2 Good Looking Winners Discuss E-Business (Podcast)

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I was recently in Boise, Idaho to do some rehabilitation work on my back (I’m fine, not weightlifting related).

I thought I’d be spending two weeks alone in a hotel when I wasn’t at rehab.

But wouldn’t you know it? A buddy of mine, Chris from Good Looking Loser, lives in Boise part of the year and happened to be there when I was there.


Vic and Chris somewhere in Boise, Idaho

We got together over a weekend and did a podcast (a bunch, actually).

Chris is a talking machine but in this podcast we discuss something he has never before discussed on his website, how to build profitable e-businesses.

In fact, Chris has built 3 very profitable e-businesses.

  1. A niche site he doesn’t touch (set it and forget it, collect the money)
  2. A very profitable blog and forum
  3. An e-store that sells a physical product

The guy is killing it and he explains it all, from start to finish, in this podcast.

If you’re interested in learning how a real guy makes real money online you’ll want to check out this very informative podcast.

If you want to download the podcast to your device click here. To stream the podcast just click the “play” button shaped like an arrow.

Websites discussed in the podcast:

Have a listen boys.

When you’re finished let me know what you want to hear in the next podcast, and next time we talk I’ll be sure and tell you my Boise story.

Until then.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

PS – Be sure to read the Ultimate Guide to Kratom before you make an order. That page is the best and most informative resource for Kratom on planet earth.

PPS – This is the 2nd podcast we did. You can check out the first one here.

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  1. Wow, I’m just blown away with your content. Keep it up. It is stuff like this that makes me come back to your site like white on rice.

    • what i like is that its all killer

      i have subscriptions to about 2 or 3 manosphere sites, and they publish content daily and its hit or miss depending on the writer, but with victor’s site you find yourself continually anticipating the wealth of knowledge he puts down. Victor doesn’t publish that much but when he does, you know the article will be actionable, and put a boot up your ass at the same time. I’ve recently started a blog, from the motivation i’ve found reading on here, D&P, and GLL, and I hope to spend every moment of free time i have in it, to get out of my 2 bit cubicle shit job.

      Will be checking out these podcasts very soon

    • Yup, Victor, D&P and Chris have got it made and their presence in the manosphere ripples far and wise. Who needs mentors when you have guys like this leading the way for us young guns?

  2. Awesome, Vic. Great stuff.

    Chris is a cool guy. I’ve exchanged a few messages with him.

    Did you get and Happy Hippo Kratom?

    • Victor Pride says:

      Yeah, I did. I tried one strand I really liked, I think called busy green hippo. I tried hyper hippo, wrong choice before a TSA pat down and 30+ hours travel time ahead of me. Didn’t like it. Don’t tell Thailand but I’m trying out a 3rd one called red hot hippo. Too early to give my full review.

      • Red Hot is excellent, I’ve taken it in the morning with great results.

        I’m working on a review of all the strands I’ve tried. How did consume it? Toss and wash? I’ve found mixing it in protein shakes or greek yogurt the best way so far. The taste is horrid plain.

        Glad you got to visit the States, stay well in Thailand, Vic. All the best.

  3. Interesting content. Thanks for sharing.

    Is there a reason this podcast is not on iTunes? Is it because of the NSFW content? Couldn’t find it in my podcast app.

    Thanks for the great articles,


  4. Hi Victor,

    I really liked the podcast. Good stuff! Chris can talk a mile a minute, can’t he? It’s surprising you managed to squeeze a word in here and there, ha ha!

  5. Chris (from GLL),

    How did you build traffic? Was it just by posting content and winning trust? Did you do anything else?

    For example, how are you getting the word out there for Happy Hippo Herbals?

    • Alex,

      Above in Victor’s article there is a link to Chris’ Ultimate Guide to Kratom on GLL, it is literally the most extensive source for everything to do with Kratom, I would suspect that’s how.

    • I recommended Hippo to a pre-existing audience – the product is outrageously good compared to most stuff. So that’s how I did it. Word spreads from that point…

      If I didn’t have an audience, however, I would have just made a lot of quality free content around the subject (still planning on that) and people would have found it.

      When you think about it — there’s not much A+ QUALITY content on Google.

