11 Bodybuilding Tips to Help You Get Jacked (and what to do when you get big)

1) Eat Slow to Stay Lean

Next time you’re out to eat around a bunch of people, watch them. All the lean people eat very slow. To lean people, naturally lean, food does not seem to be a big deal. They’ll have a whole plate of food in front of them and they’ll eat a bite here, a bite there and continue the conversation. I was out with a real deal lean girl the other night, I ordered 3 plates of food and she ordered one plate. I finished all 3 of my plates before she finished her one plate. To stay lean naturally, eat slow and let it digest.

2) Use BioFreeze on Your Tender Joints and Ligaments

BioFreeze is a life saver, I love the stuff. It’s like IcyHot except 1,000 times better. You rub it on your tender joints and it gives you a heating feeling and makes your joints and ligaments feel better. I was at the gym one day whining about how my shoulder was hurting and a gym rat buddy clued me into BioFreeze. I made a mad dash down to a local massage parlor that same day to pick up a bottle at double price. If you’ve got some hurting shoulders, elbows, knees or whatever grab a bottle of this stuff and let it work it’s magic. BioFreeze will allow you to lift with sore or hurting bodyparts.

You’ve got two ways to buy BioFreeze:

  1. You can buy from a local chiropractor or massage parlor
  2. You can order from amazon

Pro Tip: Unless you are in pain right now and need BioFreeze asap, you should order from amazon. When you pick up a bottle at the chiropractors or at the massage parlor you will pay double the price.

BioFreeze comes in two flavors: You can buy as a gel and rub onto your skin with your hands and it comes as a roll on stick, like deodorant, and you can roll it on without having to touch it. I use the roll on stick and I rub it on my shoulders before I hit the gym.

3) High Carb or High Fat / Never Both

The combination of eating high carb and high fat equals fat-assery. Choose high carb or high fat, either/or but never both. Of course, you want moderate to high protein always. For a natural guy you would be better off eating high fat, high protein and low carb. For a hormonally enhanced bodybuilder, high carb, high protein and low fat is fine. For a look at what high fat / high carb / low protein does you can take a look at middle easterners. Those people have some of the worst bodies on earth. No muscle and high fat.

4) Eat Pineapples and Drink Pineapple Juice

For a hormonally enhanced trainer, pineapple is highly advisable because pineapple is very good for your liver and, if you are using hormones like superdrol or testosterone, you need to pay special attention to keeping your liver healthy. Fresh pineapple of course is the best, but in a pinch you can grab a 6 pack of those little cans of dole pineapple juice or grab some canned pineapple.

5) Drink Egg Whites / Eggs

Eggs are mother natures protein shakes. They are natural, healthy, cheap and readily available. Whey protein is garbage, toxic waste filled with nasty chemicals. I have been drinking eggs for years and I have never been sick from drinking them. I even drank eggs in China and never got sick. The salmonella risk is completely overblown, you are more likely to get salmonella from eating salad but those stupid freaks on the internet never tell you “don’t eat salad because you’ll get sick”. The trick is to never drink an egg that has a cracked shell. If the shell is cracked, throw it away. If an egg does have salmonella it will be on the shell, so never crack your eggs on the glass you will be drinking from. Crack the egg somewhere else and then drop the egg into your glass. I typically drink 6 of them. Just pretend you are chugging a beer, you do not need to chew the yolk, it will go down just fine. Eggs don’t have much of a taste, but the texture can be a little gross. After you get used to it, it’s nothing.

If the thought of drinking eggs repulses you there is another solution.

Enter Cartons of Egg Whites……….

At the grocery store you can buy cartons of egg whites (called egg beaters, or the generic version). The cartons run about $4 and they are pure, complete protein. They have been pasteurized so there is no way they can make you sick. Even better, they do not have the yolk which is the hardest part to mentally overcome drinking. Egg whites have almost no taste, you can chug a whole glass and it tastes almost like water. You can also mix in some powdered lemonade or pink lemonade and it will taste like lemonade. I made the switch from whole eggs to the cartons of egg whites and I absolutely love it. They are extremely easy and there is no cleanup. I have a glass after a workout and I try and have a glass before bed.

Tips: There will be two types of egg white cartons at the grocery store. Type 1 is pure, 100% egg whites and type 2 will have some other bullshit in it. Be sure and buy 100% egg whites.

