fast food, or you have a food phobia and can’t eat a fraction of what you need to grow. Something else I’ve realized about people, when it comes to the gym they need everything “just right” God forbid they dont have they’re preworkout drink, they’re post workout shake, eat withing the bullshit 20 minute “window” after they lift (which IMO is arm chair theorizer bullshit) Sun and moon need to be perfectly lined up, need to have the newest Nike Air shox to train with, and so on. Then they want to walk up to a motherfucker like me wearing some old chuck Taylors blasting out 405, who hasn’t had a protien shake in months, and just drinks a cheap gas station coffee before he trains….”whats the secret bro?” hahaha. I should just tell everyone the secret is not to be a faggot

  6. Jose says

    Great Post! Got me hyped up bro! In my life right now i can say that i’m working on #10, 11 and 15. Hopefully with time and constant persistence i would achieve these lofty goals for myself. Thanks to you i’m already working on my own blog and seeing where it takes me. Who knows maybe i could turn this into something profitable for me. Anyway bro! keep up the great work here on this site.

  7. B says

    I would love to see your movie and music list Victor. Last time I felt down I watched the 3 good Rocky movies back to back. Inspiring.

  8. Daywalker says

    Victor, regarding # 16. What is your take on whole grain cereals? Not the fancy “healthy” stuff. But cereal like Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Frosted Mini Wheats, etc… I generally eat 1 bowl of cereal and 1 pb+j on whole wheat a day, along with MEAT, eggs, drinking egg whites, and fruits and veggies. I follow the intermittent fast diet of 1-2 meals a day, in a 4-6 hour window, with 1-2, 24 hour fasts a week. So OBVIOUSLY I’m ripped like spartan. (Seriously people, if you arent intermittent fasting, you need to be.) But the question is, am I killing my testosterone and producing unnecessary estrogen by eating a moderate amount of cereal and whole wheat, or am I just over thinking things? Thanks for the all the great advice and info. LIVE LIKE A SPARTAN!

    • Victor Pride says

      Well …….

      I eat them sometimes because they taste good. If your body is in acceptable shape then I would say don’t worry about it, especially when doing an IF style diet.

  9. Ryan says

    There is nothing I want more right now than to adopt your mindset completely, Victor. I’m smart enough to see how shit really is and yet i am guilty of behaving like a little bitch. Fuck. That. Shit. Keep up the good work sir.

  10. Bogart says

    Good to have you back with a roar! I was starting to worry that this blog was going offline.

    This post kicks stratospheric amounts of ass and fires me the fuck up to go out and get twice the amount of shit done today that I originally had planned.

    Keep em coming brother, you are right on point, and this stuff needs to be said again and again.


  11. says

    Yakult sounds interesting, I’ll have to try that out. If anyone is searching for another probiotic I recommend acidophilus tablets and apple cider vinegar. Was stuck taking suspect pharmaceuticals to fight moderate face acne. The kicker was that every time I would ask the dermatologist what was the cause he would shrug, write me a new script, and set me for another appointment. Fuck that noise, there had to be a better way than paying that blood sucker to feed me crap.. Mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and take a acidophilus, together or not daily. Face cleared up in 1 week.

  12. jon doe says

    Another kickass movie is Law abiding citizen w/ Gerard Butler . DEf check that one out if u havent seen it. Most new movies suck, but this one seriously kicked ass!!!

    • Victor Pride says

      I think I have seen that one, I don’t recall the plot much. A more recent movie I have liked is called Babylon AD.

  13. Shane says

    Hey Victor

    I was just wondering about the sleep. I keep waking up 1-3 hours into my sleep. Have you ever experienced this? If so, how did you remedy this? If not, then would you happen to know how? I tried using valerian root, magnesium, as well as drowsy allergy medication all at once many times, but it would not improve much. Any suggestions?


  14. says

    Your website has EVERY answer that a disillusioned 16 year old like myself is looking for. I am a senior in high school and Indian by ethnicity. Of course, I have received my fair share of discrimination and castration as a result. Combined with my relatively uncaring dad, I have become far less social and reclusive over the past two years, resorting to masturbation to make myself feel good. Though I knew it on the inside, I had the notion that continuig to jerk off would make all my other problems dissolve away. Obviously that was stupid of me, and I HAVE significantly deteriorated. But reading this site really gives me a game plan to improve myself.
    Firs4ly, other than going cold turkey on masturbation

    • says

      Other than going cold turkey on J.O. , I want to start working out again, like I used to back in 9th grade. But I really don’t know how to start. Any suggestions?
      Once again, your site REALLY helps clear the bullshit on the internet about masturbation. I recall my dad’s old Indian phrase now: “1 drop of lost semen is equal to 80 drops of blood”. While that may or may not be literally true, he clearly had a point. Thanks guys!

