10 Ways to Project Power

1) Talk Loud

Make sure people can hear you. Talk loud, talk proud, don’t stutter and don’t “umm” and “uhh” through your conversation. You don’t need to yell, but you need to project your voice. Make sure everyone can hear you. When you talk at someone they shouldn’t have to say “What? Huh? What did you say?“. No one needs to guess what your answer is, the power is in “yes” and “no”. “Umm, well, you know, I think maybe…” does not project power.

2) Don’t dress like a gay or a nerd or a hipster

Yes, we all know gays are fabulous but they aren’t powerful. They are sissified half men who do everything in their power to look as fruity as possible. When you dress like a gay you look dickless. Many otherwise straight boys dress gay, and that’s fine for those sissies, but for a man of power it’s unacceptable. There is power in a well fitting suit and tie. There is power in a well fitting t-shirt that accentuates your build. There is no power in skinny jeans, or man purses, or whatever other bullshit those silly-heads are wearing.

3) Build a big back

Obviously, having a muscular figure is powerful. Probably the most overlooked bodypart is the back, which is a shame because the back is a huge muscle group. You can’t see your back so often it is neglected. That’s unfortunate, because a big, broad back screams power. If you happen to stand in an elevator behind a fella with a huge back you’ll know right away that the guy is no minnie mouse. A big back just looks powerful, more powerful than big arms or a big chest, or even big shoulders. Hit your pullups, bent barbell rows and your heavy rack deadlifts religiously. Even though you can’t see your back, all that hard work will pay off. Anytime I happen to catch my back in a mirror (anyplace that there are mirrors in the front and back) I’m always a little shocked at how well all the back work has paid off. A big back just looks damn strong, don’t neglect it.

4) Don’t be self deprecating

When you make fun of yourself people lose respect for you. Clearly, you do not believe in yourself so no one else should believe in you either. It is infinitely better to be arrogant than it is to be humble and self-deprecating. It takes arrogance to be highly successful and it takes arrogance to be a leader. You must believe in yourself and you must believe you can do a better job than anyone else. People will cry about you being arrogant, but they’ll cry while they follow all the rules set by the arrogant leaders.

5) Don’t follow the rules

The rules are for the herd, the average Joe and Jane who will never amount to anything. The rules do not apply to the powerful, simple as that. (Note: I said rules, not laws). You’ve heard a million idiots say “But I did everything right! I followed all the rules and I still got shit on!“. Here’s a tip for the rule followers: Rules are designed for you to get nothing and give everything. You’ll not get a damn thing by following the rules, the rules are set by the powerful to keep you down and to keep them up. Whine and boo-hoo about it all you want but go fetch your daddy’s coffee while you’re doing it. What rules did Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mark Zuckerberg follow? Rules are for those who wish to be ruled. The power is in getting others to follow your rules.

6) Walk with power

Walk tall and stand proud. No hands in the pockets baloney. Don’t drag your feet on the ground, don’t walk with your head down, don’t be a minnie mouse and try to get out of everyone’s way.

7) Never apologize

I get at least 5 guys apologizing to me everyday. Usually it’s in the gym, I’ll be walking with my 5 lb pink dumbbells in my hands and some guy is in my way and he says “sorry”. That happens constantly. Never apologize for just being there. Don’t start a conversation with “sorry”. Don’t end a conversation with “sorry”. Just don’t say sorry, period.

But what if you do something terribly wrong and are truly sorry?

There’s an easy fix for that, friend: Don’t do anything terribly wrong. Problem solved.

8) Maintain eye contact

When you speak with someone you look them in the eyes. Don’t look around the room or the floor or the ceiling. Look at the eyes, the windows of the soul.

9) Always give a firm handshake

Your handshake says everything about you. A firm handshake is powerful. What is a limp wristed, loosey goosey handshake? It is the opposite of powerful.