You may get diarrhea at first after drinking eggs or egg whites, but eventually your body will get used to it and you will be fine.

6) Follow Body of a Spartan

I developed the Body of a Spartan method while I was living in China. I had two goals in mind: a) Get lean b) Get strong. And that’s exactly what I did. I got stronger and I got leaner. I had some rock hard abs and I was lifting heavy as hell, naturally. One thing about lifting naturally is that your recovery is no bueno and you get so goddamn sore. Because the Body of a Spartan method is not a typical bodybuilding routine, it focuses more on heavy weights and low reps, it really cuts down on the soreness. I spent way too long spinning my wheels doing stupid ass bodybuilding routines, and not using hormones, and being constantly sore as a result. You can build a physique naturally, you can get strong naturally, and you can do it with Body of a Spartan. You will not get jacked following bodybuilding magazine routines if you are natural.

Check out Body of a Spartan here.

7) Plate Loaded Hammer Strength Machines are Good

I have said many times that machines are poop and free weights are the way to go. That is still true, but there are exceptions. You need to build up your strength first before you play with machines, and you do that with free weights. But when you become strong and advanced, machines have some huge benefits. Especially the plate loaded hammer strength machines, and double especially the hammer strength back machines. If you are using a 25 lb plate per side on a back machine you are wasting your time. If you are using two 45 lb plates or more then machines are OK. To build up your back strength focus on pull-ups, chin-ups, deadlifts, bent barbell rows, and rack deadlifts. When you are strong you can start playing with lat pulldowns, seated rows, and all those fancy plate loaded hammer strength machines to really blow your back up.

8) Strength First, Feel the Weight Second

When you first start training you need to get stronger. Period. End of story. You get stronger by lifting heavy weights. You’ll see some big mothertruckers in the gym curling 15 lb dumbbells but those are advanced guys. For a new guy you’ve got to get strong. If you are a natural guy you will never get benefit from using tiny weights. The ironic thing is that you have to be advanced to use tiny weights. Get strong first, get big first, sculpt later with baby weights.

How do you get strong as hell? Body of a Spartan, of course.

Taking the time to build up that strength will pay off. I’m not a naturally super strong guy. In the strength department I am probably right about average for a white man of my height and build. But I took the time to lift heavy and develop that strength. I paid attention to getting stronger. I made a plan to get strong. Now I am one of the strongest guys in any commercial gym anywhere. That isn’t braggadocio, that’s fact. Having strength is a great feeling and I highly encourage you all to become strong.

 9) You Will Put on Some Fat to Get Big

If you’re a skinny guy you need to eat, eat and eat some more. It isn’t pleasant, it isn’t fun, and it isn’t comfortable but it’s necessary. Start eating to get bigger. I started at 130 lbs at a height of almost 6’2 .I had to fucking eat and eat. Nowadays I’m over 200 lbs and I maintain on two meals a day, but to get here I had to force feed and I lost my abs to get here. If you’re a skinny guy forget about eating clean, you aren’t going to put on weight eating chicken and rice. If you’re a lean-skinny guy and want to get big, start eating. Maybe you’ll lose your abs and maybe you won’t. If you’re a skinny-fat guy and want to get bigger, start eating. You never had abs so don’t worry about it. If you’re a skinny-fat guy do not diet and get lean. You need MUSCLE to get lean. If you diet as a skinny-fat guy you’re going to look like dogshit. You need muscle first, and if you don’t have muscle underneath you’re going to look like 120 lbs of shit instead of 140 lbs of shit.

10) Don’t Waste Your Money on Supplements

I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it a hundred more times. Supplements are junk and you will never build muscle by using supplements. Supplements can help with general health but you are never going to get jacked from using supplements. Liver tabs are great supps, but that’s because they are liver, just dried liver. I am also currently taking a product called Animal Flex, which is designed to help protect and support your joints from continuous weight lifting. I’m 67% sure it has done nothing to help my joints, but then again I’m bad about taking it every day.

11) The One Song Playlist

This is an idea I got from the Hollywood Physique. It’s exactly what it sounds like, you listen to one song on repeat while in the gym. Pick a song that pumps you up and just let it play on repeat. Music can and will have a huge impact on your workout, but you can easily get sidetracked dicking around with your MP3 player, trying to find the right song. Pick one song that fires you up and get to the gym and go to work. I prefer powerful music full of aggression (here is my current choice) but I also have a secret weapon: sad sack, sappy songs, ballads, and lonesome music. This type of music really does a number on your emotions and is a great choice for the gym, just not everyday. Once in a while I’ll put on Dwight Yoakam or Michael Bolton and hit them weights with a passion. Pick whatever music fires you up.

