How To Build a Classic Physique the Tried and True Way


I have already told you that almost everyone in the fitness industry is a steroid using liar. In this post I’m going to hook you up with one of the only real deal diet and fitness book that is not written by a steroid user.

If you want to build a kick ass, drug free physique – keep reading.

If you want an entertaining read – keep reading.


Enter Tried and True Fitness…

Matt Marshall at Tried and True Fitness is one of the only other fitness blogger (besides BOLD & DETERMINED) that isn’t lying to you about steroid use.

Matt Marshall on the left, Old School Ed Aston on the right

How do I know he is natural?

Because he does not have an un-natural body. Because he hates steroids. Because it took him years of trial and error to find the real secret to gaining NATURAL muscle. Because he followed the old school advice that actually gets you into shape naturally.

Matt’s body is something that is achievable naturally.

How did he achieve his natural body?

Old school, baby.

Matt took a look at what old school trainers did before steroids were invented and he patterned his routine after those old school guys, like Eugene Sandow and Ed Aston.

What he found out may shock you…..

  • It turns out that you don’t need to eat boneless, skinless chicken breat and brown rice everyday
  • It turns out fat and red meat aren’t bad for you
  • It turns out you don’t need to cut out alcohol consumption
  • It turns out you don’t need to eat 6 times per day
  • It turns out you don’t need to do all kinds of different exercises
  • It turns out you do not need jog on a treadmill or eliptical machine
  • It turns out you do not have to eliminate your favorite foods

So you’re saying all the conventional diet and fitness advice is bullshit?

Yes. It’s all bullshit sold to you by steroid users.

Regular readers of BOLD & DETERMINED will probably know all the above information.

Matt took it a step further and wrote a whole book about it.

This book is the only book available for a REAL natural trainers. If you want to get into shape and you don’t want to use drugs you need to read this book.

The book is so spot on that it could have been written by me.

Heck, sly readers will catch a reference to BOLD & DETERMINED on page 72 .

If you want to find out the real deal about getting into shape without drugs, and skip the bullshit phase that ALL NATURAL TRAINERS go through then pick up this book.

Guys like Matt and I spent YEARS in the gym trying to build that natural body. Guess what we found works? The same damn things worked for both of us, and it was the same thing that worked for the old school guys before they had too much chemical help.

Check out Matt Marshall’s book How to Build a Classic Physique for a no bullshit, real deal way to build a real physique.

It isn’t as glossy as the Hollywood stuff, but that’s for a good reason. The truth doesn’t need to be sparkled up and hyped up.

If you don’t dig the book it comes with a “Better Than Risk Free” money-back guarantee. If you don’t transform your physique in just 60 days using these ancient fitness secrets, just let Matt know and you’ll get a full refund plus you can keep the bonus report, “Classic Abs” as a gift.

Friends, if you want to build a natural physique you do not want to be sucked in by liars and con-artists.

Do you want the real deal truth about building a natural physique?

The truth is that it’s very hard to build a natural physique IF you have the wrong information.

But with the right information it’s not that hard.

Matt’s book How to Build a Classic Physique is one if the only fitness and physique products on the internet (besides BOLD & DETERMINED) that isn’t written by a drug using liar out to steal your hard earned money and con you into NEVER getting into shape.

Save your money on all the other bullshit artists. Let the suckers buy that baloney.

Steroid physiques will go away as quickly as they came. Once you attain a natural physique, it isn’t going anywhere.

The real deal has been around forever and isn’t going anywhere. And you can read all about it in Matt’s book. The book provides the real deal information.

When the information is right at your fingertips there is no reason to not get into shape.

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  1. Hey Victor – I’d be more than happy to let you into the Hollywood Physique for free to show you that it’s the real deal. Send me an e-mail at the address used for this comment and I’ll hook you up. I’ve read around your site here – you’ve got some good stuff – and the Hollywood Physique actually follows many of the same principles you do. In fact… a hell of a lot of the same principles. Hit me up, man, I’d love to just talk training in general with you.

  2. Not all others are juicers. I will agree that many if not most are, but not all. Check out for example. Simple, old school, hard core training done without drugs.

    • Victor Pride says:

      I took a look at his site, from a quick glance his training information seems good. Steroids? I don’t know, I didn’t see many pictures of the man – which usually means a natural lifter. Of what I did see he looked big but not lean, which would indicate a natural lifter.

      It’s all about finding the right balance between size and leanness.

  3. What about p90x? Those are real results…

    • Victor Pride says:

      Some of those results are real, some are “enhanced”. The non-impressive results are drug free. The eye-popping results are not drug free.