10) Don’t let your woman call you honey, or sugar, or dear

Guess what? Your woman is going to call you anything you tell her to. The key is to tell her, not ask her. The goofballs with the slouched backs and the khaki shorts let their women call them honey or sugar or, worst of all, dear.  All highly emasculating names for a man. She will call you whatever you want, if you want to be called dickless then she is going to call you dear or honey. If you want to be called a powerful name, you just tell her. Simple as that. Tell her exactly what to say. Say “Call me daddy“. She might giggle or laugh, but never give in, never apologize, never backtrack and she will soon call you the new name and squeal with delight each time she does it. The little secret here is that women want you to have power, but they will test you and test you and try and take it away, just don’t let them. Here is another secret: The same things that turn men on, turn women on. Fella, your woman wants to feel your power – let her. There is no more powerful feeling in the world than when your woman happily calls you “daddy” or….? Sky’s the limit.

11) BONUS – Lift weights like an animal

The only thing that truly projects strength is….


Make your body as strong as you possibly can. And then make it stronger. The weight room is the man maker, the ultimate, get to know it intimately. Barbells are your best friends but sometimes they laugh at you and need to be taught a lesson. Conquer them and learn how to conquer all.

Get your power on, boys. While the gettin’s good. If you don’t want it, some other fella will scoop it up.



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  1. says

    I have found the back to be the most respectable place to build on the body. Six pack abs, a big chest and large guns are all impressive, but when I see a large, well defined back I am in awe. Steve Reeves is one example, and actually where I realized the importance of building the back. He intentionally never got as cut as others because he didn’t like the look so he never had the abs to compete with other bodybuilders, but his back was something else.

    At my church, after main service everyone splits up into different groups, and for the older teens group I’m in (not sure what grades or ages) for a reason I can’t fathom, the boys and girls sit on opposing sides of the room or are always segregated somehow. So, I broke that rule. After our initial visit, I started making a point to always sit on the girls “side”. Turns out it’s a win-win. I get to sit by a bunch of cute girls, and all the guys know I’m not afraid to stick out and show how sure I am of myself.

  2. says

    Great post Victor, however I don’t entirely agree with point 2, specifically with regards to skinny jeans. A good pair of drainpipes are great for accentuating leanness, particularly for a slim-waisted broad-shouldered man such as my myself. Skinny can make a lean man appear both taller and slimmer, thus more masculine, and what would disagree with that? I do see the gist of that post, and yes, I certainly agree.

    • says

      This is just how I see the problem, but what is marketed as “skinny jeans” are only for boys who don’t have legs. Any man who builds his legs will require bigger pants. For me “relaxed fit” jeans are like my skinny jeans, and because of that I don’t wear them because they are hard to get on and off and restrict movement. However, I do NOT wear unnecessarily baggy pants. Just as with the rest of my clothes, I want my jeans to be “cut” like me so as to accentuate the hard work I put into my body, yet not so tight as to restrict movement.

      • says

        Now that makes sense. You can still, however, have relatively developed legs and wear ‘skinny’ jeans. I would much rather err on skinny than baggy, but boot-cut are probably the more ideal choice for most men; they’re always a safe bet.

      • says

        There is a difference between a man wearing slim, appropriate fitting jeans and a man wearing “skinny jeans”. The original skinny jeans were back when guys would wear girls jeans. The only people that can wear jeans like that are the really scrawny types. I have seen very few people with a muscular build trying to wear skinny jeans and when they do, they look ridiculous.

        Benjo — I do see where you are coming from, baggy jeans will always look bad and sloppy.

        • says

          Yes, there is a difference between “skinny jeans” and “slim, appropriately fitting” as you said. Even if you don’t have huge legs, if you have strong ones they will be to big to fit normal skinny jeans. But anyone who’s in shape, regardless of size, should have slim, cut, appropriately fitting jeans, pants, everything. It’s part of dressing to win! ;)

  3. john doe says

    #10. is so fucking true man!!! And those type of guys wonder why its so hard to get a piece of ass from their girl or wife-she has no respect for you as a man anymore dickheads!! This sort of thing is very prevalent in the workplace. 9x out of 10, when someone is bossy as hell and is a pecker head for no apparent reason at work, its because of one thing……he has no power in his own home and his wife runs him!! So when he comes to work he has to run shit and act like an asshole because thats the only place he can be somebody!!!