BONUS: What To Do When You Get Big

 1) Enjoy It

As a big man you will get respect from people. People who would not have thought anything of you before. Big men, as in not fat, are rare and command respect. People will defer to you. People will get out of your way. Little girlies eyes will pop out of their heads and their jaws will drop as they stare in awe. You will get big, bright smiles from the little cutie in the cereal aisle. Girlies will say “Whoa, you’re big like Vin Diesel“.

Note: I also keep my hair in a military style high and tight (see pic of ol’ Big Bear below). For some reason the combination of being big and having a high and tight haircut commands respect. I get respectful nods and comments constantly. Of course, I always get asked how long I’ve been in the Marines and I have to explain that’s just a fashion choice. If you’re looking for a clean and easy hairstyle you should try the high and tight. I’ll never go back to having long, hippie hair ever again. With the high and tight your hair is always clean looking, you don’t have to wash it much, you never have to style it, and you are always ready to go. Be sure to go to a barber, and not a stylist.

2) How to Scratch Your Back

When you get bigger you will become less flexible, unless you stretch, making it impossible to scratch parts of your back. I don’t stretch, so I am not flexible. As a consequence I cannot scratch parts of my back or sometimes my shoulders. Never fear, I have a secret weapon: a fork. I keep a fork on my bedside table and whenever I get an itchy back I grab the fork and go to work. You can also get yourself a human back scratcher, just make sure she grows her nails out.

When you’re out and about and don’t have a fork or a girlie, you may have to scratch your back like a Bear scratches it’s back on a tree. Find an edge that is the right height and sharpness and rub your back on it like a Bear. Looks stupid, but sometimes it’s the only way to get the middle of your back.

3) How to Put on Your T-Shirts and Not Get Deodorant Stains

“But Victor, I’ve been putting on t-shirts my whole life lol”

When I started getting bigger, I would always get deodorant streaks on my t-shirts. I couldn’t put 2 and 2 together and figure out what was going on. I was in a hotel room in Austin, TX with some buddies. We were getting ready to go out on the town and pick up some of that Saturday night beaver and I put on 3 shirts and got deodorant streaks on all of them. After yelling fuck for the 3rd time, my buddy showed me a little trick. To put on your shirt and never get deodorant stains on the outside you’ve got to fold the shirt up from the bottom. Fold it up halfway, like you’re going to show off your belly, and put it on that way. When you put it on you will still get deodorant on the shirt, but it will be on the inside of the shirt where it’s invisible, and not on the outside of the shirt where it makes you look like an idiot who can’t put on a t-shirt.

4) Go to the Gym You Lazy S.O.B.

There is no better time than right now.

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  1. says

    I like how some of these points offer an explanation for both juicers and non-juicers. To date, I have NEVER seen an article that addresses both equally.

    • says

      The truth is the principles don’t change as much as you think between bodybuilding naturally and on gear. Having done both I’d say diet was the main difference between bodybuilding natural or not. Training is simple progressive overload = muscle growth. You will just have faster recovery on gear.

  2. RALPH says

    Hey Vic

    Just got a question about point 9. One of my biggest annoyances/fears about having to eat big to get big is that I’ll have to do it forever..I don’t get how once you get to your target weight (i.e. hacked) u can stop stuffing yourself like when you were trying to get bigger..wouldnt you just lose your muscle mass?

    • Victor Pride says


      ….Depends. If you’re super skinny and want to get up to a normal weight it should be easy enough to maintain. I eat when I’m hungry, typically twice per day, and I maintain plus or minus a few lbs. Keep yourself in the gym, eat enough protein and your muscle mass should be fine.

      • Eric says

        Hey I’ve been really getting into your blog for a couple months now and this is my first year of body building I’m a skinny guy and have made some good gains so far thanks for the help I found a really good way to drink egg whites that amps it up and tastes really good.i use carnation instant breakfast chocolate powder in about 6 eggs. Thanks

    • Chris says

      If you gained all your weight without drugs and you are lean, it will not just vanish. If you eat about 15 calories per pound of bodyweight in the rightish proportions it should be easy to maintain.