      So if you are an expert, with insider experience and can teach others — you’ll make it.

      • Thanks for the reply, Chris. It makes perfect sense.

        You just got yourself another fan.

      • Bro that about the stuff about ‘How a 22 year old should start a business’
        You’d recommend sell a product right, but you still need that A+ content to draw em in yeah, and that only comes from experience im thinking.
        Source: Im that 22 year old

        • Hey Josh – In my opinion, you don’t need A+ content to get people to buy (aka try) your product. Ideally, your product is better than your content and ‘word of mouth’ becomes your best marketing.

          The best of both worlds is A+ product, A+ content… but don’t think you have to hit a homerun to make money.

          With that said – swing for the fence… pick ONE product that you love/expert on and tell others about it

      • Chris, I was truly excited to get my hands on some Kratom too, however its apparently illegal in my part of the world (Australia).

        So I stumbled on the next best thing on the pantry, Provigil / Modafinil, and your experience with it was very insightful. A+ indeed, A+.

  6. Listening to the podcast now. I’m working on creating a e-business as well so I am gobbling up as much information as possible. Good looking loser is an interesting website, I’m kinda of steering away from manosphere websites, because it’s getting a little repetitive, so I’m always on the lookout for new websites like Good Looking Loser. The hair loss website is quite simple, proves that you don’t need the fanciest website to make a decent amount of cash. Anyways, thanks again!

  7. Fellow winners,
    Have a look at my new blog, AlphaDark.com. Inspired by Vic I delve into self-improvement as well as “Joker” type articles which inject a bit of my personality (dark). I’m a metal musician so I also cover music here and there as well. I’ll teach ya how to sneak backstage!

    Thanks, and keep the good stuff comin’ Vic.

  8. Vic, thanks for another post.
    thought you should know, the Ultimate Kratom Guide is requiring a password as of now.

  9. Alexander says:

    Victor, has your voice always been like this or has it evolved naturally? Also, in the years of lifting, have you noticed increases in your bone structure? Thanks and keep up the great work.

    • Victor Pride says:

      My voice has always been a little hoarse, it’s impossible to talk in a loud environment, my voice blends in with the noise. It’s definitely become more hoarse since living in Asia (pollution).

  10. Hey Vic,
    It’s my first comment on your blog, I been reading silently your articles for the last 6 months, and I have to admit, you inspired me a lot. You helped me realised that a blog could be more than a hobby, and it wasn’t only for girls. Anyway, I been making money online here and there for a while, but I never tried blogging, I decided to have a go. I followed some of your advices, and put them into action to create my first blog ever PyjamaMoney.com, I would really appreciate If I could have a review from you and other guys too.
    Thank you for the inspiration, I also read some of the GLL articles, when it’s not about the PUA things, as I don’t need those, but he’s a really interesting guy too, I hope he will talk more about business like you do.
    Wish you the best, keep it up.

  11. 6' 2" Cesar says:

    Hi Victor I’m Cesar.

    I just started 30 D.O.D. yesterday, today is day 2 and I gotta say what a kick in the ass that is, I needed that badly and while today I’m sore as fuck. I’m still gonna stick with it every day for 30 days and likely beyond that.

    I hadn’t ever had the confidence to talk comfortably to people I do not know, one day in to it and man do I feel good!

    I’m going to start BOA soon too.

    Awesome website and keep doing what you do.

  12. Chris demonstrates the principle of diversification only after you have started to have success. As D&P discusses here: http://dangerandplay.com/2014/02/19/arnolds-tips-for-success/ you have to know when to quit, but only after you’ve flung all your effort into somethng long enough to know if it’s paying off.

    For me the timeline to observe some level of success is 6 months. If you’re seeing the dial move by then, you know if you need to put in more effort, or dump it for something more profitable.

    • That’s an interesting point re: diversification. I think you are right.

      Maybe Victor will talk about it sometime.

      I didn’t diversify – to simply diversify – it seemed to come somewhat naturally with a evolution of the blog.

      For example – I never had any plans to build Hippo. But after 9+ months of not getting a public Kratom vendor that was up to my standards — I decided to take on the project. It turned out to be a really good thing.

