10 Reasons to Study and Train Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Knowing how to fight is essential. Martial arts are sports, like any other, with rules, regulations, restraint and discipline. All Martial Arts are great to train but they do not teach you how to fight.

  • Boxing teaches you how to throw a mean punch, but if the fight goes to the ground the boxer is done for.
  • Thai Kickboxing shows you how to kick the hell out of someone, but if the fight goes to the ground the Thai Kickboxer is done for.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches you how to subdue someone on the ground with an armbar or a choke, but it doesn’t teach stand-up fighting or punching.
  • Jeet Kune Do teaches you how to condition your body and mind but it doesn’t teach you how to break free of a headlock.
  • Wrestling will build immense strength but has too many rules to ever win a fight.

Put all the Martial Arts training styles together and you have: MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combine all the styles of martial arts training into one package: learning how to fight.

Here are 10 Reasons to Study and Train Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

1) Training Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) will build confidence in you. When you know how to fight your mind is a little calmer, a little freer, and a little more relaxed. When you know how to throw a punch, break an arm, or choke someone unconscious there isn’t too much threat of physical confrontation. And if there is threat, it is easier to walk away.

2) Training MMA will teach you discipline. As with any sport, MMA requires discipline. It teaches discipline of the mind and body. Training MMA teaches the discipline of eating right, sleeping right, and training right.

3) Training MMA is an excellent physical workout. Sparring (Boxing practice during training) or grappling (wrestling or ground-fighting practice) for 3-5 minute rounds is absolutely brutal cardio, which is why fighters are usually in top notch physical condition. There is no treadmill or stair-master in the world that can beat the benefits of practice fighting.

4) Training MMA will teach you self-defense. If the need should ever arise you will be able to defend yourself against would be attackers. Nightclub bouncers are notorious tough-guys who love to start fights and gang up on bar patrons. MMA fighter Alistair Overeem and his brother, MMA fighter Valentine Overeem, had this to say to five bouncers:

“Alistair attended some famous dance club with his brother Valentine. Went to the toilet and did not have coins to pay the toilet woman. Alistair told her he would pay a euro when he came back, because he did not have change. Then the security guard who was near by started to get involved,” he wrote.

Brother Valentine saw the incident and also started asking what the problem was. They offered to pay, but by then 6 security guards came over surrounding them. The Overeem brothers were asked to leave, Alistair was already outside when he saw his brother Valentine fighting.

Valentine still was discussing the situation on his way outside with one of the security guards hit Valentine in the face with a flash light. Three security guards dived onto Valentine and brother Alistair wanted to go back inside to help his brother. This resulted in five security guards in the hospital.”

As funny as the above story is, it is not likely for the average person to fight five bouncers. What is more likely to happen is someone being accosted by thugs and hoodlums. Taken from this post:

From the darkness you hear “that’s a nice watch, friend-o“.

The next thing you know it’s a fight to the finish.

Your whole life was preparation for this moment, even though you didn’t know it.

Someone has come from the darkness and they have come for your life.

They want to take you out, they are determined to take you out.

Your whole life up until this moment was just a game and the stakes were meaningless. It was all pretend.

Today the game is played for keeps – winner takes all.

It’s ‘Do or Die’ in every sense of the word.

One of you will stand tall and one of you will fall.

One of your souls will be sent to Hell. It’s unavoidable.

It’s a fight for your life.

For this very moment your whole life was preparation.

At the end someone will stand with their bloody knuckles raised victoriously towards the heavens, screamings to the skies from the depths of their soul and the bottom of their heart:


A dramatic retelling of a very real possibility. (Author’s Note: I have a family member who was murdered in a very similar way. Beaten to death by two hoodlums). This type of violence is a very real threat for anyone who poses a target – someone who does not have the confidence, strength, size and the will to win of a fighter.

5) Training MMA is a good manly hobby. Here we talked about causes of depression in males and one of the big reasons is lack of anything physical or masculine. Fighting in a controlled environment is just a damn good hobby that promotes values like courage, strength, will and heart.