    • Eli says

      When you’re eating to get bigger, you feel like you’re stuffing yourself. Once you’re big, eating the same amount won’t feel like a surplus, because it won’t be.

  3. Mark says

    Deodorants are mostly crap… containing toxic substances like aluminum (so toxic it has been banned as cookware in many European countries…) Use a deodorant stone instead. Natural mineral salts and non toxic. No residue. And best of all it cuts out odor better than ANY deodorant on the market. Most effective odor control there is…bar none.

    • Dennis Habern says

      Greetings from Germany. What brand of deoderant stone do you use?

      How expensive are they?

      Are they scented?


      Dennis the Menace

    • Victor Pride says

      My deadlift is at 535 lbs, no straps and no belt, straight from the floor – months ago, certainly better now. One arm deadlift at minimum 315 lbs, I could probably hit close to 405. I barbell shrug 600+ for reps, no smith machine baloney. I incline db press 105 lb dumbbells for a couple clean sets of 10, no spot. I don’t barbell bench at all, except for some light weight close grip barbell bench, I hit a set of 40 reps at 135 lbs last time I repped out cgbp. I do zero overhead work as my shoulders are healing, but before I’d hit a set of 225+ push press for reps and squat-to-press 225+. My squat is poop, not much more than 315 lbs but always ass to grass perfect form (I have long limbs like a giraffe). I don’t use any machines except for the plate loaded back machines and cables, the seated row with chest support I will use 4 plates per side for reps, the hammer strength seated row with handles overhead I will use 2-3 plates per side for reps. The seated cable row I will use a wide grip bar and rep the stack. Bent barbell rows, I have never maxed out but I could certainly hit 315 but typically use 135 lbs or 225 lbs for clean reps. DB rows, whatever the heaviest db in the gym is. DB shrugs, whatever the heaviest db’s are. Those are my numbers with no embellishment.

      Feel free to post your numbers here.

      • IronMan says

        Looks like you and I have similar strengths, Victor. Best deadlift to date was 475, but I’ve also hit 435x7x1 and I estimate I’m good for 500 soon. Best squat was 385 (or 365×2) but I don’t do them much as I’m concentrating more on my pulls and presses. Push-press is in the realm of 185 or so, and I’m working heavy one-arm DB presses hard recently. Best shrug is 585 for a few reps.

  4. Shinji says

    8) Strength first, feel the weight second

    “The ironic thing is you have to be advanced to use baby weights”

    Why is that the bigger, advanced guys end up using the tiny weights? I don’t understand. Please explain.

    • Victor Pride says


      a) They already built up their base of muscle using heavy weights, now they sculpt and cultivate and b) they are on the right drugs.

      • ant73 says

        I think its because of the heavy weights raising your one rep max. And when you do go light weight its still relative to your strength. For example, if you go from benching 135 for a max as a beginner, to let say 225 for a one rep max in a year using progressively heavy weights low reps. And then go from 225 to 315 using progressively heavier weights. If you go to let’s say 70% of your one rep max after that, it’d be about 220 lbs. Heavy as hell in relation to where you started. You need that foundation of strength, because it’ll carry over to your lighter weight workouts. But even with lighter weights and higher reps, you would still have to apply progressive overload to your weight lifting. So eventually you will be back to heavy weighs, and/or will just plateau the same way with heavy weights lower reps. I like to change it every so often just for a change. But even then its just for a couple weeks, and then I’m back at the heavy weight/low rep. Volume training works for a few reason, the fact that you can rep it slower, the fact that you can focus on form, the fact that you can focus on breathing, it all adds up to an efficient work out. The fact that you won’t $hit your spine doing it, also helps. But can’t justify doing it for a long period of time, that is until I get all my numbers to a respectable point. Till then, I’ll continue $hitting my spine trying to yank 500lbs off the floor.

    • Jim Thom says

      You have to do high reps with low weights in order to cause angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth to the muscle). Heavy weight supports hypertrophy, but does not support angiogenesis. Your muscles need more nutrients (from blood) to get past a plateau…

  5. menging says

    Hey Victor.

    From tip 9) I assume you are the same stats as me, almost 6’2 and I’m 207 pounds. How come you look so much bigger than me in that picture?

    I’m not complaining about my physique, but its just really weird.