      • I agree on Hippo being a really good thing…. for a long time now I’ve been planning on trying/buying some quality K, but I’ve been hesitant on spending my money from what I’ve found on the internet up until I came across your site a few months back and read your reviews.

        Right on!

  13. Awesome podcast. Very cool to hear to that you waited to build your brand into something special before you offered a product. I’m going to follow this same game plan.

    – Sonny

  14. Good info, but holy crap that guy Chris sounds like Vince Vaughn! If I didn’t know better I’d think it was him. haha. epic.

  15. It always makes me laugh when girls talk about they want to charming prince. They just are not attracted to this kind of man.

  16. How has the diet changed now that you are back statesside?

    Are you able to post more on the diet you had while in Thailand? I think Asian countries (i’m here now) has a different mix of protein sources, and it is quite a challenge to navigate nutritional requirements in a foreign country. Granted i’m only six months in.

    • Victor Pride says:

      I’m back in Thailand now. In Dallas my diet was chinese food and jimmy johns. In Idaho I ate protein bars and taco bell. Back in Thai I’ve just eaten salmon a few hours ago, now I will eat chicken soon. My eating is cleaner in Thailand because I have my own personal chef, in the States I just ate whatever.

  17. Victor, protein bars? I thought you dont take supplements and that none of it works. Why take protein bars if all supplements are garbage? you should write a post about organic meat vs inorganic meat and gmo food. There’s a lot of premature aging and fat people from all the garbage that we have in the supermarkets in the states.

    • I think what’s important is that we have a choice in how we consume protein, having said that you should go on and buy the most natural meats/foods if you can afford it, but if not the second best option is eating (non-organic) steaks and eggs and whole milk.

      My brother before he left to the marines left me the remainder of his protein powder and since there was maybe 7 scoops left I’ve been using it up, why not. There’s some good to it at least in my opinion but I will not be buying some more once it’s all gone.

    • Yup,
      Vic mentioned that.
      But I think he only meant to express his disagreement to people who think that sups have exagerated effects.

      Sups are sups – you can get them from meals. They work because your diet would be mostly lacking of these but one must not expect to get “jacked” like what muscletech says.

      Protein bars – they’re good especially if there aint any other source around

  18. I got more ideas for my blog from this podcast than from anything I’ve read in the past 6 months.

    You two killed it. I’m looking forward to episodes 2 and 4.

  19. Kickass Stomp Post!!!

  20. Good post and podcast. Never heard of GLL before, and totally got lost in his website, clicking through all the content. Very informative. Thanks!

  21. Damn, Victor, slamming down the wisdom and facts for us younger guys like a true boss. This should open eyes to young men looking to make some side hustles and open the gateway to making their own way through this world without someone else breathing down their necks.

    I patiently await the next installment…

  22. Hey Vic, kinda off-topic but do you or your personal chef cook steak on the stove or outside on the grill?

    I picked up some chuck shoulder, and butter two days ago for the first time and tonight I was feeling hungry and not in the mood for carbohydrates I was really in the mood for trying steak rare, I heated up butter and laid the steak well the butter started burning and when i flipped the steak after 7min, some edges were burnt, the butter was splashing making a mess and lots of smoke it got really foggy in the apartment I ended up throwing the steak out the window.

    I still have the smaller half of the steak so I can try again tomorrow during the day.
    I don’t know what I did wrong, I read that the pan should be hot so It was on 8-ish, where 9 is the highest setting.

    Please elaborate how to cook…and thank you for your time.

    • Victor Pride says:

      Inside on the frying pan. I’ve never had a grilled steak that can compare.

      Set the heat on the stove halfway between med and hot, let the pan heat up, melt some butter on the pan, toss the steak on the pan, flip at about the 2 minute mark (usually you’ll add more butter now) and cook another 2 minutes (depending on thickness of the steak. Small steaks will cook for less time, thick for more time). The inside should be pink, not red and not brown, but pink. Do that and you have the best meal on God’s green earth. Don’t forget the salt and pepper while you are cooking or before, never after.

      Flipping the steak at 7 mins? Way overcooked. If you cook steak too long you ruin it. Undercooked is better than overcooked because you can always toss is back on the pan and cook it longer, but you can’t uncook an overdone steak.