6) Training MMA fulfills mans need for physical expression aka violence. We don’t want violence in our daily lives but we still yearn for physicality. We all get pumped up seeing fights in movies or TV or when we hear about someone who was accosted by thugs and kicked the crap out of the them. Training MMA is a perfect middle ground. You can train (or fight) in controlled areas and release aggression with no threat of repercussions, jail time, murder etc..

7) Training MMA teaches competition. The 2nd best person in a fight is a big ol’ loser. “Winning isn’t everything!” It is when their are only two of you. Training MMA will bring that winning drive and spirit to the surface, which can be utilized in other aspects of daily life like business and relationships. Competition is good. A person training in MMA will not spar or grapple with too many opponents willing to roll over and lose – it’s real competition and everyone wants to win.

At an MMA gym everyone wants to be Maverick – no one wants to be Goose.

8) Training MMA is a huge stress reliever. Above, we talked about how fighting releases aggression and it’s true. After an hours session of training, when you are completely drenched in sweat, tired and sore as hell, ready for a big meal and sleep there can be no more room for stress.

9) Camaraderie. When training at an MMA gym you will meet a whole bunch of people with similar interests as you. You aren’t going to run into too many nancy-boys afraid of their own shadow. You get to hang with other big dogs while kicking ass and taking names.

10) Chicks dig fighters. Women love violence. They will say things like “I hate violence. I hate those meathead guys that fight all the time.” The women who say things like this have one thing in common: they’re lying. Women absolutely love men who handle violent confrontation and come up the winner. It’s in their nature, it’s in their DNA. Something you won’t read in a newspaper: Ghetto thugs who often beat up weak people are rewarded with sex by their ghetto mistresses. You’re smarter than fighting all the time – but simply being able to handle violent confrontation (having the Eye of the Tiger) is enough to get them wet.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Go here and look for a Mixed Martial Arts gym in your area. Find one, go check it out, if it looks good sign up and get to training.

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  1. Pascal says

    Hey Victor!

    Love your blog and have been following and implemented some of the ideas to my own life.
    However i do disagree with you in terms of jeet kune do. In Bruce Lee’s books he describe how to get of headlocks and the like using “cheap” tricks.
    I have been practising jiu-jitsu from the age of 9-16, but decided to crosstrain with kyokushinkai karate when i was 13, as jiu-jitsu doesn’t teach you how do punch or kick realistic. I plan on training taekwondo for the kicking distance, wing chun for the punching distance and bujinkan for ground, weapon and grappling distance. Bruce Lee himself trained the arts separately and extracted what was useful from them. I plan on doing sparring sessions with MMA-guys once a week, as none of the abovementioned arts spare on all levels in fighting.

    Thanks for and awesome blog!

  2. Attila says

    I do Muay Thai since last December and it’s awesome. I’m much more leaner, confident, disciplined and happy. It improved my conditioning a lot. I plan to learn some ground game as well, as my trainer is also involved in MMA. Earlier he competed in K-1. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the motivation. Lifting & Fighting = Awesomeness.

    • vAiLLe says

      Krav Maga is good, but gotta be careful of fly-by-night, unqualified KM instructors that have popped up in every McDojo / MMA gym these days.

  3. Clover says

    Any recommendations for a twenty five year old female who is barely over five feet tall and ninety five pounds? I’ve gotten up to three hours of kundalini a day and 100 pushups straight, as well as two years wushu, but I’ve been in some seriously bad fights and had the shit kicked out of me. I really don’t want to keep being so damn small and unable to defend myself.

      • Clover says

        I don’t think you get it, I suppose I should have clarified. They weren’t fights, they were attacks by abusive people. So yes, anger management would help. If they took it.

          • Clover says

            That’s extremely sexist. There is a flyweight weight of 100 pounds in MMA for women. Obviously the industry disagrees with you.
            And my sifu was almost as small as me and was an international world champion and judge for Wushu. She was female.
            I am not impressed with your logic at all.

          • Clover says

            You’re also trying to demean me because your own brain slowness embarrasses you, so you try to call others out on your own disability. Sad, I sympathize with your attempts to bring others down to your level. Hopefully you like yourself enough someday to learn to not attempt to make others feel as bad as you do.