    • Victor Pride says

      I have small bone structure, makes me look bigger. I can wrap my thumb and middle finger around my wrist and they will touch. My lower legs are comically small boned. Bones are heavy, it may be that you need to be 220 to look the same muscularly as someone with smaller bones. All depends on structure.

  6. A Thankful Reader says

    Yo Victor, your blog has helped me out TREMENDOUSLY in my life! I’ve always been active (I’m a big black dude, 205 lbs 8% bf), but outside of the gym I never really felt like I was in control of my life. Just kind of dicked around, did well in my college classes, but never really felt like I was accomplishing anything. But I bought your 30 days of discipline book after reading about it on some blog and it’s made a world of difference. I read your shit everyday, and I’ve read all the stuff in your archives. I feel alive everyday, like I’m always moving forward. I have a business that’s getting funded, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Things have really changed for me. I’m glad I found out about your stuff this year, I just turned 20 and I’m sure the rest of my 20’s are going to be epic. Don’t stop writing man, you’re changing lives.

  7. A Thankful Reader says

    Oh, and on the subject of our numbers, just tested all these in the gym yesterday.

    Bench Press: 225 for 9 reps
    Squat: 315 for 6 reps (any 6’0 + guys with better numbers? I need inspiration)
    Strict Military Press: 135 for 8 reps
    Deadlift: 365 for 6 reps (embarrassing)

  8. eddieb says

    Hey Vic. I really like you’re blog, I really enjoy your no nonsense attitude about life. Im going to ask soemthing and I need you to give it me straight. I have always wondered if improving myself as a man like you say is really worth it for me in my situation. I can honestly say I have been picked on my whole life, since I was in elementrary school, I am now 36 and 5’2” , 140lbs , 19 percent body fat and mexican ( i mention this becuase I feel that you mainly write for white guys, but advice is advice). Do you really think it would look oK that I get ripped at my height, wouldn’t not look rediculous. All I want is not to be picked on. It sad that I even get made fun of by worhip team members at my chruch. I even had to listen to my wife tell me that someone made a joke to her about my height that bothered her. I am currently working on furthering my career, I dress well and I have my finances in order, I would just like to look a little tougher or be tougher so that I am not humiliated by everyone, including women in public, anymore. I sick of being picked on.

    • Victor Pride says


      If you don’t want to be picked on, you need to look like you shouldn’t be picked on. Simple, yes? Unfortunately, 5’2 is very short and jokes will always be made. The trick is to minimize the jokery and maximize your confidence level.

      I probably wouldn’t worry about getting ripped, I would try and get strong and built like a pit bull. I would probably get into some form of martial arts for the confidence it would give. I would 100% get on TRT. I would want other people to give a quick 2nd thought about making a joke. Good luck.

    • Victor Pride says

      Cannot eat low carb to gain weight. Carbs are the key to gaining and losing. To gain weight eat more carbs, to lose weight eat less carbs. It is my opinion that a ratio of 33/33/33 protein/fat/carb is perfectly fine for gaining weight. If you notice yourself gaining too much flab you may want to take a day here or there and cut down the carbs.

        • Victor Pride says


          Let me go ahead and magically guess your height, bf %, and body type.

          You need to be 216.5 lbs and not an ounce over or under.

          • Steve says

            no shooting for somewhere around 175 to 180 lbs of lean muscle, i’m 21 now so I don’t want to use trt or anything like that at my age

          • Steve says

            I read you started at 130 lbs and i got up to 185 lbs naturally im just wondering how you went about putting on that muscle while making sure you stayed lean naturally

          • Victor Pride says

            I will have a post about this coming soon, but I did it in increments. Eat like a horse and then burn the flab off.

  9. Lestat says


    How many cartons of Egg Whites do you go through a week? Also how many ounces (or eggs) do you usually down after each workout? I just bought a carton, downed 12 ounces and you’re definitely right they have no taste at all. Easiest form of protein to down for sure. Way better than protein powder that’s filled with bullshit chemicals.

    • Victor Pride says


      I fill up a normal sized glass and drink it down, one post workout and one another time per day. I would guess I go through 4-6 big cartons a week.

      • Lestat says

        Nice thanks Victor. I’m thinking bout buying 2 Gallons of Egg Whites International 100% Pure from BB.com. Priced reasonable and free shipping. These shakes don’t count toward your two meals correct? I’m taking a glass first thing in the morning and than another right after my workout.