  15. Francesco says

    It’s a good feeling when you read another man’s opinion and everything resonates. As a 20 year old not entirely happy with the world he lives in (but still content with my own personal state of affairs), I look forward to reading your other articles.

  16. Din Dang says

    Victor, I am woman (non-western) and yes, also a subscriber to your blog because I found in your blog the spirit I needed in life and the manhood I am seeking in relationship…
    Interesting you mentioned never date western-women..As an Asian, I understand your point..and partially agree, the education on how to be a woman in America is too masculine–I really don’t see myself in it. However, I do want to ask you, HOW TO SAY TO YOUR MAN IF YOU HAVE A BAD FEELING..I like man confident and even little dominant (in a good way) but I also like my man caring my feelings…but the two seem a conflict.. There are type of men they are so caring and tending to your feeling, to an extend that I found they too feminism. But for the type of man I like, I have problem to ask them tending my feeling without getting offended. How do I do that to make my alfa male more attending to my feelings..
    Thanks and look forward to your answer..

  17. BAVAVUM says

    Keep your space clean and tidy. Your environment after all is a reflection of your mind.

    The bad things in the world are only the realisations of morally corrupt minds. The good things in the world are only the realisations of outstanding minds.

    I had noticed that if I’m untidy, I my mind will go to ruins. It’s such a huge effort to not make a mess in the first place. But doing that creates discipline which you need in other aspects of your life. Having been untidy for many years, I’m still working towards it.

  18. says

    “The hollywood movies that have a message always have the same liberal message: You should act like more of a faggot. Personally I don’t watch ANY new movies or television at all. When I DO watch a movie I always watch the same few: Predator, Rocky, Pumping Iron. If I never saw a movie ever again for the rest of my life I would not care. I completely gave up television years and years ago. Television is for brain-dead, dimwitted baboons and if you’re watching it you are watching shit that is making you “suffer depression”. TV is not designed to better you or make you happy or fulfill you. It’s designed to subvert you, make you feel sad and envious and to CONSUME MORE to fill that empty void in you.”

    What was that first sentence all about. Is this a political blog? If so, I need to press unsubscribe.

  19. cody says

    hey Victor,

    Been reading your blog for a while and its like a breath of fresh air. Everything here makes so much sense that, seems to have been lost in most men these days.

    what do you think about a career in the police or army opposed to starting a business?. As i think these 3 jobs are the only ones i can think of without making some rich prick richer.

    keep up the kickass work

    Thanks for

  20. Ody says

    This is one fucking amazing site you got here man. You’re like a motivational speaker. I already know most thing but its still very nice to read. Keep doing your thing man. I will be supporting you.

    Bookmarked site.

  21. Lukasz says

    As a lot people say that this blog is amazing,i couldnt agree more.I am 16 year old man, who thanks to Victors philosophy has turned around his life.I used to be skinny-fat Polish immigrant. in the Uk who did not speak english.I used to feel isolated and very different from the rest of society at my age.Once i found this blog and started to translate it word by word.IT WAS BRILLIANT!!it not only motivated me to learn english so i can read this blog regulary,it showed that the author has purely same political view and philosophy.Also,at 16 my skinny- fat body turned into almost Sandow perfect nodyeasurments,all thanks to Victor.

  22. Akkie says

    Try watching Michael Mann’s movies ( “Collateral”, “Public Enemies”, “Heat”, etc). Much more sophisticated than the “Rocky” series.

  23. Joey the Bartender says

    Fucking excellent post Vic! Always an inspiration to read your site. If I may be so humble as to add #20, “Turn off your radio when you drive and listen to audiobooks-reclaim that dead time and learn something.” Shit changed my life 180 degrees. Keep up the great work man!