      • I started using garlic salt while frying the steak. It is pretty good. Another thing I’ve noticed is that if you fry it to the point where you can see blood start to ooze out, then pull it off, the steak is perfect.

  23. Nice stuff. GLL is the real deal.

  24. Very informative podcast. Great post as always. I look forward to the next one!

  25. Ohhh Vic that steak I cooked was really good, so tender and juicy I’m not gonna go back to well done ever.

    Honestly I was starving and the steak didn’t look pink at all it was more like red but a different shade I starting eating it until I got to the center it was cold so I threw it back on the pan and cooked it some more.

    I’m gonna go tomorrow to a restaurant and order rare to see it how the “pros” cook it.

    I’m strong, I know I’ll live to die another day. (007 reference ;)

    • Cesar, the best method I’ve used to cooking a steak is to get a pan super hot and then melt a dab of butter in it (the test for a hot enough skillet is to sprinkle a little water in the pan and it should immediately start sizzling). Have some steaks that are already fully thawed. I usually have mine come from the fridge and sit them on the counter for 15-20 minutes before cooking. From there, throw them bad boys on the pan for about a minute and a half, add salt and pepper, flip and repeat. Adjust time for thicker or thinner cuts. Comes out great every time.

      I usually eat mine with a few sunny side up eggs and dip the steak in the runny yolks.

  26. Very inspirational podcast Vic and GLL. Also, are the products in the happy hippo site good for bodybuilding purposes?? If so, which one would you suggest Vic.

    Thanks Bro.

    • If solely for bodybuilding – take the “fast” ones once in a while. Red Hot, Busy Green, Hyper Hippo.
      but just once in a while.

      I don’t recommend using it everyday (like a lot of us do) if you are really serious about bodybuilding. I am not anymore, I used to be.

  27. Victor which brand of protein bars did you consume? what specific chinese food did you eat?

  28. Does this change for girls between between 18-22?

  29. Hey victor, i’m 18 and I’m in my first year of Medicine, I’m to fitness i’m from argentina, there are no Argentinians famous channel about fitness.
    It would be a good idea, to start a Blog/comunity/Forum/YT Channel or should I focus 100% on my studies ?

  30. Your podcasts are great for when I’m driving in traffic and need to get my bold and determined fix

  31. I started following both of you & Chris’ blogs independently awhile back, while researching modafinil. Pretty cool that you guys know each other. Keep up the solid work.

  32. Hey Vic and Chris,
    I finally sat down and listened to the whole podcast and I’m really glad I did! This is gold, literally. Your success shows and thank you for sharing guys. Chris, great idea moving that free ebook to a whole website, it actually gives me an idea! Thanks! As for the tips at the end, they’re killer! Keep it up guys!

  33. Alexander says:

    kratom is a drug, addiction arises.
    heard of nasybai?

    • Victor Pride says:

      Who gives a shit. Addiction is for the weak. Even McDonalds is addictive.

      • Alexander says:

        I have seen a number of tobacco, drug and alcohol addicted people. The 90s were quite crazy in Kazakhstan in this regard. Addiction is for the mindless. No point being bold and determined when you depend on some shit.

  34. Victor Leshomo says:

    Great post and insightful. But that Chris talking way too fast is beta. It’s a great thing he worked on improving his outlook in life. His fast paced speech gives away his natural beta character.

  35. Hey Vic,

    Im a huge fan of you, Chris as well as Mike from Danger and Play. I reached out to Chris and I have been talking to him a bit on his site. I realized where Happy Hippo was based when I was purchasing it and I live in Boise, ID.

    I extended this offer to Chris and asked him to join me for lunch/coffee when he’s here because I would love meet him. The same goes for you man, if you’re interested just let me know and I would gladly meet up with you/ get a lift in too. You’re a role model and a mentor to me and I would appreciate the time if you’re ever in the area and have some time to spend.

    Thank you so much for all of the knowledge and guidance.


  36. God dammit. This is literally 10 minutes away from me… If only i new of B&D then. I workout at the Golds down the street. Vic if you’re ever in Boise please let it be known on your site.

    I know it’s a long shot but I would love to meet you. Shit we can lift and ill fuckin buy you dinner for having such a badass site.

    Thanks for everything man


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