          • Lestat says

            It’s actually cheaper at my local grocery store so I’m just going to buy 4-5 cartons a week like you do. You said you take a shake before bed, does this make you full/bloated in the morning? I’ve been following the Greg Plitt way of not eating anything 3-4 hours before bed.

  10. Chuck Groin Punch says

    Put your deodorant on AFTER you put your shirt on. It’s this easy.

    1) Shower
    5)Cologne. 1 SPRAY. I can’t stress this enough. ONE. SPRAY. OF. COLOGNE.

  11. Bren says

    Hey Victor,
    I just finished a bulking cycle (went from 136 to 160 lbs) how long would you recommend before I start bulking again? And how many meals would you recommend to maintain in between bulking to maintain my weight?

    • Victor Pride says


      If I just want to maintain I will eat two meals, maybe 3. When should you start bulking again? That all depends on the mirror. Good luck.

  12. Bruce says

    Hey Victor, i’m 16 and i’ve been working out for less than a year. I’m a mesomorph and i’ve never had abs. I just wanted to ask if i should spend my time getting ripped before getting big or does it not matter at all? I keep hearing from people that beginners should get definition before mass.Should i just start packing on the weight or is it better to stay lean at my age?

    • Victor Pride says

      Bruce, if you aren’t skinny you don’t really need to spend time bulking up as you are already bulked up. Judging from the words you said, I would go for refinement over mass gain.

  13. nek says

    Hi Victor,

    Just purchased body of a spartan. Looks good. I’ve been doing a heavy lifting program for almost two years now with good results (Sean Nalenwanyj’s). One thing that I’m having a hard time coming to terms with is the “no need for recovery” aspect. I just don’t see how that’s not a factor. Can you expalin in more depth why it’s not necessary?


  14. Ed says

    Good advice, for big tall guys wanting to fill out. Shorter guys need a different game plan, very often they don’t need a tonne of mass to get that look. Also your take on supplements is a little harsh, some of the pre-workouts, test-boosters and creatine are most certainly not rubbish. Sure nutrition may deliver the same result, creatine is clearly a very effective supplement from not only my experience, also many millions of people.

  15. says

    I can relate to the eating part. Yes it is hard man, very very hard!! you have to discipline yourself to eat a lot more: I can even tell you that it is harder than the other way around

  16. Paul says

    Hello Vic!
    I found your site about a week ago, and I must say everything I’ve read has motivated me to go beyond my limits like nothing has before. I am determined to get in better shape and be more toned.

    I want your opinion and advice on what you would recommend for me.

    I am currently an 18 year old who is going to be a senior in high school (I didn’t fail, I just started late). I am approximately 5’6″ and I weigh 229 pounds. I am about 22% body fat. My goal is to lose as much weight as possible and become as toned as possible (I’m really not that interested in becoming super muscular, I just want my body to be more defined, maybe showing a little bit of abs)
    My goal is to achieve as much as possible within 8 1/2 weeks time, before school starts again, and also achieve as much as possible before 2013 comes to a close.

    I plan on applying for a Navy ROTC scholarship and end up being commissioned into the United States Navy as an Officer. However, to even be considered for the scholarship, I have to first meet the Navy’s physical fitness standards, which can be found in the following links:

    Height-weight (on page one)

    The physical fitness standards can be found on the second page of that same link, just scroll down. I fall into the 17-19 year old group.

    With that given, I would like your advice and opinion on how to achieve these standards in the shortest time possible. I messed up a lot by not doing anything about my physical fitness while I had a lot of time to fix it, but now that time is a lot shorter, I have a lot to achieve.

    What would you recommend as far as exercise plans and diet. I have 2-10 pound weights. I don’t know if it would help, but I recently got a job and I expect to get paid at least $120.00 every two weeks, depending on my hours worked and deductions.

    Anything would help. Also, keep up the good work on this site. It is very motivating!

  17. Jgooo says

    I will say this, he is right on the money here. This is very correct information aimed at both the natural and hormonized trainer. very true words. Follow this advice biofreeze works ok in me, wears off fast, I use bengay with alcohol wrapped after massaging in.

  18. Peter says

    Uncle Vic,

    I purchased Body of a Spartan and am using it to develop my lifting routines. I am however perplexed as to what my eating plan should be. I’ve perused your articles and comments to get an idea but I’m still just not sure what “category” I fall under to figure out how I need to be eating. I’m thinking more along the lines of skinny fat/plain fat. I’m 5’6 at a 165lbs, and my goal is to bulk up and gain muscle to develop command presence for my career. My belly and handles must go also. Steak and eggs diet, or eat eat eat? Any advice or opinion would be appreciated; this is all new to me. Thanks for your work.