  4. James says

    Hi Victor, I totally agree with you about most things in this post and your blog in general. However there are a couple of things here I think are worth mentioning. I’ve seen you warn against the dangers of self deprecation, both in this post and elsewhere. I’m not sure how well your advice on this subject works in America, but over here in Britain self deprecation is far from the weak trait you characterise it as. Across the pond, great men who have the humility to use self deprecating humour are highly admired. They are seen as being very secure in themselves. People who shy away from the idea of making a joke about themselves are seen as self important (to make up for a lack of importance in the outside world) and obnoxious. For a guy who has a dominating, highly confident personality a healthy dose of self deprecating humour is practically essential if he wants to be liked and respected in this country. That doesn’t mean you should rip yourself apart or concentrate on your flaws. Just maintain a healthy sense of self esteem and don’t hold yourself in a ridiculously, obnoxiously high regard.
    Another thing I wanted to mention is the “Call me daddy” thing. Again, I don’t know if it is a cultural difference, but I am confident that if you said that to most women here they’d think you were a complete tool, especially in the early stages of a relationship. I also think it is pretty creepy, and I think many women and men would agree. Personally I don’t have any problem with a woman calling me honey, sweetie or dear. I don’t see it as diminutive and disrespectful. Respect is expressed in other ways, not in the choice of pet names. It would run a shiver up my spine if a girl I was sleeping with called me “daddy”

    • says

      James as a fellow Brit I concur with the message of your first point, however I think it’s worth making a distinction between self-deprecation (e.g ‘I hate myself and I want to die’) and tongue-in-cheek irony (i.e ‘It’s an excellent sex position…or so I’ve read *wink wink*’). Maybe that’s what you’re referring to? I guess I agree with the first point in that every guy’s different in some respects. ‘Sweetie’ ‘honey’ ‘babe’ are completely fine with me, especially as most females will refer to me as such regardless of whether I’m in a relationship with them or not. ‘Baby boy’ however is a complete and utter no no as far as I’m concerned.

      • James says

        I concur. I think also the more advanced your status, the more self deprecating you can (and maybe should) be. If you are Emeritus Professor at Cambridge then you could easily say “Even an idiot like me can understand that…” or if you are one of the country’s youngest CEOs you could say “C’mon, if a loser like me can do it then…” Obviously these are extreme examples, but it’s a good rule of thumb. I think if you are in a good position in life then you will get a lot of respect by being humble about yourself. Also totally agree with your other point. “Baby boy”? Haha, if I heard one of my friend’s girls call him that then he’d never hear the end of it I promise you. :)

        • says

          Completely; I’m actually finding that as someone who’s in the upper echelons of male good looks (I get asked if I model on a regular basis, and I have actually modelled a couple of times) I find that I might actually be better off not so being so obviously narcissistic (I am, you could say, a little too aware about my good looks). Being skilled is one thing, but being humble about it accentuates that. I can see your point there, it’s very debatable though.

    • Diomedes says

      If you don’t want to be called Daddy, have her call you something else other than Dear, Honey, Sugarcheeks… Personally I do NOT want to be called daddy by my wife.

  5. Italian G says

    Great post. Man purses… I HATE THEM! Hey Vic, what’s your view on a man that carries things in a tote bag? You know like a whole foods recyclable grocery bag? Do you think an Alpha male would ever use this sort of thing to carry whatever in? I’m dying to know your opinion.

    • Victor Pride says

      Here’s what I think: they’re useful. I don’t use them, I don’t walk around carrying grocery bags, but they do serve a purpose. They’re strong and sturdy and you can really load them up. The tards at the grocery store will give you 15 plastic bags for 8 items. That’s too much trash. You buy a rack of ribs and a pack of gum and they give you 3 plastic bags. You tell the idiots “one bag is fine” and they still double bag. Having less garbage sounds quite nice. If you’d like to bypass having to throw away 15 plastic bags every time you buy groceries you could use one of those tote bags. When I was in China I’d go to the grocery after gym and I’d use my gym bag for groceries, it was way better and easier than plastic. Those bags probably work best if you buy groceries once every week or two, and load up each trip.

    • says

      Would an ‘alpha male’ really give a fuck what’s ‘alpha’ and what’s not? Do what you like but personally I really don’t care if something I might do is not considered ‘alpha’.