  24. man says

    bro put my comment through praising 30 days of discipline. took me only 11 days to get a new chick and actually I’m now working 5 chicks….after breaking up with LTR GF just 2 months ago

  25. Wesley says

    I would like to recommend Andrew W.K. (the musician) Before leaving a shitty city and a very nice cushy job, i purchased “I get wet” and played it all the way to Anchorage, AK. It’s a long, lonely drive but Mr. W.K kept me alert and by the time I arrived, I was indeed ready to “not stop living in the red” Listening to these lyrics now makes me wonder if he was following your message all along..

  26. Wesley says

    And thanks for being the clear, concise voice I needed to hear. Even with my head up my ass for ten years I could still hear you.

      • says

        Right, Pantera kicks ass and Dime bag still kicks ass long after his death! Personally I also listen to megadeth my number 1 spot belongs to Symphony of destruction.
        I don’t know why, I don’t seem to see gains when I don’t ask the gym owner to play my stuff

        • Victor Pride says

          I had to toss my mp3, I would always have to turn the thing up full blast to hear it over the mickey mouse music they play at the gym. My ears would always hurt after a workout. I miss the hell out of my workout tunes =(

          • says

            sucks to workout there man, I mean even Golds: I used to be an instructor at Golds and I can see that Its slowly becoming like a PlanetFitness types, very disapointing.(to be fair the most hardcore trainers are foun in Golds). And I cant stand airconditioning. Frankly I workout in some type of a cheap gym like 50 cent per workout. (very dirt cheap) the only disadvantage is that sometimes the 50 pound plates run out but the wise could deffinitelly form a great workout sin embargo.And DAMN thanks they dont have that nauseating music that saps all the atp in my muscles just listening to them! BTW if there is a metroflex near you, you should deffinitelly burn your ass there! I can assure you there will be no mickey mouse there: only real mice and jacked gym rats

  27. says

    In our country town, there are always vendors on the street who sell coconut juice fresh from freshly picked coconuts; they will open the coconut in front of you and carve out the pulps, and they are very cheap; I can swear that coconuts can cause a surge in one’s well being because of all the “good stuff” that’s in it

  28. Marcelo says

    Dısgree sort of wıth the Lıberal part. Currently In Turkey surrounded by pretty badass protesters wıth a defınıte leftıst slant. Amerıcan lıberals are weak. Turkısh lıberals fıght hand to hand wıth oppressıve cops who are defendıng an authorıtarıan relıgıous regıme. Remember thıs. TAYYIP ISTIFA!!

  29. ken says

    This article is full of wisdom and righteous living! God Bless You, Vic! One of the best websites I’ve ever come across in my life.

  30. Tim says

    I was having the shittiest day ever. Nothing was going my way. Then I drank a coconut smoothie and now everything is great. Or maybe it’s just the modafinil.


  31. Daniel says

    This website is awesome!! The only question I have is about the living with a purpose part. You said your only goal is to do things that serve you financially, emotionally or physically. What about volunteering or charity to friends, family, community, country, and the world?? How can you make a big impact only worrying about your interests? Everything about this site seems ambitious at the highest levels but was hoping for something more than in the ‘purpose’ section than ‘everything I do is for me’. Thanks!

    • Victor Pride says

      “How can you make a big impact only worrying about your interests?”

      Give something back, absolutely. I get daily emails from men all over the world telling me how much their lives have changed since they found Bold and Determined. If it serves your purpose, volunteer. Helping people is great, but I have one rule: only help those who are grateful. Ingrates, the “welfare” types, can rot as far as I’m concerned but I’d give the shirt off my back for a down-on-their-luck person who would be grateful.

    • Victor Pride says

      huh, sleepwalking? You fucking imbecile, if you have sleep apnea it doesn’t matter how much or how little you exercise – you will never feel rested until you correct the problem.

  32. Jason W says


    Thanks for all the hard work and effort you’ve put into this site. I’ve been perusing it for the last week and its chocked full of encouraging, challenging material to help all us men kick into the next gear. So thanks! Looking forward to more content and kicking some tail in 2014.

    Very Best,


  33. Aaron says

    “who never cry, never yell about nonsense, never lie face down on the bed while crying and simultanaously hitting and kicking the bed because she has to clean up too much and you don’t help her enough.”
    Glad I’m not the only one who has experienced this! When this happened I just wanted to fucking end the relationship right there. No talking, she’d just pout and wait for me to ask what was wrong. Where does this behavior learned?