    • Peter says

      Further on last, I’m 26, and had been doing CrossFit for the past 3 years, but these last 6 months I’ve been fairly inconsistent as I was getting frustrated with their routines…I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of it; I’m determined to get jacked.

  19. Wes says

    Hey Vic,

    I just bought BCAA’s and hydrolyzed protein powder. I always have in the back of my head from so much info I’ve read over the years that you need protein within an hour after a workout with some high glycymic carbs. Right now I take 20 grams BCAA before workout, 20 grams after workout and 50 gram protein shake with a banana within a hour after my workout.

    Do you think drinking 6-8 eggs after a workout and training fasted is about as effective as BCAA’s and protein powder?

    • Victor Pride says

      Wes, I don’t believe protein powders and BCAA’s are effective in the slightest. I think eating nothing is just as effective.

      • Chris says

        Ive been focusing on fat loss for the last 5 weeks and have seen good results. Currently Im around 20% bodyfat, my goal is 10% bf. Im eating low carb and plenty of protein and fat, 5 meals a day (2 of them are protein powder and greens). I use whey protein powder, BCAAs, fish oil, greens supplement, and a multivitamin. And also I take lipodrene (with ephedra). I’m interested in trying out the steak and eggs diet it would simplify everthing! Im almost out of protein and BCAAs so not stocking up again would save me some needed cash. I will say that I have blown up my muscles in just 5 weeks but I hit the weights hard and then do 30-40 mins of walking on treadmill.

        I like my greens supplement mixed with unsweeted almond milk, its better than chocolate milk so ill keep that. I’ll finish taking my protein and BCAAs until I run out (since I paid for them) and after I finish up the groceries I bought the other day, I’ll switch to steak and eggs and I might get some fiber too. Looking forward to a much simpler diet and easier grocery shopping, and less supplements to mess with.

        Vic: What are your thoughts on the fish oil and multivitamin?

        I just cant help but think the BCAAs have helped me, but it could just be all mental. But I’m really fucking happy with the muscle gains Ive seen, I wasnt expecting this much at all since my goal is fat loss. It could just be my muscles waking up, Ive lifted on and off for a few years now so I’m not a noob, Ive never had this much drive and determinatin tho, seeing results only makes me push harder.

        Thanks for the info on this site brother!

        PS- I read the article on building a bigger chest and I tried out those neck presses yesterday and my chest is nice and sore today, I love it!

  20. Mikey says

    Okay. I am seriously ill with heart failure, and diabetes. At the moment I have no strength or energy. How do I get myself fit? No smart answers please. Your biceps do NOT impress me.

  21. Bryce says

    Hey mate,

    After remembering this article from a while back, i thought i’d vouch for listening to only one song in the gym.

    I’ve listened to a lot of shit, but i find i come back to the track Mombasa by Hans Zimmer, from the Inception soundtrack. Very fast paced and dynamic, brings good intensity to my workouts. From about 2 minutes 50 onwards is epic.



  22. Wes says

    Hey Victor,

    I bought Uni-liver tablets a month ago and have been taking 3 a day with a meal. I also miss a lot of days so I haven’t really noticed much of a benefit from them.

    How many liver tablets do you take per day?

      • Panos says

        For a month more or less, I do the steak and eggs “diet”. 2 meals per day for 6 days and Sundays are the junk food days. I’ve also started the 30 days of discipline.

        My first meal is at 11:00 in the morning, and an hour latter I took 3 liver tablets. At 15:00 hit the gym and do something like the wourkout routine you mentioned on the body of a Spartan. I take another 3 liver tablets as a post-workout. And at 18:00 I’ll have my second and last meal of the day.

        I think I should too also raise them at 10 per meal, since my total calories are a bit restricted. 300gr of total beef and 8 eggs.

        Total bodyweigth 72kilos (158lb). I used to be pretty fat and the last 6 months I dropped from 88 kilos (180lb) to my current weigth. My upper abs are noticable, not pretty much, but you can see them.

        Victor, if you have something to comment on this, I’ll appriciate it.

