The Real Deal Review of The Hollywood Physique

In the last article The Hollywood Physique Vs. Tried and True Fitness I accused the creator of The Hollywood Physique, Clay Rogers, of A) Using steroids in Thailand and B) Selling lies to unsuspecting trainers. [Note: That article has been changed and is no longer available.] Well, Clay is a real deal gentleman and offered a free look at The Hollywood Physique. I received a bunch of e-mails saying some of you guys were interested in getting a real deal review of The Hollywood Physique so here it is.

I took a look at The Hollywood Physique and it is apparent that Clay has really put in some work on the program. In this article I am going to set the record straight about the Hollywood Physique program and I am going to give my un-biased, real deal review of the actual program and not of the advertising for the program.

 The Hollywood Physique

Clay Rogers, creator of The Hollywood Physique

The Hollywood Physique program is not really a muscle building program. It’s a muscle shaping and fat-burning program. It is designed to turn you into a lean, mean Hollywood machine. In my initial review I said that they were selling lies to unsuspecting trainers.

Today I will set the record straight…

I took a real look at the program and I can say that The Hollywood Physique (THP) is actually quite a good program. THP is based on the teachings of legendary bodybuilding trainer Vince Gironda. Vince Gironda was all about muscle shape and illusion, he was not about muscle size. The Hollywood Physique is the same, it is all about muscle shape and illusion and not about size. For this program to work you must already have some muscular size.

Who is the Hollywood Physique perfect for?

The Hollywood Physique is not for new trainers. 

If you are a new trainer, have not built any muscle, have not spent any time in the gym you will not get any benefit from this program. If you’re a skinny newbie you should not do this program, it will not work for you.

Here is what Clay said via email:

a. skinny guys do not do well on the program (for two reasons I’ve noticed: 1. the “Phase I” diet for skinnier guys is too hard for them to follow; 2. training inexperience leads them not to push themselves hard enough in the gym… I’m working on fixing up the first point there in the forums)
b. newbies have a hard time building significant muscle mass (don’t know how to hit the proper intensity levels; I just don’t recommend newbies join at all… I’ll have a free program for them soon)
c. guys with a few years experience minimum who are desperate for the outcome and who follow the program TO THE LETTER absolutely kick ass and see unreal results. (Again – that’s who this program was made for… guys with experience who do everything “right” but still barely get noticed for their bodies.)

What if I have been in the gym, built some muscle, and am now looking to shed some fat and get cut up?

Well, then this program may just be for you.

I have to warn you, it is a light weight program but it is an intense program. If you’re going to do it you will need to push it to the limit to get any benefit. I have used programs very similar to this in the past and I can say with 100% certainty that A) They work and B) They are hard as hell.

The Nuts and Bolts of The Hollywood Physique

The Hollywood Physique is all about creating the illusion of muscularity. To accomplish the Hollywood Physique you’ve got to focus on 5 key areas:

  • Chest Width
  • Shoulder Width
  • Low Bodyfat Abdominals
  • Calve Width
  • Biceps Size
Your muscularity follows the 80/20 principle. In other words, roughly 20% of your muscle mass accounts for at least 80% of your body’s perceived muscular size. THP calls this visible muscle, and it’s what the Visible Muscle Isolation Method is designed to isolate and develop.

The 5 Key Points

Bringing up those 5 key areas will do wonders to creating the Hollywood illusion. The exercise selection in The Hollywood Physique program will bring up these 5 areas. In particular, The Hollywood Physique puts emphasis on the #1 chest builder of all time: The Wide Grip Bench Press to the Neck or The Neck Press (which I talked about here). There is no other program in existence, that I have seen, that understands the power of the neck press. I started doing this exercise when I had no chest development at all, 4 weeks later I had a perfectly defined and developed chest. Clay said: “.. when performing the wide grip neck press and utilizing Hollywood Hypertrophy Training, I often don’t use much more than 95 to 115 pounds – and even that much ends up being too challenging sometimes!” which is exactly how I built my chest.

The Hollywood Physique is a light weight program but it is highly intense if you do it correctly. To do any light weight program you MUST take extremely short rest periods of 30 seconds or less. No debate. If you take longer rest periods you will not get the full benefit. If you take short rest breaks of 30 seconds or less and keep it intense you will get some very nice results. When I took a look at the actual program and not just the advertising for The Hollywood Physique I realized it is very similar to a light weight program I used about 4 years ago. I spent about 20 minutes in the gym, twice per day, 6 days per week and it was pretty damn intense. I was a lot leaner after that program ended. When you are using light weight and taking short rests, form is critical and The Hollywood Physique page had some easy to follow pictures showing the correct form for some uncommon exercises. Exercises that I’ve been using for several years, such as the Neck Press, the Dumbbell Swing, and something I started with a vengeance 4 weeks ago: Preacher Curls.

