6 Items That Should be in Every Gym Bag


  1)      Towel – Self explanatory. You need a towel to wipe up sweat, yours and other peoples. 2)      Gym Chalk – Corporate globo-gyms don’t provide chalk for their members. They discourage it because it’s a pain to clean up. Well that’s their problem. Chalk is great because it helps you grip heavy ass weights. Chalk removes the moisture from the … [Read more...]

How to Write Your New Years Manifesto


MANIFESTO : a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. Another year is coming to an end. You have to ask yourself how your year went. As far as I see you can only have 2 options. 2010 was either the best year ever or the worst year ever. If it was the best year ever, great! I love it! Let's make 2011 an even … [Read more...]

How To Develop Large Forearms

Large forearms are one of the most intimidating and impressive parts of a man’s physique. You can tell a strong person by the size of their forearms. Some guys have impressive forearms without doing any direct forearm work, other guys (like me) were born with toothpick forearms and have to give them special attention. Forearms are unlike most major muscle … [Read more...]

Thing BIG! And Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


The things we think about are the things that we eventually become. They are the things that consume us. As long as we’re going to think we might as well think BIG instead of small. Let your small-minded co-workers fret about the small things. You’re on a road to bigger and better things and you now have better things to do than to be drawn into some petty … [Read more...]

Contentment in Slavery


Slavery has existed for a very long time. Since man first built communities. Slaves have always, and will always, work and toil to make the rich richer. The rich cannot exist without the middle class. The best slaves are the slaves who don’t understand that they are slaves. The best slaves are the ones who toil for their rich masters, doing all the work and … [Read more...]

How To Create Your Own Reality

Would you like to create your own reality? Would you like to become someone else, someone better, someone who doesn't take orders all day, someone who lives life on their terms? Would you like to live your dream? Would you like to hear the secret about how to create your own destiny? Well, the fancy secret is that you DO create your own reality. … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Back-up Plan

Back-up plans are an excuse to fail. Say you want to be a movie actor. With all your heart you want to be an actor, it's all you've wanted to do. What would you do? Would you move to hollywood as soon as you can, take acting classes and start auditioning right away? Or would you go to school for a degree in whatever just so if you fail at acting you can … [Read more...]

There Is No Such Thing As Tomorrow


Tomorrow doesn’t exist. Yesterday doesn’t exist. There is only the now. The right here and right now. When we wake up ‘tomorrow’ it becomes the now. Because there is only the now we have to make the most of it. We cannot rely on ‘doing it later’. It must be done and it must be done right now. The past is the past. We cannot live in the past, it’s over. Let … [Read more...]

5 Must Read Books (and how they will help you live the life you want)


#1) Think and Grow Rich – If you only read one book in your entire life make it this book. This book is about the power or motivation and visualization. If you want something bad enough and you visualize it enough you WILL get it. All current motivation works have borrowed or completely plagiarized from this book. This is the end-all, be-all book for living … [Read more...]

The Reality of Money

Ah, money. Money is our savior. Money is our God. Money must surely be valuable if so many people chase it fruitlessly. But there is a dilemma... Money is not real. Money is imaginary. We could just as easily use twigs and leaves as currency. The only value money has is the value we give to it, the value we think it has. Even if there were a gold standard … [Read more...]