  23. Abhi says

    Victor I followed your body of Spartan though I did 5-6 reps instead of the one rep ” main” exercises mainly due to an shoulder injury.

    my lifts and stats at start— height 5ft8

    incline bench 45degree#—-45kg

    after 3.5 monthd#—
    incline bench——>70 kg 6 reps no spot
    squats——85kg 3 reps
    deads—–120kg 2 reps
    pullups—-11 reps controlled

    I want to progress faster and am going to use testosterone to get a boost

    what dose do you recommend?

    Should I cycle or do blast/cruise?

    my test levels now are—371ng/dl

  24. says

    Hi Vic

    Getting built has now become a necessity for me, I’m 31 years old, it always was a necessity but i just didn’t realise it. Thank you for this no BS article.

    I have 2 questions:
    1 What did you used to do with the egg yolks when you used to drink 6 egg whites?
    2 I’m 70 kg and 6ft tall. I want to be 100 kg in 2 years. So if I achieve this by eating and lifting big will I be able to maintain this weight eating 2-3 meals a day or will I need to continually eat 5-6 meals indefinitely?

    Your reply would be much appreciated

    • Victor Pride says

      The egg whites come in a container, just like a drink. There are no yolks.

      You won’t gain 30kg of muscle, you can gain the weight but it will be mostly fat and to maintain you’ll have to eat like a fatass.

  25. says

    If you’re trying to gain muscle weight the best way to do that is to build strength with big basic exercises…that advice is spot on. For those that are trying to gain weight and have trouble eating, try slowly increasing the number of times you workout per week. Working out more frequently and with a high effort level will definitely help stimulate appetite.

    • says

      I’ve found nothing stimulates the appetite like a good sprint session. Can’t do more than a couple per week but I’m absolutely ravenous after one.

      • says

        Yeah sprints are pretty good. A lot of “hardgainers” are afraid to do cardio because they think they’ll lose muscle, but if you do it correctly you won’t lose any muscle and it can be great at stimulating appetite.

        • says

          I tell anyone I work with to avoid the moderate-high intensity steady-state cardio that everyone seems to do (think chugging along on the treadmill for 45-60 minutes). All that does is boost your cortisol levels. My typical 2 “cardio” suggestions are:

          1) Sprints for performance-oriented individuals
          2) Slow, easy cardio like walks for people just wanting to burn calories without causing a cortisol dump

          I actually prefer the 2nd option because it’s a good chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine and burn some fat.

  26. Mark says

    BioFreeze is great stuff. My chiro uses DMSO to give it a boost. You can get DMSO (99% pure) on Amazon. Put some DMSO on a cottonball and just give it a swipe over the area, let it evaporate in a few seconds, it will get warm, then apply the BioFreeze. The DMSO will allow the BioFreeze to be delivered deeper into the muscle and facilitate greater oxygen transport. This has worked miracles on sprains and sore muscles.

  27. Kingbudha says

    My man vic,
    so progression overload is key right? Does that only refer to adding the weight on the bar? Or going bat shit crazy on reps would do as well? Like 20 or 30.

  28. cesar says

    “I developed the Body of a Spartan method while I was living in China.”

    So that means Body of A Spartan was made in China.

  29. Mike Not Dolce says

    Okay, so I tried the 6 whole raw eggs thing and I almost spewed. I managed about 1 of them. Might have to stick to cooking my eggs in future!

  30. Piyush says

    hey vic….im 21year 6ft tall 70kg indian guy..i want to gain weight and mucsles..will u please help me in this..i wil wait for ur reply buddy..how to do and what to do??

  31. Daniel says

    Vic, quick question. I’m from a tropical Caribbean island and I love Pineapple. We have so many of them we cant export enough. Now quick question: In this article you say that Pineapple is good for the liver, however I’ve read research saying that the tons of manganese found in Pineapple, Papaya, and Mangos is actually bad for the liver, and should be avoided if you’re already having problems with it. Please elaborate. Also, how did you, yourself learn how to code?
    Thanks for everything, your site is awesome, LIVE SPARTAN!

  32. Xaver says

    Dear Victor,
    Are you absolutely confident and without a doubt that eating raw eggs will not kill you? I survived a deployment in Iraq (INFANTRY) and I don’t want to be killed by an egg. That would be embarassing.

    • Victor Pride says

      I don’t recommend raw eggs, if you want to drink your protein I recommend pasteurized egg whites (sometimes called egg beaters).