Learn To Defend Yourself

Even in an emasculated society there are countless testosterone filled men who will not hesitate to snap your neck. If the shit hit the fan could you defend yourself or your family against a man the same size as you? Against a man bigger than you? If a man bigger and stronger than yourself slapped you in the face in front of your wife, girlfriend, or kids … [Read more...]

Live Like a Spartan : Own Your Own Car


"Buying" or leasing a brand new vehicle is just about the silliest thing you can do. I say "buying" in quotation marks because when you purchase a brand new vehicle more often than not you finance it. You don't really buy anything, you put yourself into massive debt, or what I like to call debtors prison. What happens if you think you have a secure job, you … [Read more...]

Benefits of Early Morning Weight Training

Boyer Coe

Early morning weight training is an excellent way to start the day. Whenever I put off training until afternoon or evening it is always on my mind as something I need to get done. It's a nagging feeling. When I train early morning I can forget about it for the rest of the day - it's one less thing I have to think about. When you train early morning you start … [Read more...]

How to Naturally Increase Testosterone


It is an easily observable fact that today’s Men have less testosterone than their fathers and even less testosterone than their Grandfathers. We live in a highly emasculated society. For proof just walk out your door and go to the local grocery store and take a look at the Men. I was at a grocery store the other day and I heard a “man” literally beg his … [Read more...]

How To Look Like You Don’t Know What You’re Doing in the Gym


It's January, that time of year is upon us when the gyms are flooded with New Years Resolutioners (NYR). NYR's are notorious for not knowing what they're doing and then quitting after a couple weeks for lack of results. Aside from obvious cases where NYR's have no idea what they're doing, here are the most common weight-room follies and a few pieces of … [Read more...]

Take an Unplanned Road Trip

Well....you can sit at home wondering what's out there or you can go pack some clothes, pack a cooler, get in your car and start driving. It doesn't matter where you go, it's the experience, not the destination that counts. Pick some place you've never been that you want to to go to and head that way. Be sure and stop anywhere along the way that grabs your … [Read more...]

Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do

Fear is an excellent motivator, if you let it motivate you. Fear is also an excellent tool to keep you from succeeding, if you let it. Those that have achieved their dreams have faced their fears and conquered them. Those that are not living their dreams have let fear control them. When you're contemplating doing something but you're scared, always ask … [Read more...]

How to be Hyper-Productive in 4 Easy Steps

1) Do one task at a time. Multi-tasking is great if you like doing things half-assed but if you want something done right you have to put all your effort into it. Only when one item is done do you move on to the next item. Back in the days when I used to have a job I remember interviewers asking me about multi-tasking and I would lie and say “yeah, I love to … [Read more...]

Learn To Love Mondays


Monday’s are the best day of the week! Mondays are the start of something new and possibly great. Monday’s give you a chance at something new every single week. Monday will determine the rest of your week. If you start Monday with a kick-ass take no prisoners attitude and you bust your ass to get shit done you can bet your week will start on a good note. If … [Read more...]

Live Like a Spartan


Spartans were notorious for living a simple, frugal, minimalist lifestyle. They ate only what they needed, kept their bodies fit, did not spend money wastefully. A minimalist lifestyle is much more rewarding than the standard consumer lifestyle. To live a minimalist lifestyle you get by on the least amount possible and don’t concern yourself with … [Read more...]