Clay Rogers using the right form on the biceps preacher curl.

The Hollywood Physique Diet and Nutrition plan

The Hollywood Physique diet plan is the real deal fat-burner. In fact, it’s basically The Old School Steak and Eggs Diet with some tweaks. The Hollywood Physique is based on a diet of whole eggs, meat and leafy green vegetables with one carb-up period per week.

  • 50% of your food intake will be from whole eggs.
  • The other 50% is from unprocessed meats.
  • And you are to eat as many vegetables, particularly leafy green vegetables, as is humanly possible.
  • Absolutely no other food is permitted, as well as no carbohydrate-dense foods!

When it comes to your primary food sources, you are permitted…

  • No milk, cheese, yogurt, or any dairy (except butter)
  • No soy
  • No nuts
  • No fruit
  • No sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners

…NOTHING but meat, eggs, and vegetables.

Here at BOLD & DETERMINED we just call that Steak and Eggs.

Some other dietary guidelines directly from The Hollywood Physique:

  • Dietary fat is at the core of every process in your body, from micronutrient absorption to regular metabolic processing…[Should sound familiar to regular BOLD & DETERMINED readers]
  • Cholesterol is the literal building block of all hormones in your body (all hormones are made from cholesterol)…[Should also sound familiar]
  • Specific micronutrients then “start the engine” to hormone production…
  • And those hormones work with proteins to create and build new muscle, all while using body fat for energy.

The Hollywood Physique Training Plans

The Hollywood Physique has 3 distinct and complete training plans.
  • A 4 day a week plan
  • A 6 day a week plan
  • A 6 day a week, twice per day plan
The plans are completely mapped out in week long increments for a total of 26 weeks (6 months). Depending on your current shape you will need 3-6 months on the program to see the full benefit. Afterwards you will want to take some time off and do a different routine. Again, it is a temporary routine, not a full time, year-round routine, designed to shed off some of that nasty fat.

 Some Odds and Ends about The Hollywood Physique Training Plans

The program is only a temporary program that should be used for 3-6 months to burn maximum bodyfat and bring up muscularity in the 5 key areas.

To get the real benefit you MUST keep short rest periods. The total workout time should not exceed 30 minutes, and the optimum time is 18-25 minutes.

On this program you’ve got to so some cardio, but with a minor twist. Running, bicycling, elliptical, stairstepper, and interval/sprinting training are strictly prohibited on this program due to their inefficiency in burning fat.

Genetics are not as important as you may think, and are definitely not responsible for the ridiculous results that consistently come out of Hollywood.

Follow the same schedule every day: wake up at the same time, go to bed at the same time, work out at the same time, and so on.

Adequate sleeping and daily napping is critical to your success on this program.

 Is The Hollywood Physique Right for you?

If you are a new trainer, if you are very skinny, if you have not built any muscle, if you can’t push yourself to the limit then the program is not right for you.

If you have been training steadily, have built up some muscle, have built up a solid base but have it covered up in a layer of fat then you are who The Hollywood Physique will work best for.

I took a look at the forums on The Hollywood Physique page and looked at some of the transformations. Like I said in the previous post the people who sign up for the program aren’t going to look like Clay in less than 6 months, however many of them made some very real, very positive, much improved changes. For the program to work for you you’ve got to have a base of muscle first and have spent time in the gym lifting weights.

This can definitely be achieved in a 6 month time frame.

What’s my real deal view of The Hollywood Physique?

It’s a good program that will take some fat off of you and get you looking sharp. It is not a beginner program. It’s a no-bullshit fat burning program for people who have been training 1+ years. I have used similar programs in the past with nice results. If you have spent some time in the gym building yourself up, but you’ve got too much fat covering up the muscle then this program can work for you. The Hollywood Physique, in fact, shares many of the same principles as BOLD & DETERMINED.

How do I sign up?

You can take a look at The Hollywood Physique here.

If you dig the program you can tell Clay that BOLD & DETERMINED sent you.

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  1. pete smith says:

    Wouldn’t big biceps make one’s other muscle groups look smaller, such as chest, shoulder and abs? I would have though it more important to emphasize triceps.

    • Victor Pride says:

      No, I don’t think big bi’s make chest and shoulder look smaller. Biceps are a very, very small muscle comparatively and they compliment the larger muscles. But it does look terrible when bi’s are out of proportion to tri’s. I have small bi’s and a big chest and big shoulders and that definitely looks way out of proportion.

  2. Helpful review Vic.


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