  34. William Peyton says

    “19 ways to improve your mood” has some good points. I actually agree on many of the ones I read. Swearing is not necessary.

  35. LD says


    You probably didn’t write this stuff to “entertain” and make people laugh, but I wound up laughing more than from a standup comedy. All your points are so true and so raw. Somebody had to say it!

    Awesome article, man.

  36. Diamond says

    Victor, my man;
    As always, another post and I feel like a completely different person.
    However, this is the first post I’ve actually been left with questions rather than answers.

    How do you assimilate calling people faggots, cunts, and niggers (or even just using the phrases) to you feeling better? Obviously, I get the freedom to say what you want, but these terms are in no way positive connotations (in fact could even say extremely negative and malicious)(I get nobody is born offended, malicious, nor understands connotations, all society bred), well, they could in some situations, but none in those you suggested. If it is only the freedom of saying what you want, why use those terms? What I see (from my self proclaimed amateur status soapbox) is the use of those terms is in reaction to the society, or surroundings you do not like. If they had other “more offensive” terms instead of the ones were talking about, would you still use the F/C/N words, or would you use the words society has deemed more offensive? I’m just struggling to connect those terms to how that should make someone feel better other than it feels good to do what you want, especially when its what everybody doesn’t want (and that to me is badbadbad and the first sign of a bully, which by no means do I think you are, but for someone else…).
    I also feel you have a very sour taste towards emo music, people who care about politics, and people who are facebook junkies, and in turn makes you very strongly believe they can’t be happy with the experience. Obviously, I can’t touch your experience with the factors, you know because you know, and that’s tight. I gave up a cellphone because I felt the anxiety it caused me in life. I’ve gotten past addictions, death, abuse, being raped, all sorts of problems general society only deals with one in a lifetime. I know what makes me happy and sad, not only more than anyone else knows for me, but probably more than the majority of people who know for themselves. Sad whiney music reminds me of where I was. Politics reminds me why I’m alive. Facebook not only challenges me as a person, but allows other people to challenge themselves if worked properly.
    I get what you’re saying, being partisan is wrong, trying to make social media reality is unhealthy, listening to sad music makes you sad. I’ve always found standing for something and being prepared to be wrong is far more successful than not making any stand, not learning about yourself, and calling everyone else chumps for caring. I would argue more people need to try and become Liberal or PC, more people need to feel sad from music more often, and more people need to form an opinion on different foundations and levels, stick by it until you learn, but what is missing is being prepared to be completely, absolutely, mind-numbingly wrong. I find we build a society which is great for believing in something, but absolutely atrocious for trying to change your mind. Obviously, I am in head-over-heels love with B&D, but I have found that you don’t leave enough space in your suggestions for someone to make a mistake and learn about themselves. People should be suggested to suck more often, but for shorter periods of time.
    Otherwise, how would you ever really understand that you are truly happy, until you go out and discover what makes you unhappy? It’s completely logical to say “don’t listen to whiney music”, but how will someone know how great they feel from great music until they listen to whiney drivel and experience the complete void of positive emotion and desire to achieve?
    Id also like to self proclaim I listened to NOTHING other than Dashboard Confessionals/Copeland/Something Corporate in my teens, worked on numerous political campaigns for all political strips, and am a self proclaim facebook phenom. With all this in mind I can completely coherently say if I hadn’t done all these things I would in NO WAY be able to agree with you….which I do. That said, people need to do what I did, not because I’m awesome or it’s a great experience, but because it’s completely impossible to be a complete person without the mistake.

    As always thanks so much for making such a solid impact on my life. I’m quite apologetic for the long winded response, but if anything it is a direct response to how much I care about your site, and how much I really get from your posts.

  37. Eric says

    Hello Victor,
    I would like to thank you for your excellent blog!
    You cheer me up, and help me physically and mentally like a real friend would do.
    I am 46, working out 20 years already, never stopped, my training was more boxing and bodybuilding, now it is more bodyweight training, kettlebells, running and weights.
    I was very depressed, I lost 30 % of my income by loosing my job and the new one is only part time, shitty, and depressing.
    Thanks to your blog I am less depressed and to feel better I workout harder now, lost 2 kg, (1.80m, 82kg mostly muscles), get a Marine hair cut, shave more often, stand taller with more pride, look at people in the eyes.
    Your articles gave me the kick in the ass I needed, I even froze out the woman who was playing with me at work without giving me any sex, she hates my guts now!
    Keep being the strong guy I admire my friend!