      • Greg Magnuszewski says

        Clover, I’m not too knowledgeable, but I’d say a firearm, You know if your not out of control, weight training and Why not practice some fight moves. I love your blogs Victor, I believe they’re going to help me out quite a bit.

    • Bob Smith says

      Hi Clover,

      Use your brains instead of your physical might to prevent fights. I don’t know about your particular situation, but like Victor said, you need to get the hell away from these people. If there is a will there is a way. Best of luck to you!


      • Clover says

        Entirely valid, but that aside, what would be worth learning for practical purposes? Being this small is a pain in the ass and I’d like to at least not die in some random encounter that I didn’t manage to avoid. I’m sure if you put yourself in my shoes for a second you might understand why it would get old to be completely defenseless. I suppose I could get a gun but those can always be taken away.

        • Clover says

          And no I’m not planning to cage fight Mike Tyson. I just meant what is the most effective set of skills, after avoiding problems in the first place?

          • Bob Smith says

            You kind of just answered your own question. If you avoid problems in the first place, you don’t really need fighting skills. However, when push comes to shove you need to be assertive and take control of the situation.
            When I was in high school I weighed a mere 120 pounds and I got picked on by the thugs of my neighborhood. I decided to take karate lessons for self-defense.
            One day three thugs surrounded me trying to take my hard-earned money out of my pockets. I snapped. Within in a few seconds I round house kicked them in the balls. You should have seen the look in their eyes! It was a great feeling. Guess what? They never picked on me again. In fact, I gained a lot of respect from them and they wanted to be my friends.
            People will always try to test you. You must remain firm and send out the message that you are not to be messed with. Look them in the eye to let them know you mean business because if you don’t, guess what? They will continue beating the shit out of you.
            In short, it’s better to die like a man than live like a coward.


    • Devin says

      Hey Clover, get a weapon and learn how to use it. Pepper spray and a gun are good options to keep people away from you. Avoid people that are abusive. At 5 feet and 95 pounds you aren’t going to be winning a lot of physical fights. I know a girl who is a Judo champion and weighed 110, and guys with zero training could make her tap out. Because most had like 30-70 pounds of muscle on her.

  4. jesse says

    Victors right.. you should get out of the ghetto. And there’s no reason to learn how to fight if your a girl, unless you want guys throwing up on you. Find a man to defend you

  5. Paul says

    Clover don’t listen to any of these guys. I actually do Jiu-Jitsu and there are girls in the class and they love it. When I first started smaller weaker guys who knew the right techniques would be able to choke me out. Now I do the same to big guys that don’t know what there doing. At your size you may not be able to throw or push alot of people but you can still trip them. This is why you should learn some Judo as well. Look up judo leg trips on youtube. And then once you get them to the ground a leg choke is the way too go. Your legs are probably still stronger than most guys arms.

    • Victor Pride says

      Paul, you’re what’s known as a white knight. You feed these delusions young women have. I’ve had BJJ classes with women, they were good for one thing, straddling me while I took a rest from rolling with real opponents.

      • Civello says

        As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt I’d love to spar with you and test how “Spartan” like you really are. Being bold and determined is a cute start but not much of a match for an experienced jiu jitsu competitor. I dig your blog and respect your success but I can’t imagine your particularly good. If you were you’d know about top female BJJ competitors like Hillary Williams who consistently tap out grown ass men (and would make you their bitch) in spectacular fashion. So Clover, look up top female brazilian jiu jitsu black belts (like Hillary Williams) and know that small woman can absolutely defend themselves from attackers, male or female, including someone like Victor. He gets alot of things right but the effectiveness of BJJ for women is not one of them. It will take alot of boldness and determination as well as alot of sweating and drilling but the effectiveness of BJJ for women cannot be understated. The proof is all over youtube. just type in “BJJ girl chokes guy out”

        • John B. says

          Civello… Hillary has 8 inches and 50 lbs on Clover. That’s not a comparison.

          Most martial artists aren’t going to be anywhere near strong enough, skilled enough or even DEDICATED enough to be any use in a real fight. Yeah, imagine someone Clover’s size and weight trying to bring someone down a muscular (hell, even a fatty) guy twice her weight. She doesn’t have either the size or the strength.