      • Italian G says

        Benjo… You seem emotionally rattled by that alpha comment. A true tell of a beta male. You have just exposed yourself. An alpha male is a simple descriptor men use. You however, are obviously not one. Its very obvious you are not a man of power.

          • Italian G says

            Benjo good work! I believe you do. In addition, I found your comments on skinny jeans riveting. I don’t argue, I say it how it is. In my experience the only types of individuals that would even remotely get sensitive about the words “Alpha Male” are homosexuals, liberals, and beta males. Or the combination of all three. Personally find tote bags effeminate and the only place they should be used at is the grocery store. Now if you excuse me, I have some alpha malin’ to do.

          • says

            I’m not ‘sensitive’ about it, I just don’t go about my life thinking ‘is this alpha or beta?’, I do things how I like to do them.

          • Italian G says

            Benjo – I’m not trying to be flip here. I do believe you don’t think that way. I don’t hold it against you. I’m simply stating there is no way your a dominant male. Women don’t gravitate towards you & your not a man of power. That’s fine. Not everyone can be. There are a distinct setS of rules Alpha Males and Super Alpha males (I am a Super Alpha) live by. Heck, look at Vic’s site. This is a direct insight into the mind of a Super Alpha. I and many others think just like Victor. You gravitate to a more feminine existence. I have zero problem with that. You are entitled to low paying jobs, feminine clothing, and long sessions with Betta females talking about your feelings, how you go to psychologists and love to recycle. Who am I to get in-between a man and his skinny genes?

          • sigma says

            Italian G, obviously you are very concerned with status. You have outed yourself as an omega man. I am not surprised, as Italians are the most feminized of Europeans.

    • says

      Nice essays; I was just confused as to why an ‘alpha male’ would ask another man if something was ‘alpha’ or not? This is not something I would do as a) I don’t care if something is ‘alpha’ or not, I do what I like to do. b) The opinion that matters most to me is my own.

  6. Gruesome says


    1. Contain your SEED in your LOINS until you find a WOMAN who truly deserves to receive it.

    2. Contain your PLANS in your MIND until you can ACT on them.

    3. Contain your FEELINGS in your HEART until you are CALM.

    4. Contain your STRENGTH in your LIMBS until you are called to a worthy CHALLENGE.

    5. Contain your FEARS in your SOUL until your COURAGE overcomes them.

    6. Contain your MONEY in your PURSE until you can buy something truly VALUABLE.

    7. Contain your HUNGER in your STOMACH until you have cooked a manly FEAST.

    8. Contain your WORDS in your MOUTH until everyone else has SPOKEN.

    9. Contain your ANGER in your BELLY until you find your true ENEMY.

    10. Contain your PLEASURE in your BODY until you are ALONE.


  7. Big D says

    Victor, this is one of the most ass-kicking websites on the net. Thank you for putting this stuff out there man! I have been reading everything over the past few months and haven’t really found a word I disagreed with.

    There are two things I would add to this list.

    1) Don’t get emotional – act calm and contented all the time. If someone tries to rattle you just smile, laugh, and keep a very calm voice and body language. If you watch successful and powerful winners, they live by this rule. That’s not to say you won’t snap into fighting mode if physically pushed – but that will almost never happen if you project power.

    2) (you sorta covered this in point #1) Speak directly. Audit the words and phrases you commonly use and make a great effort to eliminate useless filler. Some classic examples: “I mean…”, “…and shit”, “…or whatever”, “…and stuff”, “you know what I mean?”. etc. Quit polling people to make sure they agree with you: “right?”, “you know?”, “see what I mean?” etc.

    As for James and Benjo, guys I am sure you are nice and everything, and I really don’t mean disrespect, but I don’t think your comments are valid and I don’t think young men should take those comments seriously at all. You come out in favor of skinny jeans, against being called daddy, etc. You come out in favor of self-deprecating humour. To put it plainly: the English are some of the biggest manginas and white knights on the planet. You guys invented chivalry, being ruled by a Queen, feminism, the surveillance state, anti-freedom of speech laws, etc. You hate guns and are for socialism and gun control. You allow people to be sued or arrested for simply hurting some douchebag’s feelings. You are a very wimpy country and you sound like pretty wimpy guys. We are Americans, damn it, and we are way tougher than you guys.