  38. jeff says

    Great article but I will add “stay away from people that make you feel bad even if its members of your family”
    Life’s short and we waste too much time in the negative side just because “you have to do certain things”. No, you don’t! Don’t like spending Xmas with your sisters and her annoying kids? Just don’t! Simple as that.

  39. JIM PRATCHEN says

    Dunno how I missed this article before but I have to say it may well be the greatest thing ever published on the internet.!!

    I couldn’t stop laughing at how true it all was. Happily I have been reading this site for a while and have followed a lot of it’s advice. My life has improved in leaps and bounds. My business has grown 50% at least in the last 2 years ,partly by adopting the no bullshit approach recommended here to staff , clients and competitors.

    Love life is up! Happiness is up! Finances are up!

    Mistakes are down.Arguments are down.Taking crap from others is down.

    Vic’s the MAN!

  40. Rick says

    Got damn Vic, I have to say that I do admire and respect your work immensely. You’re the only website that I’m subscribed to you mostly because the simplicity of the advice you provide. For instance even b4 I read your blog I never thought it was cool to fuckin 8 meals a day of course I compromised because I was like 5’8 130 with boots on. But if your a natural size I do agree and understand that eating too much a day is taxing to brain and stomach. I hate masturbation porn, homosexuality and laziness

    Finaly I understand and respect that this is raw and not politically correct forum so you use words such as “nigger” and “faggot” . I actually believe everyone should say how they feel to remain sane.
    You certainly hold no punches when your referencing about blacks and how you feel.

    “Why any smart and able man would want to work in a field that rewards women and blacks just for being women and blacks is beyond me.” That is a load of garbage and you know it!
    That’s why it would be interesting to if you finally posted a blog revealing your stance and beliefs on society and the people particularly blacks. I hated the remarks about Native Indians regarding their sexual appetites and it being the reason that those unappreciative devils to took their land!

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate understanding your ideas. Because frankly I’m sort
    of confused are you a racist or a white supremacist? Not a racist in the sense

    • Victor Pride says

      “Racist” is a phony, meaningless word that liberal whites and non-whites use to try and humiliate and neuter whites.

      • Rick says

        A person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

        Agreed. I have no problem at all with one having pride for their race also I do especially hate when so called minorities get bent out of shape when they aren’t given something or accepted.

        True racism I would say is the deliberate act of those who do possess power to oppress someone else. So no you aren’t racist if you were to call me a Nigger, in fact I am a racist bekuz I have racial pride and don’t give a damn lol

        I can’t understand why someone would sacrifice their own pride and dignity by looking or seeking acceptance from another race and when they don’t open their doors you call them “racist”.

        That is why I say till today that I say with all my heart gotdamn Martin Luther King and his legacy.It was the worst thing ever segregation is key of course not in the same humiliating matter like back then. But rather people have to stop forcing themselves where aren’t wanted and love themselves and their kind live in harmony and build something.
        Not get upset if a white guy or asian doesn’t like or accept you into their society fuck that, we’re way more hip anyways lol
        If two groups of people live dwell in a society forcibly someone’s bound to eat shit
        between the two toilets got to get cleaned

        Lastly African AMerican month is another heap of garbage bekuz it just praises for the most part a bunch of sell out who kissed ass the hardest or were the first to achieve something in someone else’s society. It’s a goddamn lie if it were true they would promote Malcolm X more but hey don’t know why, because he would subscribe every bit of what I’m saying so they parade that marching ass ratdog uncle tom MLK.
        His dream of holding hand in hand with all races is trash and still hasn’t come to pass they just use him and promote him to make blacks strive for something that is impossible, which is equality in a society that isn’t yours. wtf is so hard to understand idiots.
        blacks and hispanics are hated and unappreciated period. Because we don’t love ourselves nor show pride for who we are or how we look. Stop calling people racist who just plain in and simply doesn’t like or want anything to do with you.
        Einstein says doing the same thing over and over is crazy…… stop marching separate,build amongst each other, have pride, love yourselves = Real freedom

        Political correctness it is a tool for the Devils of DC to keep WOlves and those with common sense quiet while shove their agendas down our throats. This site makes more sense then everything out there to an extent of course ;)