          This isn’t the movies, and this isn’t a ring fight. Most martial arts teach you to win points. So, let’s go over all the stuff that can go wrong in a street fight.

          1. They might just have a weapon. Congrats, you got them to the ground, but now you have a knife in your liver.
          2. Surprise attacks. You may not even know you’re in a fight until your head starts ringing. Most martial artists don’t have the body to take a blow without gloves or protective gear on.
          3. A real attacker is likely to hit you much harder than a ring fight.
          4. Ring fights are usually based on weight classes. Remember that comment I made earlier about Clover attacking a 200 lb male? Unless a swift kick to the boys happens (and let’s be honest, that might just piss him off and keep him from holding back), she ain’t got a shot in hell.
          5. A real fight may not be 1 on 1. Sure, your BJJ got him to the ground, but now his friends are going to try and crack your skull open.

          MOST martial artists, regardless of schooling, don’t have the strength, skill or dedication to use their training properly outside of the gym. And that’s if they’re even trained to use it for more than scoring points in the first place.

          By all means, women can get strong, but men get that strength faster. Put a girl and a guy together, and if they’re equally dedicated and equally skilled, chances are the guy is going to win. If the girl is stronger, then she’s likely more dedicated than he was in the first place.

  6. says

    excellent article .. we must always remind people that martial arts is more then just training to hurt someone . its a sport and a way life, that builds many of the mental and physical tools that we need in life .. i have an excellent article on how to be a better martial arts student on my web site. its a must read thanks.. http://www.mmatv.org

  7. Omar says

    I still think my amateur boxing experience gives me the upper hand in a fight. In my opinion the only two things you need to protect yourself in a street fight are boxing and wrestling

  8. Raymond says

    I wanna be a mma fighter but ever since reading your articles I wanna to do more thank to you thank also I’m 14

  9. Sofiane says

    Great article..You have just made me excited to join a MMA gym.. just one question:
    Do I need to get in shape before starting training MMA?
    I’m a 19 years old Moroccan, I weigh 163 pounds and I’m 6’0 ft

    • Brian Ruff says

      It’ll help, but not really. Hit the gym, and if it’s a good one, you’ll pick it up sooner or latter. Lifting weights and doing roadwork with dedication at home, will be the clincher that will really get you on even footing with the alpha dogs of the gym, eventually anyway.

      – Ruff

  10. says

    You know what, I was reading through this article and was like why this is pretty good for a blog but for you to be sexist towards women fighters, go to hell and be a real man. OH, why look at the big man talking shit about females on a blog. First of all of course a man is stronger than a woman that obvious but for you to personally tell a woman to get pepper spray makes you incompetent and ill make sure i dont visit this sexist ass site anymore.

    • says

      Max, you’re an idiot and you contradicted your own argument.

      “First of all of course a man is stronger than a woman that obvious”
      “but for you to personally tell a woman to get pepper spray makes you incompetent”

      So what you’re saying is that you recognize that women are naturally weaker than men but you think it’s a bad idea for them to get some sort of defense, like Mace, in order to protect themselves?

      Drop the white knight routine and face facts. Women on average a weaker/smaller than men. If a woman is going to be traveling down the street, it’s in her best interest to carry some form of protection in case some punk wants to mug/rape/kidnap her. Nothing sexist about it. It’s the facts of life. Hell, I’ve been studying martial arts for 15 years and I still carry something, be it a tactical flashlight/knife/keys between the fingers, to give me an edge over a thug who wants to start trouble.

  11. Rafael says

    “Chicks dig fighters”. 5 months ago I beat the shit out of a thug that entered into a party I was attending with some friends. I had never received so much attention from ladies after the fight, including the good shy girls.

  12. Mikey says

    I’m way to ill now to even consider MMA. But I have experience of European martial arts. Sword fighting, quartestaff fighting, use of Poll weapons, archery and the like. My experience and training allows me to turn a walking stick into a very effective weapon.

    The thing is, to stand your ground. Back the fucker off. Make them understand, that they WILL get hurt. Most people who thing that they are bad asses are fucking wimps. I don’t care HOW much muscle a guy has. If you have a walking stick, don’t lash out wildly. Target your strikes. There is a technique in the Philippine stick fighting system called Circular strikes. It allows you to deliver a much harder blow – enough to break bone.