    My woman calls me daddy all the time, especially when I’m pounding her from behind. If it bothered me I’d want to get my testo levels checked. I love my big-assed guns and wouldn’t hesitate to dispatch any intruders with a .45 slug to the head. I hate the police state because I don’t need to be ruled. I would never make fun of myself to lower my status – there are enough others who will try that crap without me helping them. And I would not be caught dead in skinny jeans or any other hipster gear. If you need to accentuate your upper body by wearing artificially skinny jeans, you need to spend more time in the gym. What’s more, if you were doing squats and leg presses you would not fit in skinny jeans.

    Just read and learn guys, and please think hard before you post comments contradicting Vic – he obviously knows of what he speaks.


    • Italian G says

      Benjo – If that pic is really you, your in great shape. However, I can see your height, by the dimension of the door. You are ripped, but your a tiny guy. Your shoe size is about a 10. Get that body when you weight 250 naturally and you would be a titan. One should be as ripped as they can. That guy “Donnie” Vic showed, is a man to fear (physically). I’m as big as him (I probably have a bigger chest), but can’t lift as much as him. Do this, Take a picture of your ID. Black out the information besides your face and your name in paint. I’M CALLING YOU OUT. THAT PICTURE IS NOT YOU. PROVE YOUR METAL & DON’T GIVE ME SOME BETTA MALE EXCUSE. OR COVER UP THE OTHER INFO WITH DUCT-TAPE & TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR FACE & NAME BENJO JAMES. DON’T TELL ME BENJO IS A ALIAS. IM CALLING YOU OUT…

      • Italian G says

        You also claimed you have chest length hair in a previous post. Are you wearing a pony tale because that is not a man showing chest length hair? Let me guess you just cut it. If it is you, I stand corrected. HOWEVER, PROVE IT… I’M CALLING YOU OUT

        • Italian G says

          Stop the presses. Banjo… do this. Take that full body shot. However, keep the bottom part of your face in the pic. THEN take a picture of your Drivers License or whatever you Brits call it. Your name doesn’t have to show. Then send us links to the full body shot and one of your government issued identification. Block out all the personal info. If its you great job on the body. However, I don’t know… I’m sensing a little deception here. I am wrong once in a while, but not that often.

          • Italian G says

            Thats because you cant prove it. There is the proof folks. I called him out… And he failed. What a joke. Obviously, this guy is a fraud and his word means NOTHING.

          • Italian G says

            I want everyone to pay attention to the Featured Post laid down by Vic. The post was written by Banjo. Banjo writes, ” I do not need to wash my hair as often (I was in a bar recently and a group of girls could not stop touching my chest length hair; they were constantly asking how I got my hair so full and thick, ” Then I ask, that people look at the alleged picture of Banjo, by a link put up by Banjo. It shows a guy about 5″10 190-205 in great shape. The flash is covering up the individuals face. HOWEVER…, where is the chest length long hair? If a guy has his hair in a pony-tale (a style dead since 1988) you would see straggly hairs off to the side of his neck. Banjo claims he is 20 and a model? Lets see some of those modeling pics? I don’t like it when people come to such a gem of a site and spout lies. Banjo uses tactics that are extremely childlike. If someone calls you out & you brush it off like him, it shows you are plain and simply a fraud. I gave you a chance to prove your metal. Hell, if that is you, great job on the body. However, steroids are involved. I could careless as I am pro juice. I really feel their is some sort of deception here. Be very weary of this guys posts & I personally will look right past them. I recommend you all do the same.

          • says

            I never claimed that body was me. I’m in good shape, but I’m not there yet. It was nice to see you get so wound up so I didn’t say anything. And yes I’ve modelled before. Take it easy alpha man, I’ll come to you for advice when I need to find some rules to follow ;)

          • Italian G says

            I thought you had better things to do? All I can say is I called it right. The manner in which you posted that picture was left open for debate. You wanted people to think that was you. No one can say I’m not observant. My instincts were right. I’ll let you get back to your high stakes modeling career. Hey, do you mind showing us some of those modeling pictures? I’m sure your first instinct will be to throw back some homosexual comment. Go for it. That would be top shelf. Here’s a rule for you… F@ck with the bull get the horns Zoolander. Think… Blue Steel.