      You absolutely cannot build an eye-popping physique in three months. It will not happen. You can make some very, very good changes to your body in that time but absolutely cannot go from flab to monster drug free.

  4. One of giant lies in the fitness industry is selling a false product: all these fitness models who use roids to get and maintain their impressive physiques are telling people that they are all natural and don’t use steroids. I don’t care if they use steroids or not (am generally pro testosterone and think that anabolic steroids can be used in a safe way), but DON’T LIE TO NOVICE STRENGTH TRAINERS that you can achieve a similar body.

    Fitness industry is full of lies.

    • Victor Pride says:


      You have succinctly made my exact point. This comment is 100% correct.

      These people are making money selling lies to novice trainers who don’t know any better.

  5. John wing says:

    What are your thoughts on Vince Delmonte?? I’ve been following him for years, but lately have started to think he is a steroid head too. Any thoughts?

    • Victor Pride says:

      Any big time fitness guru is not completely natural. End of story, end of debate. There is no fitness and bodybuilding industry as we know it without juice. A natural cannot compete in a sea of un-naturals.

      • John wing says:

        what about one’s who compete in ‘natural bodybuilding’ shows?? are they not tested?

        • Victor Pride says:

          Some natural bodybuilders are natural, and they’re the ones taking last place. Even self-proclaimed natural bodybuilders use. They just use smaller doses. To become a real deal bodybuilder you have to use huge mega-doses.

    • Yeah, i have been following him for some time to, i just recently did some research and he recommends juicing after a few solid years of training when progress slows.

  6. Not trying to call you out or anything, I love this blog and if I had the 50 bucks to spare I would buy the book, but why does everyone look at these guys back in the 20′s and even earlier as completely natural? Many of the narcotics considered illegal and dangerous today were though to be perfectly ok back then. Victor, you even said in another post that Eugen Sandow used cocaine. I mean yes they didn’t use steroids of course and they got incredible results, but “supplements” (not the shiny bullshit sold today, I’m using the term more generally) have been around as long as bodybuilding itself.

    • Victor Pride says:


      They weren’t completely natural but they were steroid free. No doubt they used cocaine to attain their leanness.

      I have said before and I will say it again – YOU CANNOT ATTAIN AN ULTIMATE PHYSIQUE WITHOUT DRUGS.

      You can get a GOOD physique, but it ends there if you’re drug free.

  7. Yes Brooks Kubik is definitely drug and supplement free. As far as these two Hollywood dudes in the write up go, I would bet they are clean too. Here is my reasoning. They are not big but they are quite lean. They might be defined but we all are under all the fat to some degree. Anyone who lives clean, and eats mostly protein and fat can attain skinny and lean. Plus, the BIG ONE where I stand, they don’t look and I guaranty they are not strong. They are just skinny and lean. Hollywood yes, but strong and functional I seriously doubt.

  8. Victor Pride says:

    Getting big is a matter of lifting heavy, staying lean and hollywood is a matter of lifting light. Finding the secret to the hollywood physique after 6 years of training, and finding it in steroid land Thailand is a little fishy to say the least. Not everyone who juices gets huge. You can also do it to get lean.

  9. Victor Pride says:

    FYI – I will be taking a look at the program and doing a real deal review of the Hollywood Physique. Look for that in the next few days.

  10. Joe Hawkin says:

    To be honest though, the guy in the picture above hasn’t really got that much of a different physique (as in muscle mass) in his after picture than in the before picture. Basically all he has done is got rid of some of his fat.

    I’ve been to Thailand 5 times (each time for longer than 3 months), and I lived there for 6 months on my last visit, and each time I went I came back looking like his after picture, and NO I didn’t take STEROIDS! Basically the food in Thailand is better than it is here, you are out in the sun all day walking, swimming etc.

    I’m not saying this guy didn’t take steroids, maybe he did. All I’m saying is that it isn’t hard to get his after effect look WITHOUT steroids whilst in a country like Thailand. Without the stress of work, cold weather, shit food etc that you get in a western country. It’s totally different out there, the whole mentality of life is different. You live healthier, eat healthier, sweat a LOT! and if you are into fitness then it’s cheap and easy to train and rest properly.


    But, I do agree that most of these fitness guru’s are on roids!!

  11. John Wing says:

    Victor! – Have you bought the program yet? I’m very interested in what it’s all about, perhaps we could both do it together as a sort of test run?
    – John

  12. What about lee heyward
    Is he on riods too?
    He sells his program 21 days fast mass

  13. Victor Pride says:

    uh huh.