    Carry a big stick and tread softly.

    • Brad says

      I live in same town as TrevorRobinson. He’s a no mark in this town when it comes to martial arts. I very much doubt any of his students would last one round with me.Would put my MMA against his idiotic, telegraphed, moves any day.

  13. TS says

    I trained couple of months with BJJ as a noob last year. Five minutes of grappling does a lot of cardio. Way better than repeatedly running in treadmills. I recommend anyone who works out and lift weights to take interest in MMA. It’s not complete but it’s the closest thing that can *possibly* save you in street fight. Street fights are usually quick, dirty, and intense. You are either in Fight, Flight, or Freeze mode. Your body has to know and react fast enough. Whatever happens do NOT ever end up in freeze mode. When your brain shuts off. Like your body can do a lot of things you thought it was impossible when it is loaded with adrenaline and the feeling of “rush”. Like that teenage guy who lifted a car off to rescue his uncle. I think that was on the news last time.

    Street fights don’t usually warranty honor so you will have people acting tough with large number of friends as back up, have knives and even guns, lethal weapon. It’s usually best not to end up in those confrontation situation unless you were cornered, your life was in threat and/or you have to protect your family.

    It’s always best to look jacked as possible and know MMA. Few people would want to mess with you.

    Fight – learn MMA, dirty tactics, military martial arts, work out/be able to lift heavy person, heavy object, odd object lifting like kegs, kettlebells…

    Flight – learn Parkour… helps if you want to run away as fast as possible from point A to point B

    Freeze – never end up here… when you are so shocked that you don’t know how to react…. imagine some 6’9″ 300 lbs muscled up bad dude yelling at your face in threatening manner or like standing few inches away from grizzly bear (assuming the bear is behind the zoo cage) but still… your brain will be filled with rush, fear, anxiety, freeze, etc… understand yourself… understand what you are fearful of, why and ways to conquer that.

    This is why learning MMA helps. Not going to pick fights and don’t start fight but learn how to finish it. Better yet, no need to fight. Some fights not worth it. Some are but most aren’t.

  14. says

    This article is great. MMA really prepares you for life threatening situations. Sometimes when it goes down, fighting is your means of survival. Still, in order do this or to become a good MMA fighter you should really train hard. I mean, champions had to work their way to the top. Training is not easy; your body will be strained and you go through a lot of pain. Learning MMA is a great self-defence, whether you need to protect yourself standing-up or in the ground. Thanks for your 10 reasons.

  15. Alabama says

    I have one thing to say in response to your comments about how women shouldn’t fight , Ronda Rousey !!!!!

  16. Ashley says

    I enjoyed your views on this. I am a very strong 5’8″ female 170lbs I am a hell of a street fighter/boxer I would love to be more creative such as mma, problem where i live not alot options. Fighting has always been a goal of mine. I was very very fit after 2 kids I am trying get toned again. Training is very helpful again not alot options where I live currently. And yes I agree women love to see violence I don’t just enjoy watching. It’s a great learning skill for me. I was always told women can’t so anything,but I have proven over amd over again this isn’t true. Do you have any suggestion on home training without tons equipment that would be great for someone like me? And I see there is many ignorant people on this site. Haha 5 foot tall fighting a women my size and skill wouldn’t do no justice with why ever training she has it would be ignorant of her to raise her hand to anyone. I have fought men and I wouldn’t suggest she involve her self in suckle stupidity she could end up dead or hospital. I had my jaw broke by boxing with a very well trained built man girl walk away go anger management!


  1. […] Obviously having the ability to protect yourself and knowing that you’re in shape and capable of taking somebody on when it comes to the mats would be enough to give anybody self-confidence, even if you don’t plan on using that new found strength and focus on anybody in particular. Don’t be fooled into thinking that reaching a point where you can call yourself an MMA athlete will come easy, because the work is grueling and it takes both physical and mental stability to make it through the intensity of both the workouts and the matches necessary to become adept, but the self-confidence will grow as you do. Boldanddetermined.com explains: […]